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  1. wmonroe

    Anyone plant with a HST?

    My L5240 plants about an acre of sweet corn with a two row planter. Like was already mentioned, it doesn’t even know the planter is there. The HST is very convenient for planting.
  2. wmonroe

    Kids discuss their favorite tractor

    The Ford belonged to my wife’s grandfather and we bought it when he was downsizing. My son has enjoyed riding on it since he was a baby. I’ll be passing it down to him some day. Both kids really enjoy tractors which makes me very happy.
  3. wmonroe

    New shop started

    Beautiful anvil, where did you get it?
  4. wmonroe

    Kids discuss their favorite tractor

    My kids wanted to discuss which tractor is their favorite. They came up with everything on their own except the model year of my old ford. Makes me happy they enjoy the tractors so much.
  5. wmonroe

    Seasonal maintenance

    All engine equipment (except for 2 stroke engines) is maintained per a hour or mileage schedule that is all tracked in individual spreadsheets for each piece of equipment. Maintenance on those pieces of equipment is performed at the interval regardless of the time of year. The rest, hay...
  6. wmonroe

    Tractor Sizing Nothing-Electronic... 4x4... cabin.. 6-cyl?

    Post a link to the new thread if you start one.
  7. wmonroe

    Edited Title - Kubota L4060, LS XR4141, or ?

    The Kubota hst+ is very useful and now that I have it I wouldn’t want to be without. If I was coming to hst without hst+ experience it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. The hi/low in each range is what gets used the most for me. Doesn’t really matter what the task is, just choose which range you can...
  8. wmonroe

    2016 Ram 3500 opinions.

    Easiest way to tell if it has the aisin tranny is the dipstick location. Aisin tranny will have the dipstick on the drivers side. 68rfe will be on the passenger side.
  9. wmonroe

    HST Plus DS Hi/Lo hiccup

    I agree the retarded valve timing causes some smoke and also greatly contributes to the smokey cold starts. The same engine prior to interim tier 4 had the timing advanced quite a bit more. It’s on my to do list to adjust but haven’t found the time yet.
  10. wmonroe

    HST Plus DS Hi/Lo hiccup

    Got it, thanks
  11. wmonroe

    HST Plus DS Hi/Lo hiccup

    What do you mean “switch the egr valve back on”? I would bet the glitch was like you stated a stack up of things that all happened at once. The corroded battery cables probably didn’t help either.
  12. wmonroe

    M9540 Bogging Down

    That is interesting debris to have in the fuel tank. Small sticks or pine needles? Maybe the previous owner did not take care to keep foreign material out when fueling.
  13. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    Took the range finder and one of my kids out to measure the field and it comes out to 1 3/8 acres. It’s an odd shape so that is not a perfect measurement but it’s very close or slightly over. I need to weigh some of the bales but if they’re 40 lbs each it is a net of 2,792 pounds per acre. I...
  14. wmonroe

    Made some feed hay using Krone baler-short square bales.

    That’s a very useful feature, you can customize bale size/weight depending on customer or need.
  15. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    I’ll have to look at the manual for the pickup again. I set the height to where the tines were just above the concrete floor in my barn. It seemed to pick up the hay just fine but any that gets missed is waste. Thanks for the comment and I’ll check into it and adjust.
  16. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    I’ve had some issues with the JD 37 also but it seems to be running reliable right now. Just cut another few acres yesterday and it worked perfectly. Good luck to you!
  17. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    I spent some time this past winter going through the equipment to make sure it was adjusted per the manuals. The sickle has actually been working very well and the baler worked well the first round. The conditioner I’m still figuring out….the height adjustment is very particular as far as being...
  18. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    The kids are excited about it so far. I haven’t heard about horses being pre-diabetic but I don’t keep up with the horse world anymore. My neighbors have some horses, I’ll ask them if they’ve heard of that. Might be able to get into a specific horse hay niche that isn’t common here yet.
  19. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    Looks like a useful site, I’ll have to spend some time looking around.
  20. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    I haven’t priced it here but I expect that it is very similar. Filled my diesel tank a few weeks ago for $5.099 per gallon, that definitely was not fun.
  21. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    I’m going to use a range finder to get a little better idea of the size and I’ll report back.
  22. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    It will definitely require fertilizer after 2nd cut. I’m already braced for the high prices, it’s just part of it right now.
  23. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    Cut and baled first cutting a couple weeks ago. Just a small field, probably an acre or maybe a acre and a half. Starting back with hay so that my kids can help and learn hard work, working on equipment, how things don’t always go to plan, etc. The kids are still young so I’m going to ramp up...
  24. wmonroe

    The last Barn. (maybe)

    What did you go with for the bench top?
  25. wmonroe

    Selected First Kubota, a L4330

    Congratulations. Looks to be in great shape and with less than 900 hours it has tons of life left in it.
  26. wmonroe

    Ordered a 2022 Ram 2500

    Complete Turf Care - nice looking truck. Congratulations, hope you enjoy it.
  27. wmonroe

    Comparison So I kinda did a thing today...

    Congrats, the 2380 is a little beast for the size tractor.
  28. wmonroe

    New Garage Pole Barn 40 x 64 x 12

    Thanks, it looks good.
  29. wmonroe

    New Garage Pole Barn 40 x 64 x 12

    Impressive building! What is the white material you are putting on the ceiling?
  30. wmonroe

    Starting our new life

    Beautiful place, and one heck of a barn!
  31. wmonroe

    M59 & 2007-2014 Muffler Maintenance

    My owner’s manual doesn’t mention this but to it I’m going to see if there is anything on the muffler that needs cleaned.
  32. wmonroe

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Loaded both my and my dads Jeep’s on the trailer. Had to take the ramps off and strap them down due to the overhang off the rear. It tows extremely well with this setup, a little smoother than just one of the Jeep’s on the trailer.
  33. wmonroe

    M7040 Cab full LED conversion

    Thanks, I’ll take a look.
  34. wmonroe

    Building a dirt Shop Pad

    Nice project. You can definitely hear your tractor working in that video.
  35. wmonroe

    M7040 Cab full LED conversion

    The lights look very bright. Might have to see what model of that headlight would work in my L, could always use more light.
  36. wmonroe

    Grand L swinging drawbar

    Yes, Kubota does make a longer 4” drop drawbar that also meets the 14” pto to pin hole measurement. Buying one of those is my backup plan as I like the ground clearance the straight drawbar provides. A 4” drop will catch more hay from the windrow.
  37. wmonroe

    Grand L swinging drawbar

    Does anyone have the swinging drawbar option in their grand L tractor? Mine has the fixed drawbar and when fully extended is 12” from the pto to center of the hitch pin. The industry standard and measurement needed for many implements is 14”. Just curious if anyone that has a swinging drawbar...
  38. wmonroe

    Cultvator sweep to hill potatoes, etc. Also potato digger middle buster.

    I know this is old but do you still have the cultivator sweeps?
  39. wmonroe

    ford 4000 transmission input shaft

    I have not split one of these tractors so I can’t say for sure but a loose input shaft does not sound right. I have replaced clutches in numerous different vehicles and there has never been a “sloppy” input shaft.
  40. wmonroe

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    Cool wrench, I’ve never seen one before.
  41. wmonroe


  42. wmonroe

    Ford 850 diesel engine swap?

    From what I remember when researching a replacement engine for my 961, the 4 cylinder engines from the 800 and 900 cannot be replaced by the newer 3 cylinder 3000 and 4000 engines.
  43. wmonroe

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Thanks. Delmonico red was actually my second choice.
  44. wmonroe

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    I folded it down because the last 4-5 miles of my drive are on a dirt road through the state forest and I wanted to minimize the branches it caught. I did get your original post and got a chuckle out of it.
  45. wmonroe

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Loaded the 5240 up to do a little work at my camp.
  46. wmonroe

    5200 vs 5640 fuel used

    I don’t know of anything on the internet but I use a simple spreadsheet that tracks hours, gallons, price, etc and added formulas to calculate the gallons per hour and cost per hour. I keep track of every tank and it is interesting to see how it varies with different work activities.
  47. wmonroe

    5200 vs 5640 fuel used

    How much fuel does each actually use? My 5240 HST uses about a gallon an hour doing loader work but anywhere from 2-4 gallons an hour running the brush hog depending on terrain and what I’m cutting.
  48. wmonroe

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Very nice!