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    Need help fixing a stupid mistake I made two weeks ago

    I just pour that back into my cans to be filtered the next time around...
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    Need help fixing a stupid mistake I made two weeks ago

    I would just empty the tank as all the others have mentioned, into a clean container & then run some clean diesel though as well (still collecting it). After that I would run it through a "Mr Funnel", treat it & reuse all of it... I've done this on much larger equipment without any issues...
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    Willy's wife passed

    Sorry to hear Willy... Our condolences. Remember every moment & Cherish them...
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    Trailer painting

    Have used Por15 with both good & bad experiences, however it's been awhile & the pricing is pretty high so stopped using it. We have been using a product made by SEM called Rust Trap, SEM products are available at many auto paint distributors. Have been using it for like 3yrs on projects &...
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    Metal buildings and Cell signals

    IMHO... Don't wait the month, if you did not see an improvement at time of install something is wrong. I'll leave the Wi-Fi out of this for now, but if you have hardwire devices connected & there is latency / bandwidth loss then place the call... there is an issue... waiting will not help; get...
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    Metal buildings and Cell signals

    So, we use a Cellular Signal Meter which will read the signal strength for each frequency (LTE, CELL, PCS, AWS); then for each frequency we cycle through each channel for the signal strength. This is a little different than how a cell phone does this as it is reading the channel it is connected...
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    Metal buildings and Cell signals

    @newbury... You are correct... (& I corrected it).... thanks... (y)
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    Metal buildings and Cell signals

    Wilson Electronics & weBoost are the same company & they were recently aquired by Zinwave. WilsonPro is really the commercial / enterprise level of equipment making it more scalable for larger installs (even though we have installed many in homes). The weBoost line is the home & small business...
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    Buying Advice on Hydraulic links

    I'm going to agree on 3 remotes if it is an option... @ovrszd & @MtnViewRanch (& others) have pointed out good reasons for them... Our NH TC40D had one rear remote when we purchased it used... I added 2 additional rear remotes & a front mounted diverter valve & now would not want to be without...
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    Need advice New Holland TC55da

    @melmark - I'm pretty sure (& I could be completely wrong) the NH TC55DA has a similar Glow Plug function as the other TC series & the glow plugs are activated by the ignition key prior to start up. When the key is turned to the RUN position (Not the Start / Crank position) the dash lights...
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    Crank no start

    You can also check the Fuel Shut-Off Relay... Again, I can't say your TC40DA is the same as the diagram shown... but if it is, it would be Relay #4. You can swap it with a like relay to see if that is the problem... Just wondering.... How did you test the Seat Switch??
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    Crank no start

    I can't say your TC40DA is the same as the diagram shown... but if it is the fuse would be Fuse #2 but I don't think yours is bad; usually if Fuse #2 is bad the tractor won't crank at all... but worth checking
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    Crank no start

    I would first check the Seat Switch & the the Parking Brake Switch... On the NH TC series the seat switch and the parking brake switch will not stop the engine from turning over however they cause the Fuel Solenoid to shut off. This will allow the engine to crank but not start. You should...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Me either... but had to look it up.. Automated Safety Hitch System
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    Doorman’s next big adventure

    Definitely determined by your State / Area & local codes (& which version of code their on)... Here in CT it is R49 for ceilings & R-20 (or R-13 cavity plus R-5 insulated sheathing) for the walls. We have issue here all the time on projects with the local town inspectors over this... there are...
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    tree/post puller for invasive honeysuckle works great

    @mtsman2 - I purchased one from Titan a few years ago when it was on sale... looks like they currently do not have them in-stock but if you google "3 Point Hitch to Skid Steer Quick Attach adapter" you will get a bunch of different options. I won't say the one we have is the most robust unit...
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    NH TC33DA Starter Problem

    I agree with @dieselscout80... Check test your battery cables; myself & others on here have multiple posts about the issue & testing it... The other thing to check, when it is acting up, is see what voltage you are getting at the starter solenoid post on the starter when you turn the key...
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    tree/post puller for invasive honeysuckle works great

    Me too... However I did purchase a 3 Point Hitch to Skid Steer Quick Attach adapter & as @ovrszd said it really is nice having the flexibility of putting it on the 3-pt (has greater lift capacity too)... It's also nice to have the adapter for putting the forks on the 3-pt at times.
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    compressed air to prevent pipe freeze

    If you don't feel like making up your own adapters they are readily sold. We have a couple different versions that we use for our outside spigots & to clear the irrigation lines in th eraised gardens... Oh, & it does not take much pressure at all to clear the lines... I like having the ball...
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    DIY Bridge

    For What It's Worth....
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    Looking for log splitter recommendation

    After having the slip-on 4-way wedge on our Timberwolf, all I can say is I would not want to be without it. It works flawlessly & we never have splits getting jammed... if they do it is a push though design so you send the next piece through & it clears... We do not have anything as fancy as...
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    Workmaster 55 dying

    If you are in the seat & are using the Hi / Lo switch for the Hydro trans & the tractor shutdowns... I'm thinking the seat switch is working correctly, but you can easily bypass it to test. This does sound like a safety interlock / switch issue. When you say it won't restart... can you...
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    Tractor Cover

    Just be careful with covering the tractor... everything I have covered that sits outside has just been a big invitation to mice / chipmunks / rodents / & every other critter that is looking for cover... That is usually when the issues just start...
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    TC33DA - How to turn engine over by hand?

    Again, before throwing parts at it & just rabbit holing till it is fixed... see my post above & make sure you check - #1 You should check to see what voltage you are getting at the starter solenoid when the ignition key is in the start position... It should to be 12v, but might not be. If...
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    TC33DA - How to turn engine over by hand?

    There are a couple of things you should check: #1 You should check to see what voltage you are getting at the starter solenoid when the ignition key is in the start position... It should to be 12v, but might not be. #2 Have you checked your battery cables? If not, I would definitely test your...
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    How many of your friends do NOT have tractors?

    I'm going to say only 2 have a tractor... Most of my neighbors have tractors but I only consider one of my "next door" neighbors a friend; the rest are just neighbors... not that we don't do neighborly things for each other, but they are not friends. Our other friends now live in Maine &...
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    Log splitter and a flying log - safety

    And... besides as I tell my wife... Every scar is from an adventure (even if unplanned) & has a story!!! Glad you are doing ok...
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    If it's cold where you live, what are you heating with and what is it costing?

    I just read this & laughed... (ok cried)... so it always gets me how in Connecticut (the 3rd smallest State) their can be such a difference from town to town (only mile apart) for fuel, whether it be gas, diesel, heating oil etc... I just checked prices on HHO this evening in our area (as we...
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    Roy Jackson has died.

    RIP Roy... As a TBN member I always enjoyed his post. Thought's & Prayers to the family.
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    Roy Jackson has died.

    RIP Roy... As a TBN member I always enjoyed his post. Thought's & Prayers to the family.
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    2011 NH Boomer 30 elec start troubleshooting

    Just a thought... I see you have done a bunch for testing already & that you have confirmed proper voltage at many of the different locations... Have you checked to see if you are getting proper amperage? Even if you are see 12V on the meter that does not mean you are getting the correct...
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    Adding electric connector port

    @dieselscout80 - Switches are from Carling Technologies they are the V-Series Contura X, XI and XII rocker switches. I purchased them from OTR Switch Guys they are the same switches used on the TC40D I just ordered them with the custom layouts that I wanted. Part numbers will very depending...
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    Is a 25 HP tractor too small for a grapple.

    Pretty sure he already has a set of pallet forks... I would wait on the grapple if you are going to purchase a larger machine in the future... to put the 3rd function on your current & buy a grapple for it... only to purchease a bigger machine in the next couple of years... keep using your...
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    New Holland TC35 2002

    @Larry OBrien - I attached the testing procedure for the Parking Brake Safety Switch for the TC series... If you have an Ohm meter bring it with you... pretty simple test to do
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    New Holland TC35 2002

    @Larry OBrien - A couple of things... If you machine is a TC35 (not a TC35A or TC35D) I believe your brake pedals are on the right side of the tractor (& not the left as shown in the above PDF). The other thing I think you need to confirm is... I don't believe the brake pedal assembly is...
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    Adding electric connector port

    So, I wanted a dash switch for a few of reasons: 1.) I like the ideal of a physical disconnect incase something goes wrong, I can shut it off without getting off the tractor. I could have just connected the relay to the tractor ignition but then I would need to turn off the tractor to control...
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    Adding electric connector port

    So I did something similar... I used Anderson Power Pole connectors, (still overkill for what I'm running but I got them cheap) installed one on the rear & one in front. We were tired of connecting different equipment to the rear without a good (& consistent) way. Added the Anderson connector...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Only had an hour or so to spare, but it was so nice here on Sunday I could see wasting it (& getting nothing done...) Grabbed a pallet of smaller round with the tractor & moved them to the splitter area... Ran them through & stacked as I went... Not a whole lot done but better than wasting...
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    TC45 Unused Fuse Slots

    @dieselscout80 - Also that fuse panel shown in the link is for a TC33D... if you are looking at that in regards / in reference to your TC45DA, I think you find it has a completely different fuse box, fuse box location & that all the fuse slots are full from the factory, (but double check)...
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    Garage floor

    I agree with all the comments above... Epoxy would be my first choice (well would be my only choice)... & as mentioned, make sure you wait for the concrete to cure & follow all the instructions. Having worked with a few different epoxy & polyurea topcoats, I will say do your research, as...
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    Ball valves for hydraulics?

    Can you install the valves in-line with the existing hard line... yes, if there is room. You need to make sure you are using the correct fittings, with the correct pressure ratings. Also most all tractors use a JIC 37 degree flare for the fittings so you will need to have the correct flaring...
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    Ball valves for hydraulics?

    I agree quick disconnects would be a good solution (which are already installed on our loader to make it removable)... A 3third function does allow him to use either or but is going to cost more to install & if does need both functions, he may not want to spend the money. If you're going to do...
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    What and how do you heat your home and possibly shop during the cold winter months??

    We will be trying to use a lot more wood this year... But we are very worried about some of our fixed income & elderly neighbors that can not supplement with alternative heat sources... fuel prices are going insane & only look to be increasing... Home Fuel Oil pricing in CT... 3 days ago Oil...
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    Do you cook a good steak?

    So... I'm probably going to be the odd man (woman) out & you may all think I'm crazy, but I don't think I've ever disappointed in the cooking arena (steak included) except for disappointing myself... I've done the charcoal grill, I've smoked & then grilled, Cast Iron & then the oven... Seasoned...
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    Advice to clean & prep old concrete for densifier

    @90cummins - I have no experience with the GHOSTSHIELD 4500 product... but as far as concrete prep goes, part of it is going to depend on how badly the flor is oil saturated & what other contaminates you are dealing with. Also if it is an area you can use a power washer on or not...
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    New Holland TC25 No Start/No crank

    @JStewart21 - On the TC series I believe the seat switch and the parking brake switch will not stop the engine from turning over, so being you have a "No Crank" situation... I would rule those two out for now. (they kill the fuel solenoid but the tractor will still crank / turn over). Does...
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    TC33D wont start

    @sillywilly - before throwing more parts at this... Have you checked your battery cables? If not, I would definitely test your positive & negative cables... They are known to look fine but be corroded internally. From one of my previous posts: Cable Test: Older New Holland battery cables...
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    NH TC35D Fuel sending unit always pegs full

    @srodster - See Attached PDF's for testing procedures for the fuel gauge & fuel sending unit... It should help narrow down the problem prior to just buying parts.... These are from the NH Repair Manual for the TC35D / TC40D / TC45D... Also do not rule out a compromised or broken wire... but...
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    tc 30 glow plug

    @bene0239 - As Roadworthy said... definitely look for the issue. Your TC's Glow Plugs should never have constant power & if they do there is a real problem & as mentioned may already be burn-up. As far as the Glow Plug Timer goes (I believe but don't hold me to it) on the TC30's it depends...
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    Cool Nature Photos

    Waiting for the Ocracoke Island Ferry back to Hatteras - NC