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  1. joecdeere

    JD 770 Fuel shut-off solenoid wont stay closed.

    Ya let the smoke out!
  2. joecdeere

    JD 770 Fuel shut-off solenoid wont stay closed.

    look in your manual for testing the "time delay control module" part of it's job is to hold the solienoid open as the key switch moves from "start" to "run" kinda sounds like yours isn't making the changeover
  3. joecdeere

    JD 770 Fuel shut-off solenoid wont stay closed.

    complete harness only
  4. joecdeere

    JD 770 Fuel shut-off solenoid wont stay closed.

    lots of things are in the fuel solenoid system, as you can see in these two drawings (old version stops at tractor serial number 105,92) I have a PDF of the tech manual that you are welcome to before you keep throwing money at it!, if wanted, send me your email and it's on the way. I'll message...
  5. joecdeere

    Kubota BX 24 backhoe will not start

    ground cable attaches to the top of the right rear motor mount, don't look at it, remove it and wire brush both the cable end and what it attaches to, bad grounds are most of the electrical problems with starting on compact tractors
  6. joecdeere

    John Deere 110 TLB Technical Manual

    Henkelmike, check your messages for manual info
  7. joecdeere

    What brand tiller is this?

    looks like a well cared for Yanmar, most that you see have had the crap beat out of them!
  8. joecdeere

    John Deere 4110 LVA800157 Oil Tube Replacement

    It would appear that you are correct and the bolt is going to have to come out, never had the pleasure of this repair, maybe someone will speak up who has
  9. joecdeere

    Ford 754 backhoe bucket pins

    I would think that the too small pin hammered out the bushings long ago, hate to see what the end of the stick looks like!
  10. joecdeere

    Ford 754 backhoe bucket pins

    ouch!!!! salvage yard or machine shop time!!! 24 PIN 38.05mm OD x 318.3mm L 7704796 $487.20 Dipstick, 1-1/2'' x 12-1/2'', Bucket to Dipstick & Link Assy.;Effective W/1972 Production dipstick and pins
  11. joecdeere

    Ford 754 backhoe bucket pins

    Yea, they were about $200 a piece when I left Ford in the late 90’s
  12. joecdeere

    Ford 754 backhoe bucket pins

    If I remember right, they were 1 1/2“ x 12 1/2”
  13. joecdeere

    4210 Flashing Code- Help!

    check your messages
  14. joecdeere

    John Deere 4720 eHydro - Err14 - no reverse

    check your private messages for more info
  15. joecdeere

    Need new Tread Material (where feet go on tractor "floor")

    most any hardware store or home improvement store should have a version of it HomeDepot
  16. joecdeere

    1983 Ford 3910 tractor wiring diagram

    For Hazard/road flasher lights and turn indicators
  17. joecdeere

    1983 Ford 3910 tractor wiring diagram

    FLASHER ASSEMBLY - FLASHER ASSEMBLY D8NN13N360AC $55.98 3-7 business days 1 Assy, 6 Terminals, W/Cab, Hella #TBB38; (Prod Date) After 01-Jan-1981 Replaced By 81867838 for...
  18. joecdeere

    Need help identifying odd implement-side PTO drive shaft coupling

    it's pretty common, a good farm dealer, farm store, or driveshaft repair dealer should have it we called them - "implement yoke - 1 3/8 round bore with key way, be sure of your measurements!
  19. joecdeere

    JD 650 Compact Tractor Brake Shoes

    Hoyes has them for $34.95 ea 650 shoes
  20. joecdeere

    John Deere 4510 steering column removal

    Check your private messages
  21. joecdeere

    1998 JD 4100 HST won't move

    Check your private messages
  22. joecdeere

    ISO 5520 key switch wiring diagram

    See if this helps, if not or if you want them, I have PDF’s of the two technical manuals for your 5520. Message me your email and it’s on the way
  23. joecdeere

    Ford 5400? Year?

    6C17 March 17,1966
  24. joecdeere

    Looking for a part for my rotary cutter - 2102-N - Auburn Gear

    a T-660-LT is a Hardee Mower FRICTION DISC 6.5" X 2.625" 225-6526 the Hardee Part number for the friction disc is #C-57
  25. joecdeere

    Bought a 550 Ford TLB

    the 218353 crosses in NAPA to these two that they might can get in a cap greased fitting Part #: UJS UJ861 Part #: NPJ P861 if you GOOGLE the 218353 or it's replacement 84355036 there are lots of choices out there
  26. joecdeere

    Bought a 550 Ford TLB

    Be sure you grease the two fittings on that front pump driveshaft, two of the most neglected ones on a hoe, can cost thousands to repair the damage that shaft can cause if it lets go!
  27. joecdeere

    JD 950 clutch--single or dual

    yours is a 1983 850 (-016000) AND 950 (-020000) COMPACT UTILITY TRACTORS PC1876 (H.1) JUL-22 2 / 8 John Deere 950 Tractor 1978 Model Year (Serial No. 001024 – 005228) 1979 Model Year (Serial No. 005229 – 010452) 1980 Model Year (Serial No. 010453 – 014892) 1981 Model Year (Serial No. 014893 –...
  28. joecdeere

    wood chipper/shredder mod to increase chip size

    increasing the gap only leads to poor chipping performance, excessive strain on the knives, quick dulling of the edge, the only true way on a chipper to increase the chip size is to increase the material input speed. If you think of a pair of scissors, how poorly they cut if loose or if there is...
  29. joecdeere

    how to remove 1980 john deere 950 fuel tank

    check your messages
  30. joecdeere

    send your email to and it's on the way Joe

    send your email to and it's on the way Joe
  31. joecdeere

    Replacing wheel on gator after flat

    Just cutting the head off a bolt would be the simplest
  32. joecdeere

    Deere 950 - How to remove build up from tractor radiator coils

    I usally do several flushes, which with a good stream of water will get all the acid out, if it concerns you still, make your last flush/fill with a teaspoon of baking soda disolved into the water to neutralize the acid in the vinegar.
  33. joecdeere

    Deere 950 - How to remove build up from tractor radiator coils

    plus one on the vinegar, and I let mine sit and run until it gets up to a decent temp and then let it cool off before each drain/flush cycle, the vinegar will dissolve the minerals so they can be flushed out
  34. joecdeere

    Putting a Ford 555 hoe on a Massey Ferguson backhoe??

    Hoe detaches pretty easy as a unit, it’s 6 or 8 bolts holding it to the tractor, we took them off all the time for repairs when I was at Ford in the 80’s and 90’s. Do realize that’s in the neighborhood of 4000 or so of very top heavy steel and every cylinder is gonna have air in it so it’s gonna...
  35. joecdeere

    JD Gator year/ model

    it's not really that hard, really get it clean down in there before doing it, and do use a bit of "white Lube" to stick the O-ring in place on the filter place while reaching down in there. as for your dash lights, on the 4X2 there is only the Red parking brake and the green Differential lock light
  36. joecdeere

    JD Gator year/ model

    On the 4x2 the owner added kit was the only way to add the filter, we fussed at Deere when I was there to make it standard, but their answer was it came without it from Kawasaki, owner can buy and add if they wish. We put a lot of the kits on before they ever left the dealer
  37. joecdeere

    JD Gator year/ model

    She’s a 1998 model The model like yours and mine was made from 1993- 2004 1998 Model (SN W004X2X028039-036169)
  38. joecdeere

    Deere to Dealer Communication

    I was in a Golf and Turf dealer for about 16 years, when they brought out all the electronics and computer crap, we were on there everyday!
  39. joecdeere

    Deere to Dealer Communication

    D-TAC - Dealer Technical Assistance Center It is a place in the Deere system where dealers can search for problem solutions, both with machines and parts, it is also where a dealer "prepares" a case to submit for assistance with a problem they couldn't correct on their own
  40. joecdeere

    JD Gator year/ model

    They are tough, mine is a 98, other than a belt and a starter a couple Of years ago, it’s never failed me. They’re not fancy or fast, but very dependable!
  41. joecdeere

    JD Gator year/ model

    A picture of the gator would help, I believe the 290 engine was used in the 4x2 gator but would have to do some reading. Deere put a serial number plate on the rear, just to the right of the center post where a hitch could be bolted, it was also stamped on the top of the outside of the frame...
  42. joecdeere

    Ford 2610 3 pt sway

    my Massey 135 had the same problem, we used a set of these instead of the crappy bars Tractor is at the farm or I'd got you a better picture, these show what I'm talking about, Tractor Supply and everyone else sells them too adjustable sway chains
  43. joecdeere

    Questions on the numbers on my 3930?

    interesting, if you punch in your serial number at CNH it gives you - 038450B - 3430 - 3 CYL AG TRACTOR ALL PURPOSE - (03/90 - 01/98) A 3930 model should start with a "CA5, CA6, CH5, or CN5", have you compared whats on the tag to what's stamped on the bell housing boss just above and behind the...
  44. joecdeere

    Digging bucket smooth edge

    Very nice, smiling as I walk out to the scrap metal pile!👍