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  1. xcgreene

    spun bearing in front axle

    Here's a thread from 2017 of a similar tractor and story. May be useful for some folks to have this in one place. Not common, but common enough. If it ever happens to one of mine, (just over 800hrs now)...
  2. xcgreene

    How hot is too hot?

    Both DKSE tractors I've operated never really go above the second dot unless something is wrong. That DK40se should have removable screens in front of the radiator to keep most of the mess out of the radiator fins. The radiator itself may look good, but if the screens are clogged, the air flow...
  3. xcgreene

    Dk40hst se joystick broken

    I've had mine out. Had a pinched cable that was stiff, to replace. DK45se, Wound up drilling two holes underneath the fender, aligned with the bolts. Aggressive? maybe, but it was sure easy after that.
  4. xcgreene


    Welcome to the forum mwhitehill. Front pivots are often set up as per the drawing below. The grease fills up the small space between the axle pivot pin and the housing in which the pin pivots inside of. There is also a seal that keeps the grease in and dust out of the pivot. That seal is...
  5. xcgreene

    Water pump bearings failing after 700 hours, DK45se

    I'm feeling some play on the water pump when checking my belt during an oil change. Mechanical seal not leaking yet. Anyone else have a premature water pump failure?
  6. xcgreene

    Winches Igland 3501 or 4501, which winch to get?

    I've used my 4501 pretty extensively over the last 2-3 years since this post. I would definitely buy it again. It's a very straightforward winch. Rugged and easy to operate. I remember having concerns about sizing of the 4501 on the dk45se. Its a great fit. I have never wished it were smaller...
  7. xcgreene

    Oil & Fuel What is this valve for?

    The below picture and description from the LK30 manual may assist you, if this is the tractor in question. these fuel valves are often very similar across models as well.
  8. xcgreene

    CK2610 front axle fluid change

    Information from a kioti manual in regards to gearing and the front axle.
  9. xcgreene

    HST pedal creeping - how does this system work?!

    Could be your neutral valves hanging up. Take each of them out to clean/inspect. Have a look at this clip which explains their operation. For location of these two valves, see Item 36 of this diagram.
  10. xcgreene

    CK20 front axle pivot greesing problems

    You can see here in this diagram of the front axle, that once the front axle fwd and aft pivot point bearing housings are full, there is no where for the grease to go. For the front pivot, slowly over time, the grease will leak passed the seal, to the exterior of the housing. If you wish to...
  11. xcgreene

    CK2610 Hydro fluid change Hours??

    Here's a scan of the maintenance schedule chart from the CK2610 owners manual:
  12. xcgreene

    HST pedal creeping - how does this system work?!

    While most all axial piston pumps are similar, the actuation of the swashplate varies a lot, especially when it comes to tractors, some are direct linkages others use pilot systems, and again still there is electronic actuation. From what I am seeing here, it looks like your CK30 has a few...
  13. xcgreene

    Bobcat CT335 complaint. Suggestions

    Heres a quick comparison of the CT335 and DK35se, they are pretty close Bobcat CT335 Kioti DK35se Bobcat CT335 Kioti DK35se Heres a grill break down of a kioti from Nolts if it helps. OEM Parts Nolt's Power Equipment LLC & Perry Power Equipment and the upper part OEM Parts Nolt's...
  14. xcgreene

    New Rotary Cutter, Stump Jumper, Blade Pan out of alignment, Thoughts?

    Conclusion: I've arrived home, checked the jumper myself. less than 1/16th out from pin hole to pin hole. The mit indicated 0.040, MUCH better. Mounted up to the cutter and she's as smooth as a new cutter should be. So I can confidently say that a stump jumper like this will certainly cause...
  15. xcgreene

    Tractor Toolbox EDC

    Toolbox dump. Mine: *Specific 2 wrenches for cutter slip clutch and blower shear pins. *utility knife *Extra pins *Zip ties *Electrical tape *Wire jumper *Needle nose Pliers *Lutz 6 in 1 screwdriver *No name Adj wrench with Hammer top *8"Bahco wide jaw Adj Wrench *10" Knipex Pliers wrench...
  16. xcgreene

    3-Point Hitch 3 point does not lower....

    I had numerous issues on both my Dkse tractors upon delivery as well. Most all problems were dealer assembly issues. Between the two tractors, *Crushed hyd steering hoses when loader was installed *Steering knuckle bolts were loose *loose loader bolts *lockwashers on wrong end of fastener...
  17. xcgreene

    New Rotary Cutter, Stump Jumper, Blade Pan out of alignment, Thoughts?

    Replacement stump jumper arrived a few days ago. During my absence, my lovely assistant has taken measurement of this one. It appears much better. When I get back, I'll go over it, and mount it up. I think its safe to assume all unusual vibrations will be sorted at this point. In the mean...
  18. xcgreene

    NX crankcase pressure

    Yes they can. Have a look at this screenshot here, a different view than before. Just take the 4 screws out and have a look at the baffle plate, #5. It could be gummed up stuck against the seal. A quick thing to rule out while troubleshooting, and with some luck, it could solve your problem.
  19. xcgreene

    NX crankcase pressure

    Here's a snip from the Kioti manual for the DKse tractors. Really isn't much going on there, but #11, the oil baffle plate, would be easy to have a look at. If OP can rule that out, its one more thing off the troubleshoot check list.
  20. xcgreene

    New Rotary Cutter, Stump Jumper, Blade Pan out of alignment, Thoughts?

    Ill be removing the stump jumper again here in a few days, but from my photo stock pile, you can see here, that the blade bar is a riser type. The spindle collar appears to be mounted flat to the bar, and the bars both ends appear to be welded flat to the pan, but I think the riser bends in the...
  21. xcgreene

    New Rotary Cutter, Stump Jumper, Blade Pan out of alignment, Thoughts?

    I wanted to see what folks thought about this new stump jumper. Seems too far out of wack to me. As the photos show, run out difference is about 1/4". When mounted to the mower, one blade hangs exactly at the bottom of the cutter walls, and the other is about 1.5" higher. I have a video of...
  22. xcgreene

    Loader KL130 Bucket Cylinder Removal

    Best bet is often leaving the barrel side mounted to the loader, getting the proper spanner or rod in the hole, and hammering on the spanner or rod to spin the gland free. This way, the tractor is holding the barrel for you. If the cylinder is already removed from the tractor, be careful with...
  23. xcgreene

    Power Steering control unit -DK 35

    Dadannyboy, I can offer up this page. This is the same system the newer dk35, 40, 45, 50se tractors use. I would imagine its very similar to what you have in the older dk tracor. This should definitely get you in the ballpark on flow rates and pressures.
  24. xcgreene

    CK10 rear remote hydraulic couplers, what type are they?

    Most common quick coupler sizes you'll find around the farm are here
  25. xcgreene

    TSC Traveller Hyd Fluid

    This is a pretty accurate assessment here. Why pay so much more for something you don't need? Simply because the company who benefits most from the sale says its best for you? I'm certainly not saying go buy a pail of Super S, THF 303, or starfire tractor hydraulic transmission fluid, but I...
  26. xcgreene

    TSC Traveller Hyd Fluid

    Ive used traveller universal prem for a while now. Here is the last oil sample analysis on it. Because it is a cheaper oil, I think it is important to watch it. So far, I am getting good results. Here is the longer thread discussion from the past on this...
  27. xcgreene

    NX6010 suction side hydro leak

    Justman777 is exactly correct here and may be pointing to the problem. Hydraulic fluid return should not be terminating above fluid level in a reservoir. So this spraying noise in the reservoir that has been noted is suspicious, and could be a tel tail. have a read of chapter 6 here CHAPTER...
  28. xcgreene

    TN75DA AC blower motor resistor? Only one blower speed working.

    Hello all, Could anyone guide me to the location of the AC blower motor resistor in a TN75DA? Only one speed works, and I'm suspicious of the blower motor resistor. The 3 speed switch in the cab ceiling is good. AC works fine, blows cold. I just only have one speed.
  29. xcgreene

    CK25 engine problem

    Have a look here, this is your gear ID on the front of the engine. It may be possible to ID which gear it came from by gauging the tooth length, if you have a tooth piece that is complete, and compare that length to the thickness of each gear (should the dealer have the spare parts to measure...
  30. xcgreene


    Myself, I'd be worried about forgetting, in the moment, those toolboxes are not fixed and lift something to the maximum height, and they both fall off. Or letting someone else use the tractor, and them not realizing, and doing the same. Would they fall off, or slide down at full lift? Still...
  31. xcgreene

    50 Hr Service

    See this attachment for a kioti product support bulletin from 2014, Most everyone's oil requirements from Kioti are on here. note the bottom where it says SAE 80W-90 gear oil or transmission fluid.
  32. xcgreene

    Lower radiator hose size

    While I'm unsure of your CK3510hse, maybe this information can correlate is some helpful way. My DK45se hst lower radiator hose is 34mm ID, and 44mm OD Kats 1.5" heater (16600) is 34mm ID and 38mm OD with a 40mm bump out lip and the edge. This worked out to be a great fit. Stuffing the 40mm...
  33. xcgreene

    NX6010 suction side hydro leak

    Yes, its called a Tandem pump, as you can see in your drawing, pump #1 services your loader valve, then your 3pt hitch, pump #2 services your modulator valve for the pto, 4wd clutch, power steering, and then onto your Hst. If this is your tractors drawing, I can see that the particular...
  34. xcgreene

    NX6010 suction side hydro leak

    I suppose the most interesting thing to me is that both of the hydraulic pumps have failed. I suppose that points to particular causes of the failure. Other than the hydraulic pumps being bad, the only other possibility on my mind would be return fluid from the joystick valve or power steering...
  35. xcgreene

    Ghosts in the Machine- Headlights came on with out any switches being touched

    WGbowes, what Eric is saying here is the spot on. Not a complicated or expensive problem to fix at all. here's your wire diagram to go along with Eric's diagnosis. Welcome to the forum!
  36. xcgreene

    Rear Dif Lock Activation

    Parts for the diff lock system at MIE Parts Finder Michigan Iron & Equipment Morrice, MI (855) 265-459 You may be able to look through other transmission parts diagrams there in the website to flesh out what may be going on, and the scope of repair if needed. Here is a description from the...
  37. xcgreene

    Oil & Fuel Oil Analysis of Traveller Premium Universal Hyd/Trans fluid

    At my dk45se 50 hr service, I used Traveller Premium Universal Tractor Trans/Hydraulic Fluid. Lots of opinions on oils out there, so I thought I could add to the conversation my oil sample analysis from my 400hr service. Oil filters used during this time: * Kioti T5710-38031 hydraulic oil...
  38. xcgreene

    DK45se hydraulic filter magnet installed

    I'll start by saying this surely isn't necessary, but I enjoy the tinkering. I stumbled over this hydraulic filter magnet while looking through a manual for the DKse tractor's twin from Australia, the EX. In the exploded parts view of the filter housing there was part #T4260-38841 "magnet...
  39. xcgreene

    Kioti HST filter vs Donaldson HST filter, Opened both.

    So, the Kioti T4125-38021 HST filter, the higher pressure, thick shell, $100 one from the dealer was the only option. No cross references. But, in the past couple years a few options started popping up. A while back I noted in the cross reference thread of installing a $40 Donaldson 573481...
  40. xcgreene

    Napa, Wix filters vs OEM, Messicks Video

    I really like the Messick videos, but after seeing this one about napa/wix oil filter Napa Filters VS Kubota Filters - Do you need OEM filters? - YouTube I wanted to set the record straight a bit. They have a pretty unusual napa gold/wix filter there with a small filter cartridge inside. This...
  41. xcgreene

    CK2610 HST TLB Hydraulic Question

    Have a look at this document. specifically the "front axle oil" column, near the bottom. Then have a look over at the "potential transmission oil supplier and name" block. If there is question of whether its good enough for the small front axle, ask yourself, what lubricates the rear axle?
  42. xcgreene

    How to Grease?

    The zerk thread size is 1/8 28 BSPT I had spent a lot of time figuring it out in the past, and where to find them, as the dealer didnt always have them. and when they did, only had a few laying around. Frustrating. You can find them online here: 1/8-28 BSP Straight British Grease Zerk Nipple...
  43. xcgreene

    DK45SE hst Runs but non-responsive to pedal input

    Other than the parts manual as you stated, I have this. The spool, Item 54 here, is what moves back and fourth inside the power piston assembly to actuate the axial piston pump swash plate. If the HST must come out to access this valve, the tractor must be split and hst removed. But before...
  44. xcgreene

    DK45SE hst Runs but non-responsive to pedal input

    To help determin your linkage adjustment was correct, have a look at this picture. Its from a Kioti EX machine, an Australian version of the DKse series. I have found it to be very accurate on mine. So I have no reason to believe these measurements would be different than yours, but use some...
  45. xcgreene

    DK45SE hst Runs but non-responsive to pedal input

    Bad luck. I wonder if the linkage was out of adjustment causing something to bind? It appears as though you only need Item 81 in this here drawing. Also see item #81 part# here. Parts Finder Michigan Iron & Equipment Morrice, MI (855) 265-459 You may need to strip some framework off to get...
  46. xcgreene

    DK45 HST steering pump rebuild/replace option?

    Best I can find is this. But has no part numbers. Kiotis own workshop manual says to replace the steering unit if there is internal leakage. Having said that, 20 minutes does not seem long enough to heatsoak the system to the point of steering unit failure, especially with an HST tractor...
  47. xcgreene

    3ph lift and draft control

    Something fairly easy to check. Have a look at this page from the manual for setting the position lever range.
  48. xcgreene

    Kioti NX6010 - Filters for 200hr service - All PNs used

    I think the donaldson hst filter is a P573481, you're just missing the 1 at the end there. My Workshop manual for the EX45C (almost exact to the DKse series) says more clearly than our US owners manuals to change the hydro and HST filters at 200hrs. The NX may require different, but I...
  49. xcgreene

    Lower radiator hose heater analysis, DK45se

    I've installed a lower radiator hose heater in one of my DK45se tractors. Radiator hose size: 44mm OD, 34mm ID Kats 16600, a 600Watt 1.5" in line heater, Slighly larger than what is needed, but its the best fit, and fits fine. ($37) Plugged in over night, from about 8pm to 8am. Ambient temp...
  50. xcgreene

    FEL bucket not staying up

    He's talking about folding the seal up like this: either with a tool or your hands, to help install the seal. They can be quite difficult to install if you have not done one before and have not been shown. He also mentions to warm the seals up in hot water to make them more pliable, which...