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    Taking down some trees for land clearing - how high should I leave stumps for easier removal?

    Is there a recommended height? Options include pulling out stumps with block and tackle or renting a mini-excavator. diameters range from 3” to 30”, majority will be 8” to 16” dia. thanks for any suggestions or additional advice!
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    Firewood Processor - What are the best chainsaws to use?

    I made a chainsaw firewood processing stand a couple years ago. It worked well, except for the fact that the saw I used - a vintage Homelite Super XL - got rather hot with the continuous cutting. Hot enough to boil the gasoline. Any recommendations for a saw that will handle this kind of...
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    Mrs. Suggested that we might consider a Mini-Excavator in our future.

    The primary tasks on our woodlot/not-yet-hobby-farm would be: -log transport/loading with sawmill -stump removal -drainage ditch maintenance -road maintenance -construction/overhead lifting -brush pile burning Now, this is not going to happen anything soon. I will not be buying anything new...
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    Looking for TWO Recommendations: 1) Thermal Imager; and 2)WIFI Booster/Network Extender

    Hi all! indont need a $15G imager, but I don’t want a cheap POS. I am not really warm&fuzzy on the cellphone attachment types,s once I have a flip phone. . . What one do you have/use? What do you like/dislike about it? I would also like to be able to get my WIFI signal bubble diameter to be...
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    Things You Find In The Woods *POST YOUR PIX*

    Exploring the woodlot, now that leaves are down and snakes are gone. Found this rusted steel drum with a copper fitting. Gee - I wonder what this could POSSIBLY be used for out in the middle of the Appalachian woods next to a water branch??? 🤪 so. . . What strange things have YOU found in the...
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    Hey all! as a displaced inner-city sprawl&decay Fresh Air Fund kid now living in Appalachia. . . I grew up with three cotton sash cord clotheslines that stretched from the 2nd & 1st floor window and basement back door to the telephone pole in the backyard 50 feet away. I am FINALLY getting...
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    DIY Double Header from Back-In-The-Day

    Here’s a fun video:
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    And to all my Italian friends: if you are not putting this stuff into the red stuff you put on your pasta, you are NOT making “gravy”: (I figured this is a good way to start a non-political Thanksgiving Dinner fight 😂🤣😂)
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    Subsoiler recommendation

    Good Morning! I think I need a subsoiler, because I am clearing some badly-overgrown land with plenty of vine roots, brush roots, terr roots, roots roots and more roots. Plus rocks. I looked at the CountyLine Subsoiler from TS, but based on reviews, the weld quality is inconsistent. or, if I...
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    Looking for opinions re: chain stabilizers vs rigid tube stabilizers for lift arms.

    I need to put some stabilizers on my lift arms, because I had the frame of my 3pt dump bucket catching on the treads of my tire, and I really do not want to have to replace a tractor tire unnecessarily. what do you use, and why do you prefer it? thank you for any advice or tips!
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    Retrofit parking Brake?

    I posted this under another topic heading and it got no views, so I am hoping it might get some traction (slaps knee) here instead: thanks for any input!
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    Parking Brake Retrofit? 1962 Case 430 (and I remembered pix BEFORE making the post this time!)

    The parking brake on my tractor is pretty much useless. It is a coarse-stepped metal tab on the starboard-side pedal that engages with the footboard (you can see the wear in the photos) and the steps are so far apart for the ratcheting action to provide sufficient pressure to keep the tractor...
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    I think if I find a post hole diggers, I will have a full set!

    Since acquiring a tractor back in April, we have been steadily buying implements. The 2-disc Ferguson Plow and 20-disc harrow were in the weeds on our lot, everything else we picked up used. Today we got the scrape blade and brush hog. previously acquired were the 5-time cultivator (pictured...
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    Uppity Hen discovered what the two wires along the top of the fence do… 🤣😂

    Four years ago, we fenced in about an acre around our house, wood posts & crosspieces with cyclone fence, about 5’ to 6’ high, depending on the grounds terrain. I put a solar fence controller and wire around the entire perimeter, atop the fence and two rows along the side, with additional...
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    1962 Case 430 Diesel - Dumb Question: Oil Breather Removal?

    I feel like a moron that I have to ask this, but I cannot remove the breather/fill cap atop the hood. it just spins, it won’t slide up, it won’t push down (like a bayonet mount), I made a paracordnsling and tried pulling with two hands. . . What am I doing wrong? I really don’t want to have...
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    Looking for advice/ideas on sediment filtration for water coming out of a culvert - feeding a 5/8” water line

    DISCLAIMER: YES - I WILL TAKE AND POST SOME PICS LATER TODAY - Our lot is in a little dead-end valley, and the part that will be farmable once I clear it out - it has not been tended in 50+ years, and there are a good number of substantial trees that need to come down first. Up on the...
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    Water-glassed eggs (pickling lime) and hard-boiling… my results.

    So, I tried water-glassing eggs for the first time, and decided to hard-boil a batch to pickle. turns out that 10 weeks in line water is not NEARLY enough time - the water-glassing really does stop the aging process. I boiled up 20, I could only pickle 15 because they peeled so ugly that five...
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    Anyone else seeing signs of an early winter?

    A couple weeks ago, a black walnut in town started dropping some fully-matured walnuts. two weeks ago, the orb weavers started up. last week on YouTube, someone about 40 miles away posted that their “persimmon seed reading” says early and frigid winter. today, while out walking about, I have...
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    Dumb Newbie Question: whaddya think about using a 5-tine cultivator…

    . . . To clear some undergrowth? I do not yet have a brush-hog or mower attachment, but I would like to clear out some vines/ferns/stuff in a section that I need to take some trees down and eventually plant stuff on. I do have a small cultivator (currently set up with two tines, but I can...
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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    Good Morning! I will have to do some major home improvement projects, most notably re-staining/sealing our log home, and I don’t want to do it on a ladder. A scaffold (or two) would make for a much easier and safer job. I have never used scaffolding before. -EDIT/UPDATE: Terrain and deck...
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    Egg Custard FAIL - please advise?

    Since we got chickens back in May, we have plenty of eggs. The cost per egg based on expenses is finally below $5/egg. I decided to make some egg custard, and went with a very basic recipe of 1 gallon milk, one dozen eggs, two cups of sugar, and some vanilla extract. Cooked it up as per...
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    Anyone have an old Case parts book they can look something up in please?

    I would like to change the hydraulic filter on a 1962 Case 430 with the 188ci Diesel, manual clutch/transmission, manual steering, single control for attachment up/down, I can only read the first two numbers on the Wix filter “31?” The rest are obliterated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Going to try swapping my lift arms left-for-right…

    1962 Case 430 The lift arms are somewhat splayed, and so the ends are just a wee bit wide for hooking up without having to pull them together with a ratchet tie-down and some “easing” with a ball-pein to hook up attachments, which pretty much defeats the whole idea of the Eagle Claw “QUICK”...
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    60s Case Eagle Claw: arms are slightly splayed outward, making hitching up fun...

    1962 Case 430, using a Ferguson 2-disc plow and an anonymous 20-disc harrow. The arm ends are probably about an inch-and-a-quarter or so farther apart than they should be as the outside of the Claw hooks are right up against the lynch pins. would it be a bad thing if I were to slip a large...
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    Stupid Newbie question #87342: Regular Diesel vs “off-road diesel” vs home heating oil

    Just looking to save a buck, just like everybody else. Not that I am working Hoboken-sized fields, more like between a basketball court and a football field with a 1960’s Case 40HP. interested in your thoughts & observations. Thank you!
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    Hi-Lift Jacks... debating 4ft vs 5ft..

    Inevitably I will need a serious Jack or two, so I might as well get them BEFORE I really need them. just looking to start arguments about whether to stick with the handier 48” size, get the extended capability of the 60” size, or maybe just get one of each. Then there is the question of which...
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    City kids do not leave keys in vehicles. . . It’s different out here...

    I have no idea when the last time was the key was out of the ignition, but it has been more than a few days. . .
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    Sometimes you have to spend money to save money

    About this time last year, I was minalizing my plans to build an outdoor kitchen pavilion. It would have needed about $1700 in lumber. a week before I was going to start, that number became $5G. And then climbed from there. MrsKilroyJC has decided we need to get some chickens. She spotted...
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    Wood Gasifiers: during WWII, vehicles ran on them

    Does anyone have any experience with them? Has anyone here tried to build one successfully?
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    “Abandoned” Case 310 dozer

    On the lot next to the one we just bought, which is littered with various abandoned vehicles, trash, and squatters, is a Case dozer. When we finally get to contact the owner, it may be something I would like to add to the collection. I am not going to trespass, so I cannot provide any more...
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    Is anyone here producing their own diesel? As in, growing the source plants, harvesting and processing “in-house”?

    Got into a discussion with someone about growing things like Canola or Sunflowers and hot pressing to produce veggie oil, then converting that to biodiesel. wondering about the practicalities of that for the hobby farmer, since I do not see a wind-powered tractor in my immediate future. . .
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    6v/12v dual system and maintaining batteries with a solar panel question

    Good morning. Our 1960 Case 430 diesel has two 6v batteries, apparently it is 6v running 12v starting. It lives out in a shed on a lot with no power. I would like to keep the batteries up, but am unsure how to go about it. I use the little 1.5 watt solar maintainers from Horrible Fright on...
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    Finally scrolled down the rest of the way... found the “Introductions” forum...

    ...after introducing myself elsewhere. There’s never time to do it right, but ALWAYS time to do it over. And over. Anyway, glad to be here, looking forward to learning a lot amd getting my hand dirty and knuckles bloody (well, not REALLY looking forward to it, just knowing that it will...
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    Newbie Tractor Owner Gets An Old Diesel Tractor, recommendations for engine oil

    The manual has temperature- based recommendations for straight-weight oils. — SAE 30 for 80F+ — SAE 20 for 32F to 80F — SAE 10 for -20f to 32F — (I am staying in bed if I need the SAE 5...) What are you using for your tractors? The bulk of my use will hopefully all be above freezing... Thank you!
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    Ferguson P-AO-20 disc plow: has anyone replaced bearing recently?

    I have the above plow that I will try to pull out of the tree line this weekend. Because I like to be prepared, I am trying to find current part numbers for bearings and seals that will fit if I need them, but I am having a difficult time cross referencing the parts numbers from the 1955...
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    Greetings and Salutations

    Hello! New member here, New tractor owner as of three days ago (I am the “new“ - the tractor is older than me), hopefully I will be able to find a lot of answers to questions with (SEARCH) instead of asking questions that have already been asked & answered multiple times... Last night, we went...