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    Old Diesel fuel Additive

    Bought a case of Power Service white bottle-12 quarts-14-15 years ago. Still smells the same,and still seems to work. Have 2 bottles left.
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    Spring snow storm

    12+ inches in Emmet County here. Got stuck driving to the tractor shed. Not quite Sierra Cement,but the fuel gauge is pretty low after all that blowing. And the gravel drive was just starting to melt off!
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    B3030 starting charging problem

    Since yours is not the cab model,do you have the dynamo rather than an alternator? It's kind of a AC generator with wimpy output and may require different troubleshooting techniques. Good Luck!
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    B3030 starting charging problem

    Not that it would explain the no-crank condition,but I'd like to verify battery voltage at the alternator output terminal-the big one with the large red wire. If no power there,the fuse could be blown and explain the not charging issue. The mysterious no crank could very well be the venerable...
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    Kubota Grand L filters from WIX.

    Retired from auto parts sales several years ago. At that time,I never saw any major aftermarket brands offering the hydraulic and HST filters for the Grand L filters. You know,those two expensive filters on either side of the tractor. Thinking about heading to the dealer to buy for the year for...
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    Heating Oil (28 sec Kerosene) Added to Diesel

    Kerosene stores very well. Kero-fired torpedo salamanders fire right up after storage-assuming they are maintained at all. Mix it in-why waste it! Good Luck!
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    Kubota L2501 Turbo: A Journey Defined - The Tractor, The Comparison, The Modification, The Results

    My 2021 L2501 with 20 hours has always smelled rich. Nasty when cold,but still smelly when warm. I admit wife and I are a little sensitive to diesel exhaust. Compared to our B3030,the difference is night and day. I wonder if a turbo kit would lean it out to help us enjoy our tractor more? Great...
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    B2650 stopped and won’t start

    By disconnecting the solenoid,it's all about fuel flow. The OPC "Operator Presence Control" can do some strange stuff!
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    B2650 stopped and won’t start

    The pumpguysc early on recommended disconnecting the shutdown solenoid at the pump to eliminate any electrical issues. He knows his stuff! Please try it! Good Luck!
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    B6100 Charging problem

    You should have a dynamo-an AC generator of sorts with an external regulator. Very reliable! You should really check the DC charging voltage before condemning anything. Good Luck!
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    Snow Blower Sizing - Opinions Wanted

    Nice set-up! When you recover from the expenditure,are thinking about a cab tractor for that long road? Good Luck!
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    How does a glow plug work?

    Awesome posts! Thanks for taking the time and sharing!
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    Sold on Seafoam

    WOW! What a hot topic! I'm amazed to see so many infrequent posters comment on Seafoam.
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    Please educate me about ultra low sulfur diesel

    Good Stuff! Looks like the operators manuals from late '70s/early '80s semi-tractors. That's the way it was. Thanks for posting!
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    Kubota 10W30 oil, synthetic or dino?

    I'm surprised Kubota doesn't sell a synthetic but I've never seen one. And their manuals are so outdated on oil specs. They may figure buy it from them and you'll be fine. I've always used 10W30 dino in my units with no issues. Good Luck!
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    Kubota 10W30 oil, synthetic or dino?

    The Kubota branded 10W30 is conventional oil-just like the factory fill. Good Luck as many opinions may follow!
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    Kubota KX41 revs dropping when hydraulics are activated

    TBN has been down a lot for me this week.
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    Replaced kioti cab windshield

    Too bad it isn't auto windshield glass. Would have made clean-up easier!
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    Anti-theft device for L2501 Kubota

    Repaint it in John Deere green. Just kidding of course!
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    Not happy with Kubota Credit...

    Call Customer Service and kindly ask that the late fees and service charges be refunded. Tell them why! Probably work at least once. Good Luck!
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    Illustrated Parts Lists

    Have recently been revisiting the Kubota online parts lists. The format has changed but is now much more complete than when I previously posted. They also now have parts lists for optional equipment available on the tractor. Stuff like the FEL,MMM,snowblower,Mid-PTO's,quick hitches,etc. I even...
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    KFI plow updates

    Great work! I really don't know how you get by without a snowblower and a truck to haul it away. Good Luck!
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    New Kubota Tractor Purchase

    I doubt the OP would ever need the Mid-PTO in North Carolina!
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    Radiator hose "snapped"

    Seriously consider Rapid-Fix. I've seen auto techs and body guys perform some amazing repairs that last. Check it out online. Good Luck!
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    B2786 Drift Cutters

    I've had them on my B2782 for 5 years now. Helps a little to reduce clean up,but not as much as hoped. If you're trying to widen your frozen/semi-frozen driveway banks,they suck you in real quick! My vote is 65% worth it. Good Luck!
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    Left my inch lb torque wrench on setting for two months. Is it ruined now?

    Check out Angle Repair Service in Beckley,WV. The place for torque wrench repair and calibration. Lots of places send them there. Good Luck!
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    Vortex Tube

    In my former life as a Mac Tools distributor(1988-1996),we sold them as a "choke tester". Worked well!
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    L3200 battery - is it special?

    Contrarian view here. Tractors often see less usage then your car. Longer idle times increase plate sulfation. Standard batteries have fewer,thicker plates spaced further apart. Thicker makes them more vibration resistant and more space between plates allows for more buildup before plates short...
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    Kubota B3030 RPM needle stuck at max on the dial ...

    Apparently it was icy cold when this happened. We all know extreme cold shrinks everything,and all bets are off. I agree the needle needs a nudge. Cab model should not be more difficult.
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    Decent battery charger

    Don't count out Associated chargers. Good Quality! Popular with fleets.
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    Rtv 900 temp gauge

    Is it possible your thermostat is stuck open,not allowing the engine to build enough heat to register on the gauge? Good Luck!
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    Kubota B3030 RPM needle stuck at max on the dial ...

    Since you have a cab,the hole should have minimal effect. Auto dash clusters have few issues with the hole. Good Luck and post back!
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    Kubota B3030 RPM needle stuck at max on the dial ...

    Perhaps drill a tiny hole in the instrument face. Think tiny hole for odometer reset button. Reach inside the gauge with a bent paper clip to persuade the needle back to bottom of scale. This has worked for me before with an gauge cluster with the tiny hole. Not sure if the gauge would cloud up...
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    Kubota B3030 RPM needle stuck at max on the dial ...

    A good whack might help? Good Luck!
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    Kubota B3030 RPM needle stuck at max on the dial ...

    I think that if the cable was broken,the tach/hourmeter would read zero. Is the hourmeter still adding hours? Perhaps the gauge head needs repair? Please post back!
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    E85 Fuel

    I've run good old mountain regular-85 octane- many times traveling in the west. Works just fine! Normally it's not sold within a tankful of lower altitude areas.
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    Adding remotes for a snow blower on a L3400HST

    Be aware that Brian has a rather long waiting list,so it won't happen quickly. Good Luck!
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    E85 Fuel

    Our local road commission orders flex-fuel models to get the upgrades like stainless fuel lines,etc. Michigan northern rust corridor.
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    Correct front blower for B7800?

    My books from my 2008 purchase show the B2791 subframe fits the B7800. The B2791A must be a later model. I have the B2782 blower,not the B2782A. It would be nice to see the operators and parts manual for both items to see if everything you need is there. Perhaps the seller has them? Some parts...
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    Cummins CAPS pumps

    Maybe a question for thepumpguysc? Good Luck!
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    Operator Manual Kubota 3200 and 3030

    Have you found what you needed?
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    Operator Manual Kubota 3200 and 3030

    Try the dealer for 6C360-63115. About $21. Good Luck and welcome!
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    Kubota M6800 Cab Tractor Temp Sending Unit

    Have you tried looking at the online Illustrated Parts List? or some dealers websites. Good Luck!
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    MX5100 injection pump failure

    A member and advertiser here-thepumpguysc I think. Seems like a straight shooter. Good Luck!
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    Break in period of 50 hours?

    Think about a semi truck engine. All they do is work hard from day one. Good Luck!
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    Coolant for ford tractor

    Just plain old school green ethylene glycol coolant like the automobile world used until about 20 years ago. Can be difficult to find at a big box store-try auto parts store or dealer. Mix 50/50 with distilled water or buy premixed. Others will offer opinions about premium choices. Good Luck!
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    2010 Kubota B2320 / 40 amp alternator - B2320 kits -HELP!!!

    They used to be about $200,but no idea which kit fits your tractor. As reliable as the dynamo is,I'm surprised Kubota hasn't made alternators standard across the board. Good Luck!
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    B7800 - Annoying engineering flaw

    Bet you're glad it's fixed! At least it held up for a lot of years of 4 cylinder vibrations!
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    Illustrated Parts Lists

    I recently noticed the format of Kubota's illustrated parts lists have changed. They are at,and are the same ones Messicks takes you to,as well as other dealer's websites. So far,I've found them much more difficult to use. If I don't get the hang of the new lists,I'll be tempted to...
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    What kinda lubes do you keep in your old oil cans?

    ATF-comes in handy. I also drain my empty oil bottles to keep my pump oilers filled.