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  1. mguitas

    rotella elc

    Does anybody ever use rotella ELC antifreeze in there massey. I think it is red in color.
  2. mguitas

    rust project

    Looking around my massey the other day, seen a lot of rust in back or the rear wheel. Started working on that issue today. I guess that is pretty normal over time. But looking at the picture, looks much better.
  3. mguitas

    john deere 710c

    Ok guys! I will give as much info as possible. Problem... 710c works perfectly one day. Next day after using backhoe for 5 minutes I noticed an audible drop in engine rpm and the Hoe bucket and dipper stick were sluggish. I tried to open the throttle to increase rpm....made no difference. It...
  4. mguitas

    Oil & Fuel Running T6 rotella in massey

    My 1423 calls for 10w 30 oil, does that mean I can't run 5w 40 T6 rotella. Or does not really matter.
  5. mguitas

    stump out

    Took us awhile but we got it.
  6. mguitas

    amsoil transmisssion

    How many massey guys using amsoil in there hst tran.
  7. mguitas

    Snowy day in central PA.

    Could get 6 inches today, more on wednesday. February is here.:D
  8. mguitas

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating how many are ready for snow in the northeast..........

    They say were going to get 10 inches of snow in central pa.
  9. mguitas

    l3940 up close

    Well for you kubota guys that have a l3940, i just saw one up close at the fair. So i took a picture of it. An when you stand right up to them, boy there bigger then you think. Even to the right of it, there is a B3200 which was nice. My tractor is small to them. Just thought i would share this.:)
  10. mguitas

    Preparing for Sandy

    How many people from Pa. an New York fear the worst from Sandy. Is it coming were they say it is.:(
  11. mguitas

    Tires Air pressure

    I was reading some past posts about air pressure for FEL work. I'm going to set my front tires for 35 PSI. What would you set your back tires for 12 16.5 NHS max air pressure 40 PSI. Just like to see what you guys are running your back tires at. I think my back tires are at 25 PSI now. Thanks.
  12. mguitas

    sae80 gear oil

    Changing my oil in front axel, they want sae80 gl-4, but could i use 80w90 gear oil? Thanks.
  13. mguitas

    oil filter

    I have a massey oil filter 72201898, does anybody know what other filter you can get. Such as fram.etc.
  14. mguitas

    Oil & Fuel motor oil for your compact massey

    Like to hear what motor oil you massey guys are using out there.
  15. mguitas

    I'm getting shakey

    Hello, did anybody feel that earthquake on the eastside?