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  1. sengli

    RK55 Oil leak at hydraulic rear end plate

    Good to know. What a PIA to have to drian all that tranny/hydro fluid out to fix this.
  2. sengli

    Non warranty Parts

    I was told by the RK guy in my area, they dropped the largest 74 tractor due to the fact they couldnt easily work on them. I know for a fact the store I bought my RK55 from, cant even fit it in the bay inside to work on it. They work on these larger units outside.
  3. sengli

    Just picked up my new RK37

    Wow, you didnt have to wait too long to get your new ride. I have had mine for several years, without too much drama. I have only around 70 hrs on mine.
  4. sengli

    Low fuel level in the filter. RK55

    Mine is exactly the same looking as yours. Mine tractor is working great, and never noticed the level in the bowl. But now that I have looked it is half full. While running I can see fuel flowing thru this.
  5. sengli

    Broken Rear Cab Glass

    I ordered a clearance light for my RK55 last year, in october from my local rural king where I bought my tractor. Still dont have it. Called and checked on its progress multiple times too, over the last 10 months. I hope your parts actually come in. I ended up going to my local TYM dealer...
  6. sengli

    Dissapointed with Rural King parts ordering reliability

    FYI I had a cab curtesy light on order for 8 months thru RK. Never did get it either. Called up the local TYM dealer and had it in two days. Mind you this wasnt a warranty item, so I had to pay for it. The shipping was as much as the part!
  7. sengli

    Non warranty Parts

    I accidentally broke the lens on one of the lights. I ordered a clearance light from my local RK store 8 months ago. Still waiting, no call back or any communication from them at all. I had called and inquired several times over the last few months, as to where that part was. Pretty...
  8. sengli

    Introduction, RK Purchasing Team, Brian Evans

    I spoke with the regional service guy last year on the 74, and he also said they were going to discontinue that model. He said it was too big to fit any of the store shops. As a matter of fact the two local stores near me that have tractors, cant even fit my 55 in them, they have to work them...
  9. sengli

    Introduction, RK Purchasing Team, Brian Evans

    I have been trying to order a replacement clearance light that I broke on my RK55HSC last year. So 8 months later, still no part from my local store...where I bought the tractor. How do I get a part? Who do I need to talk to ?
  10. sengli

    RK24 Three Point Dropping

    I mow with a 72" king cutter rotary mower which weighs like 650 pounds or so. I guess I havent noticed mine dropping under power. Now when I shut it down, it bleeds off pretty quickly.
  11. sengli

    RK55 110 Front end loader

    well is been a solid year since they were out to my place to look at the tractor for the FEL issue, and a leak I had. They ran it up the ladder to the zone lead tech (covers multi states) and none of them seemed to acknowledge they had heard of heard of the issue before. And nothing ever came...
  12. sengli

    RK55 110 Front end loader

    Unlike a lot of other guys, I take my FEL off during the summer as I use the tractor mostly for mowing. The alignment is always been off since day one. I have read what everyone else had to say, and the local service guys from RK were a bit amazed how far off mine was when the measured it one...
  13. sengli

    RK55 110 Front end loader

    Yes I am aware this is a new issue. I was a fan of your posts on this issue. I am not sure where mine was built. Obviously the pins binding is a symptom of the FEL brackets not being aligned correctly.
  14. sengli

    RK55 110 Front end loader

    This isnt a new issue with the RK tractors. The most noticeable thing was the bucket on the FEL wouldnt lay flat. One side was off the ground by an inch or so. I had a conversation with the local service guy right after I took delivery. He actually came out to my house and took some...
  15. sengli

    hood latch hard to open

    I had to use a spray type lube on my latch itself to be able to open the hood normally. Otherwise mine was stuck shut. Pulling the cable to open it, was fruitless before I lubed the latching mechanism up. Mine sat on the "lot" for over a year before I bought it, so it was exposed to the...
  16. sengli

    RK55 110 Front end loader

    The only thing I have noticed about my FEL, was how tight the pins were to remove and re-insert. The framework that the FEL attaches to isnt as rigid as the attachment points were on my SOB tractor I had before this one. First time I tried to remove the FEL on mine for mowing, I had to use a...
  17. sengli

    Snow Pusher

    I did an express steel made XP30 pusher. They are available in any color you want. Mine is a 5 foot version, and have a 250 foot driveway. I love the way this works for me. Put the tractor in 4wd, and so far had no issues. I have the pusher out front, and the 5 foot blade on the rear.
  18. sengli

    Real world RK ownership Experience

    I really should have bought the 37, but they marked down the 55 to the point I couldnt resist. I am up in the great white north in Indiana, but the story here is pretty much the same. The local service guys didnt last too long. Luckily I havent had too many issues, and I am at 48 hours now...
  19. sengli

    Bring on the snow

    Lack of snow? I thought the same thing, but last year we got a multiple storms where about 6 to 8 inches plus inches dropped. I have a 250 foot driveway, and it drifted pretty good. The pusher worked a lot easier than the rear blade did, for a couple of reasons. Best reason was I didnt have to...
  20. sengli

    Bring on the snow

    My RK55
  21. sengli

    Bring on the snow

    They make it several sizes, I went with the 5 foot version. The outfit I bought this thru, is a metal fabrication shop, so they do offer one in 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 foot widths. Man this thing is heavy duty steel. It weighs like 620lbs, the FEL handles it okay, but you know have some weight out...
  22. sengli

    Bring on the snow

    Well I have been using the rear blade to push snow in the years past. Got this snow push last year, and I cant believe I didnt have one of these before. This unit works so much easier than the blade. I have a gravel driveway and this surprisingly doesnt bother the gravel very much at all when...
  23. sengli


    I guess I am kind neutral on the subject. I had a leak start on my 55, at around 21 hrs. The local stores service guys took several weeks to make contact. Then they did drive over(35 miles) from the store, and and at least look at it. They determined it wasnt something they could fix at the...
  24. sengli

    RK Tractor Prices

    Never in my years have I seen things so upside down. Thank goodness I bought my tractor when I did. Otherwise I most likely couldnt afford to buy now, if you could find one.
  25. sengli

    Chain hooks and tooth bar for RK37 bucket?

    I ended up looking inline for some weld on heavy duty chain eyelets, and found some. Broke out the welder and attached them myself.
  26. sengli

    Door latch

    Excellent post. My unit sat out in the parking lot for over a year before I bought it. So it was exposed to the elements that whole time. I would bet my latches might have that same issue. Love simple fixes.
  27. sengli

    Love it but regret it

    I have the direct phone numbers of the tractor guy at my local RK store where I bought mine. He doesnt know everything, but seems very willing to find out things as needed. Plus I now have the regional service guys info as well. I now know the stores dont handle hardly any parts, except some...
  28. sengli

    RK55 DPF Regeneration And Engine Service Indicator

    While mowing last week mine did its first regen on its own at about 41hrs. I didnt even notice anything unusual until I smelled something was very hot. Saw the regen symbol on the display on the dash. Continued mowing, and about half hour later it was done.
  29. sengli

    Glow plugs?

    I see in the manual it states that once the key is turned to the on, position the glow plugs light is supposed to illuminate. And to not start the engine till the dash light... goes out. In the winter when the barn was low 40's it still never came on. Its always started and ran just fine...
  30. sengli

    Glow plugs?

    I have had my RK55 for about a year now. It is stored in a building when not in use, so it doesnt just set outside. Anyway, even when its been cold out, dont know that I have ever seen any idiot lights or anything showing me that the glow plugs are in use. SOB tractor, the key would click to...
  31. sengli

    Rk55 ignition switch

    So far so good on the ignition switch. Mine isnt what I would say is tight, but I never remove the key.
  32. sengli

    Rk55 radiator screens

    I thought radiator my screens were clean, but I was very wrong. I had gooey bug guts smattered all over my engine from the cooling fan, last time I mowed. Turns out the area directly behind the oil cooler, and the screen was just clogged with bugs drawn against the screen, to the point where...
  33. sengli

    Trans-Hydraulic fluid

    Great news, Thanks for the info on the JD J-20c specs. I did see that on the container.
  34. sengli

    Oil & Fuel RK 55HC 50 hour service

    The remote is for the radio in a cabbed model. I didnt get any free hydraulic filters when I bought mine. I did however make them give a free oil change kit (2 gallons of oil, and filter) since my unit had been setting on the lot for over a year outside. Mine also did not include a parts...
  35. sengli

    Trans-Hydraulic fluid

    Mine is a HSC unit. So from what I can tell, the hydraulic and trans fluid are the from the same tank.
  36. sengli

    Trans-Hydraulic fluid

    So gathering fluids and filters for my maybe, not so soon 50 hour service. The traveler trans fluid they used to recommend in the service manual at RK, has now been discontinued? So this is what they are telling me is the replacement. I cant find any API info on this stuff, which makes me...
  37. sengli

    My first leak at 21hrs

    The leaks arent that big of a deal. I wasnt thrilled at first, but the tractor still does what I need it to do..mow 6 acres of grass once a month in the summer. And push snow in the winter. Granted I did easily pay $12000 less for this RK, over a kubota. Sure the jap tractor is a beauty...
  38. sengli

    Rk55 radiator screens

    My foam pieces were mostly un-seated , and loose when I brought my new tractor home. I took the engine side covers off one day and pulled them the rest of the way loose and used RTV and rubber cement to re-attach them back in where they were. And your right the debris sticks in the screens on...
  39. sengli

    RK37HC A/C belt adjustment

    While mine was in for some other issue, they noted my belt was loose too. Rather than mechanically tightening the belt, they sprayed belt dressing all over the front of the engine. Took me hours to clean it all off. Sticky nasty black goo. Then I tightened the belt via the mechanical routine.
  40. sengli


    Same thing hear. My 55RK unit running at 2500rpm speed needed for the mower PTO speed, is kinda loud even in the cab too. I turn up the radio, or resort to wearing ear plugs.
  41. sengli

    My first leak at 21hrs

    Great news now its leaking at the rear PTO seal, as well as the mid tranny area. The hits just keep coming on this thing. Got a whole 34 hours on it. I had a bobcat CT335 for 10 years plus, and it wasnt leaking at all, from anywhere in that entire time.
  42. sengli

    Rk55 radiator screens

    After I am done mowing, I just use my gas blower to blast the screens out. So far it works great. The largest thing is usually dandelion seeds.
  43. sengli

    My first leak at 21hrs

    Nope it is not fixed, still leaks. The RK service guy ran it and let it heat up, but I dont think they drove it around much if at all. It wasnt leaking when they dropped it off from the service visit. Just mowed 5 acres of ground today, and the leak is back, same exact scenario as before.
  44. sengli

    Diesel Particulate Filter

    Can you just removed the DPF? I would have thought with all the computer controls on the engines it would go into some type of limp mode and not run with the dpf being removed.
  45. sengli

    Leaking 4x4 shaft seal on RK55

    Where were able to get these parts from? The store or? Did it take a long time to get them?
  46. sengli

    My first leak at 21hrs

    Well just got my tractor back. As it turned out the leak was an input connection to the hydro unit, which could be tightened from the outside of the mid transmission housing. When it leaked it dripped inside of that casting, so it looked like it was coming from the inside. So they did not...
  47. sengli

    Comparison Choosing and 1st impressions

    Serious second thoughts after my new tractor has a trans leak at 22hrs. They are telling me it will have to split to fix the issue. Reported the issue approximately 5 weeks ago, was just picked up for service today.
  48. sengli

    RK74 are being dis-continued

    I was told by someone on the inside that they are getting out of these larger sized units due to the fact they are hard to service and the repair shops cant handle the size. As matter of fact my local store cant even fit my 55 in the shop on site, because it wont fit in the service bay! I was...
  49. sengli


    The only way they might deal is if they have a leftover unit, that they really want to get rid of. I got a deal on mine just for that reason. Mine had sat for over a year on the lot, and the paint was faded from UV. Otherwise the price you see is the price you will have to pay only at a...