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  1. Moxie 15

    Fergie TEA20

    I recently purchased a 1952 TEA20 with a rebuilt engine and new tires that ran beautifully. After a couple months it starts and runs for a minute or so then dies. It is very difficult to get it to start again and dies almost right off. It is getting gas to the carb. The plugs look like it is...
  2. Moxie 15

    New Life

    Our Great Pyrenees guard dog had a busy night. I got up to check on him a total of four times, the last about 3:15 am. Each time a stood with him and listened to silence and got my big hug. The last time was the exact opposite of silence. I threw on my muck boots and yelled to my wife that...
  3. Moxie 15

    Tire Chains

    I am in need of chains for my garden tractor. I guess I need to state some background. We retired a few years ago and bought an abandoned farmhouse on ten acres. Money is far tighter than we ever expected so nearly everything is 'find a way' the cheaper the better. The $100 or so for new chains...
  4. Moxie 15

    Feed Prices

    Is it just here in New Hampshire that feed prices have skyrocketed or is it everywhere? In just over a year layer pellets have gone from $11.99 per 50# to $17.99, cracked corn form $9.99 per 50# to $14.99, goat pellets $12.99 to $17.99. This is same brands in the same store. This is beating my...
  5. Moxie 15

    Homestead Communications

    Ok, I have some questions concerning this, trying to learn what I can do. Here cell phones are just short of useless, CB radios are useless and we do not have the funds to spend on fancy radios, or the intent to use them. A large percent of our car travel we are together, so what we need is the...
  6. Moxie 15

    How happy are you?

    I live in what seams to be a geographic oddity, everyplace is an hour and half drive away. Nearest Kabota dealer an hour and half, John Deere dealer an hour 20. But there is a Kioti dealer 20 miles away! So how do you like your Kioti, would you recommend one, what is good, what is bad?
  7. Moxie 15

    Ferguson TO-30

    I have a chance to purchase a 1954 TO-30 that the owner claims it has a steering 'issue' turning to the right. He claims a steering box can be had for $350. Sooo... Does that sound true? I could find no such animal on a quick online search. Are these difficult for a non mechanic type to work on...