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  1. Moxie 15

    radiator or substitute radiator for 3510

    You could get the one you have recored. Likely cheaper and you have one that is going to fit your machine. Check with an auto mechanic they will know where to go and what to do.
  2. Moxie 15

    What Does Horsepower Really Mean

    A steam engine requires about half the oxygen of a diesel internal combustion engine to operate. This became painfully apparent when diesels replaced steam trains. It takes nearly twice the Horse power ( the power to move 550 lbs 1 foot in 1 second) for a diesel to pull the same load over the...
  3. Moxie 15

    Dog dance

    not sure about that retrieving the grenade part....BOOM!
  4. Moxie 15

    DIY Double Header from Back-In-The-Day

    Just a bit large for my acreage.
  5. Moxie 15

    You'll correct this.

    My wife has developed a weird deafness. She cannot seem to hear things like "It is behind you", "let go of the rope" " look out!" Last Saturday we unloaded a round bale and rolled it into the pasture. When I was cutting off the wrapper I said to one of the cows "Working with Wifey is like...
  6. Moxie 15

    Homemade tractor

    I live in rural New England and have seen several old cars and trucks used for tractors. Even many tractors around here are 30 or more years old. It is not unusual to see an 8N out cutting, raking or tedding hay in the summer. Start with a solid framed car with a 4 cyl engine and a manual...
  7. Moxie 15


    I would try using my spinning jenny. It works wonders with electric fence wire
  8. Moxie 15

    You'll correct this.

    My wife and I have been married 35 years and have done a lot of projects together, her favorite thing is to say "We can do this!" My favorite is... We the willing Led by the unknowing Are doing the impossible For the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long We are now...
  9. Moxie 15

    Help me choose a 7mm-08 Youth Rifle for my Grandson

    Any advice I can give would be based on 30 year old information as although I once was a competent competition shooter and worked at one of the busiest firearms stores on the east coast I have been pursuing other knowledge and interests for 30 years. If I may... Everyone shoots a used gun so...
  10. Moxie 15

    Are you ready for Christmas?

    Even as a child I disliked christmas. As I got older it became the most hateful thing to me. After I got married I softened a bit through the years then a couple years ago my wife and I sat on the living room floor with our dogs head on my lap as she died on christmas day. So, yay, I am ready...
  11. Moxie 15

    Self driving cars will get their drivers killed

    That may be so but skilled, aware drivers get hurt or killed on the road every day. I lived in Hillsborough County Florida for 24 years and my vehicle was hit 17 times, all but three times I was at a legal stop. None was my fault. Two of which I ended up in an ambulance, one with a broken...
  12. Moxie 15

    Fergie TEA20

    ok, will try that next
  13. Moxie 15

    Fergie TEA20

    neither linkage is frozen or stuck.
  14. Moxie 15

    Fergie TEA20

    I recently purchased a 1952 TEA20 with a rebuilt engine and new tires that ran beautifully. After a couple months it starts and runs for a minute or so then dies. It is very difficult to get it to start again and dies almost right off. It is getting gas to the carb. The plugs look like it is...
  15. Moxie 15

    What gave 60's Greyhounds their distinctive smell

    The use of Naugahyde caused the total extinction of the Naugie, a cute six legged rat. this caused Chrysler to go to Corinthian leather in many of their vehicles. I am still looking for a Corin. So many names for the same cheaap vinyl.
  16. Moxie 15

    In the market for a te20, which of these two would be better?

    Sorry, USD. did not realize you were talking AUD.
  17. Moxie 15

    Any One Else Eat Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

    <<sighs>> There is no convincing those who are like this. I have had these argument with people who belive such miraculous cures, you cannot disprove believe. I mean if you believe in VooDoo a chicken bone cross will remove the curse on your flyrod so you will catch a salmon.
  18. Moxie 15

    In the market for a te20, which of these two would be better?

    I recently bought a TE-A20. The English built version. At 3K that girl better walk and talk. If it has any problems at all you should walk away from it. I paid $2300 for one with a running rebuilt engine. Still having an issue with it that I am chasing dow. Wish I was a better mechanic.
  19. Moxie 15

    Any One Else Eat Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

    I just read this whole thread, and what I have seen; 1. There is no conclusive proof that DE has any benifits to hair, nails, or much else that people claim 2. Most (if not all) of the 'evidence' given is not scientifically valid 3. It is known to kill microbes and some parasites, good, bad...
  20. Moxie 15

    Would this be worth the 350 aud? It's a McCormick 624

    If it starts then I say yes. 350 AU = $220.26 USD. The tires are worth more than that
  21. Moxie 15

    Mysterious New Members?

    they are undercover agents for the KRU loking for people to train as tank drivers and tractors to use as tanks not to mention their personal accounts to help pay for the little disaster
  22. Moxie 15

    New Life

    Our Great Pyrenees guard dog had a busy night. I got up to check on him a total of four times, the last about 3:15 am. Each time a stood with him and listened to silence and got my big hug. The last time was the exact opposite of silence. I threw on my muck boots and yelled to my wife that...
  23. Moxie 15

    Canning Stuff.

    Well you had some tomato to wash the skunk off with.
  24. Moxie 15


    start with 1 banana in a blender then fill with ice. blend until smooth. Taste. Now slowly add other thinds, ie berries, apple, lettuce, whatever. when you like what you have drink it.
  25. Moxie 15

    As we age, Growing old is the most extreme sport.

    Well, that is hard to say. In 2009 my feet were hurting rather badly and after x-rays the Nurse Practioner I was seeing said I had heel spurs and should loose weight. After a while I went to a Podiatrist who cursed doctors who took little rime to learn about things beyond common colds. He said...
  26. Moxie 15

    As we age, Growing old is the most extreme sport.

    ok. So I am 60 and both achilles tendons are torn, I have broken a vertebrae and have several other back problems. The pain is constant. I have not been able to stand on one foot for a minute for a decade. So I guess I am dead. should I mention my left hand was recently put back together after...
  27. Moxie 15

    My solar is working for me

    So the question remains...Will the solar system pay for itself? I lived in Florida for 24 years and every time I looked into a cost/ savings analysis the system would be obsolete and in need of replacement years before the so-called savings would equal the original purchase costs Here in New...
  28. Moxie 15

    The new football helmets must be computeruzed

    In 1975 I was playing baseball for the school team. I seldom played as I was a poor player on an awful team. Our equipment consisted of ancient halfhelmets that were ten sizes too large for any of us. I was pinch hitting in the ninth of a game we were loosing by a dozen or more. I dug in and...
  29. Moxie 15

    Doesn't make sense to me....

    Has anyone here ever worked at a gas station? By some of the resposes I have to assume not. All of the pumps at a station are connected to the same tank. There is normally a tank of the low grade and one for the high grade and they are mixed at the pump for the mid grades. So if one pump is out...
  30. Moxie 15

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    I am not sure if you could order it, but you could buy paregoric over the counter, my mother used it on my little brother to stop teething fussiness. If you don't know, it is opium and alcohol. I used to buy blueing solutions in the 1980's that have been removed from the market. I haven't seen...
  31. Moxie 15

    What they said isn't what you heard

    My wife is always mad at me for not hearing her. Finally a few years ago she made me get a comprehensive hearing test, When the doctor was explaining about my hearing loss I stopped her to get my wife. The doctor told her that if she was in another room or the tv was on that I would have a lot...
  32. Moxie 15

    What are you OCD about?

    I am not OCD about much. I worked with a woman who was very OCD and she would go around the building every morning adjusting the screws on switch and outlet covers. I would put them all out of order behind her just to upset her. I got in trouble when I was caught and claimed I couldn't stand...
  33. Moxie 15

    What paint to put numbers on a 27 gallon black plastic tote?

    jf you insist on painted numbers you could try automotive paint (expensive) or acrylic paint from an art supply house (affordable). You will need to get a Gesso, like a primer, for the acrylic
  34. Moxie 15

    Concrete step

    Not sure if the patch would be large enough, but if it is I would drill three holes across the repair, insert small metal rods (perhaps pieces of cattle panel wire) then attach a fourth piece across the three, then make your patch as before.
  35. Moxie 15

    I wept because I had no shoes,

    I have used an old jumping jack and not a thing about it was fun. It was hard to start, heavy (of course), if you hit something hard you better look out.
  36. Moxie 15

    How Hard Can a Tractor Pull?

    for Florida that is a huge rock, for New Hampshire it is a stone. 2 ton Comalongs will be nearly useless. Easiest way I have found to move large rocks without a backhoe is a rock sledge, or some say sled. Get an old pick up hood, using bars, chains, whatever you may have, roll the rock on the...
  37. Moxie 15

    Goats and electric fence - finally giving up

    If all the local trustworthy butchers were not closed for the summer she would have been butchered a month or so ago.
  38. Moxie 15

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Yes, the train always has the right of way, however that does not give the owner of the rail line the right of way to not maintain the crossing safely. Someone said that there have been several other accidents and law suits. The NTSB could very well recommend a light or change in the road or...
  39. Moxie 15

    Goats and electric fence - finally giving up

    I cannot argue with you on that. Do you have a better suggestion on how to get a 1000 pound plus animal to peacefully go back into the pasture when it is not what she wants to do? Thank you
  40. Moxie 15

    Packaging gone wrong.

    as a former manager of a shipping dept I see at least three good reasons for this packaging. 1. It was the smallest available box at the time of shipping 2. The company has a policy that boxes look professional and neat while keeping contents safe and secure. This precludes cutting a box...
  41. Moxie 15

    Goats and electric fence - finally giving up

    I have goats and cows and a Great Pyrenees, oh yeah an electric fence. I mean an Electric fence, a 30 mile 1.6 joule charger on less than 1/2 mile of fence. The goats and the dog look at me and say "What electric fence? Oh, this one that I just walked though?" And fencing, goats get out if they...
  42. Moxie 15

    USS Samuel Roberts Located off Samar at 22,000 feet

    Sounds like Captain and Crew got every bit of everything she could give, and she performed exceptionally. I have always wondered were such bravery and devotion comes from in men. And the ship itself seemed to be devoted a small ship taking on a bigger ship, holding together with a hole big...
  43. Moxie 15

    I have a case 680 backhoe the backhoe part just freely swings around you can push it by hand from side to side

    Are you asking if this is correct? Does everything else work correctly?
  44. Moxie 15

    Propane questions

    Did any of you read the original post before responding? YES I read the original post. Why else would I say that 'The only advice I would give'. If you know something about this subject,why not share what you know as requested so he can keep an eye on whoever he has do it. I could do what...
  45. Moxie 15

    Propane questions

    My only advice is to call your propane supplier, tell them what you want to do and let them come out to do it. Any cost incurred will be less than the cost of repairs caused by an error in design and build on your part.
  46. Moxie 15

    Memeorial to our best friends.

    I know your pain. Remember the joy
  47. Moxie 15

    never before in the history of cancer~!!!

    from what my 30 something grand daughter told me not for a very long time.
  48. Moxie 15

    never before in the history of cancer~!!!

    I think there is more half-truths, lies, misrepresentations, misinformation, and bad research flying around about marijuana than any other substance in the world. I do not listen to any of it anymore. I despise the taste, hate the high, and cannot understand why people will pay so much for a...
  49. Moxie 15

    Any advice on getting rid of foxes?

    When I got my Great Pyrenees livestock guard dog my predator problems reduced considerably. Got a new problem though, he likes visiting the neighbors more than they like him visiting.
  50. Moxie 15

    breaking the rules, buttercups in the background

    I have three strands of barbed wire with two strands of electric powered by a 30 mile 1.6 joule charger. My Great Pyrenees walks right through it My bull (who now sleeps in the freezer) walked through it then turned and tore the crap out of it in anger and one of the cows jumps it. In fact,she...