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  1. mred2

    XR4150 CODES S173 F03 AND S173 F13

    I am getting these two codes. I think temp sensors, but which one. I think it has 3. Runs fine, but will not regen. I hate to haul it 60 miles to dealer.
  2. mred2

    Loading hay = round bales

    I am thinking about buying a new trailer. I use a 16 BP now. It has rails on the sides. I get 4 rolls at a time. I hope to get a newer 3/4 ton PU this fall. I am thinking about a 20 or 24 foot equipment trailer. I would love to have a deck over but the prices are high. If I get a 24 ft BB...
  3. mred2

    JD 1025r canopy

    I have a friend that purchased a new 1025r with belly mower, loader and canopy. In stock, took 3 weeks to deliver it. When they got, it has 32,6 hours on it. Not happy! And the canopy is so tall it will not go into their shed. Can anyone tell me how tall the tractor is with canopy? She...
  4. mred2

    How many brands does your dealer sale?

    I know that Deere dealers only sale Deere. When I purchased my LS 3 years ago, they only sold LS. It was a small dealer. They have grown. They now sale 5 brands of tractors, moved into bigger shop and sales. They also sale mini exs, trailers, mowers, attachments, etc. They still support LS...
  5. mred2


    Anyone have good ideas on what to do about fire ants. I think I have a mound every 6 feet in my pasture. You hay guys in the south have to have something.
  6. mred2

    XR4150 joy stick cable?

    I have an XR4150, joy stick lift is fine, but the curl is very hard to move. It no long returns back to neutral. I looked at the joy stick yesterday and found every thing clean. I looked under the tractor and everything looked fine. I did not have to time to remove the cable from the...
  7. mred2

    John Deere relife program

    There is a program in Deere construction equipment. It is powertrain relife. They replace the Transmission, engine, axles and other parts on the equipment and give it a 3 year warranty. With construction being used as hard as it is and the cost of new equipment, it looks to be a good...
  8. mred2

    Mahindra side by side

    Not tractor, but it is a Mahindra. Dealer told me Saturday that he no longer will carry any side by sides. I was told that Mahindra did not renew their contract for side by sides. He said that Mahindra will not long manufacture or sale any side by sides. I can not find anything in the news...
  9. mred2

    Hoping friend will get a big enough tractor

    I have a LS XR4150 and love it. My friend has had a sub compact tractor in the past. He is thinking about buying 12 to 25 acres and building a new house. He has looked at my tractor and likes it. Has looked at my dealer. He is looking at the MT240HE. He feels that it is all that he will...
  10. mred2

    Mahindra warranty on transmission shift

    My son's Emax26 he purchased new. It is about 5 months before the warranty runs out. He was having an issue with the shuttle shift. Getting harder and harder to shift. He checked all of the external linkage. Called the dealer, they said that it must be brought into the shop. He took it in...
  11. mred2

    Not Market share - Member viewing

    I did look to see if I could find any solid information on market share. Could not. So I thought that I would show a little member share on tractorbynet. I only picked some of the tractors. I added LS because I own an LS. Tractor Posts Percent...
  12. mred2

    Horse people- manure spreader

    I just purchased a used millcreek manure spreader, model 50. I understand that it has not been made for about 20 years. I can get parts from Millcreek, but I think they may be a little high. I am needing a PTO Shaft. It has a 1 in yoke and is about 60 in long. About $266 from millcreek plus...
  13. mred2


    Problem yesterday on my XR4150, still less than 200 hours. While I was subsoiling part of the pasture, it would not say in 4wd. It did a good job of pulling it as long as it was in 4wd. But about every 5 to 7 minutes, it would go out of 4wd and the one wheel would spin. Stop and push the...
  14. mred2


    I just ordered a new mower from Betst, a AGL165. It is the same model number sold by Titan and a few others. Import from China, I know. But the videos look good on it. The price was $3295, but on sale less than $2000. I ordered it with hammer blades and ordered a full set of knife blades...
  15. mred2

    Air Compressor on Tractor?

    I was interested to know if anyone had mounted a small air compressor and tank on a tractor. It would be nice to blow out the radiator or the air cleaner in the middle of mowing the pasture. I would think the biggest question would be where to mount a tank. Maybe in front of the grill. It...
  16. mred2

    New 4150 is here!

    The new 4150 was delivered on Friday. With backhoe, grapple, 3rd function, and hay spear. Here is the reason to let them deliver it. Drive left the store and had 2 flats less than 3 miles from their store. The tractor is great. I put the grapple on the cleaned up two trees that were cut...
  17. mred2

    Comparison Look at new tractor. Between LS and Branson and maybe Mahindra

    Also posted something on the Branson site. I am looking at a new tractor. I think in the 40 to 50 hp range. I currently have an Iseki TL3200 and while it has been a good little tractor for the price that I paid almost 20 years ago, parts are getting very hard to find. I want a new tractor...
  18. mred2

    Buying Advice Look at new tractor. Between LS and Branson

    I am in west Alabama. Looking at new tractor in the 40 to 50 hp range. I am impressed with LS and Branson. Both dealers are over 100 miles away. My biggest concern is parts and dealer support 5 and 10 years from now. I currently own an Iseki TL3200 , gray market tractor, no FEL. It has...