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  1. wmonroe

    Kids discuss their favorite tractor

    My kids wanted to discuss which tractor is their favorite. They came up with everything on their own except the model year of my old ford. Makes me happy they enjoy the tractors so much.
  2. wmonroe

    Getting back into hay

    Cut and baled first cutting a couple weeks ago. Just a small field, probably an acre or maybe a acre and a half. Starting back with hay so that my kids can help and learn hard work, working on equipment, how things don’t always go to plan, etc. The kids are still young so I’m going to ramp up...
  3. wmonroe

    Grand L swinging drawbar

    Does anyone have the swinging drawbar option in their grand L tractor? Mine has the fixed drawbar and when fully extended is 12” from the pto to center of the hitch pin. The industry standard and measurement needed for many implements is 14”. Just curious if anyone that has a swinging drawbar...
  4. wmonroe

    3 point hydraulic rebuild

    My 961 has had a sluggish 3 point lift at low rpms and it drifts down fairly quickly once the engine is off. I’ve made time and decided to start tearing into it to see what’s going on. The oil in the hydraulic sump doesn’t look very good (appeared ok in the dipstick) and there was a slime/jelly...
  5. wmonroe

    New BX2380

    I’ve been needing to get something to replace my riding mower which is too light duty for my place and was requiring constant maintenance and repairs. I’ve been doing most of the mowing with my 5240 and a rear finish mower but will not retire the RFM to backup duty. The BX2380 was delivered...
  6. wmonroe

    Price Check Kubota Online Price

    Is the price listed on kubota’s accurate to what is seen in real life? I’m looking at a BX2380 and online today it is $12,104. I received a quote from a local dealer and their “sticker” price, for the tractor only, is $12,766. Does that include assembly or something else. I would ask them but I...
  7. wmonroe

    Finish Mower Belt

    I’m trying to find a replacement belt for my finish mower. It is an Edge Attachments MR-180 which is a rebadged Major Equipment model. Anyway the number on the belt is in the picture below. I’m having a hard time finding this belt and I’m not sure if I’m searching incorrectly or what but I was...
  8. wmonroe

    Ford 961 Tuneup Time

    It’s time to give the old tractor a tune up and have a stack of parts to install. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, condenser, coil, and maybe something else I’m forgetting. While disassembling the distributor I noticed the timing advance weights looked dirty and pulled them out to clean them...
  9. wmonroe

    What is this part?

    I have a oil leak coming from where this “Y” shaped part connects to the rear differential. It is the part the lower 3 point lift arm attaches to. The side that is leaking has a little bit of play in it while the other side is dry and tight. I was trying to find a seal/rebuild kit but I can’t...
  10. wmonroe

    Tires Tire/rim tear down

    I only use the old 961 about 10-12 hours a year doing some brush hogging and general work. One thing I've wanted to do since I bought the tractor about 7 years ago was to get the calcium out of the tires. I had it out brush hogging the other day and saw the valve stem looked damp on one of the...
  11. wmonroe

    Pennsylvania Ford 961 rear wheel pie weights

    I'm looking for a complete set of pie weights for the rear of my Ford 961. It has 28" rims. Reply or pm and I can send an email or phone number.
  12. wmonroe

    Mowing 500 hours on the 5240

    It has finally been cold enough the ground firmed up and I could get the tractor out, moved some firewood and then took my daughter for a ride (she loves riding on the tractor). While we were out the tractor hit the 500 hour mark so I figured I'd do a quick review in case anyone is shopping for...
  13. wmonroe

    Tires Rear ballast

    I am thinking about adding windshield washer fluid to my rear tires but have a question hopefully you guys can help with. I don't necessarily want to go the full fill (48 gal.) which would be about 400 lbs per tire (14.9x26 ag tires). My main goal is for a little additional stability on the...
  14. wmonroe

    Flag pole

    Looking for info on where to buy a flag pole and what specs are needed. I want something with 20' of visible height and able to fly a 4'x6' flag but 3'x5' is ok if the price is too high to support a 4'x6'. I've looked a little bit and found a place that sells "commercial" sectional poles but...
  15. wmonroe

    Ford tractor in marketplace

    Can adds still be placed in the "marketplace" on TBN? I have an old ford I want to sell but can't seem to figure out how to start a new thread in that section. Anyone tried it and succeeded?
  16. wmonroe

    Stopped to help a truck along the road

    Was out of gas so after work I decided to run to the gas station and fill a couple five gallon cans. On my way back home I have to go up a 2.5 mile 7% grade and about 1/3 of the way up there is a dually truck with a cattle trailer sitting half on the berm and half in the right lane. As I moved...
  17. wmonroe

    400 hour service

    I'm at 387 hours and with the rain we've been having it was the perfect time to do the 400 hour service. The engine oil and filter will have to wait till next weekend since I didn't have a new filter on the shelf like I thought (note to self to organize my oil and filter storage shelf), fuel...
  18. wmonroe

    Which Chain?

    I'm going to be doing a good bit of cutting this weekend and figured it would be worth having one or two extra chains on hand. I was looking at chains online and was confused by differences in what seem to be the same chain. I have a Stihl MS261 with a 16" bar with the .325 pitch chain. Looking...
  19. wmonroe

    Cultivator for garden

    Anyone out there using a cultivator behind their tractor in the garden? I would like to make my garden significantly bigger and maybe plant a separate sweet corn plot but don't have time to weed a garden bigger than what I have (about 30x30). My thought was to build or buy a cultivator that I...
  20. wmonroe

    Future engine swap

    I'm starting to do a little research for a possible engine swap someday. I have a ford 961 propane tractor that I bought from my wife's grandfather. The tractor runs great and I really enjoy it but the propane is kind of a pane in the butt. When it is time to fill it I load it on my trailer and...
  21. wmonroe

    Kubota cold start

    I needed to use my parents old B8200 yesterday and took a cold start video. It was a little slow to start and I was just about to stop cranking it and reheat the glow plugs when it fired. It has been a good tractor and is going on 5000 hours.
  22. wmonroe

    Any coyote hunters

    Im looking to start coyote hunting and am looks for input on two different area, rifle caliber and what call to buy. I've been thinking about getting into this for a little while but after my father in law expressed interest I decided it was time to jump in. As far as caliber I was thinking...
  23. wmonroe

    Retirement planning

    I was reading the thread about calculating your lifetime earnings and some of the retirement discussion got me thinking about retirement planning. A thread with some discussion, experiences, current planning may be of some use to other members in addition to myself. Currently I am 32 and have...
  24. wmonroe

    Code reader

    My mom wants to get my dad a obd code reader for Christmas and called me to ask what she should get. Unfortunately I haven't kept up with these over the last five years or so, so I'm not really sure. He will be using it for normal homeowner diagnostic work. Vehicle currently are 2015 grand...
  25. wmonroe

    New old truck

    Picked up a new to me old truck, 1993 Dodge Ram 250. It's a basic model but has a cummins, auto tranny and working ac. So far I've put about 200 miles on it just tooling around and I'm rather impressed with how it drives. Not sure what the future plans for it will be but if nothing else I'll...
  26. wmonroe

    New (old) vice

    Finally built a work bench in my pole barn and mounted an old vice on it. My dad had the vice but wasn't using it so he told me to take it. It was originally my grandfathers who passed away when my dad was a young child so it has a little sentimental value also. Anyway I cleaned it up a little...
  27. wmonroe

    Damage to my barn today

    My neighbor that farms part of my place was over today to round bale my fields. The bales were already sold so they were trucking them straight out of the field to the buyer. My neighbor was driving the truck, the one guy that is his main employee was running the tractor loading the bales on the...
  28. wmonroe

    Fall/winter crop

    My neighbor farms a portion of my property and has soybeans planted this year. After harvest the fields remain unused till spring when he works the ground and replants. One small section (1/2 to maybe 1 acre) below my barn I was thinking of planting a crop of some sort that might be useful for...
  29. wmonroe

    How do i get smileys in my posts?

    When posting from my iPad is there a way to add smileys to my posts? I would like to add them sometimes to help convey sarcasm or humor but I can't figure it out.
  30. wmonroe

    Drawbar question

    Was reading through the manual for my hay baler and it said to have 14" from the end of the pto to the center of the hitch pin hole on the drawbar. Where my drawbar was currently set was at 12", but when I take it out to the next hole (to be at the 14" mark) the back of the drawbar (towards the...
  31. wmonroe

    Baby on the way

    It sure this is the right place to post this but, we just found out today that my wife is pregnant with our first child. We are waiting a little while to tell family/friends but I wanted to tell someone. We have been married nine years now and have waited to have kids till now but since I am...
  32. wmonroe

    Disc for sale on craigslist

    This disc is for sale on Craigslist, says "Need some bearings but discs otherwise in good shape $600 call or text". I texted him and he doesn't know what make/model it is and says there is no tag either, also asked disc diameter and he thinks about 16". That sounds fairly small to me so either...
  33. wmonroe

    Land buying question

    As anyone bought farmland that does not have a residence on it? There is some farmland that adjoins my property that I am thinking about buying but I am finding out it is very difficult to obtain a mortgage for land. I have very good credit, very little debt, and a decent income but banks don't...
  34. wmonroe

    Photo storage

    How is everyone storing their digital pictures? I have been keeping all of mine on a external hard drive but it has been acting weird lately and I'm worried I'm about to lose 10+ years of pictures. I guess loading them onto photobucket or something similar is an option but that seems like a...
  35. wmonroe

    Couple of questions about my new saw

    I just bought a new Stihl MS261 and was reading through the owners manual (I know, shocking) and saw they recommend mid grade, non ethanol gas. I didn't read the fuel part of my weed wackers (also a Stihl) owners manual and have been running regular gas with whatever mix of ethanol they use...
  36. wmonroe

    5240 air filter part number

    This is a stupid question but here goes. I can't figure out what the right air cleaner is for my tractor. I looked them up online before I went to buy any and came up with 59800-26110 (outer) and 3A111-19130 (inner) but the dealer says I need TD270-93230 (outer) and TD270-93220 (inner). That...
  37. wmonroe

    Looking for a new 7040?

    I was at my local dealer yesterday to get filters and noticed he still has two M7040 open station tractors left, didn't see any other L or M 40 series machines. He did have a 9960 but it was cold and raining so I didn't look at it. The dealer is in somerset, pa, I have no affiliation just trying...
  38. wmonroe

    Good price for this disk?

    My local tractor supply has had this disk sitting out since mid summer at least. It looks like a family heavy duty disc but has some damage to some of the discs, looks like it will need five replaced. The price has been lowered to $520, does this seem like a good deal with the parts that will...
  39. wmonroe

    Noise cancelling earphones

    Who is using noise cancelling earphones on their open station tractor? I want to get a set but want to get good ones that actually cancel out some tractor noise so I don't destroy what's left of my hearing while listening to music. Thanks!
  40. wmonroe

    Nittany antique machinery show

    Is anyone going to the nittany antique machinery show near state college, pa? The show runs from 9/5 - 9/8. I was thinking about taking my Ford 961 to dyno but won't make it till the last day and am not sure if it's worth going. If your going post up some pictures.
  41. wmonroe

    A couple mods for the 5240

    I've been planning out some mods for a while now and have finally started and have a few installed. Front and rear work lights, a 12 volt power outlet, some gauges, a permanent plug for my sprayer and on and on. Anyway all these things require power and I don't like to tap all that off the...
  42. wmonroe

    Factory work lights

    Who has factory installed work lights? I am looking for pictures of the switches and where the switches are located. Thanks!
  43. wmonroe

    12 volt switches

    I am going to install some work lights on my tractor and am trying to find some nice quality toggle or rocker switches. Spent some time searching the web and looking on amazon but am just finding cheap switches. Where is everyone getting the switches you're using and are you happy with them?
  44. wmonroe

    Allis Chalmers lawn tractor

    I have an Allis Chalmers 912 hydrostatic lawn tractor that I would like to sell. Is anyone familiar with this make/model and what I might be worth? It has a Kohler 12 hp single cylinder engine, hydro transmission, and electric lift for the mower deck. The engine has a miss when it warms up which...
  45. wmonroe

    Aftermarket gauge mounts

    Does anyone know of any aftermarket gauge mounts for Kubota grand L tractors? I want to add a oil pressure, egt, & boost gauges to my tractor but would like to have a mount that looks as close to factory as possible. I have few aftermarket gauges in my truck and it is surprising how much you can...
  46. wmonroe

    Floor poured in my pole building

    After waiting and saving up I was able to get the floor poured in my 40x60 pole barn. It was a week ago today so i'm planning to start filing it up this weekend. Here are a couple pictures. How long do you normally wait before driving on new concrete? The guy that finished it for me said a week...
  47. wmonroe

    LED lighting in pole barn?

    I'm getting ready to start installing permanent lighting in my 40x60x16 pole barn and was originally thinking of going flourescent or maybe a high pressure sodium type light. I'm not very familiar with interior LED lighting and have not found the info i'm looking for in my searches. With my...
  48. wmonroe

    Buried my dog today

    Took my dog today to get put down after fighting a virus for about two months. I don't remember the technical name for the virus but it attacks his blood cells and we discovered it first because he was bleeding into his eyes, out his ears, and internally all over. The vet put him on a bunch of...
  49. wmonroe

    3 point or pull type disc

    Looking for a disk (3 point or pull type) with a width of 6-10'. Looking for something in useable condition but not afraid to do a little work on it if necessary.
  50. wmonroe

    1 year and 150 hour review

    My 5240 is about 1 year old now and I just turned over 150 hours today, so far this tractor has done everything I expected and then some. I have moved dirt, stone, brush hogged, mowed grass (finish mower), plowed snow, and probably 20 hrs on the hoe (bh92). I performed the initial service at 52...