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  1. Wakey

    Outdoor lighting

    I’ve got four 500 W halogen fixtures outside my home. I’m not interested in motion detecting, in fact they are never on unless I turn them on to let the dog out or run the grill, etc. The bulbs don’t seem to last very long considering how little they are used. I thought I might change them...
  2. Wakey

    Finding the SEC Network via the interwebs..

    Once I got starlink about a year ago I happily killed DirecTV who I used to absolutely love years ago. With football season starting this is the one thing I must get. I'm going to install an antenna to get the local stations out of Atlanta, that won't be a problem. I know you can get the SEC...
  3. Wakey

    Work Pants

    Jeff posted a durable cotton shirt in another thread so I thought I'd post the same, but pants. I haven't found any good khaki cargo pants in the last 8 years or more. Cherokee made some good ones that Target carried, but not any longer. I've been buying used jeans from Goodwill but these are...
  4. Wakey

    Need to purchase a hospital bed for mom

    Anyone have recent experience with them? I know she wants one with the head and foot and the height of the bed, all adjustable with a remote. We’ve tried 2 lift chairs and the 2nd one will be returned. They just aren’t comfortable enough and I believe she would benefit by sleeping with her...
  5. Wakey

    Project Farm reviews chain sharpeners

    I know from past threads that many folks here can make their chains razor sharp with only a rain tail file, without even grabbing your readers. So this is for the rest of us. Which Chainsaw Sharpener is Best? Let's find out! Stihl, Granberg, Chicago Electric, Oregon - YouTube
  6. Wakey

    My Herbie Curbie broke down!

    This is a very important part of my kit and I’m having trouble sorting it out. The wheel fell off and I’m unsure if there is a fix. I was hoping there is a washer of some sort that snaps in here to hold the wheel on. Here are some pics and my temporary fix lol The 2nd pic is looking inside...
  7. Wakey

    Painting an extra file cabinet to be used for tool storage in the barn.

    I need somewhere to store tools that don’t have a case so that I can free up some shelf space. I have one more of these file cabinets in the house that I may do this to, if needed. I defeated the safety mechanisms so both drawers will open at the same time and all the way. I purchased a...
  8. Wakey

    Looking at 2 way radios with my neighbors

    This might be something many of us need to think about. I want to get with my neighbors about establishing a back up communication setup. Many of us are using an app where we can rapidly mass text each other if something went wrong. In the case that traditional systems went down, having a...
  9. Wakey

    Quiet New Years

    At 10 mins before midnight I stepped out on the front porch to take in the celebration. It was dead quiet until 5 minutes prior, I could hear a few explosions from very far away. Midnight came and hardly anything changed. I’m out in the country and for the last 4.5 years there has been plenty...
  10. Wakey

    Outstanding how to on leveling deck on a zeroturn

    A ton of things I didn't know including measuring the circumference (of supposedly the same size) tires in order to level the machine, and then, the deck! How the Pro's Level a mower deck, Fix steering problems & set Rake for the best cut quality 4k video - YouTube
  11. Wakey

    Looking for replacement the carb on my Stihl FS 130R brush trimmer

    My trimmer won't run unless you leave the choke partially on and it does not run all that great that way. Replaced the filters and plug with same outcome. I have what I assume is the model number for the carb but i'm not getting any hits. Here are a couple pics.. Purchased in October 2009 It...
  12. Wakey

    Pork White Bean and Kale Soup (My favorite soup)

    I couldn't recommend this more for the cold days of winter. The wine and smoked Paprika really give this a great flavor and it is much better for you than most of what I cook. Pork, White Bean & Kale Soup Recipe - EatingWell
  13. Wakey

    Purchasing the proper chain sharpener

    I have a few saws I'd like to get the Pferd or Stihl sharpeners. For my Stihl MS-291 Chainsaw that uses the...
  14. Wakey

    Want to be a hero this Thanksgiving? Shrimp Eggplant and Artichoke dressing recipe The yield is 4 side dish servings, I usually double this recipe. I also add about 1.5 cans (strained) of quartered artichoke hearts in water (not oil) to each batch 1 lb Wild Caught American Gulf Shrimp, peeled...
  15. Wakey

    Mt first lasagna and easily the best I've eaten.

    I can not recommend a recipe more. I paid a bit more and bought quality cheeses. :licking: Cajun Lasagna - Creole Contessa
  16. Wakey

    What kind of bird house/nest is this?

    I see these often on older ranches so they must be helpful. I'm embarrassed to say, I don't know what they are called so Google won't be of much help :laughing: I have seed balls and a traditional bird feeder and bird baths, and in 2.5 years, I've built quite a following here.
  17. Wakey

    Ever put your foot in your mouth?

    Some of us are better at this than others but I have a few good ones. I had a client that was an empty nester and her husband still worked. I was over there every couple of months for something, it was a giant house. She typically followed me around and we chatted while I was fixing whatever...
  18. Wakey

    Do you have a front loading washing machine? You might want to take a look..

    I have a set of Samsung front loading machines. I've been very pleased with them, they do a great job and I've never had an odor issue with the washer. (I leave the door ajar when not in use). The other day I heard a very load explosion, thought the power transformer blew up. Turns out it was...
  19. Wakey

    Leaky male hose end

    Is there ANY WAY to fix this? I twisted on the nut to no avail. Some times it gets worse, sometimes nothing changes. One thing it does not do is fix the leak. :laughing: Look, I know lots of people have lots of real problems but if there is a way where I could put water on the beds without...
  20. Wakey

    Calibrating a boomless sprayer

    I figured this would be the right place to ask. Last time I looked this up they mentioned putting a tarp on the ground and measuring the liquid off it so needless to say I just went with trial and error. Since I'm starting anew I found what looks like a rational way to calibrate the sprayer...
  21. Wakey

    Running power to my barn, need electrical advice..

    I have a 60 amp circuit that used to go to the oven but I changed it out to a new propane model. I'd like to use this for my run to the barn if it is suitable. The wire is 6/2 with ground. Otherwise I'll have to expose some conduit from the breaker box that I'd rather not have to do (for...
  22. Wakey

    Adhesive for attaching rain diverter

    This is a bit different because I'm installing this one (actually a drywall corner bead for it's lower profile) vertically, if you will. See pics.. I used silicone and I have to say, this is the FIRST time silicone didn't hold something. This setup failed twice due to wind. So my question...
  23. Wakey

    Post your dream property(s)

    It's kinda winter so there isn't as much going on so... Here is my current fav. I'm ready to sign a contract, all I need is the money. :laughing: The top left of the page has a gallery with 33 pictures and I've attached a grab showing it from the satellite view. Residential for sale in...
  24. Wakey

    Small brick repair

    I had a whole house generator installed about a month ago. Mostly they did a nice job but they did such an awful job on the brick that they pretty much earned the right to never be allowed on the property again. I wanted the transfer switch flushed as much as possible since the meter that is...
  25. Wakey

    Learning about the stock market

    As my parents and grandparents get older (granny is 99!) I think it would be wise for me to gain fluency in the market. My Grandparents are leaving their investments to the grandchildren and my parents to their children. Luckily I am a member in good standing of both groups. I won't ask my...
  26. Wakey

    Can anyone tell if this well is bored or drilled by looking at this pic?

    There is absolutely no info plaque or paperwork. The home was built in 1994. It has 220 volts / 20 amp circuit.
  27. Wakey

    DIY Exterior Shutters (picture heavy thread)

    Here is the original thread With the advice of several members and Eddie Walker specifically I went with Smartside trim boards Shop SmartSide 54 Series Primed Engineered Treated Wood Siding Panel (Common...
  28. Wakey

    Looking for an excellent off grid property in Montana?

    Saw this on Facebook this morning. WOW! Make sure to watch the video. "At 120 Acres, this property is truly one of a kind. A sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle and a little slice of heaven. Rock Springs is turn-key, off-the-grid living. All the comforts of home, including Satellite TV...
  29. Wakey

    Board and batten type shutters made with Hardiplank type products?

    I Have some old plastic shutters outside that I was going to paint to freshen them up but if I could put something out there that would look better and also keep wasps from being able to nest, it might be worth the effort. I like the idea of the Hardi product because it is immune to bugs and...
  30. Wakey

    Driveway sensor

    The only threads here are from around 2010 so I wanted to see what people are using now. I need a sensor installed about 600 feet and a 2nd one about 300 feet. We have lots of deer and foxes etc so I'm guessing an electromagnetic sensor would be best. In a perfect world smart phone...
  31. Wakey

    Have you used the County Line T-post puller sold at Tractor Supply?

    I've been trying to research this online and I found some threads elsewhere singing the praises of a unit that Tractor Supply no longer sells. Here is the unit they do sell.. CountyLine T-Fence Post Puller - For Life Out Here It is rated very well but that is dubious at best on the TS website...
  32. Wakey

    Leasing pasture

    We moved to the new property and love it! The pasture was leased to and older fella that keeps his brood mares and foal on it. He said the previous owner simply asked him to keep the field cut, no money changed hands. Okay, lol. In about a week I will be finished "moving in" so I want to get...
  33. Wakey

    Barns and condensation.

    We close on this property later this month and most of our belongings will be stored in this barn while I build a new home. I've seen people here talk about condensation yet I see no proof of it in this structure. I was wondering if this is really more prevalent further up north. This is due...
  34. Wakey

    Overgrown boxwoods

    I've got a month to occupy my mind before we close on this property. I can't decide wether I should cut these to 18 to 24" stumps or remove these altogether and plant azaleas and perhaps something else. These things are huge, the 2nd picture shows the depth. Even the first bush on the right is...
  35. Wakey

    Painting Hardiplank lap siding and wood soffits.

    I've seen someone spray the Hardiplank and it came out really nice. How about the soffits and fascia? What kind of prep besides pressure washing? I'm assuming the only caulk I need to dig out and replace is the ones showing separation? I have some Sherwin Williams Sher Max caulk if that is...
  36. Wakey

    Upgrading can lights ~ LED ~ also project to insulate these leaky cans

    I've got 10 non IC cans in my kitchen. I believe the non IC refers to the fact that insulation can't cover or otherwise touch the assembly in the attic. I know I'm losing a ton of energy through them so with a little research I found out about Tenmat covers that can be glued on top of the...
  37. Wakey

    Asphalt shingle installation ~ need advice ~ (pics)

    The roof on the dog house covering this well was severely rotted and the tarp being used to cover it looked ratchet so in a spur of the moment I replaced it on Saturday.. I used PT 2x4 and plywood (3/4") and the best tar paper Lowes had. My concern is the nails I put on the side edges.. I...
  38. Wakey

    DIY bug killin' in the home and barns

    I did a search here and most of the threads were old which likely means we can no longer get the chemical people were saying is best. (Could have searched for improper terms, bug killi'n wasn't one of them) I have a problem mostly with spiders, rarely a roach since we keep everything inside and...
  39. Wakey

    Advice for pergola construction (pics)

    Didn't want to but I hired this out. The economy has recovered nicely so my go to people that could help me and provide some knowledge are busy with higher paying jobs. First question is the "straps" on the "joists" that connect them to the timber attached to the house. Do I have any other...
  40. Wakey

    Irrigation question.. Rotor head spraying too far

    Here are 2 heads that are spraying too far. Basically they are wetting my patio furniture. I need to adjust both to spray about 1 or 2 feet less. Is there a tool I can purchase? One of the heads has something slotted on the riser, what is that? I asked at my home improvement store and they...
  41. Wakey

    Home Security System Monitoring

    Was wondering what services any of you are using for security monitoring. I plan on using an IP based communication since I don't have home land phone lines. I don't need to go with a local security company because I can service the system myself and frankly, I don't care to pay their prices...
  42. Wakey

    Need help selecting a drag for sand arena

    Our jumper ring is heavily used so I drag it every morning with a chain harrow and once a week or so I use a landscaping drag to help with "ruts" along the outer edge. I really want something that does a better job. I have a Land Pride box blade but I don't think that is going to work well...
  43. Wakey

    Any floor tile installers? Putting down a tile floor..

    This will be my first experience with installing tile. I have a 700 square foot loft I want to tile. It is on the 2nd floor of a 3 car garage. The floor is plywood with joists. If it was TGI type structured beams I'd feel better about the tiles not moving or grout cracking. Also it will help...
  44. Wakey

    Starter issues ~ Ford F 1300

    Here is the original thread where I asked for help identifying which starter to purchase for this tractor. The new starter only lasted 1 week! I can't blame the new starter because it did the same...
  45. Wakey

    Need model # for Ford F-1300 starter

    My searches here and elsewhere have come up empty. My starter was shorted out by a wire that rubbed on top of the pictured starter. The smoke was let out! Any help would be appreciated. edit.. My new 64 bit Chrome browser won't let me upload pics of the starter.. The S/N of the tractor...
  46. Wakey

    Top loading vs side loading washers

    Top loading vs front loading washers Great.. A washer dryer thread in a tractor forum :eek: Our old and large washer died yesterday, right before it's time to wash about 65 horse blankets and sheets. I did some research online but it's tough to wade through reviews not knowing who is capable...
  47. Wakey

    Beautiful North Georgia morning on the farm

  48. Wakey

    Kioti DK40SE with FEL and filled tires on my 3 ton car trailer?

    Here is the trailer. The truck has no problem pulling it, I'm concerned about the tires on the trailer. At 40 pounds they had a noticeable "dent" (for lack of the proper term) in the...
  49. Wakey

    How to pull broken 4x4 fence posts that were concreted in. (pics and video)

    We had someone crash a truck through 2 sections of fence and nine 4x4 concreted fence posts were snapped at the base. I did not want to dig these up figuring (it was too much work) plus it would disturb the ground too much right where I wanted to put the new posts. I did not want to have posts...
  50. Wakey

    Having trouble finding parts for my Fuerst manure spreader

    I've kept this thing glued together (M200G) for the last couple years. I've added a plastic liner to the bed, taken parts from a PTO driven model, but now I just can't keep it working. If I can find parts it will keep me from having to buy a new one. Basically I need to replace the 2 larger...