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  1. Texasmark

    MT2 ESC Resume Switch

    Curious as to what does it do and what kind of problem it could cuse if inop. Thanks, Mark
  2. Texasmark

    2016 JD 4052 Emission Problem

    Helping a neighbor. Stop light on the dash came on indicating that the exhaust was sooted up and the operator initiated cleaning process (found in the owner's manual) was unable to effect the repair. As defined in the manual apparently the soot is of sufficient volume to cause the engine...
  3. Texasmark

    Stop light

    Neighbor has a very low hour, used for moving hay and mowing, 2016 JD 4052 and the "STOP" light came on. Got out the manual and it said the exhaust needed cleaning. Recommendation was to send the tractor to the dealer for repair. Decided to get out the manual and do it themselves. The self...
  4. Texasmark

    T474 Cab owners

    Wondering how 2020 or higher T474HC instrument panels show engine temperature. I have a friend with a Branson 4815 and research is telling me that the first cab versions of this Branson model used the TYM instrumentation with the analog type tachometer prior to implementing their fully digital...
  5. Texasmark

    2020 4815C(H) Engine temp dash monitor

    Neighbor has one and also has an owner's manual specifically for that combo and smaller engines in the cab, hydrostatic 15 series. The Owner's manual shows two black lettered, white background digital monitors for functions but his tractor has an analog, black background tach right in the...
  6. Texasmark

    2007 6530 Parts list/hydraulic ...Asteral

    Asteral, I had an implement come loose from the drawbar and it ripped out the hydraulic connectors on the dual hydraulic valve behind the cab where the remotes plug in, just ripped the threads right out of the casting and just about ripped out the tractor's hydraulic lines to was...
  7. Texasmark

    Poor, Poor Parts Support

    Bought a new MT2 25s in January. Noticed the left combination stop/blinker/sidelight unit had bugs in the red stop light LEDs. Called dealer and ordered warranty replacement......still waiting. Called dealer several times.....he's still waiting too. Any of you have problems getting parts?
  8. Texasmark


    I was over at the local (30 miles away) LS dealer the other day and picked up my filters for my new MT2 25S first oil/filter change. They had the "Filter Pak" containing air filter, fuel filter, engine oil filter, hydrostatic filter, and main THD filter all in a nice neat box.....$52. I had...
  9. Texasmark

    Cold Weather Pre-heat and other questions

    I have the 1" thick, comprehensive Owner's Manual but this isn't covered specifically. The manual covers the fact that On position is also Pre-heat position, and mentions an indicator in the dash panel but not this specific question. My precious tractors had a dash "Pre-heat" symbol illuminate...
  10. Texasmark

    Need a Service Manual

    Not an operator's manual, a service manual for a 2020 MT225S. Thanks
  11. Texasmark

    Hydro Range Switch Question

    2016 purchase, new 4052 Hydro. with cab...may be an R series, don't remember. Neighbors live in town, professional, mid life folks. Have an annual JD service contract. Probably doesn't have 300 hrs. Only use is mowing and moving 4x6 round bales. Have been mowing their 50+ acres off and on...
  12. Texasmark

    Flow restrictors

    Decided to put a cylinder on my drum mower to lift the tip. Had a 2" diameter cylinder on a Ford 3910, ⅜" hoses. Thought about a fixed restrictor fitting but couldn't find much and what I did find was really pricy. I decided on a variable 2 way needle valve from All States Ag. Parts for like...
  13. Texasmark

    Branson Dealer Support

    Ordered a part from Big Tex Branson dealer in Caddo Mills, Tx. Part was to be drop shipped to me. Following FedEx tracking, it got to the local distribution point, but never made it to the "Out for Delivery" stage. Had all the necessary paperwork and filed a complaint with FedEx. Reply came...
  14. Texasmark

    Hello "thepumpguysc

    Been following your April, forget the year, CAV DPA pump discussion on: The bleed port pumps a great fuel squirt but zero fuel to the injectors. Model is 2858 on a '65 Ford 3000. No problems with the pump for many years. Fuel fresh, plenty of fuel at fuel supply line to/at the pump when...
  15. Texasmark

    Kuhn drum mower blade size and shape.

    Curious about the Z1100020 blade used on the PZ series of Kuhn drum mowers. Wondering why it has a hump in the middle when most all other blades for discs and drums have flat blades? Additionally, curious about 3 dimensions: Dia of hole, width, and length. Reason for the question is that...
  16. Texasmark

    Neighbor with T474 and PTO engagement problem

    Neighbor has a T474 hydro. PTO doesn't electrically engage, mechanically engages fine and locks up to the gear train but will not spin when PTO switch is in manual or auto. Checked the switch and have continuity as expected. Wiring went directly to the controller module. He just bought it...
  17. Texasmark

    AC Intermittent Operation

    Bought new 6530 in Sept. 2007. This spring I was readying the tractor for summer haying season. AC was acting funny so I started paying attention to what it was doing and the compressor clutch engagement was erratic. Several things could cause this so in looking in my manual for electrical...
  18. Texasmark

    Didn't Even Grunt

    Cleaning Willows out of a pond. Got all the growing ones packed up and hauled off and decided to see if I could get this one out of the water. Stump is adjacent to it for an idea as to diameter and location and it was too much for me to do anything with getting it down due to it's size and...
  19. Texasmark

    R1 vs R3 or 4 Traction

    If there ever was a question, I have proven it on my 2400. Bought it with R4s, replaced with R3s, and now have R1s on the rear and traction is night and day and I removed a pair (had 2 pair now only 1) of rear weights I used on the 1s and 3s. Other thing is that I can run 10 psi (for a softer...
  20. Texasmark

    If there was any doubt....about why the takeover?

    TYM T474 48hp Cab Tractor 4x4 Cummins Diesel - farm & garden - by owner - sale aka note: Cummins engine....Kukje license to produce Cummins engines. Seems to be a good enough reason. Note in the specs at the bottom: NO DEF. :thumbsup: From the Google Search Engine response to the...
  21. Texasmark

    T45A Questions

    Any comments about a 2007-8 2wd? Thanks
  22. Texasmark

    Hydro whine

    In purchasing my 6530 with geared transmission but shuttle shifter, I had no detectible whine, nor did I have whine in my steering pump. As time passed I started getting annoying whine and blamed my THD Premium fluid.. As posted herein, I accidentally stumbled across a rubber hose connecting...
  23. Texasmark

    THD Oil Question.

    Was in Attwoods Farm Store yesterday and they had a couple of pallets of TDH by Harvest King, PREMIUM rated on both. Both had every conceivable Brand of tractor and every possible TDH spec they ever produced....seemingly, 5 gallon buckets and they weren't listed insingle line items. Rather...
  24. Texasmark

    Slow Initial Steering Response (Hydro)

    I was running through my hydraulic schematic and found that my steering pump sucks out of the sump after the main hydraulic filter and services only the steering cylinder. I also noted that the return line goes through a hyd. fluid radiator up front. At 4 gpm with main flow of 11 gpm from the...
  25. Texasmark

    A Little History

    In case you never stumbled across this......... :: KUKJE MACHINERY ::
  26. Texasmark

    3320 Glow plugs and activation

    New to this tractor. Help appreciated. Is the activation part of the key, like maybe once key is inserted, pushing farther and holding would activate the plugs? Thanks, Mark
  27. Texasmark

    How do you search for tractors?

    Put the model number in a search engine like google for one.
  28. Texasmark

    Problems mounting tires on lawn tractors, ZTs and such.

    Posted this on another forum and thought I'd toss it in here too as I know full well I'm not the only person facing this fiasco: Still chasing a soft rides so current task is removing the 13x5x6" fronts on my Ferris IS700z and replacing with 15x6x6s. Getting tires on 6 and 8" rims are usually...
  29. Texasmark

    Murphy's Law

    Most all my non August haying has been fight the weather. Same thing this spring getting my Peas and Jumbo Rye baled....had to feed it green (like chop) as it just wouldn't dry and started getting hot. So in another field, that I could cut now in the boot, I decided I was tired of fighting the...
  30. Texasmark

    Anybody have a problem buying bucket mounted forks on ebay?

    Trying to do that. I'm looking for the 1500 or some list as 2000# clamp on fork with spacer bar that runs $152.60. Tried 3 suppliers of that product and none of them would cash out with the Pay Pal managed credit card payment method. I have purchased over 250 items and some since trying to...
  31. Texasmark

    Little MIG for big jobs

    I haven't had my HF 151 MIG with gas welder for all that many years nor usages, but the more I use it the more I like it. Currently I am building a 3 pt hay spear out of junk parts and have had to "identify, Improvise, and Overcome" (Clint Eastwood comment, USMC involvement movie concerning...
  32. Texasmark

    Curing Hay

    I'm scrapping out a bunch of bales of Sorghum-Sudan hay I baled in the May-June time line here in N. Tx.. It appears that once again, I didn't get it dry enough and it developed some mold. I realize that SS doesn't pack as tight as grass but it does have to sit out; do not have adequate...
  33. Texasmark

    Disaster turned into an asset

    Was working this miserably poor hay patch yesterday and a rock (which we have very few here....thanks to the glaciers) hit my side glass on my cab. Last time that happened it was the door on that side and it was $640 parts and shipping. Another red ink haying operation. I figured this glass...
  34. Texasmark

    Teff Hay

    Was at the farm store yesterday and saw a skid full of Teff hay seed. Got on the www this AM and read up on it. The results seem to speak for themselves in terms of a summer hay crop and volume. What I see as a mountain to climb is their recommendation (Teff www) for planting. Don't know...
  35. Texasmark

    Hay Supplies

    Glad we had a bumper crop this year. Guys on the coast could use it. Only caveat is the shipping cost and logistics of getting it there. Don't know how to advise. Maybe the Texas Cattlemen's Association: Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers It didn't load the first time I tried it so if it...
  36. Texasmark

    Things are might quiet here.

    Yepper not much going on. Mine are working as designed. Got my first cutting hay crop in, zero defects. Fixin to get my drum back on the 6530 to cut the Bermuda patch for equine feed. Rain has been super. It stayed dry for my cutting and then got 1.5 and about a week later 2.25 this past...
  37. Texasmark

    Tx Jim, JD 375 parts

    Jim, Thinking about replacing the cutter on my 1991 375. Seems you are really good at pulling up numbers so I thought I'd give you something to pass the time. Grin I have sharpened (honed) the blade each season and it all seems to work ok sometimes with it set to max tension, but I miss...
  38. Texasmark

    Oldpath 05

    Sir, I just sent you a PM. Would appreciate your time in responding. Thanks, Mark
  39. Texasmark

    Total Confusion

    My "Lil Sis" called yesterday and wanted me to help her in buying a new tractor. Boiled down to her needing a dealer locally and about 35 hp would be the right size. So I go to checking out what's available in dealerships (1), what they offer and it's pedigree, and what the competition has...
  40. Texasmark

    Tx. Jim

    Jim, You have any Johnson grass or sorghum-sudan scheduled for hay this year? I do, replanted the Gotcha Plus. Saw a notice from TAMU that the mild winter and early spring will show a significant increase in Sugar Cane Aphids attacking especially these crops and Horn Fly problems on cattle...
  41. Texasmark

    Early planting season

    Just touched base with Farmer's Almanac. For my area, this early spring weather is continuing and looks like I will be planting at the end of this month rather than end of April as usual. Rain is forecast +2 for April and average temp of 70. Sorghum-Sudan needs a 55F average soil temp and we...
  42. Texasmark

    JD 4052, 300 Post Hole Digger, 9x36 Auger

    Never dug a hole with a hydro and JD Ind PTO, 4010, 4020, and 4230, but none were hydros. Gear box is 3.5:1 making the auger turn at a comfortable 154 rpm if you go all the way to 540 on the drive which I probably wont. How does the 300 series hold it's position with a one person operation...
  43. Texasmark

    Roto Tilling

    Hi Folks, New (urban) neighbors bought the JD 4052R (52 hp compact) last year and have done a great job of clearing their 50+ acres from 40+ years of totally neglected usage other than for free range type cattle grazing. Tractor worked flawlessly and the middle aged folks who never got in a...
  44. Texasmark

    Turf tires on smaller tractors

    Greetings, Thinking about putting turf tires on my 2400. Currently has industrial 6 ply rears and even at 8psig the ride is really rough. Bought an air (built in compressor) seat for it and it helps a lot but need more. Want to find a set of 4 ply Turf Tires (I think) and run them at around...
  45. Texasmark

    Mr R gillin...CK2510 tire question.

    Greetings. I'm looking for a turf tire dealer for my 2400. I was surfing and noticed that the CK2510 turf and industrial tires are the same size as are on my tractor. Since you advertised that you have one, would you mind taking a minute and give me the name of the manufacturer of those...
  46. Texasmark

    Turf Tires

    Hi "Cousins". I have industrial tires on my 2400 and I want to install 4 ply turf for a softer ride. Anybody running turf tires on a CK2510 or have you seen such? If so, who is the manufacturer and to really ask a favor, who sells them? I'm running the same industrial tires on my wheels that...
  47. Texasmark

    Idle curiosity on clutch disc types

    Just saw a clutch disc with 5 (give or take) pads, vs a standard 360 degree "brake shoe material" type clutch disc. that you normally see. Anybody have any real world info about why you would prefer one over the other. Are the pad types made out of a really hard material like ceramic or...
  48. Texasmark

    Well it may seem like overkill, but it's done.

    Got the 2400 for chores. Bad back. Need soft ride. Tried several things that I thought would work and after awhile decided I needed more. Found the air seat box (minus the actual seat as the one I have is fine just the springs a problem) for $375 on ebay, no tax and free shipping. Got it...
  49. Texasmark

    Standard Seat

    Curious about the standard seat offered in the 2016 4052 with cab. It doesn't move up and down like a normal suspension seat.....very smooth....comparable to an air seat yet they offer an air seat as an upgrade. Is the seat a Grammer MSG 65 (possibly modified for JD aka cosmetic changes) or...
  50. Texasmark

    Confusion on crankcase capacity for 4052R, 52 hp Yanmar turbo.

    Specifications sheet says 1.4 qt as the crankcase capacity............duhhhhhhhh! Gotta be a misprint. My riding mowers use more than that. What should it really be? 1.4 gallons would be more like it or more. My 65 hp Branson uses 2.5 gallons, having 50% more cubes (2.1L vs 3.3L). Thanks, Mark