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  1. North to Alaska

    PTO will barely turn

    My PTO is niw barely turning. Try to use it at all on the logging winch and it won’t turn it. Thoughts and help please😬 Thank you
  2. North to Alaska

    Blew a hydraulic hose ☹️

    Branson 4520r Ta00001408B is the part number. Curious if I should just get an oem replacement or can these be built at a cheaper price? I may have to gave it shipped up here. Waiting till tomorrow for my dealership here in Alaska to open as well as a couple of outfits in the area that might be...
  3. North to Alaska

    Future Banson driver

    He has 4 older sisters. Thankfully for him he has a little brother coming due in about 3 weeks
  4. North to Alaska

    Welded vs bolted scraper edge-3pt blower

    Looking to get a 3pt snowblower by this fall. A decision I will have to make is whether I want to get one with replaceable (bolted) scraper blade or to be okay with a welded one. I have a 1/8 mile of gravel (some larger rocks) drive and a good sized gravel parking area. Might do some work for...
  5. North to Alaska

    Radtech Blizzard quality?

    Looking for a 3pt pto backup type snowblower. 42hp at pto. We get on average 10’ to 12’ of snow each winter. Used a FEL for the past two years which work well but last winter I started losing places to pile/push the snow. I will likely use it to blow out other drives for a little extra cash...
  6. North to Alaska

    Mid PTO 4520r?

    Just curious if anyone here has any knowledge about whether a 4520r (year 2020) can have a mid pto? I doubt if I would ever put one on but the thought crossed my mind. I could not find any information on this from just browsing the internet so I thought I would ask here. My thought was a...
  7. North to Alaska

    Castrol 0w40 a3/b4 for tractor?

    2020 Branson 4520r. Cummins engine, no turbo, and the emission is a simple passive catalyst style. I live in Alaska and my area is normal -25f at night and I use the tractor when it is still -10f and it sits outside, so the 0w40 is necessary. Only decent choice is John Deere Plus 50 II 0w40. So...
  8. North to Alaska

    4520r wheel bolt size?

    Can’t find the size info in either the manual or service manual. Find torque specs though 😁. Removing the knuckle on the front left of my 4520r. I don’t have the right socket size for the tires and need to get one. Any help? Thank you!
  9. North to Alaska

    Just broke a knuckle arm 4520r

    Storm is here and thankfully my neighbor will plow me out today. Frustrating to be without my tractor. Broke the knuckle arm yesterday while pulling logs out. Not doing anything severe or stressful but the temperature was a little below zero. Waiting for a call back from selling dealer...
  10. North to Alaska

    Cable chains for tractor tires?

    Did a little scouting online but found nothing. I have to little clearance for regular chains. My other options are studs and cable chains. tire sized are 16.9x24 12x16.5 not sure if cable chains would hold up under the stress of a 7,000# tractor anyway. hoping for any insight thank you!
  11. North to Alaska

    Lose grease zerks on bl-200 loader

    Curious if anyone else had this? Did the first time grease of my 4520r with bl-200 fel. Several of the zerks on the fel were not screwed in tight. You may want to check them
  12. North to Alaska

    Norse 400 skidding winch?

    Anyone know anything about these? They now offer 350 and 450 so no quick way of finding out anything about them. Someone near me is selling there used one. Horse power rating, years made, 3pt hitch category? Thank you
  13. North to Alaska

    Hy Gard j20d hydraulic fluid in their Branson?

    Curious if anyone used the John Deere hydraulic fluid in their Branson, more specifically J20D low viscosity? I’ve been researching price and availability of different hydraulic fluids, especially winter/cold temperature viscosity fluids. Coastal J20d equivalents from NAPA is $108 for 5 gallons...
  14. North to Alaska

    My 4520r has no bolt holes for wheel weights?

    Forgive me for my continued ignorance as I am learning more everyday about my tractor. Was thinking about doing liquid ballast but considering that when I have a flat, etc, I will need to pay for more and for that matter, when the tires need to be replaced, there will be a cost of pumping out...
  15. North to Alaska

    EP 1 axle grease

    Due to some low temps here in Alaska, I have been going though the process of selecting good replacement lubes for the 4520r. It痴 already sluggish when I start it up until it warms up the gears. Found a good distributor of Chevron (and other brands) and I値l be using there good hydraulic...
  16. North to Alaska

    4520r handle front chains?

    I was strongly encouraged by a local John Deere parts guy to not put chains on the front of my tractor. While he was not sure about mine, John Deere does not recommend them since too much stress can tear up the front end. Any thoughts? Since the Branson 20 series is a bit more stout than most...
  17. North to Alaska

    Full synthetic oil at 20 hours?

    I live in the Talkeetna area of Alaska. Temps will routinely get down to -20 or even -30 at night but -40 is rare. My 4520r is going to be outside (need to order the block heater dang it...) Only 20 hours on it so far but I want to get fluids changed for winter temps. Local dealer mechanic...
  18. North to Alaska

    Antifreeze rated temperature for 4520r?

    I did a bunch of looking and I can稚 seem to any info on How cold the coolant is rated for? Yes, I need to get a tester but until than, anyone have a knowledge on this?
  19. North to Alaska

    4520r Transmission just stopped going into gear....

    Okay, bit of a problem. We have just received about 15 of snow. Transmission never did seem to shift very well. Now it will not go into any gear.... Anyone else have this happen? Thoughts before I call the dealer in the morning? Thank you It is under warranty but it痴 a pita to have this...
  20. North to Alaska

    MTL grapple good so far

    Had a glitch with ordering but they made it right it could be made. Started my order with MTL for single hydraulic, 54 grapple. Texted right away when I realized I made a mistake and wanted the dual hydraulic (dual grapple) Wanted to cancel and reorder. Received a call immediately...
  21. North to Alaska

    4520r chains?

    Chains that fit on the rear tire of a 4520r? The fender looks to be toooooo close to the tire for chains to fit? Help please? Thank you😶
  22. North to Alaska

    Service manual for 4520r?

    Wondering if service manual can be had for Branson? Also, anyone know where the block heater goes on a 4520? Plan to install before winter. Attaching pics of my new 4520r👍 ....I have a phone picture issue. Shows right side up on my phone but loads upside down for two different forum sites....
  23. North to Alaska

    Branson warranty?

    While this probably won't dissuade me from my purchase...but. Awful lot of exclusions in the warranty. Fuel pump and lines excluded? "bumper to bumper"? Looks like just engine and power train? So I pull off the lot and the fender falls off (like that's actually going to happen lol)...
  24. North to Alaska

    Most you lifted with a BL25 loader

    Just curious about what you lifted with your BL25 loader. I know the specs of the BL25 vs the BL200...just like to see some real life experiences. Looking at a really good deal on a 5220r that has the BL25. I will be doing considerable loader work with tree clearing, logging, firewood, etc. I've...
  25. North to Alaska

    Alaska tractor dealers, recomendation?

    I'm moving to the Delta Junction area this summer....provided the coronavirus crap clears up. I will be purchasing my (used) tractor in the lower 48 and hauling up with me. I know there are Kubota and John Deer in Fairbanks and Anchorage area. LS in Wasilla (Dave's Tractor). A New Holland dealer...
  26. North to Alaska

    Towing in Western Canada...weight rules?

    I would greatly appreciate any help on this guys. U.S. standards (some states vary) is if gcwr of tow vehicle and trailer is under 26,000 lbs you don't need a CDL... Correct me if i am wrong. So lets say I am pulling a 12k trailer behind an F250 (12.5k tow rating), I should ve okay. But it...
  27. North to Alaska

    Tier 1 or 2 emissions 100 hp tractor

    Hi all! I will be getting a roughly 100 hp tractor for small farm work. Approx 200 acres or so in Delta Junction area of Alaska. Tractor mechanics are few are far between. Two main dealers and service providers for the Delta Junction and Fairbanks area are Deere and Kubota. Interestingly their...
  28. North to Alaska

    L4240, l4740, l5040 EGR?

    What year did Kubota start using the EGR valve in these models? Or did did they have it for all years? I am looking at purchasing something in this range in the next year or two. I want to purchase used but not too old. I also want to keep the emissions standards as simple as possible. I believe...
  29. North to Alaska

    Iowan saying hello to any Alaskans and fellow Iowans

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. Raised in rural NE Iowa (pretty, hill country) and now living near Ames, IA. Both the wife and I love country living, hunting, and the cold and snow. Weird, I know. We are looking at moving to Alaska after a couple of years. We are...
  30. North to Alaska

    Getting parts outside of a dealer

    Hi everyone. New here and my first post. Foregone conclusion that in a couple of years or later, my family and I are going to move up to Alaska, Delta Junction area. And farm... Yes we are crazy lol. In the meantime I have time to research and target our crops etc. One interesting thing...