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  1. dj1701

    My Dad and John Wayne.

    My Dad never met John Wayne, but we both liked him. I took a pic of my dad with the Winchester trapper I bought him for Christmas. Years later I got to working with photo programs and put him in a shot from True Grit. He never got to see it, but he would have laughed his ass off. I smile...
  2. dj1701

    Mallard tube nesting box.

    I just finished redoing the Mallard nesting tube. It will go in the pond as soon as I get my waders in the mail. Not freezing the boys off this year. Anyone else make duck boxes? Would love to see what you all come up with.
  3. dj1701

    Surge protector woes

    I had a surge protector fry last month. I had it for years with no problems. I read that you should replace them every couple of years. I did some research and found that Cyberpower was a pretty good brand. I replaced all of my strips and wall units with this brand. Since then I have fried one...
  4. dj1701

    Rtv X900

    I stopped by the dealer lot and seen a RTV X900 worksite. I really liked it. My concern is the diesel and hydro tranny will be to loud for enjoying a cruse through the woods. I'm also looking at a Kawasaki Mule pro mx. It has a single cylinder and cvt tranny. Seems much quieter in the videos I...
  5. dj1701

    What Lowes free delivery cost me.

    I ordered a washer and dryer from Lowes with "free delivery". Instead of backing down the driveway, they pulled down to the house. They suddenly realized that the truck was too big to turn around. I explained to them that they were going to have to back out, otherwise the truck would get off the...
  6. dj1701

    Honda Pioneers

    Was looking at Kawasaki Mules, now I am kinda liking the Honda Pioneers. Was looking at the 520, then the 700, now I might be in love with the 1000 Deluxe. Anyone have experience with these. Thanks Dave
  7. dj1701

    Plugged up drain.

    Hi everyone. I have a kitchen drain that is giving me a problem. It is continually getting stopped up. I have used a plunger, and that works for a bit. I have used a snake and that worked for a while as well. I have tried boiling water to no avail. I hesitate to use chemicals because it goes...
  8. dj1701

    One Toe Chickadee?

    Am I seeing things, or does little guy only have one toe on the right side? Dave
  9. dj1701

    2023 Mule Pro MX EPS?

    Hi all, Was considering adding a Kawasaki Mule Pro MX EPS to my stable. Anyone out there familiar with this machine? Pros, Cons? Thanks Dave
  10. dj1701

    Best Buds

    My boys Buck and Gus.
  11. dj1701

    Losing a best friend

    My girl Kess. It's been six years or so since she left. I gave her the best of me and tried to be her best friend as well. Thought I would share the progression of her life right up to the goodbye. :cry:
  12. dj1701

    Christmas seat time.

    I live south of Buffalo NY. So far, I have been spared the blizzard. Had the power go out on Friday for a bit, but not much snow. It did get down to -3 with 50mph winds, and that froze some pipes in the crawl space. For now, the driveway is done. Time for some Christmas pizza and beer. Hope you...
  13. dj1701

    UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

    Is anyone using a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) on their coal or pellet stove? If so, what kind and how's it working out? Dave
  14. dj1701

    Trimming around chain link fence.

    Hi all, Anyone ever found an easy way to trim around chain link fence? It chews up my trimmer line and I just hate doing it. I wanted to make the dog area bigger, but the thought of trimming it gives me pause. Dave
  15. dj1701

    Undocumented Mexican

    I rescued this undocumented Mexican. Now he lives in a pouch and drinks my Sam Adams. Lol
  16. dj1701

    Just missed the Buffalo snowstorm.

    I live about 30 miles south of Buffalo, NY. I was lucky and only got about 15" of snow. They say the snow band is coming back tonight. My little orange lawn mower did a pretty good job with what we had. I'll have to break out the JD if **** gets serious.
  17. dj1701

    From mow to snow.

    I'm done mowing for the year. I love it for a while, but it becomes a chore half way through summer. Today I converted the BX2680 to a snow warrior. Dropped the mower, put on the chains, wheel weights, rops, and the plow. This too will become a chore sooner than later.
  18. dj1701

    Shoulder Mechanic

    Was putting the wheels back on the Kubota when the Shoulder Mechanic shows up. I'm not a cat guy, but this toothless kitty was eating crickets when I found her. I could not turn my back. Now she is glued to me.
  19. dj1701


    Hoarding, it happened to me, and it can happen to you. I inherited my folk's house a while back. Being the nice guy, I let my sisters live there with the understanding they pay the taxes and keep up on the place. To make a long story short, I was left with a very big mess. I was never the kind...
  20. dj1701

    Mowing pond edge

    Hi all, Do you guys mow your pond edge to the water, and if so with what? Thanks Dave
  21. dj1701

    Driving on the road

    Hi all, This question is for New Yorkers. Can you legally drive your compact utility tractor on the road in NYS? I have a JD 4320. it has the slow-moving vehicle sign as well as headlights and flashers. I need it at my other property that is 6 miles away. Thanks Dave
  22. dj1701

    One handed ride on a 1972 Arctic Cat Prowler.

    I don't have that bike anymore, but it was fun to rid.
  23. dj1701

    Pond maintenance.

    They were taking over.
  24. dj1701

    Oil and filters for your BX.

    Just curious, do you all use Kubota branded oil and filters, or is there something better? Thanks Dave
  25. dj1701

    Memeorial to our best friends.

    Zoe, Born 10/17/2008 in Sanborn, NY. End of watch 06/14/2022. Rest in peace my sweet friend. Letting you go was the hardest thing I ever did. I always thought I could handle any situation with a practical and detached persona. Today at the Vet I totally melted down. The casual placement of the...
  26. dj1701

    BX Mower Hight adjustment dial.

    Hi all, I was trying to put the adjustment dial to TOP, but I can't get it to that point. I realize the mower has to be all the way up, but it still won't go to the TOP position. I can turn it either way all the way up to 4 but no further. I tried to put some penetrating oil down there but no...
  27. dj1701

    Lawn Sweeper

    Hi all, Anyone have experience with a pull behind lawn sweeper? I have a Kubota BX2680 with a 60" MMM. I just want to gather clippings for mulch when I need some. I know there are several brands to choose from. Thanks Dave
  28. dj1701

    Ghost Pepper Animal repellent

    Hi All, I have used plantskydd for years and it does a pretty good job to keep the deer away from the veggies. Unfortunately it tends to attract predatory and scavenger animals. sometimes they dig up the stuff I plant. I thought I would try and make some Ghost pepper tea and spray that on my...
  29. dj1701

    What you all use for tomato cages?

    Hi All, I use concrete reinforcing wire for my tomato cages. Works really well, but it sucks cutting and working with a roll of that stuff. Just wondering what ingenuous ideas others have come up with. Thanks Dave
  30. dj1701

    Gator blades for my BX2680?

    I have a BX2680 with a 60" non drive over deck. Opinions on the Gator blades, and part# if you know. Thanks Dave
  31. dj1701

    Hose bib leaking.

    Hi all, I just got back from Lowes where I purchased a splitter for my outdoor hose bib. The thing leaks like no tomorrow. I hand tightened it the best I could, but it leaked. I tightened it with a wrench, and it still leaked. I replaced the gasket with a new one, and it still leaked. I...
  32. dj1701

    Battery Help

    The battery on my 2008 4320 finally gave up the ghost. What recommendations for replacement do you all have? Thanks Dave
  33. dj1701

    Grader Scraper

    Hi all, My local Kubota dealer has a couple of 48" Land Pride grader scrapers on the lot. I think they are GS1548 models. Was wondering what a good price would be, and would they do a good job on a driveway that looks like it was carpet bombed? Thanks Dave
  34. dj1701

    No more parts direct?

    Hello all, I need a part for my Frontier snowblower SB1174. I's a grommet for the manual rotation handle. Part # 5RD657390. It seems you can't buy them online anymore, you have to go through your dealer. Just another thing that Deere has screwed up. :mad:
  35. dj1701

    BX 2680, two years in and loving her.

    I have had this BX2680 for a couple of years. Very impressed with the performance in such a small package. Thought I'd post some pics and vids. Don't know how many I can post, but I'll give it a try.
  36. dj1701

    Power Rake

    Hi all, Looking into a power rake for my tractor. I would like a 48" but I see Land Pride discontinued the one they offered. Not sure if anyone else offers them? Thanks Dave
  37. dj1701


    Seen this female northern harrier flying around my front field. She was about 150 yards out. It appears a field mouse is having a bad day.
  38. dj1701

    Cart or wagon?

    Hi all, Any ideas on a good lawn cart for my BX2680? I don't have a loader for it, and most carts I see for sale are junk. Thanks Dave
  39. dj1701

    BX Seat

    I have a seat from a Kubota 2680. I only used it once. Thinking of selling in the local Craig's List. Just wondering what's a fair price to ask? Thanks Dave
  40. dj1701


  41. dj1701

    Heating with a Pellet stove.

    Anyone heat their shop with a pellet stove? Looking for a very small stove that wont break the bank. will only be running it while I'm working in there. I heat my house with a Harmon coal stove for the last 10 years. Harmon stoves are way to expensive for what I need. Thanks Dave
  42. dj1701

    Chain link fence

    Hi all, I have 6 dogs and a small area in back of the house for them to do their business. They can't really run around much, nor can they follow me around when I'm doing things outside. I have 13 acres with 2 ponds. I would like to fence in an area much larger than what they have now. Is...
  43. dj1701

    Rubber cap

    Anyone else keep losing the rubber cap on their brake lock on the BX?
  44. dj1701

    BX2680 over heated.

    Did Some mowing today on the Kubota, and when I got back I realized that my coolant was boiling in my overflow. Checked the radiator screen it was clear. Checked the oil it was fine. Checked the coolant and its full in the radiator but a little low in the overflow. It could be because it was...
  45. dj1701

    Comet NEOWISE

    Took these last night. There were some clouds, but they came out ok. Also took a couple facing south to catch the Milky Way, and a couple of planets.
  46. dj1701

    Yellow Jackets !

    Ok, Normally I get along with the creatures around my property, but his year is different. I have had stinging colonies of nasties close to where we spend our time relaxing Never a problem before. This year, I have a nest of Yellow Jackets that took up residence in a hanging basket on the...
  47. dj1701

    Trimming around chain link fence

    Hi all, I have been using a weed trimmer around my chain link fence. Needless to say its a big pain in my butt. It chews through line like no tomorrow. Wondering if any of you folks have figured out a better solution? Thanks Dave
  48. dj1701

    My first video. BX2680

    Well here is my first video. It's what I think of my New Kubota. Kubota BX2680 walk around. - YouTube Hope you enjoy. Dave
  49. dj1701

    Block Foundation Help

    Hey everyone, I have a block foundation that supports my back deck. It was fine when I moved in 12 years ago, but it is crumbling in spots. I what would cause this? How can this be fixed? Thanks Dave
  50. dj1701

    Cheese and crackers always draws a crowd.

    Nothing brings a family together more than a snack plate.