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  1. EarPlug

    Tractor Supply bans charities raffling firearms

    Tractor Supply bans charities raffling firearms | Community |
  2. EarPlug

    Big Tool Sale

    competitor : KMS Tools & Equipment from Vancouver BC, Largest selection of tools in Canada
  3. EarPlug

    2010 Silverado Dash Lights

    I have a 2010 Chevy Siverado LTZ. On every vehicle I have seen in the past the dash lights could be dimmed to either off or so dim you could barely see them. On this truck they seem to only go half dim which for me is still to bright for night driving. The dealer keeps telling me they are...
  4. EarPlug

    How to trim your bushes

    How do you trim your bushes when they get too big? The answer: with a crane people...with a crane. It makes perfect sense now. I mean, the manual for the ride-on lawnmower did not specifically state that you couldn't raise it up with a crane to trim the top of a very large hedge, so that's...
  5. EarPlug

    Don't Buy "Weed Thrasher"

    Don\'t Buy \"Weed Thrasher\" A while back there was a post about the Revolutionary new Weed Thrasher trimmer. This is the one with the 2 filaments. DON'T BUY IT!!! After finally getting the right nut to attachet it to my Craftsman trimmer I went and put it to work today. It broke 2 sets of...
  6. EarPlug

    Hay Bale sizing

    I am trying to figure out how many "standard" size hay bales would equal the large 4x4x8 bales. Also, how much do the large bales weigh? Is $65 per large bale a good price for grass hay? Jack
  7. EarPlug

    Rotary Cutter Rhino Brush Cutter Recall

    well the same people who make the blades for Woods must make them for Rhino! I just received a Recall Notice for the Rhino SE-5 cutter. The recall affects Serial No 29637 thru 33447. If the blades have a Date Code of 9309 they must be replaced. Jack
  8. EarPlug

    Another New Owner

    Signed the papers yesterday for a TC29D Hydro, R4's and a Great Bend 240 loader. $17400 ($17900 w/ a NH loader). Also got the Dealer to include 2 pickup & deliver trips for any warranty work during the first 2 years. Since the Dealer is about 50 miles away and charges $2.75 a loaded mile this...