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  1. Ductape

    Kubota Wholegoods List

    Does anyone have a copy of the wholegoods list (pdf format) they can email me ? No problem if its a couple years old. I had it on my old laptop, but lost it when my hard drive crashed. I miss having it as a reference. Thanks !
  2. Ductape

    Trailer Tires With Some Dry Rot....... Add Innertubes ??

    Got a trailer with some dry rot (cracking) on the sidewalls. How bad? On a scale from 1 to 10, I give em a 5. Tire tread is like new so I hate to throw the tires out. Would adding tubes add any safety margin against a failure out on the road? I'm wondering if this might get me another year or...
  3. Ductape

    Cellular Experts, I Need Your Help..............

    I'm having a problem with my cell service, and I need advice from the folks that know more about the system than I do. Problem: Whenever I use the phone in my home area (one tower), the person I'm talking to starts breaking up terribly (although they seem to hear me fine), then it will...
  4. Ductape

    Dog Food Brands........ Good, Bad ?

    Upon the advice of our Vet, we are switching to an adult dog food. He does not push any particular brand over another, so we are looking for opinions. We had been feeding him the 4 Heath brand from Tractor Supply, but it doesn't seem to be agreeing with him. I'm talking about bagged, dry food...
  5. Ductape

    Front-End Loader universal quick attachments

    Hope this shows OK, it was a five minute modification. You should be able to see where I touched up the paint with Kubota grey where I had to remove a small triangle shaped piece. They fit perfectly now.... apparently not all universal stuff is completely universal.
  6. Ductape

    The Secret To A Lush, Green Lawn..........

    OK, the older I get, the more I desire a really nice front lawn. Mine gets sun all day, and I feel like every spring a have to battle with it to get it to stay full and green. For the guys with beautiful lawns....... what's your secret? What do you fertilize with? Do you use any type of...
  7. Ductape

    Three Point Trailer Hitch Reciever

    A couple years ago, I had the replace the hitch on my truck. Both ends were rusting through. I hung onto it, thinking I'd have a need for it eventually (hard to throw away steel). Started by cutting the ends off. I measured the height and width of my york rake, and used those for the hitch...
  8. Ductape

    Anyone Talk To ChuckinNH ?

    Sent him a PM a week or so ago, and haven't heard back from him. Looks like he hasn't posted since October of last year. Maybe someone has talked to him by phone or email? Just want to make sure things are OK.
  9. Ductape

    Shutting Off The Heat In A Cabbed Tractor

    I've noticed when I am running my A/C in the summer, I can still feel a little warm air coming out of the defroster vants over the windshield. Though the A/C still makes it comfortable in the cab, I'm thinking the A/C would be more efficient (cooler) if I stopped the coolant from circulating...
  10. Ductape

    POLL: Remove snowblower and re-install loader now, or later ??

    OK..... sure feels like winter is over here in New Hampshire. Mid fifteis today.... weatherman says over sixty degrees tomorrow. I'm getting spring fever, and I want to remove my front blower and put the loader back on. Most years I would wait another month.... but this definitely hasn't been...
  11. Ductape

    Neuton Electric Lawn Mower ....... Worthwhile, or Another 'Go Green' Sham?

    Curious about the rechargable Neuton (or similar) push lawn mowers. Got one? Like it? Curious what real mow time is, vs. advertised. I mow with a small walk behind around the house, not suitable for tractoer or riding mower. Maybe 40 minutes of mowing. I see this come up on CL, used. Seem...
  12. Ductape

    Case / Ingersoll Hydraulic Attachments

    Case / Ingersoll attachments....... anyone ever use them on a non Case / Ingersoll tractor? I see these for sale on CL occaisionally, reasonably priced. They make some neat stuff, from hydraulic brush cutters to hydraulic leaf / grass suckers. I've read that they use motor oil instead of...
  13. Ductape

    TSC Coupons ..... Anyplace Online To Download Them ?

    We used to get 10% off coupons in the mail...... but don't any more. I assume they send them for a length of time, then bump you off the mailing list. Looking at implements , anyone know of coupon websites where you can download and print them from (assuming they accept coupons you print off...
  14. Ductape

    Buying New Furniture For The House ....... Do You Negotiate On The Price ?

    My wife and I went browsing at new living room furniture yesterday. We expect to spend a few thousand on leather furniture, and I can't help but recall my pop telling me (back when he was alive), " Never pay the price on the furniture ....... there is no retail with a markup like furniture...
  15. Ductape

    That Neighbor You'll NEVER Plow Out / Snowblow Again !

    Let it rip !! I've got two: 1) Guy I used to work with..... lives around the corner. Twice now has asked me to clean out his driveway (he rents). Says he'll happily pay whatever its worth to me. Property owner is supposed to be doing it, included in the rent (he claims). Hasn't been seen...
  16. Ductape

    Generator Head ....... Explain This One To Me

    Copied this from the HF website regarding their generator heads. I'm not sure I'm getting it. If this perpetual machine were possible, wouldn't we all have one? " I purchased 3 of these to power my entire home. Our local utility bills went from $140 a month, to a whopping $450 due to huge...
  17. Ductape

    Sharpening A Reel Mower ........ How Is It Done?

    Looking at some gang reel mowers locally, owned by a school. I believe they are Toro or Jacobsen, as they are a commercial grade. Can the average Joe sharpen them himself? How are they sharpened? Are special tools or jigs needed (seems I've seen reel mower sharpeners for sale on CL in the past)...
  18. Ductape

    Trailer Ramps ............

    I need to come up with a set of ramps to load things into my lo pro dump trailer. Stamped steel ramps, similar to these at HF are easy enough to find around here ( 2 Piece Steel Loading Ramps ). I frequently move my wood splitter and cub cadet lawn tractor..... and would like to be able to move...
  19. Ductape

    Dog Has Torn ACL, Needs Surgery....... Who's Been Through It?

    My trusty sidekick Max has torn an ACL hopping into my neighbor's pickup a few weeks ago. A visit to his Vet has has him scheduled for surgery next Monday. We really like our Vet and feel very confortable that he does the surgery himself in-house. I'm wondering if any of you folks have been...
  20. Ductape

    'Clocking' Inlets / Outlets On A Hydraulic Cylinder ...... Difficult???

    Curious what the best way to deal with inlets / outlets on a hydraulic cylinder when they need to be in a particular position to avoid interference. I'm assuming that if they both needed to be on one side, the end of the barrel could be cut and rewelded. What if one needed to be on the left...
  21. Ductape

    2 Y O Seriously Injured By Riding Mower

    I can't even imagine the guilt......... 2-Year-Old Seriously Injured By Lawn Mower - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR Manchester "Police said the child's grandfather was operating the machine when the child had been running down a slight downgrade, slipped, and slid into the mower deck."
  22. Ductape

    Calling All Dog Owners...... Flea And Tick Killer?

    Ticks this year are the worst I've ever seen. We use Frontline ( FRONTLINE | Products | How FRONTLINE works ) on our dog, but I'm wondering if there is a product out there that is similarly effective, but a little more affordable. I've tried to do a little research online, but it can be...
  23. Ductape

    Cub 2185 Belt Question

    I've got a Cub 2185 with the 42" mower deck. It ate the belt that drives the mower deck via the PTO. I do not have an owners manual, and I'm hoping someone can give me a part number and / or belt size so I can look for a belt locally. I'm guessing an aftermarket belt number might be easier to...
  24. Ductape

    I Hope This COntractor Has Liability Insurance.....

    Woman Killed in 'Freak' Lawnmower Accident - Australia | New Zealand | Indonesia | Map - A woman was killed while walking to work Wednesday after she was struck in the head by a flying piece of steel in a freak lawnmowing accident in north Queensland, Australia. The...
  25. Ductape

    Kubota RTV Block Heater ?

    I've tried doing a couple searches, but came up empty. Has anyone done an install on an electric block heater on a 900 or 1100 RTV? I'm wondering if it threads into an existing hole, requires a freeze plug to be removed, or.......?? Trying to help a friend who is looking to do the install...
  26. Ductape

    Stay Safe Out There................

    Man dies when Bobcat overturns....... Man dies when equipment overturns - Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009
  27. Ductape

    Log Tongs In A Pinch

    I have a small set of skidding tongs which worked great when we had a stove that took 16" pieces of wood. A couple winters ago i bought a larger stove, and now i cut my firewood to 20" ....... and the small tongs don't open wide enough. Well...... we dropped a big ole Maple last week and I...
  28. Ductape

    Will My Tractor Lift This ?

    My kingdom for a grapple.
  29. Ductape

    Never Change Your Oil Again !!

    A friend of mine was claiming he is considering buying one of these systems after hearing the claims made in their advertisements. I told him I have a bridge to sell him. Gulf Coast Filters, Inc. Specializing in Bypass Oil filters, Fuel filters, Hydraulic filters and Custom filtering
  30. Ductape

    ChiCom Slip Clutches At Tractor Supply....... Any Good?

    I plan on adding a slip clutch to my old rotary cutter which currently uses a shear bolt for protection. The local TSC has the one I need in stock. I see the are stamped 'made in China' on them, which is not inherantly bad. Just wondering if anyone had had any luck with them, good or bad. I...
  31. Ductape

    Rotary Cutter 5' Rotary Cutter On The Cheap

    Yesterday I picked up a used 5' rotary cutter that was on CL. Made by Modern Ag. Products in Beaumont, Texas. Part of their 'Sunshine Line', which I'd guess is their lighter duty units. I was somewhat surprised that they are still making rotary cutters when I googled them when I got it back home...
  32. Ductape

    Kubota Seat Replacement

    My B3030 had one of the old unpopular factory seats in it and was in need of an upgrade. Though the new seat Kubota offered is substantially better, I was looking for a few features it didn't have. I found a decent looking seat at Tractor Supply that seemed to fill the bill. Priced at $199.00...
  33. Ductape

    Does Anyone Have A Good Garlic Pickle Recipe?

    The past two years, I've tried garlic pickle recipes i found by googling........ and they were terrible. I haven't given up, and I'm growing pickling cukes again. I'm looking for a good recipe......... something like the big jar of pickles you might find on the counter of an old country store...
  34. Ductape

    Looking For A Suitable Quick Coupler For Fuel Hose

    I'm looking for a quick connect suitable for a diesel fuel hose. I've got both a 110v and 12v, and would like the ability to remove the hose/nozzle easily........ as well as the ability to couple two hoses together for a longer reach if needed. I was looking at these 3/4" couplers at TSC...
  35. Ductape

    Do You Have A Cold Adult Beverage While Operating The Tractor?

    Follow-up to texting. I've had a cold beer before while mowing. Does this make me bad? :confused:
  36. Ductape

    Wife Wants New Steps..............

    To replace the old, deteriorating, sinking steps now at our porch door. So, I find a couple used granite slabs on Craigslist. One catch, I need to load them, and haul them myself. No problem...... I use a hefty come-along to drag them into my dump trailer.
  37. Ductape

    Does Your Propane Tank Need Someone Looking Out For It ?

    Get the "Tank Nanny" ! Just saw this on the news. Theres even a provision to belt your tank into your car. Just thought it was an interesting concept. Made in the USA, they claim. The Tank Nanny - When you refill your propane tanks, never worry about it tipping over in your car or truck...
  38. Ductape

    Whatzit ???

    Came across this for sale. There was only the first picture..... I figured 'universal skidsteer to three point adapter', right? Wrong. Seller sent me a pic of the other side per my request. Now it has my curiousity. I know someone here will know exactly what it is / what it fits. Perhaps a...
  39. Ductape

    Adapting A Skidsteer QA To My Kubota B3030

    I was planning on purchasing an ATI Tach-All for my tractor when I came across an ad on Craigslist for a skidsteer quick attach. Contacted the seller...... turns out he works at a Kubota dealer, and he has a Kasco Uni-hitch to fit LA401, LA402,and LA403 (like mine) loaders. He claims it was on...
  40. Ductape

    Bought A PTO Arm Remover..........

    Or, at least that what my wife would call it. ;) We've been burning wood for heat for years. I feel I spend too much time setting wood into a sawbuck and using a chainsaw to cut to length. A few winters ago I worked on a local farm and got a feel for how much faster a cordwood saw is to cut to...
  41. Ductape

    The Lamb Has Arrived !

    As they say....... March is in like a lion,out like a lamb. Last weekend...... a blizzard, this weekend 50 degrees. Thought I'd give my Kubota a bath. Shes worked hard all winter, and hasn't had a bath since December. Looks good........ doesn't she? :D
  42. Ductape

    Backhoe Woods Backhoe Buckets ??

    Does anyone know if Woods backhoe buckets are interchangeable between the 6500/7500 series, and the current BH70X / BH80X ? I'd like a narrower bucket for my 80X and found one that is off of the 7500. Thanks
  43. Ductape

    Identify This Military Ammo and Gun

    I'll start with the ammo: I inherited a bunch of these belts when my father passed away. The cans are stenciled as shown. I took a pic of one of these standing next to one of my 30 - 30 rounds for reference. It appears to be about 71mm overall, from the primer to the tip. The only marking...
  44. Ductape

    Have You Ever Weighed Your Truck?

    I have, and I was a bit surprised. I went to pick up a free load of oak firewood awhile back. It wasn't far from a truckstop, so I decided to stop in and weigh it. My truck / dump trailer wasn't long enough to axle out, but the scale did weigh the two pieces individually. Honestly, I was...
  45. Ductape

    Questions Regarding Trailer Axles

    I've got a 7000lb 6 X 10 Bri-Mar dump trailer i use mostly for my own firewood. I'm contemplating putting heavier axles under it...... i easily max it out with a load of green firewood. I've contacted Bri-Mar, and there are no structural differences between my trailer and the same trailer with a...
  46. Ductape

    Getting Rid Of My "Backhoe Loop"

    So I'm staring at my tractor's rearend the other day............ and I said to myself, "Self........ it would be so much cleaner without that loop hanging off the back of the tractor". I came up with an idea, maybe its been done before? I'm picturing a steel hydraulic manifold, bolted to the...
  47. Ductape

    Today's Tractoring Video

    Cleaned up today's snow....... as much fun as ever! I dedicate this vid to my wife ;). YouTube - Kubota Snowblower
  48. Ductape

    Anyone Need A Little Snakeoil?

    Increases mileage, AND reduces emissions............. Extreme Rewards - High Bandwidth Movie
  49. Ductape

    Loader Valve Has Developed A Bit Of A "Funk"

    Ok.... i recently removed my loader and installed my front blower for the season. My tractor is a factory cabbed Kubota B3030 with the cable operated loader joystick. I'm seeing a problem i never noticed with the loader on...... but perhaps i just never noticed? My blower has the factory...
  50. Ductape

    Challenger brand

    Yes..... the Challengers are re-badged AGCO / Massey Fergusons. I have to bet they are Iseki made machines. I'm assuming AGCO/ Caterpiller have had some sort of falling out, since my local MF dealer has a gazillion yellow (Challenger) MF tractors at blow out prices. Apparently they were...