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    Good morning!!!!

    Just finished playing out in the garage with the lathe and mill. Already have a powder trickler but it was fun to make. Ed
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    Good morning!!!!

    Been busy today and got nothing done on the wiring. With the static converter I will only get 1 1/3 hp out of the 2 hp motor but that will work for a while. I am only playing anyway not trying to make a living. The 2000# HF lift slings are sweet, 6 ft long and very handy. Kyle, there are a...
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    Good morning!!!!

    67569] Pics of the lathe with tooling and 3 phase converter Ed
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    Good morning!!!!

    Here are a few more of my wife's creations. Enjoy. and
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    Good morning!!!!

    This is the latest quilt project my wife is working on. This is the one that she sewed with a needle and thread and is now hand quilting. It sits in front of the living room window. Hope this worked Ed
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    Good morning!!!!

    This is the pic I said I would try to post today. I am 6'4" and 250 lbs so it is not a tiny mill. Wow first pic posted ever. Ed
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    New to me Everlast 256 S, Tig, Stick, Plasma

    sorry. Reprint
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    New to me Everlast 256 S, Tig, Stick, Plasma

    Got it almost new off of Craig's list today. It stick welded pretty sweet but did not have a bottle so could not tig. Guy said he used it about 6 hr's and from the way it looks it could be true. Came with both an air cooled and a water cooled tig torch and an Everlast cooler and a bunch of...
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    Flower bed borders???

    I am buying a new house, new to me, and the flower beds have stone in them and have no borders. What do you use that is easy to trim with the riding mower and keeps the mulch - stone in place? I have a weedeater but don't want to use it any more than I have to. Ed
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    Who makes a good air compressor for under $1000

    I would like to have a 5 hp 60 gal but the reviews are bad on all I have seen. I can't see buying a high $$$$$ compressor for me to play with. Will be thankfull for any help. Ed
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    X310 backup deck kill switch bypass?

    Just got a new X310 and love it so far except for that switch. It cuts off the deck if I forget to pull the switch and about 1/3 of the time if I do. If it worked all the time I would likely just learn to live with it, BUT. Thanks for any help. Ed
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    Thanks Merle.

    Thanks for the music Merle. You were one of a kind. Merle Haggard died yesterday on his birthday at 79. I read on line that he told his son a week ago that he would die on his birthday and he did. Ed
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    Help with price for my GC2400 and equipment

    I bought a new GC2400 with a 5' mower deck front end loader and frame mount snow blade. It is a hair over 5 years old and good shape with 367 hours on it. I need to sell it and want your idea of a fair price. It has been well maintained. I also have a 5' KK tiller, a 4' rotary cutter, a 1300...
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    Welding broken cast iron coat rack.

    I ave an antique cast iron coat rack that my sister broke. It is about 4 pieces that go from the bottom to the top. The bottom has a lot of cross bracing and so does the top so there will be some stress as I weld it together. It is in storage about 100 mi from here so no pics. any ideas...
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    Walk behind snow blower effort envolved

    How much work is it to blow snow with a walk behind snow blower? Is it something an old person in fair shape could do? thanks Ed
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    Good Morning, new Member here!

    Welcome from Va. Ed
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    DC stick amperage needed for general farm repairs.

    I plan on doing basic "farm" type repairs and a little "farm" type fab work. I used to farm full time now I just play with some things here around the house and garden. I like building things for my little tractor and hope to get a bigger small tractor one day. I used to weld a lot but it was...
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    TBN'ers We need to be nice!!!!

    This used to be a nice forum and still is to a large extent. Many people are kind, caring, and this is a wide spread family of tractor nuts. Lately it seems that there are grown people acting like school kids. They are rude and insulting. If you can't prove it to me then I don't think you...
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    Why can't I look at a post???

    I have had 2 or three threads that TBN won't let me see. Today it was Documents filed in Delaware. Don't know wh unless I don't have enough posts to view it. Only have 2226 posts. Ed
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    My Dad would think I am nuts.

    I was out pushing the snow off of a place for the dog to go to the bathroom and had a big smile on my face. I could just see my Dad shaking his head at me wondering what was wrong with me. He was an old farmer and he took very good care of his animals but He did not baby them. I guess I am...
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    What do you do for a snow depth indictor?

    I use the fiberglass driveway markers so I can follow my drive plowing deep snow. I have a few fiberglass electric fence posts I added to them because I had them. Today a put 3 plastic insulators on one post. One at 1' and one at 2' and one at 3'. The top of the post is 3' 7" so I can just...
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    TBN says I have over 1700 subscriptions??????

    I like to use subscriptions to help me find threads that have info I might need in the future. How did I get over 1700?? How can I get rid of the problem?? Ed
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    Easy stink bug killer.

    We have stink bugs in our house pretty often and I got tired of catching them in my hands and trying to wash the stink off. Now I just use a plastic water bottle and slide it under them, they like to crawl on the ceiling so it is easy. Then just put the top back on and beat something with the...
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    Metal roof shed tie in????

    I am adding a shed roof to the side of the shop. the A roof is a 4-12 pitch and the shed is mote like a 2-12 pitch. (I am guessing) I am using a 3' wide metal with ribs. I live in an area with some pretty good wends and want to know how to seal the lap between the shed and the A roof. Thanks Ed
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    Anyone use Oogoo?

    Thought about trying it for a project or two. Just wondered if it works as well as they say. Ed (Oogoo is a moldable syuff made from silicone calk and corn starch.)
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    Funny Hunting Stories, Let's hear yours.

    Let's hear your "funny" hunting stories. Keep them clean, remember young folks are on here too. Make it stories that you were there, not I know a guy that knows a guy......... Don't have to be the funniest thing, just "funny". I'll start A few of us teen aged boys were rabbit hunting with...
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    To all the Vet's, THANK YOU!!!!

    I just want to say Thank YOU for serving us - your country with your lives. To all the wives, husbands, children, moms, and dads, Thank you for what it cost you for your VIP to serve us. To all Vets who served in Nam. Forgive us as a country for not thanking you sooner for all you did...
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    Cyclone seeder seed chart

    I have an old cyclone seeder that has the wood frame, canvas bag, and metal spinner. I am missing the seed chart and would love to get one or a copy of one. Thanks Ed
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    Seat belt gets tighter and tighter.

    The seat belt on my GC2400 has a ratchet in it. It is supposed to catch where you pull it out around you and hold. Good in theory but it just keeps getting tighter and tighter until you just have to take it off. Anyone have an answer to this. I would like to use it but When something hurts...
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    GC 2400 Got hot.

    I was mulching leaves with my MMM and it was pulling pretty hard and I noticed the gauge was showing hot. The grill down below the steering wheel was pretty dusty so I wiped it off and started it to cool off and it did a little but was still just below hot. I drove over to the barn and got the...
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    1 bushel of green beans from a 5' x 10' patch. Hope to do better next time.

    My wife just picked a corner of the patch and got a bushel of green beans. I went out and measured what sh picked and it was 5' x 10'. They are not doing very well this year, I think we have a potasium shortage in the soil. Will take soil tests after we get them all picked and the garden...
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    Just found out that my 91 year old mom was crammed. She had unlimited long distance and a company called her and got her confused and she said yes but I don't understand what you are talking about. So now this company bills her for each long distance call. My wife called and they told her we...
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    how important is slope on laser levil

    I am in the planning process of building a 2000 sq ft house with a big garage, an equipment shed, 768 sq ft, and a 1200 sq ft shop, I hope. I found a big excavator that I can rent for the basement and building pads. I will need a laser level to shoot grade and am hoping to buy one instead of...
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    Xfinity still redirects you to their adds.

    The Xfinity adds at the bottom of the new posts page still redirects you to their add when you try to go to the next page. Needs fixed, the only way I can go to the next page is to go to the top of the page first.:thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:
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    New Scag Cheetah ????????

    Went to look at a new cheetah today, I have got to find a way to get my grass cut faster and I am sure that this will do it. I am using the Massey with a 60" deck and the Scag will have a 61". That one inch ought to make a big difference. :laughing: What is your experience with a scag? The...
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    Xfinity pain in the neck

    Every time Xfinity is the add at the bottom of a page of today's posts It won't let you click to go to the next page without hijacking you to their add. This has been going on for a long time and it is high time someone fixed it. Ed
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    Anyone use 12v valves on ATV sprayer?

    I have an ATV sprayer that I use for roundup around trees and in my drive way ect. I would like to add 12v valves and fan nozzles so I can just ride along and spray. I have my sprayer mounted on my three point so I can raise and lower it to help adjust spray width. I think I can figure it out...
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    Favorite whole bean coffee???????

    Thanks to Sixdogs coffee maker thread I have ordered a new Areo press coffee maker and a hand grinder for my wife but I have no idea what coffee beans to get. What is your favorite? Thanks Ed
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    neighbor news front loader for 53 jubilee

    My new neighbors just got a 53 jubilee and want to get a front end loader for it. Any info would help'. Thanks Ed.
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    non pro building sight level????

    What do you non pro. Builders use to level your building pad. Laser, transit, or ???? Hoping to build a shop this summer and need something but can't see $400 or so. Thanks Ed
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    3PH root rake build ideas?

    I have been doing a lot of earth moving lately and am looking to do more. I have a GC2400 sub compact tractor. Wondering if a 4 foot, 5 shank root rake would break up the soil enough to make it easy to scoop up with my loader. Any one use something like this for this purpose? Thinking of using...
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    Hard water deposits slowing flow.

    We have hard water and a few weeks ago the cold water in the kitchen sink was fine and then it looked like it had backing soda in it and the flow dropped to about 1/2. We replaced the faucet and it did not help. Anyone have this problem? and if so what did you do to fix it. I am stumped. It...
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    MF 1010 - New Member

    Welcome from Va. Lot of good info here, someone will have the info you need. Ed
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    snow plow top extension

    I have a front mount snow plow on the GC2400 and I had a lot of snow coming over the top today. Had to plow about 14" today and had keep going over it again to catch the over flow. Has anyone added a extension to the top of their plow? Looking for ideas. Thanks
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    will they fit?????

    Need a backhoe for a lot of projects that are coming up and am thinking about trading my GC2400 in on either a GC1710 or a GC1720. My question is will the belly mower and frame mounted snow plow from my GC2400 fit the 1700 series tractors? Thanks. Ed
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    buying a drill press chuck?

    I have decided to fix the old Cummins press I got with some other equipment I got a few years ago. It has a lot of wobble in the chuck but the shaft is pretty good. The bottom of the chuck is .005 out but the shaft is only .0005 out. Where is a good place to buy a new chuck? Looked online at...
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    ?vertical wheelchair lift???

    Anyone have any experience with a vertical wheelchair lift. Thinking of one for a family member. I need about 50" of lift to get up to the deck. Any help will be welcome. Thanks. Ed
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    Best program to draw house plans.

    My wife and I are in the planning stages of building a log cabin. Can't find plans we like and am thinking of drawing our own. Anyone out their used a computer program they like? Something not to expensive in case it ends up a waste of time. Thanks
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    Like the welding rep.

    Went to a local hardware store for their big fall sale day. They had a tent set up out front and had the reps out there selling their "tools". I walked through and the welder rep saw me looking at the welder I have at home and said You need one of them. I told him I had one ect and was not...
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    Small mig boom arm

    I have a small shop and hope to build a folding boom about 6ft long to mount my Forney 180 mig welder. My hope is it will reach the whole shop and save floor space. I have looked on line and there is nothing, or I can't find it. Anyone try this? Ideas? Thanks Ed