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    Kubota B2320 length with loader

    My B2320 with la304 loader is in another town. I want to store it in a smaller enclosed cargo trailer for winter. The trailer is 12' according to its model but I measure the inside of trailer at just under 13'. Will it fit? Can someone measure their setup? Specs say tractor is 93.9" without 3...
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    Unhooking pto with engine off?

    Earlier thread discussed hooking up pto shaft with engine off vs running. How many unhook pto with engine off? I do not shut off the engine. The potential risk (although nearly nonexistent) is the same with the engine running.
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    Price check on 4630

    2005 L4630 with 650 hrs, gst, front weights, TNT cylinders and r4 tires. Also has another spare set of hydraulics in the back. No fel. Tractor has sat outside and is sun faded but otherwise runs good. I looked at it 1 year ago and he wanted $12500. It has been intermittantly on CL for at least 1...
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    Ultimate Kubota tractor?

    Here is a chance for someone to get a tractor that can go through the tough stuff. Any takers? It would be interesting to give it a try. 2010 - Kubota M126X MFWD Tracks Tractor - Loader - 125 HP - 64 Hrs.
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    Cell phone booster

    I recently purchased a vacation/rental home in the Rocky Mountains. I have Verizon cell phone currently and the coverage is better at my primary residence than the other major competitor, ATT. However, in the mountains my Verizon service will not work in the house but works 100 feet away. ATT...
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    Info on Wind Turbine Leases

    Have been contacted by company wanting to erect about 80, 2 megawatt turbines in our area. Towers would run in 2 lines about 3 miles apart, with about 40 towers each. Many irrigation pivots and the towers would be placed at the corners of the pivots to miss the circling pivots, roughly every 1/4...
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    4 in 1 bucket

    Found a 4 in 1 bucket. Modified it to fit to fit a skid steer carrier attachment. Is it too big for my Toolcat?;) I believe it weighs nearly...
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    How good is shifting GST under load?

    I had a kubota 3710 GST several years ago. Have gone to HST since then. Considering a Kubota 4630 GST -if I can get the price I want:thumbsup:. My 3710 did not shift well under load to a different gear. It would nearly stop, then shift and jerk forward. The old GST was 8 gears and the newer...
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    Price for Kubota L4630

    Looking at a used 2005 L4630 with HST and 600 hours. Very good overall condition. Has TNT, R4 tires, and front weights but no loader. Asking $14,500. Seems reasonable but I will buy if only a very good deal. If get it for $12,500 I might bite. This tractor is suppose to have the LA853 loader...
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    Buying in another state

    I am in the process of buying a compact loader in another state 1000 miles away from a Case construction dealer. Dealer has several stores in the Maryland area. Have talked to owner and salesman. I want to get a purchase agreement before I wire them the $$. Getting them to answer e-mails or...
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    Shipping companies?

    Investigating the cost of shipping a compact wheel loader. 13,000 lbs, 19' long by 81" wide. 1,250 miles. Have listed with Uship and on Yesterdays Tractors. Any other suggestions or ideas? Getting bids of around $2100. Fair price? I have never purchased anything like this without seeing it. Has...
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    Compact wheel loader vs Skid steer

    I currently have a 2006 Bobcat S300 with a/c, 2 speed, hydraulic bobtach and few other options. Very good condition, runs great, 3000 lb lift, 80 hp, 8500 lbs. I am considering buying a used compact wheel loader (CWL) instead of the SS. Have been looking at Case, CAT and NH. No JCB dealers in...
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    JD 3 pt lift arms.

    Does anyone have this kind of lift arm for their JD. Would this be used in place of a quick hitch? Can different balls in the lift arm be used for cat I vs cat 0 or cat II? Would the lift arm instead be used the bushings on implements to make it the same Cat III pin size? Ocassionally I would...
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    JD 3 pt lift arms.

    Sorry posted twice. Ignore this thread.
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    Center of gravity with FEL

    Does a FEL on a CUT lower the COG if FEL is lowered to near the ground with bucket? Is it better to mow hillsides with FEL and bucket on tractor than with FEL off? Could a bucket wider than the tires of a CUT help prevent a roll over if the bucket is near the ground?
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    10' mower on 60 hp JD 4520?

    I have a an old, 3pt 6' rhino mower on my JD 4520. I would like to use this kind of mower:John Deere HX10 10' pull type mower Will it work? JD 4520 handles 6' with no problems. Mostly cutting mild to moderately heavy grass. I would prefer 3pt, but no way to lift a 10' mower with 4520. I have a...
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    22 pistol

    I have a ruger 9mm and smith armory KD 40 cal semiauto pistols. Thinking about getting a 22 pistol. Mostly for target practice. Needs to be a semiauto. I have looked at ruger and browning target pistols but it doesn't have to be a target pistol. Any suggestions/recommedations would be helpful...
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    Oil & Fuel Not fun changing HST oil in 2305

    Bought a used 2305 late fall last year from dealer with 330 hours. Decided to change the HST oil since it's age and status was unknown. I am guessing it had never been changed. It is not stated in the manual, but by far the easiest way to get access to the filter and strainer is to jack up the...
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    Where to connect the battery breakaway cable?

    Where is the best/easiest/legal place to connect the cable for the battery breakaway on a trailer? The DOT in my area received some federal grant money for a safety program and is cracking down anyone hauling with trucks or trailers. One guy was fined for the plastic coating missing on the cable...
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    Hydraulic oil heater?

    Does anyone use a hydraulic oil heater on their TC? It has been consistently in the single digits for the past week and -10-15F at night. I already use an engine heater on timer.
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    Compact telehandler

    I am considering replacing my S300 skid steer with compact telehandler such as a Versahandler v417. Drove the v417 2 days ago and pushed a little snow. It was actually nice to drive and turned fairly tightly (5' inside radius). Has lift of 4400 lbs and lift height of 17'. The dealer ,who I have...
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    Snow storm!

    Used the 5610 with homemade meyer 84" snow blade on the front and 66" blower on the rear. I usually just use the snow blade, rear blade or sweeper broom but this was a bad storm of 8-9" and 25-30 mph winds for 2 days. Started out with freezing rain then snow. Drifts up to 6' in some areas on...
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    JD 4520 and e-pto to the rescue!

    The farm has been without power for over 12 hours. Been snowing for 2 days and started with ice. Currently 17F and 28 mph winds. Over 2500 residences without electricity. Hooked the generator to the tractor. Will probably run all night supplying power to electric portable heaters. Running the...
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    Rifle advice

    Asking opinions about rifles can be worse than asking what kind of tractor to buy but here it goes. More level heads on TBN than anyother forum I have been on. Been hunting with shotguns for many years (35+) and really like my Benelli super black eagle 12 ga semiauto. Also have a Browning...
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    Toolcat hydraulic cylinder mods

    About 6 months ago I changed the boom and tilt cylinder on my 5610 D series TC. I wanted a little more lift and changed the boom cylinder. Then found out I needed more umph on the tilt cylinder to match. I made the mods over a 2 week period. The TC cylinders are 2.5" bores with 1.5" rod...
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    How to drive a zero turn?

    I have a nice commercial grade zero turn with 52" deck and 27 hp kawasaki motor. My mother's house which is 90 miles from me. I mow it most of the time with my zero turn and haul it down on a trailer. Often I am going to the farm for other reasons. I can't justify running down there just to mow...
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    JD 609 Mower

    Guy on craigslist has JD 609 on sale for $1200. Says in excellent condition. Price seems good but don't know much about these mowers. Any good or bad points? Seems like they have been around for years but many seem beat up. Will use on a JD 4520. Probably much more mower than tractor.
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    Polaris electric ATV

    Discovered Polaris is launching an electric ATV this fall. What is your opionion? Knee jerk reaction to high fuel prices last year? I give it less than 1 year production. 2010 Polaris Ranger Lineup Preview
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    Miller welder

    Not sure where to put this post. Saw a Miller 302 Trailblazer welder with Kohler motor for sale. 266 hours, 1.5-2 years old on a 4x6 steel trailer. The seller is asking $2300. Price seems good but I don't know anything about this welder. I have a Miller 250 mig welder and works fine but I had no...
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    Trade 3720 for 4520?

    I am considering trading in my cab 3720 for a cab 4520. 3720 is a 2007 and in great shape, 350 hours, FEL, R4 tires and nearly all available options. I previously used it at my "city" house but recently it went to the farm. The problem is the R4 tires do poorly in the mud and the clearance is...
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    Anyone use an auto hitch?

    Does anyone have information on the JD auto hitch? Suppose to make hooking on a pto easier. Anyone use one? Saw one on craigslist with I-match for $350 (looks new). Is it worth it? I don't have any John deere attachments but have JD 3720.
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    Trailer modification help.

    I am considering buying a utility trailer. It has been on the dealers lot for 2-3 years. It is 82"x20' with 15" metal side wall, 12,000 lb rating and mesh rear ramp gate. I like the rear gate for loading smaller stuff such as ZTR. However, I would like to occassionally load my JD 3720 CUT or...
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    Changing HST oil

    What idiot figured out the way to change HST oil on the TC (5610)? I changed the filters and oil this weekend. The oil is supposed to be siphoned out of the reservior. Siphoning out the oil from the reservior is very slow and doesn't remove a third of the oil from the entire system. I removed...
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    Problem with curl cylinder?

    Tried my 5610 TC with 36" tree spade today. This is the first time I tried it on the TC. I could lift the ball of dirt but the curl cylinder would not hold. As I lifted the spade, the tilt cylinder would extend as I lifted. Never could lift the far end of the spade. I had never seen any...
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    Mixing synthetic oil?

    I have Mobil 1 and Valvoline Premium Blue diesel synthetic oils. Bought the Valvoline when couldn't find Mobil 1. I have about 2 qts of Valvoline left over both are 5W-40 and same rating. Can I mix the two together to get rid of the Valvoline?
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    Price of Landpride mower

    Saw ad for used Landpride RCR 1872 rotary mower. 6' mower. Guy used it for 4 hours and purchased fall of 2008 and looks like new. Called him and he will take $1275 for it. Deal or no deal? I have a very old Bush hog that still works. Paid $250 12 years ago for it.
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    How to buy used atv/utv?

    I looking at buying a used utv's. I am looking at 07-08 models. I am starting to see quite few on the market. One deal is a 2009 Polaris ranger Xp bought by wife for a x-mass present and now they want it sold. Most sellers still owe a substantial sum on these units. What is the best way to buy...
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    Paint aluminum toolbox?

    Guy has aluminum truck tool box for sale. It is designed to fit on the side rail of the the pickup. My current cross-over tool aluminum tool box is factory painted black. Can I paint the used aluminum to match to match my black toolbox? How do I prep the surface? No spray gun. Would probably use...
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    Adding lean to on pole barn

    We have a 60x100x16 metal pole barn shed and considering adding a lean to on one side. Current shed has 10' apart posts. We have sprayers and grain carts in the shed that take up lots of space and only see seasonal useage. Want to use it for machinery shed with some equipment up to 12' tall and...
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    Bigger boom cylinder

    Has anyone considered putting a larger boom cylinder on the TC? The current one is 3000 psi, welded, 2.5" bore, 1.5" rod and 22.89" stroke. I am considering putting on a 3000 psi, welded, 3" cylinder with a 1.75" rod and 22.75" stroke. The new cylinder is about .75" longer retracted but I can...
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    Rotary Cutter Info on Bush hog 277 mower

    Looking at a bush hog 277 mower on Craigslist. Cant find any info on the net. Seller says cat II but seems kind of odd for a 7' mower. Is it cat I/II? Weight? Any info would be helpful. thanks
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    Toolcat 5610 vs CUT review

    I recently purchased a Toolcat 5610 with 3 point a couple of weeks ago. Only have about 30 hours on the Toolcat (TC). Previously owned Kubota 7100 (16hp), Kubota 3710 (37hp) with GST, Case IH DX29 (29hp) HST, and still currently own JD 3720 with cab (44hp) HST. Both Kubotas and JD had FELs with...
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    Joined the toolcat club!

    Today I officially joined the toolcat club. Picked up my 5610 and used it about 4 hours. Mowed with the 90" finish mower for 2 hours. Glad I listened to everyone and got the 90" instead of the 72". Most of the grass was about 8-10" and worked fantastic. With my previous rear finish mower and...
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    Carry hauler modification

    I bought a carry hauler from TSC and modified it to better fit my CUT and upcoming Toolcat 5610 3pt. The basic carry hauler was purchased at TSC and shown below. Wire mesh bottom. Self dumping. Basic frame is a good design but needed improvements. It is not cat I so my quick hitch would not...
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    2 dual acting cylinders on a blade?

    I have a old rear blade and considering the fabrication of a dozer blade on a skidsteer. I have 2, daul action cylinders. Can I put one cylinder on each side to angle the blade? This will help balance the forces on the blade. One will push the same time the other pulls. The flow rates would be...
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    Glow plug light

    I washed my 2002 DX29 (same as TC29D) last week and now have a glow plug problem. When the engine is cold, I can't get the glow plug light to come on and engine is harder to start. Once the engine is warm or if it has been running for awhile, I can shut off the tractor, turn the switch on and...
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    New Holland loader

    I have a 2000 Case-ih DX29 (deluxe version with HST) with 2 rear remotes. My case ih dealer has 4 different sizes of blue NH loaders with the old numbering system. I can't quite remember the numbers but they were 12?, 14?, 16? etc. What size would fit my tractor? These loaders came from CNH...
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    Toolcat 5610 specs

    Finally got a copy of the official 5610 specs. Similar specs as the 5600 as expected. The 3 pt lift capacity is 1775 lbs 24" behind the lift. It surprisingly got a little heavier with an operating weight of 5640 lbs vs the 5490 lbs.of the 5600 model. 25 pto hp.
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    Donahue trailer value

    What is a donahue 28' trailer worth? Seller wants $2100 which seems a little high. Floor planks are marginal. Most will need replaced. A few are new. Other wise good condition. Tires like new. I have used these before but don't know what they are worth. Implement Carriers - The Donahue...
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    Help me order a Toolcat

    Getting close to ordering a TC 5610 - 3 pt version. Cab a/c is a must. It will come with hi flow on the 3 pt version. Will also get larger 29" R4 tires, block heater and 68" low profile bucket without teeth. The low profile bucket is heavier duty and few inches longer to allow cutting edge to be...