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  1. Poopdeck Pappy

    UTV: Diesel or Gasoline?

    I've never had a UTV before, and I've decided it's time for a side-by-side. It would be strictly for work (not joy riding) on my small farm. I am strongly leaning towards a Kubota RTV, but I'm wondering whether a diesel is a wise choice for me. I live on 16 acres and my uses will likely be...
  2. Poopdeck Pappy

    RTV 900 vs. X900

    I've decided it's time for me to buy a utility vehicle. It will be used only for work around the farm, so I'm leaning towards a Kubota RTV. The 1140 may be too big in the woods on my place, and the 500 only has a manual dump bed, so I think I would buy the 900. My question is whether I should...
  3. Poopdeck Pappy

    105hp 2wd or 85hp 4wd for Tillage?

    Which will pull better for tillage purposes, such as pulling a chisel plow, offset disk, ripper plow, etc.? 2wd 105hp with loader with total weight of 8,000 pounds; or 4wd 85hp with loader with a total weight of 7,000 pounds.
  4. Poopdeck Pappy

    How do you tilt mower deck up on Kubota F-series?

    I'm going to look at a pre-owned Kubota F-series mower. In doing my research, I couldn't find anything on how to tilt up the deck for blade changes and cleaning the underside of the deck. Can someone explain it to me? I've got a Grasshopper front-mount now with the PowerFold deck, and it...
  5. Poopdeck Pappy

    Mowing Pasture - Is an 88" flail mower or 72" brush hog faster?

    I'm afraid this will start a war, but I'll ask anyway. I've got a Rhino 172 brush hog that I use with my Kioti DK50SE. It does a good job and I'm happy with it. But I'd like to speed up the process of mowing my 12 acres of pasture. I ran across a gently used heavy duty 88" flail mower for...
  6. Poopdeck Pappy

    Will 2-4-D Kill Bermuda Grass Seedlings?

    I bought a house on 16 acres, and the pasture is a disaster. The prior owner got old and let it go, and about 2 acres of the upper pasture was infested with cockleburs. So I nuked it with Roundup last fall, chiseled it, disked it twice and drug it level. I broadcast bermuda seed 2 weeks ago...
  7. Poopdeck Pappy

    What size tandem disc for my 50hp tractor?

    I really need a tandem disc and I've found a well-built, gently used 6 foot one that has a box frame and 20 18" discs with 7.5" spacing between the discs. It is a 3 point hitch model and weighs about 725 pounds, so that's about 36 pounds per disc. I'd like it to be a little heaver, but I would...
  8. Poopdeck Pappy

    Need Help - Replacing A/C Compressor Belt on Kioti DK50SE

    My air conditioner compressor belt is stretched out and needs to be replaced. I've adjusted the tensioner as far as it will go, and the belt still isn't tight. It's wobbling all over God's green earth and squealing. Is it possible to get the old belt out (and the new belt in) by threading it...
  9. Poopdeck Pappy

    Ball Mount Brand Recommendations

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a good brand of ball mount to pull a trailer rated for either 7,000 pounds or 10,000 pounds? Reese? Curt? TriMax? WeighSafe? Any brands to avoid? I've been towing a little 3,500 pound rated single axle trailer with my 4Runner. I never worried much...
  10. Poopdeck Pappy

    PJ 16' Single Axle Tilt Trailer with 7,000 pound axle

    The time has come for me to haul my Kubota BX23 or my BX2660 around sometimes. Not every day or even every week, but sometimes. I also need to be able to haul my Grasshopper 725BT front-deck mower sometimes. The BX23 is the heaviest and longest, and weighs around 2,600 pounds. So, I need to...
  11. Poopdeck Pappy

    Essential tractor features

    What feature(s) on your tractor do you consider essential? In responding to another post, I started thinking about my "Must Have" list. So many new tractor buyers come here looking for advice, but are focusing on price and brand names primarily, and often don't know enough about operating a...
  12. Poopdeck Pappy

    Painting a Pipe Fence

    I just had a local guy build a fence and gate for me. The entry and gate, along with the H braces on the ends and in the middle, are made from 3-1/2" and 2-7/8" pipe. It was built with new pipe, not used drill stem. He just finished it today, so now I need to paint it before it starts to...
  13. Poopdeck Pappy

    Kubota F2100 - Should I Consider It?

    I just ran across a 1995 Kubota F2100 for sale. It is 2wd, has 3,300 hours on it, and I didn't even notice what size mower deck it has (60" I think). It was sitting on the side of the road with a "For Sale" sign on it, and I didn't get out and look at it. I called the seller and he is asking...
  14. Poopdeck Pappy

    Disc harrow recommendations for my BX2660

    I've decided I need to get a disc harrow for my BX2660. Do you BX guys have any recommendations? I assume a 4 foot one would be the right size. It would probably lift and pull a light 5 foot one, but I'd rather have a heavy 4 footer than a light 5 footer. (I've used disc harrows enough to...
  15. Poopdeck Pappy

    Where to put the baby while mowing?

    I'm just speechless. Apparently, this guy thought putting the baby on top of the deck of his front-mount mower would be a good idea. Dang, there are some real idiots in this world. Grasshopper 725g
  16. Poopdeck Pappy

    Rear Finish Mower for BX2660

    I'm interested in buying a rear finish mower for my BX2660. Will it handle a 60"? Or should I stay with a 48" one? The BX2660 has 19 pto hp, so I'm pretty sure it has enough power to turn it adequately. But I'm wondering if it has enough lifting power on the 3 point to lift it. I've got a...
  17. Poopdeck Pappy

    Price Check on Kubota BX2660

    I'm going to look at a Kubota BX2660 with FEL and 60"MMM. It has 100+/- hours and has been stored inside. The 50 hour service has been done. Would $11,500 be a fair price for it?
  18. Poopdeck Pappy

    Right Tool for Mowing Bumpy Ground - SCUT, Small CUT or ZTR

    I have a 2.5 acre lot that I own, where I intend to eventually build a home. I've been mowing it with a John Deere GT235 garden tractor. But the ground has crawdad mounds and holes where my neighbor's cows clomped around when it was wet, and it's a rough ride on my GT. The property is a mix...
  19. Poopdeck Pappy

    One More Bolt to Check/Tighten on your Kioti

    I was box blading today and lifted my box blade to turn around and notice that the right side was sagging considerably and would not lift. Hmmmmm. That's not good. So I got off the tractor and started checking it out and found that the pin that holds the right lower lift arm to the tractor...
  20. Poopdeck Pappy

    All Terrain Rake by Ratchet Rake

    Has anybody here used the All Terrain Rake that's made by the Ratchet Rake folks? Looks like it might be handy for using behind an ATV or garden tractor. Ratchet Rake, LLC - Rip and Dig, All Terrain Rake, Snow Edge, Tractor attachment, Bucket attachment, Loader, Skid loader, Kubota, Skid...
  21. Poopdeck Pappy

    Removing Radiator Screen on DK50SE / DK45SE

    Are any of you having any trouble removing the 2 piece radiator screens on your Kioti DK50SE and DK45SE tractors? Mine is a real PITA to remove. The right hand side (as I'm standing in front of the tractor) comes out ok, but is a pain to get back in. It binds up and won't slide all the way...
  22. Poopdeck Pappy

    How much HP to pull LPGS?

    Just wondering how much power a LPGS takes compared to a box blade or other implements. I've got a Kioti DK50SE with HST (about 49 HP), and I wonder how big of a LPGS it would handle. 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot? My Gannon 6' box blade gives my tractor all it wants and, in the right conditions...
  23. Poopdeck Pappy

    Value of a Kubota B7300

    I looked at a B7300 with a 60' MMM tonight. It has about 600 hours on it. I don't know anything about this model, and I'd like to get some opinions of what you guys think it might be worth. FYI, no FEL. I'm sure I can buy it for $4,000 and maybe less. But I have no idea if that's a decent...
  24. Poopdeck Pappy

    So the search begins . . . for a new ZTR

    I've decided it's time to move on from my John Deere GT235e and get a ZTR or front-mount mower. I'd love to hear your thoughts on brands, models, motors, features, etc. I looked at a used Ferris (IS2000Z) that rode like a Cadillac, and a used Grasshopper with a Kubota diesel in it. Love the...
  25. Poopdeck Pappy

    Cleaning Underside of Deck on ZTR

    Hey folks. I'm looking at buying a ZTR and one of the things I'm wondering is how do you clean up the underside of the mowing deck on them? Do you remove the deck? Is it a PITA? I thought about getting a front-mounted mower for the ease of cleaning the deck and replacing blades, but they are...
  26. Poopdeck Pappy

    Questions about Grading Scraper Operation

    I've never used a land plane grading scraper (LPGS) but I'm looking to buy one. I've used my Gannon box blade to cut some trails through my property. I'm getting a lot of washboarding on some of the trails. Of course, it's caused by the pivoting of the box blade up and down in the opposite...
  27. Poopdeck Pappy

    Quick Disconnect That's Not So Quick

    Hello. I've got a grapple on my FEL on my Kioti. It's been there since I bought the tractor several months ago. I finally had a need to remove the grapple but couldn't get one of the QD's disconnected. The QD's on the grapple are different from the ones on the rear of the tractor. The ones...
  28. Poopdeck Pappy

    LS makes disc harrows and rotary tillers?

    I was browsing the Iowa Farm Equipment website and noticed that they show an LS tandem disc, an LS offset disc and an LS rotary tiller. Those are not shown on the LS website unless I missed them somehow. What's the deal? Is Iowa Farm Equipment's website out of date?
  29. Poopdeck Pappy

    Sources for Stroke Control Blocks?

    I'm looking for some good quality stroke control blocks for a hydraulic cylinder. We used to call them "donuts" back on the farm. I found these at Tractor Supply, but the inside part that contacts the cylinder shaft is gritty and I'm afraid they will abrade the shaft and eventually cause a...
  30. Poopdeck Pappy

    What hydraulic oil to use in DK50SE HST?

    What hydraulic oil do you guys use in your DK35/40/45/50's? My manual is very non-specific on what type of hydraulic oil to use. My dealer is a New Holland/Mahindra dealer that just recently picked up Kioti, so I suspect they will stock and, thus, recommend the same hydraulic fluid they use...
  31. Poopdeck Pappy

    New (To Me) Box Blade

    I've been looking for a heavy duty box blade to serve the dual purpose of grading/moving dirt AND acting as ballast for my FEL and grapple. I found a used Gannon 72" model with hydraulic scarifiers at a local used equipment dealer. This thing is a beast. It looks very similar to the current...
  32. Poopdeck Pappy

    What is this?

    I was in the DK50SE cab the other day and noticed this laying beside the seat on the left side. I looked but could not figure out where it went or what it is. Any thoughts?
  33. Poopdeck Pappy

    Box Blade for Kioti DK50SE HST

    Hi folks. My DK50SE is being delivered tomorrow. The stump grapple is mounted on the front, Rhino 172 mower is mounted on the back and I'll be all set . . . except for a Box Blade. I'm wondering whether a 6' or a 7' box blade would be better for the DK50. Will it handle a 7 footer? Mine has...
  34. Poopdeck Pappy

    BX23 - Pricing Help

    I'm going to look at a BX23 TLB with about 300 hours on it. Looks good in the pics, but haven't seen it in the flesh yet. Seller is asking $12,000, which seems a little high to me. What are your thoughts on pricing on one of these.
  35. Poopdeck Pappy

    DK50SE HST Cab

    Just ordered it today. Should be here in about a week. It's funny, but I feel more relief (at finally getting this decision behind me) than joy or anticipation. I'm just ready to get to work. I've gotta get a stump grapple ordered asap. (See my "Stump Grapple" thread in the Attachments...
  36. Poopdeck Pappy

    Stump Grapple

    Ok, so you're probably saying "Another grapple thread?!?!" Well, I have a specific need for a grapple to remove cedar trees. I want something to do some digging around the roots to loosen them up so I can then push them over and haul them off. So, unlike a typical grapple user, I will need...
  37. Poopdeck Pappy

    Kioti Hydraulics - What do I need for a grapple and hydraulic top link?

    I've decided to buy the Kioti DK50SE HST Cab. I know how I want it equipped EXCEPT that I'm a hydraulics idiot, and I want to make sure I order it right. It comes with one set of rear remotes. I'm gonna have them add another set. I want to eventually put a hydraulic top-link on it, which...
  38. Poopdeck Pappy

    Can You Identify This Backhoe?

    Can anyone out there help identify this backhoe? Is it a Kubota BH? The tractor is a Kubota L2600. Does it look like it's subframe or 3 point hitch mounted? This is the only pic I have.
  39. Poopdeck Pappy

    Digging Out Cedar Tree Roots: Stump Bucket, Tooth Bar or Backhoe?

    I've got a bunch (hundreds) of cedar trees to knock down, some as large as 10" - 12". Most are 3" - 8". I want to dig out the roots enough that I can knock them over (without breaking the trunk) and haul them off with a grapple. I'm tractor shopping now (still!!!), and would appreciate the...
  40. Poopdeck Pappy

    Replacement Tires and Wheels for MX5100

    I'd appreciate any tips you guys have on finding replacement wheels and tires (R4 or R1) for an MX5100. I'm looking at one that has turfs on it, and I would want to replace them with R4s or R1s (preferably R4s). Front and rear, of course. I know I can order them from Kubota, but I haven't...
  41. Poopdeck Pappy

    Kioti DK50SE HST Cab vs. Mahindra 6010 HST Cab

    I'm tractor shopping and I've narrowed it down (I think) to the Kioti DK50SE Cab or the Mahindra 6010 Cab. Both with HST. I've driven both and felt comfortable on both, so that's a wash. I know I'm posting this in the Kioti forum, so the responses are likely to be pro-Kioti, but I'd like to...
  42. Poopdeck Pappy

    T2410 Pros and Cons

    I have an opportunity to buy a gently used T2410 in great shape with low hours. It has the hydraulic shuttle transmission. I just don't know much about this model in particular or NH in general. I've been looking at cabbed tractors in the 45 - 50hp range (such as a Kubota L4740, LS XR4046...
  43. Poopdeck Pappy

    Cab owners - How well does your A/C work?

    For those of you who have a cab on your tractor, how well does your air conditioner work? Please say which make/model you own. I'm close to buying a cab tractor, and I've tried a few that seem to have weak air conditioning. These have been new tractors, not used ones. It makes me wonder...
  44. Poopdeck Pappy

    Cab Owners - How well does your A/C work?

    For those of you who have a cab on your tractor, how well does your air conditioner work? Please say which make/model you own. I'm close to buying a cab tractor, and I've tried a few that seem to have weak air conditioning. These have been new tractors, not used ones. It makes me wonder...
  45. Poopdeck Pappy

    Any Feedback from Users of the New Tier 4 Tractors?

    I'm shopping for a tractor right now. I can get a Tier 3 Kubota (L3940, L4240 or L4740), but I'm seriously considering the new XR4046HC (cab model) from LS. I really like the LS, but it's a Tier 4 and I just don't know what I would be getting into. I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has...
  46. Poopdeck Pappy

    LS Website

    I'm shopping for a tractor and I'm seriously considering the 2013 XR4046C. My local dealer has been great and the price is below the other brands I've shopped so far. Feature for feature, the LS is a winner at an excellent price. However, one of the things that makes me hesitate is that I...
  47. Poopdeck Pappy

    Need Suggestions on Tractor for Removing Cedar Trees

    Hello. I'm buying 30 acres of land that has a LOT of small, medium and large cedar trees on it. I'm talking about hundreds of trees. My plan is to eventually remove most of them so that I can pasture about 20 - 25 acres of this land. So I'm wondering what size tractor and FEL I need for this...