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    Farmer who flipped trespasser's car found not guilty Bruce
  2. bcp

    1935 4x4 dually Ford Bruce
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    V12 diesel crop duster

    Strange sounding engine for someone who worked with radial engined crop dusters. Bruce
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    Pull out the choke, turn on the ignition, step on the starter

    When is the last time you did that in a car or truck? i remember doing it as a normal part of driving, but can't remember what car it was. Bruce
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    Field testing a recovery loop until something fails.

    Field testing a recovery loop here. Steady pull, not dynamic recovery. Several receiver failures. Bruce
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    Beaver dam? Tannerite? Hold my beer!

    Full story about halfway down this page. Several 911 calls came into the Montmorency County dispatch stating there were multiple gun shots and then a very loud explosion that had shook multiple...
  7. bcp

    Brazilian bridge design. ...we can do anything with nothing.

    Gallery of photos: Bruce
  8. bcp

    Externally installed replacement tire valve stem

    Several videos: Bruce
  9. bcp

    PNW commercial logging and sawmilling in the 1920's

  10. bcp

    Desert buggies.

    Used to be common in the 50's. Cut roof off, shorten car, cut fenders, put on wide tires, then run around on the desert. This was well before VW based buggies. Didn't find good photos. Thee are more stripped of body parts than most I saw CONTENTdm Bruce
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    Test for the plane spotters on the forum.

    Play it first with the sound off to see what you can identify. My score was only two. UK members should do much better. Bruce
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    Dog dance

  13. bcp

    The Fastest Tractor on Ice

  14. bcp

    Gov't mandates gas can flame arrestors.

    From: CPSC Requires Lifesaving Flame Mitigation Devices on Gas Cans and Other Portable Fuel Containers "Many burn incidents involve liquid fuel used on a backyard fire pit, a campfire, a bonfire or burning trash." Bruce
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    Seafoam testing

    Seafoam seems to come up about once every month or so. Here is the first of a series of videos testing it. Bruce
  16. bcp

    What's left is right And some people's directions need to be "turn left" while others like "turn north." Bruce
  17. bcp

    Don't sink your tractor!

    I wonder what the recovery bill came too. Bruce
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    Friday, the 13th

    Anyone here bothered by the date? From: According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, an estimated 17–21 million people in the United States are affected by a fear of this day, making it the most...
  19. bcp

    Tricycle-tracked lightweight grader-groomer

  20. bcp

    Cast Iron Crack repair

    More at: Bruce
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    Dogs survive plane crash Bruce
  22. bcp

    Air show collision: B17 and P63 Bruce
  23. bcp

    Ukraine using armed dune buggies?

    At about 1:05 and 4:45 in this BBC report. Bruce
  24. bcp

    Not just falling trees as a hiking hazard Bruce
  25. bcp

    Check your trees for hazards Bruce
  26. bcp

    Bear attack in WA Bruce
  27. bcp

    Putin gets a tractor for his birthday

    If this a hint that he should retire to a farm? :) Bruce
  28. bcp

    Haulin' hay

    We look at this and think how much better methods there are now. The driver in the photo is thinking of how much better this is than earlier methods. Bruce
  29. bcp

    ID this ground scrape

    About 4 feet square. Scraped smoothly to bare ground. Litter mostly in a row at the lower side. About 30 feet above my driveway. We have most of the SW WA animals on trail camera, except elk and sasquatch. There is a typical deer bed about 20 feet away. Have the deer been learning from the...
  30. bcp

    Coastal Logging in the early 20th Century

  31. bcp

    Sky hotel

  32. bcp

    Bigfoot skull? Bruce
  33. bcp

    Too thin to plow

    Interesting recovery using a (forgot the name) trailer. Bruce
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    Good hider, or poor searchers?

    An elusive fox that tore up the inside of a launderette has been released back into the wild. ... It ripped up the decor inside, but attempts to find it over five days proved futile. Bruce
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    Help Solve an Amarillo Mystery Bruce
  36. bcp

    "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival"

  37. bcp

    9-year-old girl attacked by a cougar in WA Bruce
  38. bcp

    Another old grain silo gone.

  39. bcp

    Things you find in the air.

    Heard a radial engine pass over. FR24 showed an airliner icon, so I ignored it. Figured it was another non-transponder plane I heard. Clicked on the airliner icon and it said 90 knots. I investigated. It was a Murphy Moose. 😊 Bruce
  40. bcp

    Grapple for police cars

  41. bcp

    When gas prices get too high...

  42. bcp

    Tornado vs red truck

  43. bcp

    Army tanks on the farm

    The videos of Ukrainian farmers hauling away Russian military vehicles reminded me of halftracks on US farms after WWII. Here's an article from Australia. and France...
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    Things we don't see here

    Little off-road dump trucks. More than a UTV with a dump bed. Bruce
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    Just for fun

  46. bcp

    Tractor train in the Yukon snow

  47. bcp

    Seeing the sights of Seattle, 1909

    Hang on! Bruce
  48. bcp

    Home Depot veteran discount expanded.

    Now includes all veterans every day. BUT, it excludes most of what I buy there: --------------------------- What items are excluded from The Home Depot Military Discount? The Home Depot Military Discount...
  49. bcp

    Got wind turbine blades? Build bridges. Bruce
  50. bcp

    Off-road tires for your car

    Article and video: Bruce