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  1. bdog

    Who owns a triple 7k axle equipped trailer?

    Also if you have a blowout on a dual tandem you can just limp to the tire shop but if you have a blowout with triple singles you are going to be changing a tire before you go anywhere or else you’re going to ruin a rim
  2. bdog

    Who owns a triple 7k axle equipped trailer?

    I had a belshe equipment trailer with triple 7s. It worked ok but I much prefer a dual tandem.
  3. bdog

    Battery went bad but now is good?

    I have a 2015 RTV I bought new. Two of them actually. The battery went bad a few months ago on one that we use several times a week and I replaced it. Figured it was about time being seven years old. The second UTV I don’t use as often as it is kept at a remote property one hour away. The...
  4. bdog

    Why is Weight The Only Solution Being Offered To The Problem Of Traction?

    I own three RTVs with tweels on them. We have had them two years. They perform better in virtually all conditions than tires and we operate in all conditions. I have had them in about seven states and conditions from swampy to rocky hills. We primarily use them because they don’t get sidewalk...
  5. bdog

    Best way to cut pipe at an angle?

    Thanks guys. You got the gears turning and I can figure this out now.
  6. bdog

    Best way to cut pipe at an angle?

    Thanks for the replies. I guess my issue is making the mark more than anything. I plan on making the cut with a torch. I can calculate vertically where the marks need to be. If say for example I was working with square tubing and not pipe I could make my marks and use a square to transfer them...
  7. bdog

    Best way to cut pipe at an angle?

    I have 2-7/8” oilfield pipe set vertically in the ground for a shed. It is already concreted in the ground. I need to cut the tops off at desired height with a 2/12 (9.5 degree) angle so I can weld the I beam for the rafter resting on top of the pipes. I have one of those gadgets that slips...
  8. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    It is insured against theft but not sure if the policy covers an accident or not.
  9. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    That is not at all my intention. I am not asking from a thing from Kubota. I called my dealer and asked him to find me a new one. I honestly just thought the rops was stronger than it is. That is all. We rolled it down a hill. Totally our fault. The driver was uninjured and was able to work the...
  10. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    From where the RTV started sliding to where it stopped was approximately 200' horizontally and a drop of 90' -24 degrees or 45% slope. I was looking at it in more detail and the frame is cracked on both sides. Attached are pictures. I am in no way trying to bash on the RTVs. I own five and I...
  11. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    It is very thin. To me it looks about like 14ga.
  12. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    I wouldn’t really call it modified either. It had a sun shade canopy and the tweels both were added by the dealer at the time of purchase. Modified to me would be if we had a lift kit or welded something on to or drilled holes in the rops. We did not. The canopy was clamped on.
  13. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    It wasn’t a cliff. The trail it was onwe created with a dozer last week. The Kubota drove down it two times before flipping on the third. The slope wasn’t straight down it had a slight sideways tilt to it. I think what happened is a front tire fell into a small hole and the rear end starting...
  14. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    I will get more pictures later the unit is currently on the trailer in route back to my house. The driver was headed down a very steep slope and the RTV slid sideways and rolled over from what he recalls it rolled once or twice and then threw him out and then continued to roll down to the bottom...
  15. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    This is where it broke
  16. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    It was going less than five mph. It didn’t hit anything but did roll down a hill. It landed right side up and we drove it approx four miles back to the trailer.
  17. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    A lot of commercial guys around here have them on zero turn mowers. I bought them pre covid for $600 a piece. No idea what they cost now.
  18. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    They are nice. We have three RTV's with them. Cumulatively they have about 9,000 miles. We are very pleased. They are not cheap but are worth it if you are prone to flats / sidewall cuts and can't afford downtime.
  19. bdog

    RTV ROPS - beware

    We rolled our 1120 today. Driver was not seriously hurt. He as thrown from vehicle which probably was best. The ROPS didn't fare too well. A buckled in passenger would be in bad shape.
  20. bdog

    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    You are correct that when a manufacturer delivers is out of your control as a retailer however I am pretty sure you have a good feel for what the actual delivery time is based off of your experience and conveying the truth to your customers is what I am talking about. I think many retailers are...
  21. bdog

    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    I deliberately omitted that information. My intent on this thread is not to bash a company. I really wonder if I as a customer am being unreasonable or if enough is enough. I ponder a lot about this and my opinion seems to go back and forth. I don’t doubt the vendor is having issues getting...
  22. bdog

    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    I don't mind that if they are true to their word. What chaps my behind is a seller stating a lead time of X and then drastically missing it. If it is 9 months that is what it is. I will evaluate and make my order if I can wait that long but it sure as heck better not be longer than that unless...
  23. bdog

    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    Im not talking about amazon? They are one of the few places that still do what they say. The people over promising and underdelivering are more along the lines of what I would call mom and pop shops.
  24. bdog

    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    Is it though? I run a business and order a ton of stuff for both personal and business purposes. 90% of the people I deal with still have reasonable delivery timelines or are at least are honest about it. Like you said some of it is the reality of what we are living in but I think some companies...
  25. bdog

    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    Amazon prime delivering virtually anything to me in two days has spoiled me. I have ordered things less than $5 and things over 10k and bam they are on my porch in two days with no shipping charge. Covid has caused a lot of chaos in the supply chain and while things are out of peoples control in...
  26. bdog

    Got my wicked tooth bar installed

    No it is made by Everything Attachments.
  27. bdog

    Got my wicked tooth bar installed

    Haven’t had chance to test it out but it looks like it will do the trick. The fit was perfect. I took the measurements per their instructions and it fit like a glove. I didn’t have to beat it in with a hammer but the width was so perfect it required a decent shove to get it between the bucket...
  28. bdog

    Man shot and killed by juveniles while bush hogging

    I was shooting 22’s unsupervised at that age but never did anything remotely close to that. Dad was the instructor for our 4H shooting sports program. I learned to respect guns at a very early age. Different kids have different mindsets and levels of responsibility. What a tragedy. I wonder how...
  29. bdog

    Just got off the phone with Travis. Super nice guy and thanks for explaining things in detail. Long story short is there are so many moving pieces and components involved that it is very hard to predict anything. He reiterated that they don’t mind at all if people call or email for updates.
  30. bdog

    While I understand your concerns I still think something is doable. If you continuously have 1,000 open orders it might warrant hiring someone full time just to update people. Five days in a week they could update 200 people a day and everyone would get updated once a week. Or maybe hire someone...
  31. bdog

    EA should send out weekly update emails to customers. Maybe some computer whiz could automate it somehow. It is crazy times we are living in with the material and labor shortages but I think most people really just want to know what is going on and don’t want to always be calling, emailing and...
  32. bdog

    How to level load of stone

    I would get it close to level before you bring in the rock otherwise you might end up with little or no rock on the current high areas. Getting things smooth by eye is pretty easy. Getting things level by eye is not. You really need a laser or some other instrument to assist you. I have a...
  33. bdog

    Widening lower lift pins for mower?

    The body of your shredder is likely thin. Notice hos the OEM lift pins are on brackets attached to the angle iron frame. Normally boxing in the pin like the photos others posted is best but in your scenario I think the outer bracket would just be going down to sheet metal and wouldn’t do much...
  34. bdog

    Wooden bridge for 2000# tractor to cross creek

    20’ isn’t very far. Look at some trailers and see how they are constructed. Wood scares me because it rots. I wouldn’t assume the 6x12s are good if the 2x6s are rotten. I would replace the main beams with some I-beam. Steel supplier should have charts for acceptable load on a 20’ span. Might...
  35. bdog

    Implement shed on an incline

    I built an implement shed that is 100’ long. Over that 100’ it drops about a foot. I built the shed level. I built the columns for the shed the exact same length and used sono tubes for the footings. On one end they are almost flush with the ground and on the other they are sticking out of the...
  36. bdog

    Cat 1 vs cat 2 dimensions

    I’m sure there are exceptions but I have used a lot of shredders across three different categories of tractors with and without quick hitches and have never had an issue. I think they make them pretty forgiving with regards to PTO shaft length.
  37. bdog

    undercutter / bed lifter - how thick and which steel to use?

    How much do you intend on using it? Higher grades of steel will last much longer in abrasive conditions but are costly. Regular old steel will do the job but won’t have as long of a lifespan. If it is just for your personal garden I would probably just use regular steel. If it is some type of...
  38. bdog

    Grapple opens but it will not close

    You could remove the couplers from the hoses on the grapple and switch them and reconnect and then see if the grapple closes but won’t open. This would let you know if it is an issue with your grapple or the tractor.
  39. bdog

    PTO Quick Connect

    Another thing to do is before you get near the tractor slide the PTO shaft back and forth and make sure it telescopes freely. Yes many times grit on the splines is the cause of the problem but if it takes a lot of force to telescope the shaft it greatly adds to difficulty of hooking things up.
  40. bdog

    Newbie to Trailers... Looking but no idea what for

    Within reason it is hard to have a trailer too large. A 40’ gooseneck would be a hassle maneuvering around but a 20’ is no big deal. Really short trailers are very difficult to back up. I guess everything has its purpose but to me small trailers can’t haul much more than a bed of a pickup. If I...
  41. bdog

    Rethinking rotary cutter sizing

    I finally picked up the Deere HX15 and tried it out today. I mowed about twenty acres with it. Part of my property is on the edge of a lake bottom and grows thick and there I had to slow down some but I never stalled the tractor. On the higher ground it handled it fine as fast as I wanted to go...
  42. bdog

    Row marker

    My tractor is 7’ wide. The front wheels are narrower than that maybe 6’? I have several implements that are much wider - 15’ mower, 14’ field cultivator, 12’ grain drill, etc. I know I can look out the back window or in the mirror and see where the implement is in relation to my previous pass...
  43. bdog

    PTO Quick Connect

    Clean and lube both sides of the PTO coupling and make sure the telescoping part of the shaft is clean and lubed. Use a bungee cord or strap to support the shaft. It should connect and disconnect easily. They do seem to get easier over time due to wear. I wouldn’t buy any of these gimmicks...
  44. bdog

    Heavy duty box blades

    If all you are doing is maintaining roads I would look into a LPGS. Box blades are good for some things but having owned both I would much rather have a LPGS for road maintenance.
  45. bdog

    hyd.,top link

    I am not familiar with your tractor but do you have an extra lever to control it by your seat? If you do then you likely have a rear SCV if there is no lever you likely don’t.
  46. bdog

    Kubota L3130 : First oil change : Shell Rotella T5 doesn't meet spec?

    Your T5 is fine but if you want synthetic I wouldn’t hesitate. I switched my 4440 to synthetic after 8,000 hrs and 35 years of Dino oil. Why? Mainly because I buy it by the drum and have it on hand. Worked fine and no leaks developed. Did the same on my dozer with over 3500 hrs.
  47. bdog

    Newbie to Trailers... Looking but no idea what for

    I would look for something like this. I believe (but am not positive) that in your state there is some legal reason you want to keep your trailer GVWR 9999lbs or below. I would get the 20’. You could haul your mower and RTV at the same time. Most people that buy small trailers wind up buying a...
  48. bdog

    Ballast box build

    Looking good. I assume you plan to fill it with concrete? That is good. Keep in mind steel is about four times as dense as concrete so if you have various useless scrap steel at your disposal might as well toss that in the box before you top it off with concrete.
  49. bdog

    Anyone modify their land plane to mount and use on the FEL?

    I have a roadboss like xfaxman posted and have pushed it literally hundreds of miles with skid steers and it works great. I have never connected it to a tractor. As others have said I don’t think tractor loader arms would handle the stress.
  50. bdog

    Anyone figured out a way to see

    I think a camera would be your best solution. They are cheap enough now that even if you were to break one it isn’t the end of the world. Visibility is one of the reasons why I always say for many things a skid steer is a better choice than a tractor.