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  1. BobRip

    Toy Power Trac for Six year old grandson

    My grandson was driving my PT 422 this past weekend. He used the backhoe on Sunday and dug a trench. He lives about 100 miles away and does not get down here very often. I am looking for a toy version similar in function to the 422. Has anyone seen anything like that? He has a birthday in...
  2. BobRip

    Hydraulic tank cap damaged by seat

    I put a new seat on my PT422 a couple of weeks ago. Soon after that the hydraulic tank cap was destroyed by the seat hitting it. I then angled the seat so the back was a little higher. So yesterday it got hit again. I talked to Terry at Power Trac to order a new cap. A customer told him that...
  3. BobRip

    Sold a Power Trac

    Has anyone here felt they actually influenced someone in a major way so that they soon bought a Power Trac? PT Has very little marketing, so I suspect that most of their sales come from owner actions. Things are kinda slow here, so I thought I would bring this up.
  4. BobRip

    PT 422 finish mower rear wheels damage turf

    Has anyone experienced the finish mower rear wheels damaging the grass on turns? Have you done anything about it? With all the rain we have had the ground is soft and the damage seems worse this year.
  5. BobRip

    422 Fertilizer Spreader

    I.just got the fertilizer spreader for my PT422. There is a bar with fingers that can be bolted to the spreader disc. It will stir what is in the hopper. When it is installed you can only partially close the bottom gate. I spread some pellitized lime without this device. So the question is when...
  6. BobRip

    Has anybody used their Power Trac to help deal with Hurricane Florence?

    We took down three big trees yesterday in preparation for Florence. I had hired a neighbor to do the work as the trees were near the power lines and the house. He is a professional, but would not accept money. His crew showed up and their tractor had a bad tire. I got the PT 422 out with the...
  7. BobRip

    PT422 Stump Grinder Improvements

    Everyone is thinking there is a way here to improve the stump grinder. Sorry I don稚 have one. I was using this at a friend痴 house today and he had a six foot diameter pine stump he wanted lower. I worked on it awhile and made little progress. I am hoping that someone has found a way to make...
  8. BobRip

    Replaced engine on my PT422

    I put a new Robin Subaru 22 horsepower engine in my PT422. I have an older PT year 2000 with pumps on both ends of the engine. The most difficult thing was cutting the drive shaft to the correct length. It seemed to be a hardened steel and my Sawsall would not touch it. I ended up using the...
  9. BobRip

    Anybody got a new 425 with a Kohler engine?

    I am curious how it starts in cold weather, how the power feels, and if it is fuel injected. Any other comments would also be appreciated.
  10. BobRip

    PT 422 hard to start

    I have been having more and more trouble getting my model year 2000 PT 422 started. It has about 1100 hours on it and is using a lot of oil. I adjusted the valve backlash and cleaned the plugs with starting fluid. They had a lot of oil on them, but were only six months old. I was able to get...
  11. BobRip

    PT422 using oil - Filter loose

    I went to change my oil filter yesterday and when I loosened it, no force was required from the oil filter wrench. I am hoping this was the cause of my high oil consumption. It was using abut 1/3 of a quart per hour. I have about 1100 hours on the Robin engine.
  12. BobRip

    Offsetting Mower

    I was mowing along the road today and only felt comfortable by keeping the wheels on one side on the pavement. It was difficult to mow more than about 2 feet wide. I can drive through the ditch and get most of the rest, but this left a section uncut. I then cut it by driving across the ditch...
  13. BobRip

    Love joy connector life

    I think that is the right term for what connects the pumps to the engine. I have about 1100 hours on my PT422 and have not had any problems with these except the hex screw loosens up and I don't usually retighten them. Does anyone have an idea of the expected life of these? Should we use...
  14. BobRip

    Snow Clearing Technique, what is yours?

    I don't think this has been covered here, but it is near the season. So what attachment do you use, tire type, chains and techniques? We don't get much snow in VA, so my technique may need improving.
  15. BobRip

    Well water hydro tank storage system

    In order to go longer between generator running during a power outage and still have water pressure, I have added a second tank. This give me a maximum of about 40 gallons of water. Of course if the system is on the low side of the pressure just prior to generator shutdown, then I may only...
  16. BobRip

    Garage Borrowed - 6 weeks and counting

    My wife's cousin's friend asked to use my garage to repair the clutch in his 69 Stingray. He figured about one week and in my mind I figured 2 weeks. It has been over six weeks. He has had to put in a new clutch, send the transmission out for repairs, and now have the new drive shaft...
  17. BobRip

    When do you replace a battery?

    Do you wait until the vehicle will not start, or do you use other criteria?
  18. BobRip

    Hit head on ROP support

    Today while crossing the creek too fast to keep from getting stuck I bumped my head on the ROP support post. I have done this before and figured I would do something. I wrapped some of the black foam pipe insulation around the area where I hit my head. I then tie wrapped them in place. Does...
  19. BobRip

    Generator load during "normal use"

    A couple of years ago during a power outage I was curious as to how much current was being put out by the generator. No big loads such as the well or hot water heater were running and most of my lighting is florescent. So, one leg was 4 amps and one was 1 amp. This kinda surprised me in that...
  20. BobRip

    More than one generator.

    Does anyone have more than one generator? Why more than one? I have three and will discuss my reasons later.
  21. BobRip

    Snow V snow plow.

    I was thinking about the Ventrac thread and the mention of a V snow plow. The present snow plow tends to push the PT to the side. I have never tried a V snow plow. What are the pros and cons? It it worth making one for the PT?
  22. BobRip

    Power Company Controls AC

    I signed up last May for a program where Dominion Power can turn off my AC unit for 15 minutes at a time and then back on for 15 minutes. They then pay you $40 at the end of the season. They connect a box to your AC to do this. I figured that my AC would still run half the time and how often...
  23. BobRip

    Shed? PT Attachment? Both!

    I have been wanting a shed, basically a roof, to keep rain off of my thirty gallon gas tank. Recently after hurricane Irene, I could not run my generator until the rain stopped. I wanted to build a generator shed near the house, but the wife has a limit of two outbuildings on the property...
  24. BobRip

    Length of powe outages

    I hear people make comments such as "My power outages only last two or three hours". I think that almost any area can have long power outages. If there is a common wide area event such as a hurricane, ice storm, snow storm, many tornados, etc., the resources used to fix this can be...
  25. BobRip

    Inverter Generators

    I recently purchased a Champion 2000 peak watt, 1600 continuous watts inverter generator. I plan to use it to run a small refrigerator and small freezer and my solar hot water pump during power outages. I got it after Irene. Its main advantage is quiet and lower fuel consumption. I expect it...
  26. BobRip

    Improvements You Need on PT

    Another can of worms. What improvements would you like on the PT that have not been discussed extensively on this site? Yes, new needs.
  27. BobRip

    Sprayer for PT422

    We have had a lot of ticks this year. I talked to a friend and they are using nemotodes to kill ticks and fleas. They are a microscopic worm which eat the insects from the inside out. I decided to get a sprayer and mount it on the PT422 to feed this material I found a 26 gallon one at...
  28. BobRip

    Winch Modifications

    I got the PT winch for my 422 today. It pulls well, but I have a few issues and also want to be able to winch from the back. I don't have solutions for all of the issues. So I guess I will need some help. I took a few pictures. 1. There is no freewheel mode on the winch. You have to hold...
  29. BobRip

    Winches Winch anchoring

    I am considering getting the PT winch for my 422. It will pull about 4000 pounds. The PT is around 1200. Could you increase the anchoring by putting some kind of spikes coming from the bottom of the winch and pushing them into the ground. You might also have some spikes come out of the front...
  30. BobRip

    Aux Hydraulic will not connect - Fix

    I was working on Spring Cleanup at Church Saturday, and of course I took the PT422. I went to change buckets and could not get one line to connect. I got out my pin and hammer and pushed in the pin. It still would not work. After 5 minutes, I got some help. He held the connector and I used...
  31. BobRip

    Mowing 422 Brush Cutter Blade Bolt Broke Again

    Not for the first time one of the bolts on my brushcutter blade broke today. I have had problems with these from day one. I was thinking about doing a modification. I could use grade 8 bolts. I could put larger bolts in the holes and leave out the bushings. Are there any suggestions?
  32. BobRip

    PT Alternate Parts Availability.

    Per J_J suggestions I suggest we start a thread that will help us find parts from alternate suppliers. I suggest the following format: PT Model PT Part Desc. PT Part # Alternate Supplier Site Alternate # Just a suggestion. Let's refine this if someone thinks of something better.
  33. BobRip

    Turn Minihoe into excavator

    I was wondering if anybody had modified a minihoe to have a large bucket or scoop on it. I would like to be able to reach into a small creek and clear out leaves and trash and perhaps some mud. I did try a 12 inch bucket and it worked, but not really wide enough. I was thinking about...
  34. BobRip

    2 inch receiver welded to lift arms

    I am considering welding a 2 inch receiver permanently to the large cross over pipe on the lift arms. This is pretty radical for me and I have not really thought about where exactly I would put it. It would primarly be used for a winch (hand powered). Just thinking out loud really. Any...
  35. BobRip

    Home Made Attachments That Failed

    Everyone talks about their successes and that's good. But, we can learn a lot from the failures and the not so good stuff. So, let's hear about your home made attachments that did not work out too well. I cannot find the pictures of my failed attachment at this time. It was a ditch cleaner...
  36. BobRip

    Towing Around Parkin Lot

    My Church is considering buying an enclosed car trailer like race car teams use. We would be storing chairs and tables in it. We need to move it from the parking lot to our building, maybe 100 yards of travel on an occasional basis (2 or 3 times a year). The parking lot is pretty level. I...
  37. BobRip

    Robin Subaru Engine Problems With Solutions

    We have had complaints about problems with the Robin Subaru engines. I would like this to be a thread that someone could use to quickly find a solution to an engine problem. Let's try to keep this to solutions that you are sure of and have personally tested. Here is the example format...
  38. BobRip

    Robin 422 engine main bearing seal gasket replacement

    Well it is done, I replaced the gasket and bearing seal on the rear of the Robin Subaru 22 HP engine. At least one leak has stopped, but there is still some oil coming out of the governor lever shaft seal. I will talk to the parts people on Monday to see what can be done. The manual does not...
  39. BobRip

    My Week For Engine Problems 422

    Well after changing the fuel pump, cleaning the choke, and flushing the fuel line the engine runs great. However I noticed that oil consumption is high. It looks like about 1/4 quart of oil in two hours (just a rough guess). There was oil in the engine compartment and on the engine. I power...
  40. BobRip

    Gravel Truck Stuck, Power Trac Pulls it out?

    I got 20 tons of gravel delivered today, and the truck front wheels went off of the driveway towards the swamp side after dumping the gravel. Just a couple of feet, but the wheels went down about 8 to 10 inches in the soil. Just to see what would happen, I got all of my "getting unstuck tools"...
  41. BobRip

    Gravely 2 Wheel Tractor for PT 422 Owner

    I was over at a friends last week scouting out digging a trench for him and he offered to give me a 2 wheel Gravely tractor. At the time I said "I really don't need another hobby". However, he said it ran the last time he used it, it has been sitting outside for 4 years and it's free with...
  42. BobRip

    Running on one Cylinder

    I had a minor problem with the PT422 and Robin engine yesterday. I started it up and it ran rough. I pulled one plug wire and there was no change in engine running. I pulled the other and the engine stopped. It would not run at the normal idle setting. I pulled the plug and it was wet. I...
  43. BobRip

    Generator Oi Change

    I have two air cooled generators that I use for house emergency power. I run them twice a month (per manufacturers recommendations) for about 20 minutes with one or two electric heaters attached to each. I use Mobil 1 10W30 in both. The generators are stored in a shed which is insulated and...
  44. BobRip

    Moving firewood across state boundaries

    I would like to take a small amount of firewood to my daughter. She lives in North Carolina and I live in Virginia. Are there any legal issues with this? Transportation of Firewood across interstate boundaries for burning purposes?
  45. BobRip

    PT Seat Suspension

    I am have some back issues after driving the PT422. I looked at the seat suspension and if you compare it to a typical riding mower it actually has none. The riding mower seat has a hinged front and springs supporting the back of the seat. The PT422 pivots on bolts, but really has no...
  46. BobRip

    Project Status Update

    I just thought if might be a good idea for people to bring back up their old threads where they have been using something for a while and tell us how it is doing. For example, if you made an attachment, are you still using it, is it working well, did you find it really was not worth it? Let us...
  47. BobRip

    Mini Splitter Air/Hydraulic Log Splitter

    I recently purchased a Mini Splitter and of course was not totally satisfied with it. I have made several improvements and perhaps others have also. The Mini Splitter is basically a vertical wedge log splitter that uses a hydraulic jack to drive the log up into the wedge. The hydraulic jack...
  48. BobRip

    Aux PTO crossover valve

    I would like to be able to connect and disconnect the hydraulic connectors on the aux PTO on my 422 without shutting off the engine. I now do it by moving the handle up or down a little, looking for the hoses to move a little and then trying to connect/disconnect. This works most of the time...
  49. BobRip

    What have you put a quick attach plate on?

    I got to thinking that if Moss can put a quick attach plate on his sofa:D:D, what else unusual have people put one on. I added one to my gas welder. Hey, Moss we need a picture of the one on your sofa.
  50. BobRip

    Painting you PT

    I spray painted my PT with some JD matching green. I did little prep work and it is not holding up everywhere. Any suggestion on cleaning solvents, sanding, etc. Things were kinda slow on this site, so I thought this might liven things up. Bob Rip