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    4500Z died of fuel starvation.

    Full tank of fresh gasoline. Tank, and lines had been flushed this past summer. Fuel pump fuse good. electric connection at pump 12.45V. Removed pump and direct connected to 12V and nothing. Of course the tractor was about 1/4 mile away from the shop tools. However, way back soon after I...
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    Power unit pully bearings were nearly dry

    At about 750+ hours my original drive belt shredded into many itty-bitty pieces of cording and rubber. Must have come off the rear groove and tangled with the keeper. I had a spare and replacement on the 4500Z was a breeze, but I did get some extra clearance by removing three front grill...
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    Avoiding fuel contamination from solids and such

    Regarding the threads recently about unexpected stalls that at least some have been from solid objects or semi-solid objects in the fuel tank blocking the fuel exit or fuel line, I noticed this YouTube from Messicks: So I ordered one and will see if it fits properly when I get back to the...
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    23/8.5-12 Turf

    Any sources for turf tire 23/8.5-12 for John Deere (Yanmar) 650 turf tires. Rear 31/15.5-15 ???
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    Follow-up RE: Ventrac 4500Z quits unexpectedly

    SwampDog posted the above referenced thread some time back. Yesterday, I noticed a youtube by "HeartBreakOrchard" or similar with same symptoms. That video maker determined fuel starvation before the fuel filter. He removed the tank and cleaned that finding dirt and what looks like...
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    New seat for my 4500Z

    I recall that a good while back our member "Murphy" (IIRC) reported his install of a better suspension seat and I almost followed up to get the product he used. My Z came with the "upgraded" suspension seat; I have tried all of the various pre-laod spring settings and that thing is and has been...
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    New seat for my 4500Z

    I recall that a good while back our member "Murphy" (IIRC) reported his install of a better suspension seat and I almost followed up to get the product he used. My Z came with the "upgraded" suspension seat; I have tried all of the various pre-laod spring settings and that thing is and has been...
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    Failed to start...

    First plowable snow of the season, family coming to swap gifts, so driveway needs plowed. 16 degrees F, battery tender "tending", pull the choke on the 4700, turn the gas on, turn the key, the dash lights up, but no starter. The electronic control board is totally dark. Bounce on seat to see...
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    Winter prep for snow season.

    Is it best to leave duals on or remove the outer wheels? I have always taken them off suspecting the duals would tend to ride up on the snow instead of cutting in. I removed the outers today, but is that the common practice? prs
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    Ventrac Flair mowers introduced.

    Murphy alerted me to this a few days back, but today is the first time I could access the youtube and it is on the Ventrac web site too. 4 new models, two 72" ones and two a bit more than a foot less wide. One each of those with either fine cut teeth or rougher cut teeth. I wonder if they...
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    YouTube site popped-up

    Ventrac 45Z-Greasing the infamous U-Joint and removing side panels-BLUE CORD Property Care - YouTube This felllow has a Z and such, he seems to do a nice job. prs
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    I have a contour mower for sale.

    I have nice contour mower for sale with about 300 hours on it. Very good condition in shed. It cuts very smooth and just does NOT scalp, amazing 84" swath. Original blades, have a spare set too. My problem with it is that it cuts too short to suite me, I prefer to cut at 4 1/2" to 5" and...
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    Front implement hydraulic hoses, don't do this!

    I had been running the rough cut. Put it away and knowing that the finish mowere was to be next I went ahead and coupled to it that evening. Next time out, I left the optional deck flip hydraulic hoses in the mower deck's retainer holes since I would not be flipping the deck. Almost finished...
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    Wrap around handle Stihl models

    I am beginning to shop for a new saw. I prefer Pro models as I tend to keep them a loooong time. I was on the Stihl site and as I picked through the possibles I noticed ALL of the West Coast handled (wrap around handled) models were marked "NOT AVAILABLE". Any reason for that? I am...
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    My main SDLS handle broke.

    The black plastic clamshell that has the switch and two colored buttons that tops the SDLS lever cracked and broke out around the retaining bolt on both halves of the clam shell. I was on a 30+ slope and in thick high fescue and cutting at 5". When it broke, I saw the pieces fall and was able...
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    Brdigestone Pillow DIameter replacements

    My John Deere 650 4WD Compact tractor wears original Bridgstone Pillow Diamenter turf tires 37 years-old. Baby needs new shoes. 23X8.50X12 Front 31X15.5X15 Rear Any help in locating source for compatible rubber. prs
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    Failure to start, you need to know this.

    Third time; first was first winter, four years ago. Second was year before last and third was an hour ago. Turn the key so that switch is in run postion. Dash lights on, slope meter boots-up. NO fuel pump clickity-click. NO starter motor. Check to make sure the battery disconnect is...
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    New 8' mower deck. BAM

    Big Arsed Mower? Would not fit in my 8' garage door shed and I've had enough of rear discharge. But, I bet it is a great mower. Hydraulic tilt-up is "option"? Seems as if it would be totally necessary. prs
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    4500Z muffler blanket RAW DODGE HELP!

    My catalytic muffler's heat jacket or blanket is wearing out. I hope that white matter is not asbestos! I used a header wrap material to cover the worn areas, but that is hot going to last. Raw Dodge hinted at a no brainer type solution quite a long time back. But I must have not brain. I...
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    Main drive belt service life.

    How long does the drive belt last? About 500 hours for me. I found the original main drive belt beginning to fray and to be very stiff today. I had the hood and grill of in a half arsed attempt to repair the muffler/cat heat blanket. That made the belt very easy to replace and also very easy...
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    Main belt for tough cut mower.

    While doing pre-winter service on my tough cut mower I had it lifted up for blade removal, sharpening, and replacement. (The All American Sharpener model 5005EXT and an angle grinder make accurate sharpening easy on clockwise and counter clockwise blades.) In lowering the deck, I did not...
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    4500Z Spark Plug Life

    Regarding the Kubota gasoline fueled engine. I have had some trouble with spark plug service life. Our service schedule from Kubota calls for checking (cleaning and re-gapping) at 100 hours and replacement at 1,000 hours. On my 4500Z the original pugs were absolutely ruined at 100 hours. All...
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    How is it going with the improved finish mower decks?

    It has been mowing season quite a spell now, how have the new model decks been performing? I would like to mow a little taller than my contour is capable of providing. prs
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    Be kind to your posterior hint

    To make a shot story long; I purchased a new 2018 Goldwing cycle. Great bike, but the saddle, typical Honda, is lousy. It is a new model and the aftermarket has yet to come out with a better saddle. So I purchased this memory foam pad for office chairs. Good in office chair, but did not work...
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    The sickle bar mower ...

    ... is expensive. The closest dealer quotes about 14,000 with additional cast weights, second front hydraulic set-up plus WV tax. That is way more than the contour mower, my current most spendy attachment. I believe the MSRP is over 14 grand without the weights and second hydraulic or tax...
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    This is my first season with attachment for snow removal with Ventrac, the big broom. It did a great job yesterday, clean to the pavement and quick too. It was only a light snow, about 1"+ a tad bit and I typically did not mess with it unless more than that when I was using a grader blade on...
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    Getting ready for winter.

    This will be my first winter where I will be prepared to use the 4500 for snow removal. I have the rotary broom now and this has done well in clearing chestnut burs from my long driveway and today I brushed the leaves over the far bank (the wind may put them right back). I have always used my...
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    New boom arm sickle mower for 2018.

    Looks extraordinarly expensive, but wonderful! I have long ditchlines and road banks and bad back too. prs
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    JackIL or others - ?change gear oil in contour mower?

    Not so much "if", but how? How does one go about draining and replacing the gear oil in the box. In the parts diagrams I see no provision for a drain on the bottom of the box and I see no access to a drain from under the center deck even if there was one there. Do we use a hoist to stand the...
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    I should have known, but I did not. Belts on these things are ...

    ... pretty much standard. I noticed the parts lists for my Ventrac and implements list a Ventrac part number and they also give a shorter number such as B45. I search for B45 belt and get a great variety of brands, most with the same specification for dimensions. All of the belts for the...
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    Winter formula windshield wash, ?corrosive?

    Probably not, but just in case I will ask; is windshield washer fluid corrosive when used as wheel ballast IF the wheel is NOT filled to where the fluid covers ALL of the steel wheel? Right now, my wheels are filled to where the rim is just barely submerged in the ballast. But, I am...
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    Locks for trailers, how do you keep them free and working smoothly.

    I use pad locks and chain to keep ramps and tailgates from walking off. I use the locking pins on receiver hitches and also on the ball couplers of smaller trailers. But, kept outside and not used over winter, in spring the locks are bound-up with corrosion. The pad locks not so much, but...
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    Camera for seeing the hitch as it couples

    I recall a thread several months to a year ago on the topic of rigging a hook-up camera. Maybe this one would do: - iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera prs
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    New Ventrac Video RE greasing

    I noticed a new YouTube video from VT. The Ventrac employee shows or sorta shows (you really can not see if he really was successful or not) accessing the front Zerk of the drive shaft from the RIGHT side. More power to him, if he really did get it that way. I have success getting it from the...
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    DeWalt makes a super powered rechargeable battery powered grease gun, 10,000# max pressure! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! ;-) But that is overkill and it comes with a hefty price tag. The main feature I notice that could help those of us with the 4500 is the 42" hose. Now, that would get us in there...
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    This ole boy would break an anvil!

    Not sure just how I managed to mangle this wheel yoke on my rough cut. Was cutting multi-flora rose and autumn olive tangle to reclaim invaded field along old fence rows. Noticed drag marks in the dirt and on inspection this bent heavy steel yoke. Set me back over $50.00 to replace. prs
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    Annual coolant change.

    Not meaning to complain too much, just thinking out loud and besides, there has been little activity here to discuss of late. The manual that came with my 4500Z and the several since then revisions on line call for an annual drain/flush/ and refill of coolant. Mine was delivered to me with the...
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    In another thread mention was made of revisions to the manuals for 4500 series tractors. I noticed today, that as of 01/29/2016 the manual is again revised. prs
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    Hydraulic Filter sources.

    I see that Raw Dodge has mentioned options for his Steiner for hydraulic filter. What about the filters on the 4500 Ventrac. I probably need to take a close look at the filters on my power unit to see if the manufacturer is listed or not. Wix does not list any for the application, thus NAPA...
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    JD 650 convert from generator and rectifier to alternator.

    This tractor has always been murder on rectifiers when using the front electro-magnet clutch. For the past 10 or more years I have had the charge circuit disconnected and use a combination start/deep cycle battery instead; putting that on a Deltran Tender when finished for the day. But, I...
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    Gad zerks!

    I greased the Ventrac and checked everything out. I tried to figure out a way to access the drive shaft zerks from the right, but although Houdini might have success, my mitts are too large to fit in that way. But, from the left it is not difficult. I used the start motor to "bump" the shaft...
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    Small tractor 3pt hitch hydraulics, ?just up or down?

    I was watching "Everything Attachments" videos and noticed the spokesman mentioned that some compact tractors have Cat 1 3pt hitch that only raises fully or lowers fully; i.e. will not hold and return to a particular mid position. REALLY!?!?! Why would the makers do such a foolish thing? If I...
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    mower leaves uncut leaves

    :-) Apologies to wdwurker for stealing his post title; well sort of. I have a lot of new grass freshly germinated a few weeks back over several acres. I also have lots of oak and chestnut trees that drop their leaves rather late and over an extended time. Our recent warm and clam weather has...
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    I wonder if my glow plug or pre-heat system is really working.

    My 33 year-old JD 650 just keeps on keeping on. In the distant past I was able to hear a little "pop" in the manifold when the glow plug activated some fuel, but past few years that "pop" has been absent. So, in beginning my winter prep yesterday ahead of snow season, I decided to trouble...
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    Mine seems to prefer premium fuel.

    With crude prices down so relatively low, the rumor around here is that the refiners are skimping on the ethyl and that premium grade is currently alcohol free or nearly so. I don't know about that, but I can usually detect the ethyl by its odor in fuel and I did not notice it in the premium...
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    Cleaning mower decks.

    Until recently, its been a snap. Long handled curved tire spoon ( I was going to post a link, but WOW have those gotten expensive - just cut a 3/8" strip off of a piece of framing lumber) made short work of it before. But, now the grass seems to have a lot of sugar in it. It matts and sets-up...
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    Time (expereince) heals (almost) all wounds.

    I want to thank all you folks for helping me along. THANKS! I have posted about a lot of issues: The "squeak"? No big deal, just greased the right places (where ever those are). ;-) Getting hung-up on down hill side guy wires? Sure was glad to know I was not the only one. So far, so...
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    Break'n da roolz............

    First the set-up for why. Its rained a lot this year. The ground is soft and my land is sloped. So, a couple of weeks ago I was mowing with 10 to 15 slope to my right and a telephone guy wire to my right. I tucked the contour mower around the wire's base getting nice and close, then backed a...
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    I have this old tiller implement

    I a 4' PTO tiller that has worked great even though it is greatly worn. I have misplaced the female end of the PTO shaft, the end that attached to the tractor. I need to search for parts, but to save me I can not recall how to SPELL the maker's name. It is something like KARONE or CARONE or...
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    The infamous Ventrac squeek.

    My new 4500Z is beginning to squeak and squeal when turning at slow speeds. RawDodge posted a link to an aerosol product that is supposed to be THE cure. Trouble is, even if I had that magic potion, where would I douse the Ventac 4500? Both pivots have Zerk fittings and even though I am well...