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    Excavator boom swings and drops too fast

    Check this out.
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    Inboard boat motor question??

    I have worked on both for 30+ years and a master mechanic on merc and a certified mechanic on volvo. I stopped working on boats in 2000. Super55 is right about certified mechanics are hard to find in some parts. I like the Mercruiser but the Volvo upper gear box is a lot better and harder to...
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    Massey 5460 3 Point Lift Cylinders

    See if any of these well work.
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    Inboard boat motor question??

    Your 280 drive does have a reverse lock. Check it out real close and the end of push rod linkage is not able to move up and down.
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    Fast Source for LS Xr4155 Cat 2 Sway bars or 3 pointt parts?

    Are you using cat 1 stabilizers on cat 2 tractor?
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    I have made 6 or 7 pairs and you should be just fine with the deep V weld.
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    Broken Lower 3 Point Hitch Arm

    I would make new ones... Make both sides while you at it.
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    6040 no fel . Lost hydraulic pressure.

    3 pt safety valve might be open, try lowing the 3 pt if all the way up. If that works check the feed back linkage adjustment.
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    Workmaser cylinder rebuild

    Heat like LD said and unscrew with a strap wrench.
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    LX2610 Connector Size

    OEM's are 3/8, but the dealer put 1/2" on because all my stuff is 1/2" couplers. You might want to look at this.
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    BX Move the fuel filter without a kit?

    i moved the filter and fuel pump up under my hood. Removed the oem filter before injector pump and added a filter with sight glass bowl and shut off . Ever thing all in one small spot.
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    New Holland 2120 issues

    Check the hyd trans screen, if it has one.
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    3-Point Hitch 2638 Three Point Hitch

    Can you feather the loader easy?
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    John deere 6310 hydraulic problem

    That sounds right. Put something in the bucket it well show more psi.
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    This link acted funny just search full time swivel.
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    Here you go!! I see what you are talking about.
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    Using Railroad Track for bridge beams

    I would say not good, they bend to easy.
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    Please help me find a replacement for this FEL Control Valve

    I was talking about the one from amazon.
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    Please help me find a replacement for this FEL Control Valve

    I don't think you well like that valve. No float, no load checks, and 21 gal pm and you tractor is 8 or 9 gal pm.
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    2655 HST Pump gone bad, no help from Mahindra

    You said " leaking yellow fluid" , What is that? Sounds like water in the oil to me.
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    Better parking brake warning needed.

    If you have a brake light you have a switch.. Find that and hook into it, put any 12V light where you want it. I tried the buzzer and that well drive you nuts. I wired a 12V 2 pin flasher and put the light up where I would see it.
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    KUBOTA L2050

    Here you go.
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    Attachments bogging down under load

    I forgot one other thing, If your 445 has a hyd pickup screen check that.
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    Attachments bogging down under load

    I would also check the fuel and air filters. If you have changed hyd filter to after market you might want to get a JD one.
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    Jerking 3 point on Kioti 3510 HST

    If your feed back lever slides on a rod, grease that rod.
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    Bent lift arm on 7360ss where to buy new 1

    If you have a welder and a drill press they are real easy to make. All you have to buy are the ends and metal.
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    Kubota B7800 hydrolics sound like it's cavatating.

    What do you mean by that?
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    Kubota B7800 hydrolics sound like it's cavatating.

    If it comes down to the hyd pump, I have one I'll sell you.
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    Kubota B7800 hydrolics sound like it's cavatating.

    May I add drop the 3pt down a little if all the wat up.
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    Hydraulic Flow Control Advice Needed

    Here is good link for restrictor fittings.
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    Pouring hydr oil from a 5-gal pail

    I have a hand pump for 5 gal. buckets that I use.
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    B6000 engine

    I checked the parts manuals on both and the engine I have well NOT work. Sorry for getting your hopes up.
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    B6000 engine

    Does your hyd pump mount to the engine, if not I might be able to help. The big thing is the shipping.
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    B9200 kubota problem pushing.

    1st thing I would do would be to make sure the screen in the trans is clean and put a new oem filter on.
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    New Holland TC33D with 7308 Loader Lever issue

    Are you saying the ball joints are coming off of the studs?
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    Old and tired. That is the right one now. I was going say something before, glad I read all posts before I said anything.
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    With you only moving 100' I tell you a tree puller works real good. I know it's only one at a time. but it well shock you on the short time it takes. Not only you can stand it up or lay down, also hold it to cut up. or make a hell of a big pile. Just make sure you have weight on the back.
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    Dump truck cylinder leaking only at bottom of travel.

    try a air chisel with a flat end.
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    Too much pressure

    Also show a good picture of the loader valve.
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    Adding a Two Spool remote -- Do I need to connect "Tank"

    He said it is working now. Sounds like he does not have PB fitting in the new valve.
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    Backhoe vibrates, and shakes

    Sounds like it needs a good grease job.
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    How do I Extend a Hydraulic Rod Without Power?

    If you can't get to it the best thing to do is wait until you get the cover fixed.
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    1972 john deere 820 open center

    I had 950 and the lever under the seat was about 1 or1 1/2" long. I ran mine full open or straight up, If I remember right the manual said it was warmup for the hyd oil in cold weather. Keep in mine I had the JD in the early 80's so I might not be 100% sure.
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    Kubota LA351 Control Block

    Are you calling the loader control valve (joy stick) a control block??
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    7411 tilting cylinder

    Try here Surplus Center
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    Branson Tie-Rod end replacement

    There should of been a recall on them!!!! What would of happened if someone got killed because of one braking that easy and often.
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    What TV did you watch as a kid?

    The very 1st TV I seen was Felix The Cat back in the 40's.
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    Hydraulic problem

    If you have float on your valve, push the lever into float.
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    Broken hydraulic Cylinder Case

    I would buy a new rockshaft housing and repair the 2 bottom casting bolt holes. You better check the 3 pt piston and make sure the relief valve (safety valve) is set right .
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    Kubota L3710 runs for 20 minutes then won't run at speed or at all.

    Check and make sure you are getting good flow in and out at the filter. Could have a fuel line braking up inside.