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  1. chrismac

    Help needed, I need a pto pump for my backhoe, 15 hp iseki, cant find any info

    All, I wonder if someone could let me know what hydraulic pto pump I need for my 15 hp iseki tx 2160 with polymark beaver backhoe and (front loader which is driven from the tractor hydraulics) I need to ask as there was none on my tractor. if I knew what pressure and flow rate I need I could...
  2. chrismac

    Iseki 2160 hydraulic help, I am stuck

    I have searched the internet and am beat as I can not get my 3 point linkage primed or operating, the pump is pumping as when I slackened the pressure side at the banjo I had an exceptional mess of oil but I can not get it through to lift the arms, the tractor is under load as I can here it on...
  3. chrismac

    Sump gasket material, Iseki TX2160 making a replacement

    Having made a replacement gasket out of a hard gasket material while I have been sorting out my tractor, I now have a small leak from the sump gasket, would cork be a better alternative to the gasket material used previously? or what would be a good option, the original was a soft type material...
  4. chrismac

    Iseki tx 2160F throttle linkage

    My 2160 had 2 linkages with the original arrangement, possibly for the hand and foot throttle, I have now got a replacement battery tray and it came supplied with just the one but I see the foot throttle does have some movement with this arrangement, is this standard possibly on later models...
  5. chrismac

    Iseki 2160 hydraulic manifold port help, what goes where please,

    I am currently in the restoration process of a iseki tractor which had a spool valve fitted but was missing some of the pipework running to it, it would be good to get some assistance with which ports tie into the manifold and spool valve, Please see the post below from the restoration thread...
  6. chrismac

    Iseki tx2160 clutch reassembly help, lower spline

    I am in the process of rebuilding my 2160 and tonight have come up with a small battle with the lower spline to the front diff, is there an easy way to get this back in place, I have wrestled with both halfs of the tractor for a while tonight but had to go and leave it so I thought this would...
  7. chrismac

    editing a post, how to

    How do I edit a thread, I have been looking now for half an hour with no joy, I deleted some pictures from my flickr account but it was some I had used, I would now like to edit the thread. Chris
  8. chrismac

    Polymark Beaver backhoe replacement spool valves and PTO pump. Iseki TX 2160

    Hi, can someone please advise me on the PTO pump I need for my Beaver Backhoe, the pump is missing so I am looking at a replacement along with the spool valve block/chest, I would like to get a spool valve block/chest of 6 and pump with the correct LPM, I have been looking at these...
  9. chrismac

    Replacement Polymark Beaver Backhoe PTO pump and spool valves

    Replacement Polymark Beaver Backhoe PTO pump and spool valves, moved to Hyd. section Please delete, I could not find how to and have moved the post to correct section. Thanks Chris
  10. chrismac

    TX 2160F, with front loader and backhoe, long term project

    I have come to the conclusion it will be best and easiest to keep all my questions regarding my project in the one place in this thread of my restoration of my TX2160 tractor, with a 2nd tractor for spares. If this is in the wrong place please moderators please place in the correct part of the...
  11. chrismac

    TX2160 torque setting

    All, I have a TX2160, I have stripped the engine and are in the process seeing what parts I require, I need a set of injector pipes for a start as the nuts have corroded badly to the point they are nearly missing on the pump side, I would like to find the torque setting for the conrods, I have...
  12. chrismac

    Hello from Scotland

    Hi all, I have just joined after buying a Iseki 2160 with back hoe and front loader which came with a second tractor for spare parts, I have lots of nights of hard work infront of me as everything is in a sorry state, its been lying for many years out in the elements which has not been kind to...