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  1. FredH

    TC30 fuel gauge, fuses, and temp gauge

    Relay or what ever it is towards bottom of picture has numerous wired in and out while the relay / fuse top left has 4 wires in / out . The block on the right is the small fuse block . 3 fuses if I read the top of the box correct ?? Did not have my reading glasses on .:ashamed: My intention was...
  2. FredH

    BH stabilizer claws

    My 757 BH on my TC30 had the same issue . Could buy either the pavement pads or dirt pads at $$$$ . So made my own . If I do need to go on pavement or another surface that I don't want to tear up , ( Lawn ) , I can just unbolt , since the base is just bolted on , while the tangs are welded to...
  3. FredH

    Flux Core Welding Issues

    Ditto what Ovrszd said . Bending the gun lead to much , to tight a bend will easily cause jams at the drive wheels using flux core . I have done it with my 220/240 Longevity with knurled roller running .035 . I get lazy and instead of moving welding cart to a better angle , I have tried bring...
  4. FredH

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Don't have the Harbor Freight compressor , Was thinking of getting one of those but instead got this one from Home Depot : When I bought it a few years ago , it was less than $500 . Recently spent $139 and bought the pistol grip 1" air gun . Compressor handles the gun fine . Removed lug nuts...
  5. FredH

    Story of My Life

    A few months ago , one of the cylinders for the stabilizers on my 757C BH took a dump . Blowing fluid , etc... . Looked at finding a after market cylinder , none though were right when it came to orientation of the fittings , since it very tight when the stabilizers are retracted . Thus went...
  6. FredH

    converting 757c to self contained ?

    First picture is hose from BH attached to hose from manifold block from loader . 2nd picture is what the manifold looks like after the hose is un connected from it . third picture is hose connected to the manifold , thus allowing 3 point to work .
  7. FredH

    septic tank question

    Normally when merging into a existing line , A " Wye " is used . Rather than use a 45 or 90 , I would use Wye's , thus You are also adding a clean out at same time . This is how I added a RV drain to my existing system years ago . Main Line ran East / West , with RV line running North / South...
  8. FredH

    Fuel tank stickers?

    Go to just about any Truck Stop and get the stick on placards . Fred H.
  9. FredH

    Reassenbled my repaired cement mixer------>small part left over DUH

    The only keys I know about on mine ( which may be totally different than yours ) , are the pulley on the motor and the gear that turns the drum , ( opposite end of belt from the motor ) . Reason I know of that key is my Dad who previously owned the mixer lost the original key apparently and...
  10. FredH

    Building our land leveler

    Couple of pictures of one I built a few years ago . Blades are just 1/2" flat steel by 6" wide . The blades have slots were they are bolted to the angle steel for mounting . I can raise one side up above the steel runner by at least 1/2" while at the same time drop the opposite side down by 1"...
  11. FredH

    simplicity regent 14hp 1692354 PTO clutch assbly

    No matter which model I look up , Like the one below appears more like your picture , There are no other listed parts that show " Locking " the clutch in place . If it is similar to a electric clutch on a A.C. compressor , like my semi , It spins freely until electricity is applied , then it "...
  12. FredH

    simplicity regent 14hp 1692354 PTO clutch assbly

    Small Engine Parts, Snow Blowers, Lawn Mowers, Trimmers & Lawn & Garden Equipment | SEPW Not sure exactly what model You have , but in looking up Simplicity regent 14 hp. , appears to be a electric clutch with this picture : Fred H.
  13. FredH

    Inverter question

    Another tip is if the temp is low , Do Not turn on the inverter and use right away . Basically let it build some heat inside by itself or maybe something that is a very light load . For instance , in my truck , My 17" flat screen t.v. only draws 40 watts but my laptop pushes almost 140 on start...
  14. FredH

    yellowjacket protection

    Out west here , We have yellow jackets also but the most feared species is that little Satan with wings P.O.S. above . The Bald faced or Bald headed hornet . P.O.S. hates everything including it owns species , but mutually coexists for survival . Stings just because it can . We carry a can of...
  15. FredH

    Dump trailer batteries )(*&^%&*()(*&^%&*()(*&^

    Run the cable from your truck battery all the way to the back of your truck , then add one of these : From Your pump in trailer , add cable and the opposite plug . Problem Solved . We use a similar set-up for a winch We have on Our Game hoist that slides into my hitch reciever . I leave...
  16. FredH

    Will a Hydraulic pump pump water ?

    Just a curious question , Not planning on trying or doing . As the title says , Would a Hydraulic pump , like on a wood splitter , pump water in a open system ? Open system meaning a resevoir to draw from but pumping out a different way , not back into resevoir . Have no idea " Why " this got...
  17. FredH

    Anyone R&R the electric motor on a HF concrete mixer?

    Although My mixer is not a Harbor Freight brand , it is a little bigger than their 3.5 c.f model , I replaced the motor on it with a H.F. motor , ( 1/2 HP General Purpose Electric Motor ) and it still works Great . Just ran 14 80# bags of the redi mix through it this morning . 2 bags at a...
  18. FredH

    Best tuner/chip for 2005 cummins 5.9L

    Correct , 2007 with the 6.7 , Mine is the 2006 . :duh: The 68RFE can be rebuilt pretty stout with all kinds of clutch plate combo's , custom made shafts , etc... , But the weak link in the whole thing is the roller bearings through out the transmission . If something goes in transmission ...
  19. FredH

    Good big oil filter wrench?

    I use a wrench like the one below . You can find them in 3/8" drive or 1/2" drive . Use what ever size ratchet you need and a extension in the end and spins them right off . The one I have is a Cat Brand that I bought at a commercial truck dealer . Pretty Heavy duty . Fred H.
  20. FredH

    Pick-up Tires = $$$$$

    Ended up with Kumho's Road Venture AT51 with load range 121/118 . Sears had another sale , which I ended up with a final price of $618 mounted , lifetime balance and disposal of old tires . I have only put on maybe 24 miles driving it this weekend , mostly pulling the B.T. 12LX to Lowes and back...
  21. FredH

    Scale system for dump trailers ?

    Per the title , anyone know of a on board scale system for dump trailers . I know about onboard systems used on semi's , basically is connected to airbag system thus uses pressure , but with most smaller trailers and dump tailers , they are all leaf spring systems . If nothing commercialy...
  22. FredH

    Log splitter plans

    Yes, after wood is split , it is thrown back into the tractor bucket and unloaded in the wood shed . Big rounds that are split in half are rolled back into position for resplitting . Far easier for Me to roll something than it is to lift it . Madrone is a Hardwood here in the Northwest also...
  23. FredH

    Wartime logging and some chainsaw history in the PNW.

    Pictures above of My GrandFathers mill The Family had in the Evans Creek area , circa late '30's / early '40's . Pictures above are of the spring board notches We found in a old logged area We Elk hunt here in Southern Oregon . Fred H.
  24. FredH

    Filter Costs

    Oil Filter for ISX 15 and oil and fuel filter for Tripac Apu on Semi , At Napa , their Napa Gold ( Wix ) was $66 just for the Cummins oil filter :shocked: At Amazon , Same Wix filter $44.24 , ( that is with Prime thus Free Shipping in 2 days ) Then We jump over to the filters on the APU ...
  25. FredH

    Pole barn versus Floating slab

    To the Original OP of this thread : Why did You use t-111 smartside versus using Hardipanel cement siding panels ? At lowes currently , the Hardi product is only $4 more per panel and although the smartside is resistant to somethings , one thing it is not resistant to around here is Acorn...
  26. FredH

    Pick-up Tires = $$$$$

    Wow , Been awhile since I had to buy pickup tires and since sons pickup has been broke down for several months , He has put close to 10,000 miles on My pickup . Now that 10,000 miles would of took Me at least 2 years if not 3 or maybe even 4 years to drive , since I only use it on weekends and 1...
  27. FredH

    Game Hoist

    Kind of what I was thinking , since winch did not overheat but then when it slowed or stopped , we shut it off . Hate to buy a bigger winch and have it do the same , so thinking I will go with a remote battery setup that will charge from the engine system . Here are a couple of pictures of...
  28. FredH

    Game Hoist

    Several years ago , seen something similar to the picture below . For the price they wanted , My Brother and Me decided to build our own . Went to a local steel place that has a lot of recyled steel and purchased what We thought We needed . Some are rated at 300 pounds , while others are...
  29. FredH

    If you have forgotten what older trucks were like

    If any of You want a Real ride , come to Southern Oregon and We will take you for a spin in what use to be My Grandfathers , then My Dads , Now My Brothers 1961 Dodge 3/4 ton ( D200 ??? ) 4 speed , 4 wheel drive Power wagon . :thumbsup: My Grandfather bought it new and made 2 trips to Alaska...
  30. FredH

    Filter removal without a gorilla

    I have a version of something like the 2 links below . Bought it at my local Freightliner dealer . Catapillar brand . Goes up to pretty good size , but smaller filters can be a pain , since it is designed for bigger stuff . Clearance issue's are never a problem in most cases since if You can...
  31. FredH

    Filling Your tires With Air ???

    Makes one think Twice every time I see a video like this when I am putting air in my pick up , trailer or Semi tires . Pick up is 65 psi , trailer is 80 psi and Semi is 105 psi . HUGE TIRE EXPLOSION: Ken-Tool Introduces the World's Largest Single-Piece Tire Inflation Cage - YouTube Fred H.
  32. FredH

    2016 Ram 2500 verses 6 point buck 70mph

    Glad Your O.K. and Join the Crowd . A of photo's of My semi versus deer impact at 55 mph. $274 for the parts , already installed them other than I need to pick up a couple of bolts to finish . A picture of what the damaged side should look like :
  33. FredH

    Hard surface rod

    Curious question for for those of You with more experience , Which is All of You :) Hardfacing Deposit Methods-Oxygen-Acetylene Process | Hero Protective Alloys After reading above article , Am I understanding that instead of using a welder and melting the hard surface rod onto the object ...
  34. FredH

    LPGS For Kubota B2910

    The one I made a few years ago , I used 12" I beam from a hitch off a moble home I think ?? ( it was in the scrap yard , So I bought it ) . Added 1/4" plate on the inside to create a flat surface . Used 3/8" x 3.5" x 3.5" angle for the blade mounts . Blades are angled back at around a 25 degree...
  35. FredH

    interesting log splitter

    Like This : When We take it out of my Dad's shop and replace with the gas stove , Going to hang on to that old thing for ???? reasons . Not that it is a antique , just cause , I guess . Fred H.
  36. FredH

    How to make box blade type shanks penetrate further?

    If I am not Mistaken , They Do make longer Shanks . I do know they make 4 hole , which yours only appear to be 2 hole . I purchased 4 hole for My home built ripper , Which is not as nice as Yours , but functional . I woud have to say , Mine will bury the shanks all the way up to the cross beam ...
  37. FredH

    interesting log splitter

    Maybe that it has been shared before but I seen this video of a interesting concept for a log splitter . Actually appears to be some what safer than some others I have seen , but still there are some safety issue's . Wood Splitter 1 - YouTube Fred H.
  38. FredH

    Backhoe Stabilizer Pads/Claws

    Forgive the bad phone picture , it is pouring down rain and I was getting WET :ashamed: Built these for my 757C on my New Holland . 1/4" plate for base and teeth . 1 tooth is solid all the way across , then other is tee'ed into it on both sides . Made a Huge difference in how the tractor does...
  39. FredH

    ford 3930 fuel guage question

    know nothing about your particular tractor , But in looking at parts for it on Messicks , Your in a better situation than Me on My TC 30 !! When my guage went out . it was right at $100 for new guage . Now they are $180+ . Yours shows the following : Assy., Fuel, L/Auxiliary Fuel Tank, Start...
  40. FredH

    Who has their Class A CDL?

    Pretty Much like Copperhead . Run my Own truck , Live in Southern Oregon and go to L.A. to start week , then back to tacoma area on wednesday or thursday morning and back home thursday night or early friday morning . Dropped Hazmat a few years back , not so much the $$$ , Just the B.S. on...
  41. FredH

    See these Gloves ?

    Anybody seen These Gloves ? Kind of spendy But Holy Cow . Brutally Tough !!! Schmitz Mittz - The worlds toughest safety glove - Try one on! Fred H.
  42. FredH

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Crappy photo's taken off my dash cam in my semi on CA 60 freeway this past week .:confused3: Picture 1 and 3 are of a pickup loaded way high with pallets . picture 2 is of a suv pulling a trailer loaded the same . The pickup could get up to maybe 30 mph before he would start losing...
  43. FredH

    Story of My life !

    2003 TC30 with 7308 FEL . Owned since new . Only hydraulic lines I have ever had to replace were on the 757C B.H. until a few months back . Small , maybe 16" to 18" long line on the FEL bucket started leaking on the left side at bottom of cylinder . My schedule of work with the semi , never...
  44. FredH

    Power supply troubleshooting help

    Basically What I mean is something Like this Plug or similar that your welder would plug into : Home Depot , Lowes , etc....... Appropriate size cord , similar to what is on your welder . One end of is left bare with wires out while other is fed into recepticle and wired up . If welder is 3...
  45. FredH

    Is my shovel getting too old?

    A few years back , I was telling My Dad about My N.H. B.H. and what I do with it . I stated that if I grab a shovel , I could have the project done in 15 - 20 minutes but instead , I sat on the Tractor for 30 minutes figuring out how to get it in position , 15 more minutes getting in position ...
  46. FredH

    new holland tc 21 three point lift operation

    When you took backhoe off , were there 2 lines to the backhoe ? On my TC30 with a 757C B.H. , there are 2 lines to it . One connects / disconnects under the seat at the rear . Other snacks it way up to the right side of the tractor by the pump , were it connects to another hose with a quick...
  47. FredH

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    My Bro sent this to me , found it somewere on the net . And " NO " this is not ME or My Trailer , ( I have a Big Tex Dump :) Fred H.
  48. FredH

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Question for all the Smart people here , ( No , Not Joking or being a Smart A** !! Although I have towed trailers , Boats , etc... , Very little experience loading smaller utility / flatbed / dump trailers !! ) . Seen it the other Day , Guy was pulling maybe 16' or 18' flatbed trailer with a...
  49. FredH

    Backhoe Recommendations for 2001 TC 40

    Here is what my top link attachment area looks like . This is a 757C on a TC30 4 wheel drive HST model . Fred H.
  50. FredH

    Must remove the hitch?

    Fred H.