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    TC40DA - PTO Not Fully Disengaging

    You should be able to spin the PTO with the engine off
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    TC40DA - PTO Not Fully Disengaging

    Definitely not the safest thing to do!
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    TC40DA - PTO Not Fully Disengaging

    If you are pretty mechanical, it isn't terrible, but the seat and the rear transmission cover to inspect the PTO. I believe that the clutch is removed by removing the top PTO shaft from the rear, but the service manual shows that the rear end has to be separated from the transmission. Not sure...
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    3pt Auger

    And, do you have rocks?
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    Same Rubin 150

    Does it ever stop? Sounds like a hydraulic “wet clutch” PTO and either the solenoid valve that the switch controls is stuck or not hooked up. Also, the PTO brake is worn, the brake actuator is bad or the hydraulic system for the PTO is leaking by internally, but this usually causes the PTO...
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    TO30 Backfire

    You probably got the timing retarded too much. Or you put in incorrect plugs. Did you try and time it again?
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    MF 35 rear wheel seal

    The screws missing are not critical as the lug nuts and wheel hold the drum on. To replace the axle seal, the axle will have to be removed and disassembled.
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    Indentifying Massey Ferguson 35 hydraulic pump mark

    Thanks Sportsman762 for responding as someone with MF experience should have answered sooner, but you have responded and that is great. I was working on my phone this morning and didn't have an answer until just now too. The link here is the pump with the notes that FordnMassey needs to...
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    Indentifying Massey Ferguson 35 hydraulic pump mark

    Replacement with one to another shouldn’t be a problem, but I will investigate to see differences for rebuilding
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    Question about AC model G

    Probably not real difficult, but it will sure get them to muscle up. You might ask this question on Allis Chalmers Forum:
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    Cracked head?

    It probably has glow plugs, do they work? Is the fuel system and fuel clean? Do the injectors atomize fuel?
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    Ford 1920 antifreeze leak at block fitting

    May have to heat the fitting after draining the coolant if PB Blaster or similar doesn’t work.
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    John Deere 52 loader

    Pretty sure that one just pulls out. The ones that have to be pushed on have another internal snap ring in the barrel and I don't see any in the parts book
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    antonio carraro

    Copied parts book including both Maki 525 and 546.
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    antonio carraro

    The Maki 546 and 525 are odd as I thought Antonio Carraro tractors were just 4wd, equal sized tired, articulated tractors. Something new all the time! Stuart B and ptsg
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    perkins ad3 152 flywhell

    Screw them all.....? But are they tightening the flywheel against the crank. It doesn't look like it
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    perkins ad3 152 flywhell

    Basically, are the bolts too long and going all the way to the bottom of the hole, stopping before tightening the flywheel
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    perkins ad3 152 flywhell

    Hard to say, but with that play, I would think it would throw it out of balance. In any case, there shouldn't be any play between the two. Are the bolts bottoming out before they can tighten the flywheel to the crank?
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    perkins ad3 152 flywhell

    I would certainly figure a method to tighten the fit. It could be what contributed to the broken crank.
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    perkins ad3 152 flywhell

    Okay, different crankshaft explains a little more. A pin is good, but you still need a tight fit flywheel to crank with or without a pin. Is it the bolts are bottoming out in the crank that is preventing the looseness?
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    perkins ad3 152 flywhell

    I started to say that, but the parts book doesn't show one. It would help, but there looks like there is clearance between flywheel and crank
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    perkins ad3 152 flywhell

    It should be tight. Are your bolts original? There is a shim, 187886M1 that can be used if the bolts are bottoming or hanging on the bolt shoulder. You could also trim the bolt length, but you need to determine what is causing this
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    Kubota U25 rubber Tracks

    Probably an updated/standardized industry size since your excavator was made
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    Backhoe attachment

    Ford did have the 756C backhoe subframe mounted available for the TC21, 6’ dig depth. As previously stated, it would probably not be cost effective and may be slow. I also agree that mounting a backhoe on that tractor is not a great choice as the rear end housing is aluminum and could break...
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    .22 mag or .357 snake shot load. If not readily available, I use a shovel carefully placed to sever the head.
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    5’ Howard rotovator

    Yes they did. The sales manager at Coastal Tractor in Salinas was a Howard Rotavator rep prior to that position. I can remember that model that you have (I have an E2 I believe) and the big M models that would till behind 100+ hp tractors. Heavy, heavy duty.
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    5’ Howard rotovator

    Wow, that’s an oldie!
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    Power steering cylinder seals Case IH 585 MFWD

    First off, that is a ZF axle from Germany, not Carraro from Italy. There are aftermarket parts for both manufacturers for many of the hard parts, but few steering kits for Carraro and practically none for ZF. Anyway, the Deere 2555 uses an APL325 axle and the seal kit is AL70934, about $140 from...
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    Curious about using hydraulic oil other than Kubota brand

    Also, tractor fluid has additives for friction materials.
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    Rear Finish Mower Please help me identify my finish mower!

    WAC (World Agritech Corp.) markets the Sicma mower in addition to the Caroni. World Agritech Corp (WAC) - IM - DN Equipment Parts link: Sicma:Finish Mower:All Sicma Finish Mowers:All Sicma Finish Mower Parts
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    Diesel tank cleaning help

    They are time consuming to remove, but other than removing the steering wheel, which can be difficult even with the right puller, it might be worth the time to clean and seal with something like the following...
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    No Heat

    Could be the original valve, I assume it is electrically activated, or circuit has closed. If we know what it is you’re working with, we can armchair diagnose for you
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    Need advice New Holland TC55da

    Oh gosh, you are correct. I have been under the weather and was thinking of a TN, not TC!
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    Need advice New Holland TC55da

    You're a good son! Enjoy the time you have with your dad. Glad we could help.
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    New Holland TS125a Won't Turn Over

    The starter sounds like it is weak if you jumped the starter spade terminal. More correct, the solenoid may be weak to the point that the solenoid engages the starter gear, but not enough to make contact with the internal motor connection in the solenoid. Or, the contact points are burned enough...
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    New Holland TC33D Needs Parts

    The rear weights are 105# each. Generally, 4 weights is a good counterbalance.
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    Backhoe Attachment Fluid Capacity

    Not knowing that unit, I would guess about 8 gallons
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    Bobcat S70 Lift capacity question ?

    First, let’s talk about the numbers. 2708 lb. Operating weight is how much the machine weighs. Lift capacity is 760 lb. what the loader can lift…no more. And that may be figured at the bucket pivot pins, but may be figured 12-24” from the pivot pin. Tipping load is figured by lifting the loader...
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    1973 instrument panel

    Welcome to TBN. Regarding your 1973 instrument pane. Yes, and???
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    Ford 3910 engine temp reading

    Glad it was a fairly easy fix and that it is working again
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    Need advice New Holland TC55da

    The button on the left side of the dash is for the thermostart manifold heater. Push it in when you are cranking, not before. BUT, it sounds like something else is going on. Does it smoke at all when you try to start? Do you have the throttle open all the way?
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    JD650 Rockshaft control valve leaking

    Does the relief open slightly when you pull the sector handle all the way back or just in general lifting the 3 pt?
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    Ford Compact Water pump.

    Not really a time on the engine or the calendar, but being they are both 20+ years old, from a preventative maintenance perspective, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do so. It beats waiting for water to start weeping from the seal in the middle of whatever you doing. You can also grab the fan (when...
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    Disc Bearing and Bushing

    There is no top or bottom to that bearing. The bearing washer goes in first, followed by the bearing, followed by another washer and finally the retaining ring. The bearing may be greasable, but the housing is for a non-greasable bearing. If it is a greasable housing and has a hole in the...
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    4610 draft control doesn't work

    I am not sure about the draft other than there is a linkage problem under the 3pt top cover. The leaking down of the hitch is probably the lift cylinder seal is worn out. Both require removing the top cover to repair.
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    885xl pto input shaft

    Is this a Case IH 885 or a David Brown Case 885? Whatever version, the PTO shaft may come out the back of the tractor and it is being held by a bearing from coming out the front.
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    NH TC33DA Starter Problem

    I agree that engineers don’t necessarily have to see the fruits of their labor after it has been in the field, nor do they have to disassemble their works of art. The safety switch mandates are different for every series and size of tractor. The smaller the tractor, ie: lawn tractor, the more...
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    Hydraulic connections for Front End Loader Massey Ferguson 35

    Masseys are strange in that respect. Their hydraulic system is not normal. Glad you figured it out
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    New Holland TC33D Needs Parts

    Welcome to TBN. #25 boot in the diagram attached is kind of pricey, but Messicks or any New Holland dealer can get it for you. How many weights do you need?
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    Wain Roy 450

    No need for more pictures. The parts are pretty common. The front axle may be a Dana 44 or 60 axle from some of the research I have done. I like the story and what you have done. Let us know how we can help. This is a great story