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    NX5510 - No hydraulics after filter and fluid change

    Try filling it is sucking maybe cause it needs filled to work my kubota was filled all the way up when I changed it.
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    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    Too much trouble to rig the fitting to charge it ,the propane tank will blow up drilling for the air fitting.The Xtra weight of a steel tank filled with water would be super heavy and very little room for air .I got a 13 gallon at tractor supply set it on a zero turn and clamp on batt. of the...
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    lowe's wrong chain saw in box

    Someone bought one at Home Depot didn't like it ,bought one from lowes put the one from home Depot in the box and passed it off on Lowes. don't buy anything from Lowes they are no good in my area they would not take back $10 worth of screws after I had just spent $3,000 there , now I only buy...
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    What would you do ?

    Buy you a canopy to sit under and cook and a fan that spays water on you.
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    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    I'd buy a toyota prius ,maybe a toyota hybrid truck after all my 4 vehicles are worn out.did you know your leaders both told you to buy electric and they have not put out any chargers for them.we are gonna have black outs this year because of their energy policies.
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    I have no idea what to buy

    I like my Husqvarna zero 54 inch Kawasaki 24 hp motor,will outlast me and like comm.duty.wife bought it from mowers direct online somewhere near mich if not there.they was late shipping and gave me free ship and free unloading off truck $3100 7 years ago,only slighting higher.
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    Bad news big repair

    Hook up a 110v oil heater goes down the oil dipstick might work.
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    What if....?

    Keep the bigger tractor if you can afford won't be able to get people to do the work when you need it done and when you do they might not be able to do the like you could.i've got 2 other large tracts now but i have always kept a tractor at my 5 acre place . i now own a kub l 2900...
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    Washout-proofing a ditch

    maybe mini ponds that breed mosquitoes.