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  1. FredH

    Story of My Life

    A few months ago , one of the cylinders for the stabilizers on my 757C BH took a dump . Blowing fluid , etc... . Looked at finding a after market cylinder , none though were right when it came to orientation of the fittings , since it very tight when the stabilizers are retracted . Thus went...
  2. FredH

    Will a Hydraulic pump pump water ?

    Just a curious question , Not planning on trying or doing . As the title says , Would a Hydraulic pump , like on a wood splitter , pump water in a open system ? Open system meaning a resevoir to draw from but pumping out a different way , not back into resevoir . Have no idea " Why " this got...
  3. FredH

    Scale system for dump trailers ?

    Per the title , anyone know of a on board scale system for dump trailers . I know about onboard systems used on semi's , basically is connected to airbag system thus uses pressure , but with most smaller trailers and dump tailers , they are all leaf spring systems . If nothing commercialy...
  4. FredH

    Filter Costs

    Oil Filter for ISX 15 and oil and fuel filter for Tripac Apu on Semi , At Napa , their Napa Gold ( Wix ) was $66 just for the Cummins oil filter :shocked: At Amazon , Same Wix filter $44.24 , ( that is with Prime thus Free Shipping in 2 days ) Then We jump over to the filters on the APU ...
  5. FredH

    Pick-up Tires = $$$$$

    Wow , Been awhile since I had to buy pickup tires and since sons pickup has been broke down for several months , He has put close to 10,000 miles on My pickup . Now that 10,000 miles would of took Me at least 2 years if not 3 or maybe even 4 years to drive , since I only use it on weekends and 1...
  6. FredH

    Game Hoist

    Several years ago , seen something similar to the picture below . For the price they wanted , My Brother and Me decided to build our own . Went to a local steel place that has a lot of recyled steel and purchased what We thought We needed . Some are rated at 300 pounds , while others are...
  7. FredH

    Filling Your tires With Air ???

    Makes one think Twice every time I see a video like this when I am putting air in my pick up , trailer or Semi tires . Pick up is 65 psi , trailer is 80 psi and Semi is 105 psi . HUGE TIRE EXPLOSION: Ken-Tool Introduces the World's Largest Single-Piece Tire Inflation Cage - YouTube Fred H.
  8. FredH

    Hard surface rod

    Curious question for for those of You with more experience , Which is All of You :) Hardfacing Deposit Methods-Oxygen-Acetylene Process | Hero Protective Alloys After reading above article , Am I understanding that instead of using a welder and melting the hard surface rod onto the object ...
  9. FredH

    interesting log splitter

    Maybe that it has been shared before but I seen this video of a interesting concept for a log splitter . Actually appears to be some what safer than some others I have seen , but still there are some safety issue's . Wood Splitter 1 - YouTube Fred H.
  10. FredH

    See these Gloves ?

    Anybody seen These Gloves ? Kind of spendy But Holy Cow . Brutally Tough !!! Schmitz Mittz - The worlds toughest safety glove - Try one on! Fred H.
  11. FredH

    Story of My life !

    2003 TC30 with 7308 FEL . Owned since new . Only hydraulic lines I have ever had to replace were on the 757C B.H. until a few months back . Small , maybe 16" to 18" long line on the FEL bucket started leaking on the left side at bottom of cylinder . My schedule of work with the semi , never...
  12. FredH

    Generator Head

    The 4000 watt generator head went out on my APU on my Semi , front bearing . Going to see if rebuild-able by a couple of places in town . New O.E.M. replacement is around $1500+ !!! Old style head it appears . Has a large Capacitor mounted to a bracket on the back end but in the final wiring ...
  13. FredH

    Fire Season

    Here in Southern Oregon , Fire Season is already in effect since it has really dried out fast , like California . Yesterday while at My Moms house which is close to the Rogue Valley airport , A Fire Fighting aircraft was dispatched to a Fire 80 miles east . This was a Photo my Sisters Son took...
  14. FredH

    GrandFathers Old Mill

    Here are a couple of pictures of my Grandfathers old Logging mill that my Dad and Uncles worked in . First is a side photo from outside looking at old cable cat they used for skidding and the set of wheels they had behind cat to lift the ends . ( I still have that set of wheels , actually the...
  15. FredH

    Trucks my Dad Drove

    Recently lost my Dad and over the last few weeks we have been going through drawer's and such and finding old pictures . Here Is a picture of his 1st truck he drove for a company that he eventually worked for over 40 years . A International Above is His first Mack , although...
  16. FredH

    Anybody Need a Benchtop Grinder ?

    Local Craigslist AD : HUGE GRINDER - 24" Fred H.
  17. FredH

    Chain Hooks On Bucket

    O.K. , Some of Us , Including ME , Say " What the Heck " and weld hooks onto our front buckets and go for it . Other's , Buy them with mounting plates and go that route . Now I am in NO WAY Endorsing Ken's Bolt On Grab Hooks , But I Will Say in My Personal Opinion that Anyone Who Takes The Time...
  18. FredH

    Anybody run Full Skip ?

    Recently purchased a back up chain for my 441 Stihl . All the Dealer had in .063 was full skip , So I said " What the Heck , Why not " . Have not ran full skip since summer part time logging work in High School then a few years full time after High School in late '70's . Cutting up a log truck...
  19. FredH

    New Chair

    What Better Half , Me , Our New Holland Tractor and My 441 Magnum Stihl Accomplished this Afternoon . Tree was thick with mistletoe , thus it was only a matter of time before it died . Could not drop it as one complete tree , had to basically limb it in place using the tractor and clamp on...
  20. FredH

    Gas/ / Oil Mixture Rate Preference .

    FIRST : Please , Don't Start Slammin Others for THEIR Preferences on How they mix their 2 stroke fuel , gas they use , etc.... . You are not at their location , Don't know anything about their equipment , how they use it , etc.... . While some of You have repair shops and have worked on...
  21. FredH

    Pole Saws

    Rarely need one , Like 1 hour every year if that even . So last couple of years just borrowed neighbors Poulan . BUT this is after rebuilding the carb the first time and totally replacing carb and fuel lines last year . So this past week , borrow it again . Start to put gas in it and WTF is that...
  22. FredH

    27 miles on 3 Tires ?????

    From Oregon AP News Source : " Sheriff: Ore. woman drives 27 miles on 3 tires " " PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Sheriff's officers say a woman drove 27 miles on only three tires on U.S. Highway 26 west of Portland before deputies were able to stop her safely. The Washington County sheriff's office...
  23. FredH

    To much time on their hands To much time on somebodies hands and to dang crazy for me . Fred H
  24. FredH

    How Dumb Are They ??

    Price Is Right exposes fraud of Cathy Wrench Cashwell Years ago , I knew a guy who did something similar . Was on Workers comp from being a volunteer firefighter and also from a printing warehouse . A couple of month's past and his name pops up in the local newspaper as he was the reserve...
  25. FredH

    New Work Ride

    Due to California EPA restriction's at end of year , had to trade-in my 2003 Classic for this 2009 Cascadia .It is good till 2023 for EPA regulations , don't see me keeping it that long though . We Depreciate 5 years , so after that you take a beating from the tax man . :shocked: Thus 5 years...
  26. FredH

    Mig Tip amp rating ?

    Are all Mig Tips equal in regards to amp ratings ?? Why I ask , still have quite a few tips that I purchased for my Lincoln 135 , ( 110/120 volt welder ) and was wondering if they would also work on my new Longevity migweld 200 ( 220/240 welder ) ?? They fit as I already tried that last night...
  27. FredH

    New Holland signal relay !!!!

    $ 85 Dollars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked Seriously , You have got to be kidding me . But alas no , that is correct price . New Holland must have that as a favorite number . Fuel gauge $ 85 , Water Temp gauge $ 85 , Flasher Relay $ 85 . New complete fuel level unit from JC Whitney including gauge...
  28. FredH

    DUH Moment and Liners

    Another Update on my Longevity Migweld 200 : Not sure if I mentioned this before but when I first loaded wire into machine , I used a roll of H.F. .035 flux core I had sitting in shop . Long story short , Feeding sucked . Little investigating and converting metric to decimal figured out I was...
  29. FredH

    ??? Mig Amps and Wire speed

    Just a Curiosity Question Regarding Mig welders . Why do most , if not all , Mig Welders have heat settings , ( be it volt or amps ) , then the wire speed is the other setting , ( Say heat settings are the volts and then wire speed is the amps ) ????? Just wondering Why you could not have Amps...
  30. FredH

    My Longevity Mig200S

    First , Thank You Simon and Longevity Crew !! Ordered Wednesday , Here Saturday !!:thumbsup: O.K. , Although not a " Big " Welder , ( i.e. miller 212 / lincoln 216 ) , By the Specs , it has as good or better duty cycle than those welders , ( Plus the 200S does Arc/Stick as well ) . Size wise...
  31. FredH

    Copy Right Infringement ???

    Is it copy right infringement if I build something from someone's idea / product , but with no intention / desire to sell or even make for anyone else . Cost of making my own was around $45 but to purchase would of been over $150 . Granted , mine does not even come close to what the original...
  32. FredH

    Bird Strike

    A week or so ago , someone posted pictures of a turkey stuck in the windshield of a Coke cola truck . Here is my story . 06:00 and cruising north on I-5 near Willows , CA. , about halfway between Sacramento and Redding Saturday morning . Foggy , maybe 1/8 mile visibility , And obviously dark...
  33. FredH

    Old Time Logging

    Here are a couple of pictures my Brother took last Elk Season of a stump that had the tree logged likely some years ago . In Southern Oregon near Prospect . What we found Really cool was the spring board notches are still visible . Fred H.
  34. FredH

    Knock - Offs

    Knock-Offs : Many will post about imported knock-offs of "x" product , so I found this amusing : Versus the Knock-off : Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more I guess nobody has...
  35. FredH

    Angle for Road grader Blades

    Building a road grader / land leveler and My question is this : At what angle and pitch do I go with for the blades ? Angle being from one side to the other and pitch being the actual slope of the blade from top to bottom . Those who have made theirs or even those with bought ones like from...
  36. FredH

    Leaf Bucket

    Here is the leaf bucket I built instead of the old one we had made out of a four way hardwood pallet , 2" x 4" 's and plywood . It's made out of about 115' of 1/2" x 1/2" x .065 tubing , a little more than 1 sheet of 24 gauge , a sheet of flat expanded metal , and it sits on 2" x 2" tubing...
  37. FredH

    Don't You Hate !!!

    Being within about 2 or 3 minutes of welding in finishing a project and WTF !!!! Welder not feeding wire ? Open side door and CR*P !! Spool is empty !! All I needed to do was finish welding on a latch and a couple of pieces of chain on a new leaf box I built for this fall . Use to use a 4 way...
  38. FredH

    Ripper without box blade

    This is a ripper I built after I tore apart a old double gang pull disk . We added the 3 point box frame to the front which sits on top the 6" x 2" x 1/4" channel of the main frame . Next , using my plasma cutter , I cut apart the back end were the gangs / bearing blocks were attached . Then it...
  39. FredH

    What About This Idea ??

    Maybe on top of the ROPS ???? Overton's® > Furuno 1932 Mk II 4kW - 42 Open Array - Electronics > Radars > CRT Radars : At least I would know what is out there in the Fog before I got to it !:thumbsup: Fred H.
  40. FredH

    Question for Mark

    First really appreciate you being on the board , the honesty and insight about whats available is just way to cool . Now , I know nothing about the product in link below , the company either as I stated in another thread . Nor am I asking you for your opinion about the product or the company ...
  41. FredH

    Silly Question

    All the years that I have used a oxy / acet torch , I have wore the little funky goggles , Not ever really questioning " WHY " . So wondering , " WHY " . Eye protection from sparks , slag , etc...? Why not just safety glasses . Protection from bright light ?? ( Try driving down the road and...
  42. FredH

    Online Calculators and Tools

    Over the years , I have accumulated many a useful bookmarks of online calculators , and other various tools to use while working around the place. So not wanting to be a hoarder , thought I would share . Concrete Calculator and Information - The Concrete Network Concrete Slab Volume Estimator...
  43. FredH

    TC30 Breaking in Half ??

    Read some posts at various times about owners tractors breaking / cracking in half around transmission / bellhousing / engine , so I was starting this thread to get a feel for the situation . Is this limited to TC30's ? HST or Manual Transmissions ? Factory or Aftermarket Backhoe , ( if any )...
  44. FredH

    Adding Front FEL Grapple

    I have read many threads of people adding front grapples to their tractors and have marveled at the thought process some have used . The acronym for me is " KISS " . Keep it simple Stupid , " Stupid " meaning me . So anything I do , I try to plan ahead to use the least amount of brain cells...
  45. FredH

    You Think it Made Noise ?

    The Following pictures were taken at a shop in Fontana , CA. that was working on my truck . Had some time , so I was roaming through shop and came across the liners and pistons taken out of a volvo that was also in shop . I am thinking that it had to make at least a little racket when...
  46. FredH

    Quick Hitches Quick Hitch question

    To those with a quick hitch , I have a question for you . How thick is the part of the quick hitch from the back side of the pin on whatever you are hooking to the the very farthest point of the quick hitch itself ? Example : Looking at it from the side , if your tractor is on your right and...
  47. FredH

    Wake Up Call !!!!

    Had been up since O dark thirty and had taken our dog out before 06:00 then was playing on the computer at 06:30 . Seen a Flash right outside the office window , followed within a milli second by a ear splitting " Crack " . Oak leaves , pine bark , etc... was seen flashing by the window headed...
  48. FredH

    Mig versus Arc

    First , this is not about which is better , everyone has their own opinion , which has been stated here many times before , and their own preference . Seen something really cool though tonight on the National geographic channel about Caterpillar building their 777F dump truck . While the...