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  1. bdog

    Battery went bad but now is good?

    I have a 2015 RTV I bought new. Two of them actually. The battery went bad a few months ago on one that we use several times a week and I replaced it. Figured it was about time being seven years old. The second UTV I don’t use as often as it is kept at a remote property one hour away. The...
  2. bdog

    Best way to cut pipe at an angle?

    I have 2-7/8” oilfield pipe set vertically in the ground for a shed. It is already concreted in the ground. I need to cut the tops off at desired height with a 2/12 (9.5 degree) angle so I can weld the I beam for the rafter resting on top of the pipes. I have one of those gadgets that slips...
  3. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    We rolled our 1120 today. Driver was not seriously hurt. He as thrown from vehicle which probably was best. The ROPS didn't fare too well. A buckled in passenger would be in bad shape.
  4. bdog

    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    Amazon prime delivering virtually anything to me in two days has spoiled me. I have ordered things less than $5 and things over 10k and bam they are on my porch in two days with no shipping charge. Covid has caused a lot of chaos in the supply chain and while things are out of peoples control in...
  5. bdog

    Got my wicked tooth bar installed

    Haven’t had chance to test it out but it looks like it will do the trick. The fit was perfect. I took the measurements per their instructions and it fit like a glove. I didn’t have to beat it in with a hammer but the width was so perfect it required a decent shove to get it between the bucket...
  6. bdog

    Row marker

    My tractor is 7’ wide. The front wheels are narrower than that maybe 6’? I have several implements that are much wider - 15’ mower, 14’ field cultivator, 12’ grain drill, etc. I know I can look out the back window or in the mirror and see where the implement is in relation to my previous pass...
  7. bdog

    PTO safety shields

    Does anyone else hate these things? Between the flip up deal on the tractor, the plastic around the shaft, and the plastic around the coupler and u joints it makes everything way more difficult than it should be. Greasing the joints is a pain, connecting and disconnecting is a pain. PTO shafts...
  8. bdog

    Need ideas for dog proof fence

    We live in the country on 27 acres. We have two dogs that have roamed around free their whole lives. One is 8 and the other 4. They are strays that showed up and decided to hang around. The kids like them. It was never really an issue but now they are building more houses around us and the dogs...
  9. bdog

    Quick attach Jib / trailer mover

    I built this today for my tractor and skid steer. It has a ball for moving trailers and a chain hook and eye for carrying suspended loads or pulling out fence posts.
  10. bdog

    Temporary irrigation

    It has been really dry lately and we never get much rain anyway. I want to get some native grass growing on an area 250’ x 250‘. The grass is suited to our arid climate once established but I think will need supplemental water to get started. I have a 70 GPM well at my disposal. I was thinking...
  11. bdog

    Single acting cylinders to double

    My new to me landpride R2512 12’ batwing shredder has three hydraulic cylinders. One raises and lowers the main deck and the other two raise and lower each wing. All three are t’d together with a single hose going to the tractor. It relies on gravity to lower things. My tractor has three...
  12. bdog

    Ballast to prevent overloading of front axle

    I have enough weight on my rear tires that tipping is not a concern. That being said looking at the physics of it weight in the rear tires does nothing to alleviate load on the front axle, and could even make it worse. A ballast box or heavy 3pt implement behind the tractor would however reduce...
  13. bdog

    RX 7320 3rd function kit

    I ordered a third function kit from the dealer. Took about four weeks for it to come in. I am about halfway through the install. The kit itself appears to be very high quality but the instructions are horrendous. Probably the worst instructions I have ever received with anything in my life...
  14. bdog

    Rethinking rotary cutter sizing

    I have always thought 5HP per foot was a good guideline for rotary cutters and then I saw these videos. They are guys running 10’ batwings with ~30 PTO HP in some fairly thick stuff. I am in the market for a batwing and have 63 PTO HP. I was originally thinking 12’ but after watching...
  15. bdog

    How would you attack a small fenced field?

    I have an area that is 240’ x 240’ square and fenced on all four sides. It adjoins a larger 15 acre field and has been getting plowed and planted every year along with the larger field. I struggle with how to best traverse this field. By that I mean with my 15 acre field it is four times as long...
  16. bdog

    RX7320 rear weights added

    I did not want to add fluid as we have a ton of mesquite at our ranch and flats are common. My tractor came with R4’s which don’t have any provisions for mounting wheel weights. I did some research and found that Kubota M5 500lb weights would fit in the wheels so I bought a couple and installed...
  17. bdog

    Quick couplers

    My new to me tractor has these couplers for the rear remotes. I believe these are the correct make couplers to use, the ones with the pointy poppet. However I have a pile of these couplers in my shop. I tested one, tractor off no hose attached, and they seem to fit fine. Are these with the...
  18. bdog

    Batwing rotary cutters

    I am considering a batwing shredder. They are obviously more complex and have more moving parts than a conventional cutter so I wonder if they are more of a hassle to use and break more often? I currently have a 10' 3 point shredder and have had virtually no issues with it. I am considering a...
  19. bdog

    Proper power reverser / shuttle usage

    I have never had a newer tractor with the power reverser or shuttle or whatever the various brands call it until now. I am talking about the lever on the steering column that lets you shift from forward to neutral to reverse at any speed without stopping or clutching. The lever is really slick...
  20. bdog

    New offset disc

    Picked up a 7’6” 3PT Tufline offset today. I was a bit worried if I had enough HP for it but it pulled fine with the fronts engaged. 2WD was a no go. The disc is the LO4092024. It has twenty 24” notched discs and weighs 2,018 lbs. I love it. Perfect match for my tractor.
  21. bdog

    RX R1 wheels

    My RX has R4s. I think I am going to need R1s which use different wheels. Is the dealer the only source for these or are the bolt patterns such that I might be able find them somewhere else?
  22. bdog

    RX hydraulic top link

    Does anyone know the retract / extended lengths needed for a RX hydraulic top link or a part number that works good for one? I am out of town working for a week or so so I can measure my OEM link but wanted to order one so I would have it when I get home.
  23. bdog

    Rear remote hydraulic coupler style

    I just got a RX7320 and need hydraulic couplers for the rear remotes. I don‘t think there are the same style as my old Deere so I will need to change over my implements. Does anyone know what style they are? I’m actually out of town working and can’t look at it but was wanting to order some so...
  24. bdog

    FEL BBQ?

  25. bdog

    Front tow hook and tie downs added to RX7320

    Today I added a front tow hook and a couple tie down points on the front of my RX7320.
  26. bdog

    Why don’t tractors have dedicated tie down points?

    I have hauled tons of tractors and always find a way to secure them but I have often wondered why they don’t have purpose built anchor points. Virtually every other piece of equipment I have hauled such as mini excavator, skid steers, backhoes, etc all have anchor points. Why not tractors?
  27. bdog

    Grain drills

    I am needing a three point grain drill. It doesn’t need to be no till. I would like a 7’ planting width. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of options on the market. I will be planting winter wheat food plots for deer and hay grazer around my house to graze cattle on. I have found the following...
  28. bdog

    RX 7320 initial review

    I just purchased a RX 7320, used with around 200 hours. This is my first Kioti and I was hesitant about the brand. I currently own 6 kubota things, came from a Deere tractor, and have several pieces of heavy equipment. I haven't put a lot of hours on the machine yet but I am very impressed with...
  29. bdog

    RX7320 fuel filters

    I just bought a used 7320. I am doing a full service on it. I stopped at the dealer (over an hour away) and picked up fuel, oil, and hyd filters. They only gave me the black fuel filter and the machine has a black and a grey one. I asked them if it had one or two and they said one. Is this other...
  30. bdog

    Modifying a quick hitch

    I have a Lee Boss category 3N quick hitch. I believe Lee makes the best strongest quick hitches out there. They are over 1k new. I didn’t pay near that for mine I got it at an auction nearly ten years ago. Anyway I changed tractors and am going to all cat 2. Looking at the specs the lower hooks...
  31. bdog

    7’ tiller advice

    Who makes the best 7” tiller? I am going to give one a shot and I foresee it getting a lot of use. Definitely not looking for the cheapest and I don’t need a Cadillac either but I want a brute of a tiller that can stand up to a lot of acres.
  32. bdog

    Hesitant about the brand

    What research I have done leads me to believe Kioti / Daedong is a quality manufacturer. That being said the general public’s perception of them is no where near what it is of Kubota or Deere. I have owned several Kubota and Deere machines and they always had strong resale value. In fact right...
  33. bdog

    5xxxE tractors

    Am I correct in that all the 5xxxE tractors are the same except with different engines/HP? In other words same frame? If so is the 5055E underpowered and the 5100E too light to make use of all that power? Wondering if there is a particular model that best makes use of the frame size? If I am...
  34. bdog

    Two tractors or one - need help deciding

    I currently have a 4440. It doesn’t have a loader and is two wheel drive. It also has long axles for duals and even with the duals removed is overwidth for hauling purposes. I have owned it 7 years and it has been a great machine at my house which is on 30 acres. I have a tracked skid steer I...
  35. bdog

    Rotary tiller questions

    My property has zero rocks. How large of a tiller can I run effectively with 63 PTO HP? How much area can you practically use these things on? I mean I guess it kind of boils down to how much time you have but with all the moving parts I would assume after so many acres there would need to be...
  36. bdog

    Thinking about buying a RX7320

    Considering purchasing a cab model with loader. Not at all familiar with this brand but have owned numerous tractors over the past twenty years. I need something big enough to get some serious work done but small enough to trailer to my property an hour away. I was looking at used Deere and...
  37. bdog

    Getting rid of mesquite

    I bought a place in west Texas and have about 80 acres that were once a cotton field, then CRP, then go and is now over grown with mostly mesquites and some juniper. The junipers are easy enough to dig out with the dozer but the mesquites are a different story. I would say 90% of them are less...
  38. bdog

    Slope for house pad

    We dozed out and roughly leveled a 200 square pad on the side of a hill that we are going to put a house/cabin on. We cut a drainage ditch along the cut into the hill so water from above will not get on the pad. I have a laser grader and can get the pad perfect. My question is what should I aim...
  39. bdog

    Amount of clearing for effective fire break

    We recently purchased a rural property that we do not live on and is about 1 hour away from us. Currently we have a shipping container out there but will also be building a cabin of some sort in the near future. This are is in West Texas and somewhat typical pasture. No huge trees very little...
  40. bdog

    Does gas really go bad?

    I have always heard and sort of believed it does. My father passed away in 2014. My mom died this year and I cleaned out and sold their house last week. I found a chainsaw in Dad痴 shop that 100% hasn稚 been touched since 2013 and likely wasn稚 used for at least a few years prior to that. Where...
  41. bdog

    Rotary lasers are awesome

    I have had a Home Depot laser for many years. I used it for a lot of building projects and it worked great for that. Last week I picked up a more professional grade laser which has dual slope capabilities. I got it for grading purposes but am finding other uses for it. We are currently...
  42. bdog

    Cheap welding rods

    I have used Lincoln 5P+ (6010) for about the past ten years. Probably burned in excess of 500lbs of them. I like them a lot or thought I did. I am building some pipe fence and ran out of rods today. On my shelf I had some firepower 6011痴. A buddy brought them over years ago and gave them to me...
  43. bdog

    Hydraulic winch question

    I have a rubber tracked crawler that I want to put a hydraulic winch on. It originally was a crawler dump with a tilting dump bed but now it has a fixed flat bed and I now have an unused hydraulic circuit with a control in the cab that used to operate the tilt bed. I checked with the...
  44. bdog

    Laser grading

    I have wanted a setup to do this for about four years and finally pulled the trigger. My system was delivered and set up early last week. I am still getting the hang of it all and practicing on my own place. I got a skid steer mounted 7 blade with a dual slope laser. Really pleased with it so...
  45. bdog

    The next few days are not going to be fun

  46. bdog

    Anyone level their lawn with sand?

    We laid sod back in April. The ground was leveled well before we laid it and we rolled the sod twice. It wasn稚 really bad but mowing at 3/4 with a reel mower you could sure see the high and low spots. Decided to level it with sand. Entire project took about six hours and 5 yards of sand with...
  47. bdog

    Has anyone put wider tires on a BX?

    I have a BX23S. I want wider tires to reduce sinking in and ground compaction. Thinking it would require wider wheels and spacers. I am not really finding much in the way of options to do this. I currently have 26x12-12 rears and 18x8.5x10 fronts. I would like to keep the same diameter but add...
  48. bdog

    Small tractor advice

    I have no experience with the subcompacts. I have a full size farm tractor and a skid steer that I do virtually everything on my acreage with. I am doing a lot of stuff around my house in areas with a nice lawn. I have 6 gates so I can fit a lot back there but am worried about tearing up the...
  49. bdog

    Is there any harm in greatly increasing HP driving a hydraulic pump?

    I have a hydraulic pump driven by a 100hp Diesel engine. For various reasons we are looking at replacing the engine with one that is 230 hp. If the RPMs are the same, which they will be, the hydraulic flow should be the same. Is there any potential harm I am overlooking In doing this?
  50. bdog

    Need some advice on what to do with parents belongings

    My dad passed away six years ago and I lost my mom a little over a week ago. I am an only child. They have a ~2500 Sq foot house with a lifetime of stuff in it and dad had a 30x40 shop full of tools and other things including an old truck he was restoring. Where they lived is a small rural...