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  1. gerard

    Clutch life?

    Have a kubota L2500 gear tractor, purchased new in 2000. I know this is a little like asking how many miles you can get out of a set of tires, but I was wondering how long I can expect to getout of the clutch assuming normal use. Normal use being about 25% dirt/loader work, the remainder...
  2. gerard

    Bleeding fuel lines on Kubota L2500 DT

    Changed the fuel filter the other day, cracked the bleeder valve on top of the fuel filter until no more bubbles, then opened the valve on the pump for 30 seconds like the directions said but couldn't get it started. The valve on the fuel pump has a rubber hose coming off of it so I took that...
  3. gerard

    Fuel Filter Symptoms

    Thought I'd share my recent fuel filter problem and save someone else some time. Last few days I started losing power while plowing up slight inclines in 6th gear. She'd just dog down and rpms would fall right off. (gear tractor with two ranges, chains on all 4 and loaded tire so lots of...
  4. gerard

    Buying Advice Anyone have/hear of Tym tractors?

    Saw a TYM tractor at the Syracuse Farm Show today. It's south Korean. guess they used to make Mahindra's and a bunch of others the sales guy mentioned and are now branding their own. Looked like a lot of nice features for the $ and I was wondering if anyone has one or has heard about them...
  5. gerard

    No more GST????

    I was checking on the kubota website today and they don't seem to offer a GST transmission anymore, just a gear and the HST. Is the gear a GST? Not really clear on the website. There used to be three choices, HST, GST, and gear. Anyone know what happened?
  6. gerard

    Generator interlock question

    Within the last week or so during one of the generator threads, someone posted a link that showed a dual key interlock system. There was two locks, both opened/closed with the same key but on the one you could only take the key out when a pin stuck OUT, the other you could only do when the pin...
  7. gerard

    3 pt bale spear woes

    Got the wife an xmas present. New 3 pt round bale spear. (romantic, aren't I?). $199 + 54 shipping, nice heavy duty looking unit. Main spear and two 10 inch spears that bolt in, not welded on. So far so good. Get it around xmas, nice unit but no 10 inch spears? Call the company (bought on...
  8. gerard

    Clutch Longevity

    I tried searching some old threads 'cause I can't beleive this has been done already, but came up dry. Any opinions out there on how many hours I should get out of a clutch? Yes I know it's going to vary a lot based on operator, types of use etc.) Assume 100 hours per year doing general arena...
  9. gerard

    Scraper blade for arena groomer

    Attached is a modification I made for my arena drag. The groomer has two sets of teeth (not in picture) that scarify the footing, then the spiked roller rolls it flat. The problem was we have sand footing and when it's wet it sticks to the spiked roller, building up until the spikes are...
  10. gerard

    water in low octane gas

    Just thought I'd share a learning experience. Sept 09 bought a good commercial grade weed whacker. Worked fine until last week when I couldn't get it started. In to the shop, regular mechanic couldn't get her started, finally fixed and they said problem was water in gas and they couldn't...
  11. gerard

    light duty bucket forks

    Here's a cheapo pair of light duty forks I made out of some square tube, some all thread, and a bolt the same size as the all thread. Screws right on to the bottom of the bucket. Now obviously I'm not going to be lifting any full pallets of anything, but then I can't lift that much weight...
  12. gerard

    bucket chain hook alternative

    Here's what I made instead of welding/bolting three chain hooks on the top of the bucket. It's a heavy piece of 3 inch angle iron. Used a grinder to cut the slots, drilled some holes and bolted it to the top of the bucket. Works the same as a clevis hook and has the added benefit of beefing...
  13. gerard

    bucket extension

    (Hope this works, if it does it shows a bucket extension I made for light material work). Had some scrap 1/4 plate around so I chopped it up and made a bucket extension for my loader. Attaches easily with 4 bolts even though I usually only use the two upper bolts which were already there for...
  14. gerard

    3 pt leakdown question

    Friend of mine has a small nh, not sure of model, but looked to be like a tc 18 or so. His 3 point leaks down when the bushhog is on the back. He took it to the dealer and was told that was normal and the smaller compact tractors have a different 3 point design that doesn't hold in place. I...
  15. gerard

    plastic welding

    Finally bought one of those plastic welders. Figured it would come in handy for fixing things on the farm. Tried it out on a cracked heated plastic watering bucket. They cost about $35 and it was 3 days old when our horse backed into it and cracked it on the inside. I welded it up ok and...
  16. gerard

    Polaris ranger - major problem

    We have a 2004 6 wheel ranger w/ power dump. Wife uses it every day to dump manure, run hay out to horses and run down to pond to let ducks out of pen. Last winter she's on her way back and engine seizes up. Take it in to dealer and he says there's water in the oil, engines trashed and we...
  17. gerard

    Using rim guard with tire sealant

    I've been putting off loading my tires because not only has it never been to the dealer yet, I put tire sealant from gemplers in and wasn't sure if I'll negate the sealant if I put in rim guard. I'm coming up on the 800 hour maintenance (need to check valve clearances) and will be bringing it...
  18. gerard

    Unusual use for snowblower

    Just thought some of you might get a chuckle out of the ever inventiveness of the american farmer. Got a load of sawdust the other day from our supplier which I then push up high with the loader into a bin I built off the arena. He mentioned that one of his customers stores his sawdust in an...
  19. gerard

    electrical question

    Wasn't quite sure where to post but I have an electrical wiring question for those of you better versed in wiring than I. Here's the situation. I have a 60 amp breaker sub panel in my house that feeds my barn. The wire looks to be adequate for that service, (looks about the same size as that...
  20. gerard

    expensive lesson

    A little off topic but maybe I can save some here $100! Propane hot water heater, 2 years old, direct vented out of house through sidewall. Electronic ignition, no pilot. Wife calls me and says we have no hot water. I check over quick, fan for vent kicks on fine but no gas. Call service...
  21. gerard

    trailer brakes frozen

    I was going to private message Bird due to his extensive trailering experieince, but figured I'd throw it out to the whole board. Have a horse trailer w/ electric brakes. Infrequent use, extensive salt in Central NY and yup, went to move it today and one of the brakes was frozen. Kind of...
  22. gerard

    Stupid Horse trick!

    Winter's getting old - here's my tale of woe. Have 4 pastures using 2 inch electric tape, 5 feet high. Have three horses and one colt with way too much energy. 1.5 feet of snow on ground means we now have 3.5 foot high fences and the snow is insulating so well the fence isn't zapping like it...
  23. gerard

    -31Deg F????????

    Anyone from Watertown NY? Hear it got down to -31 F last night. Coldest temp in the contiguous 48 states and colder than siberia (at least yesterday!) Guess if your pipes don't freeze then they never will
  24. gerard

    TBN ers most civil people on net?

    Having found TBN a very useful an informative site I thought I'd see what other discussion forums are out there. While there are other sites that have useful info on topics I have an interest in (home improvement, construction etc) I found it next to impossible to wade through all the flaming...
  25. gerard

    Generator getting a workout

    Guess I'm finding out one of the downsides to rural living and above ground power lines. Ice storm, besides taking out the tops of about 15 of our pine trees (previously 30 foot tall ones!), took out the electric power yesterday for about 10 hours. No problem - got the generator going and life...
  26. gerard

    trailer brake batteries self charge?

    Do the batteries that activate the emergency brakes on trailers self charge when hooked up to a tow vehicle or should you throw a charger on them periodically? Can you just check the voltage with a multi tester and if it's within specs it's ok?
  27. gerard

    removing bush hog blades

    Well after many tries on my own including a propane torch (don't have acetylene) and a three foot cheater bar there was no way I could break the bolts for my 5 foot bushog which I purchased new two years ago. Had a service truck doing some work on my neighbors tractor finally get them off for...
  28. gerard

    Seeders 3 pt hitch seeder question

    I just bought a 3 point hitch seed spreader at an auction that I plan on spreading grass seed with to overseed some horse pasture. My question goes to anyone with experience using one on what is a good setting to set the openings for? There are two rectangular openings about 1.5 x 3" which can...
  29. gerard

    home made bucket forks

    Here's a set of clamp on forks I made in about 45 minutes with some scrap stock I had laying around. Not real heavy dutys but well enough for carrying long objects, trees' fenceposts and the like.
  30. gerard

    henrob 2000 welding torch

    Has anyone seen the henrob 2000 torch demo at the farm days yet? It's an oxy acet torch head that looks like a gun and has a tiny pencil point flame. I watched the guy weld two pieces of thin dirty aluminum sheet together. Did the same thing with rusty sheet metal but most impressive was the...
  31. gerard

    Pastures on leach fields

    I turn to the collective wisdom of the board for this one. My wife wants to expand our horse pasture and wants it to go over our leach field. We're in agreement that it CANNOT go over the septic tank itself but she see's no harm in having it encompass the drain tiles/leach field. Anyone have...
  32. gerard

    reusing old implements

    Don't know what this was but it was in my treeline and was something that attached to a three point hitch. (Think it might have been a one bottom plow). In my eternal vigil of recycling - I welded an old trailer ball to the bottom and I have a trailer hitch I can use on my 3 point. Commercial...
  33. gerard

    metal roof self adhesive discs

    Anyone know of a source for the self adhesive foil discs designed to cover the nailheads on metal roofs? I've gone through several searches/roofing company sites etc w/o seeing the product I'm refering to. I know they make them cause I've sseen them before but know forgot where!!
  34. gerard


    OK, I beseech the infinite wisdom of the TBN'ers to tell me what the ultimate rat bait is. Have RATS in the barn and have caught one with a conventional rat trap (bigger version of the mousetrap) but I still have at least one running around. I used peanut butter on the trip plate w/o success...
  35. gerard

    New Colt born 4/12

    This is our new colt born 4/12 at 730PM. We had a video monitor installed over the stall and it's a good thing or we would have missed it. 20 minutes from the time she laid down to the time he was out. 10 minutes later colt was up on his wobbly legs and 20 minutes after that she had dropped...
  36. gerard

    welding rods

    I'm taking a boces welding class and just bought a Lincoln ac235 stickwelder for "farm" welding. Does anyone have any advice on good rod types to have on hand for this type mild steel welding maybe up to 3/8 inch max, usually less? I've run different types rod's in class and was thinking some...
  37. gerard


    We just had a nice accident investigation on one of the major interstates in the Syracuse area. Dump truck pulling a lowboy with a full size backhoe on it. The hoe, whichj is SUPPOSED to be lowered and chained, was in the pinned up position. Bridge heights are around 14 foot. Top of his...
  38. gerard

    How NOT to trailer!

    Just got a call from my wife to tell me that the emergency brake on the trailer works fine! First time she hooked up the flatbed trailer (she usually uses the horse trailer) and didn't seat the latch right, drove up the inclined driveway and the tongue popped up and off. Just what I wanted to...
  39. gerard

    Culvert Fix

    OK, I should have listened closer but now it's too late. I dug out the old farm pond and used 20ft of 16inch plastic smooth wall culvert pipe with a 90deg on the water side as the overflow. I didn't pack the dirt down around the pipe because 1. I had an excavator w/ operator there and didn't...
  40. gerard

    Free Implements!

    Reading the sicklebar mower post I had an epiphany! I have two old rusted sicklebar mowers, one a 5ft and one a 6ft. Looks like a mid mount type, maybe for a Minneapolis Moline? Also have an old ground driven manure spreader with the wood parts all rotted out. All were in tree line when we...
  41. gerard

    backyard view

    This is a view out the back of our house. Top of the far ridge is about 25 miles away. Picture was taken last year, hence the snow (though it's snowing pretty good right now!). Can't see it in the photo but the top of the ridge is lined with windmills for power generation. You can imagine...
  42. gerard

    finshed pond

    Final product - about 4000 gal. The water fall dumps into the stream that is at the right of the photo and then returns into the bog portion. Main pond is 4 ft deep by 11 ft wide by 16 ft long (not including the bog portion which is only a foot deep). Actual excavation only took about 2 hours...
  43. gerard

    koi pond cont

    a little further on
  44. gerard

    koi pond cont

    took up the sod with the tractor but did the actual excavation with my international backhoe (since sold [sad])
  45. gerard

    koi pond construction

    Following should be a quick series on our koi pond that we put in this summer. The views from our dining room window. First shows pre construction
  46. gerard

    test photo

    Here's my first attempt at attaching a photo. If it works you'll see my 4 wheeled self powered wheel barrow hauling some hay bales!
  47. gerard

    tire repair

    Here's a sob story froma friend of mine. Has a big old gas 65hp 2wd farm tractor and got a flat in the rear wheel (tube tires). Otherwise good rubber. Cost $130 to repair. We go to an auction the following week and he gets some great deals on brand new equipment. ($300 6ft box blade, $325...
  48. gerard

    rock removal ideas?

    Anyone have any tried true methods for picking up the millions of small (golf ball size) and med (orange/grapefruit size) rocks left after leveling a dirt area? We just cleared and leveled a 160x 200 area with a dozer prepping for a horse arena and before the sand footing is put down the rocks...
  49. gerard

    bota house # 2

    Opps, forgot to attach the file!
  50. gerard

    Bota house

    This is the shop we're my bota lives. To the right is my backhoe that I just bought this fall. We plan on putting in a koi pond up at the house and then digging out the farm pond bigger and deeper. Then it goes up for sale! (After I dig a few stumps and take down some trees of course! Oh...