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  1. dnw64

    Strange belt failure

    Never seen this before. It's on my Caroni flail mower which I've had almost 2 years. Before heading out on my first pass of the year I greased all the bearings, and while greasing the main bearing at the end where the belts are I saw what looking like a piece of belt sticking through one of the...
  2. dnw64

    New multi-purpose building

    I would like to put up a new building on our residential property. The purposes would be primarily four-fold: Storage of "agricultural equipment" and "toys" Workshop area for above Office/doghouse room Winery/brewery area. Haven't completely settled on it yet, but somewhere around 40x60x14'...
  3. dnw64

    How do I look at the first unread response to threads I've subscribed to?

    I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, and most of my friends consider me their first-line of defense in regards to things composed solely of 1s and 0s. Before the recent "upgrade" you could click on "My Home" (or something like that, don't remember - it was right at the top/center of every...
  4. dnw64

    Record time to sale?

    Probably not, but it's sure a record for me! We had a 2007 Isuzu FTR (26,000 GVWR box truck) whose time had come to go. We'd been talking about, considering various options for months. Finally, two weeks ago we decided on its baby brother, an NPR-HD (14,500# GVWR). Last Wednesday my son flew...
  5. dnw64

    Do I need professional help?

    Three days ago, when I got home from work we had gotten 3' of snow within about 14 hours. It has not been above freezing since. Today my driveway looks like this (if you zoom in you can see that the white stuff in the foreground it dried salt): My wife says I should see a therapist. I think...
  6. dnw64

    Delivery truck options

    Not sure this is the right place for it, but it seemed the most likely, and I know there are lots of people on this forum that have wisdom in this arena so here we go. I have a company that has a wide plank flooring product line. We deliver in a two-state area, basically within a same-day...
  7. dnw64

    Gator diesel won't turn over

    Put a new battery in this spring. It was cranking slower and slower until it would only click. Assuming it was probably the charging system, tried charging and jumping, still just a click. Removed starter and powered on the bench - the solenoid engaged but the motor wouldn't turn. Got a new...
  8. dnw64

    Auto-locking differential, doesn't

    I have a Husky YTH22V46XLS (bought used). According to many sources, it has an auto-locking differential. But if it does, it doesn't work. Assuming it does have one but it's not working, any suggestions of common/easy problems/fixes?
  9. dnw64

    Water pump on Gator

    I have a MY 2000 Gator 6x4 Diesel, bought last fall with just under 2000 hours on the meter. It was overheating and the fan didn't work so that seemed the obvious solution. However, after replacing the fan (and it operates) I am still overheating. The upper radiator hose is cold when the...
  10. dnw64

    Why people don't keep older equipment running

    Last fall I bought a 2000 6x4 Diesel Gator. I believe I paid $2700 for it. It ran and drove, but started hard when below 50ー, overheated and most of the tires didn't hold air. I've bought 4 new tires - $450 including mounting. Looks like I will have to put a tube in one other one (which I...
  11. dnw64

    Gator Overheating, fan doesn't come on

    I recently acquired a 2000 TH6X4 Diesel Gator. A little rough, just under 2000 hours, manual dump (I need to work on that - the wife can't operate the dump even when empty). After using it for 20 mins to a half hour the temp light came on. Turns out the cooling fan isn't working. To...
  12. dnw64

    Power Steering on B3030

    Quite often (but not always) I have very high effort and a bit of noise (but not "typical" belt squeal) when turning the wheel with a load on the front. Is this "normal" or otherwise? Revving the engine seems to make little-to-no difference.
  13. dnw64

    What do YOU do about territorial Robins??

    We have a balcony/staircase outside our master bedroom. The railing is a handy perch, and both last year and this (we moved in last April) we have had a Robin attacking the sliding glass door next to the railing. Last year I put gobs of painters' tape on the window, which worked but was super...
  14. dnw64

    GR2000 PTO engagement issue

    I am considering buying a GR2000. The seller states "Has a problem with the mower engaging.". At first I assumed it would have to be a relatively easy fix, even if it meant replacing the clutch. But then I discovered it's actually a hydraulic PTO which causes me great concern. Any owners on...
  15. dnw64

    Use of Pat's Easy Change System on Kubota with extension arms

    I bought the ECS kit and went to install it last weekend. However, where the U-Bolt needs to go is over the housing of the extension arm casing. While I realize the extension feature is no longer necessary, I don't see getting it properly attached. Anyone else have this issue?
  16. dnw64

    Painting(?) 3 point parts

    I broke the casting on the 3 point tilt adjust arm and bought a new one. It came in unpainted. Was planning to just wipe down with alcohol or so, then prime and paint with Rustoleum spray. But I'm wondering if the original was powder coated - it gets a fair amount of exposure and "abuse"... Or...
  17. dnw64

    Steamy Cab

    So far I've only used my B3030 Cab twice in the winter. Both times the inside of all the windows steamed up really bad. I ended up opening the two small side/rear windows and that helped a bit. It was almost like it was on "Recirc" - is there such a thing, and how do I turn it off?
  18. dnw64

    Busted my 3-pt level ratchet mechanism

    Only thing I can think is that I must not have had the handle popped back into the holder, and it got snagged on something when lifting the 3pt. I thought I would take it apart and get it ready to replace the broken casting. But, I couldn't get it apart: the lower threaded part seems to hit a...
  19. dnw64

    Strange hydraulic problem

    On my Kubota B3030 with front snowblower & hydraulic chute rotation. Hooked hydraulics up according to color coding (this is new to me this year). Rotates left but not right. Trying to turn right, you can see the hose jump a little bit as if it's getting pressurized. Swapped lines (at the...
  20. dnw64

    Aligning PTO shafts

    On my Massey, there are three positions on the PTO engagement, including one where the output shaft will turn freely. So far I have been unsuccessful in figuring out if there is some way to do the same on my B3030. Makes it very difficult lining them up on some equipment.
  21. dnw64

    Hydraulic functionality

    I recall seeing a bunch of people complaining about the performance of Kubotas at low RPM. It may well have been regarding the BX series, as my my most recent tractor was a M-F GC series, which is a BX sized unit, so that's the direction a lot of my research went. I have to say I have been...
  22. dnw64

    Loading tires, and Pete's Tire Barn

    I recently bought my B3030. I asked the previous owner if the tires were loaded and he said No. Since I estimated the filled tires would weigh about 400# and my only loader is the one on the tractor in question, and I knew that Pete's Tire Barn does on-site loading I called and made an...
  23. dnw64

    PJ Trailers

    I recently sold a job to a guy who is a PJ Trailer rep. He told me he'd give me wholesale pricing on a trailer, so that seems attractive. Their promo material sounds great (as expected!). Any real world feedback out there? FWIW, I would be looking for a trailer that could handle my Kubota...
  24. dnw64

    Converting from pin-on to QA?

    I just bought a B3030 with traditional pin-on FEL. Is it feasible to convert to QA, or are the loader arms completely different? I'd like to be able to use QA Forks and a Grapple, if not other things in the future.
  25. dnw64

    Zero Turn traction issues

    I bought the entry level Ferris S400 this spring for mowing our fairly hilly 1.5 acre or so "lawn" area. I love the cut, the speed and the maneuverability, but the traction (negative traction?) going downhill is near ridiculous. The only way to go down our steeper slopes is to start at a crawl...
  26. dnw64

    B3030 Pricing

    As you may note from my profile, I am located in SE Vermont. I am looking at a 2007 B3030HSDC, factory cab with heat/AC. Includes Kubota FEL, Woods GH80-X backhoe with full frame mount and a Kubota 63" Front mounted blower with hydraulic rotation and deflection. 411 hours, stored inside...
  27. dnw64

    950 vs 970 vs 1070

    I am considering a 30-40hp tractor and most of the ones I'm coming up with that seem to fit my needs/budget (around $10k) are Green. Here are three I've found that seem worth consideration: 1980 JD-950, $9500 - about 1500 hours. Appears to be repainted (what is that hiding, and/or does that...
  28. dnw64

    Selecting blade type

    I've recently (this past winter) acquired a new property that requires mowing. I've been using my Land Pride 1660 finish mower to try and get it into better shape. As I understand, it was "bush hogged" once a year previously. I'd like to make it a little more grass-like and a little less...
  29. dnw64

    AGCO ST35X

    I posted this in the Massey forum thinking that was the place to put it. But after getting almost no response I decided I'd try here. =================================================================================== I'm finding my GC2300 a bit small for our new property. That, in combination...
  30. dnw64

    AGCO ST35X

    I'm finding my GC2300 a bit small for our new property. That, in combination with discovering I should have bought a tractor with a loader, is prompting me to look for a "new" tractor. Current expected purposes: *Blow snow (primary use) *Mow/cut about 8 acres of field (primary use) Till garden...
  31. dnw64

    PSB from the Vermont State Police

    Posted on their FaceBook page today: ============================================== The Vermont State Police would like to remind motorists to have patience and use caution when approaching farm equipment on Vermont roads. With the second hay cut approaching, there will be an increased presence...
  32. dnw64

    Uncomfortable noise on finish mower

    I recently bought a used Land Pride FDR1660 finish mower. It seems to operate nice when relatively flat, but if you lift the deck while it's operating, or go into a bit of a gulley that lifts it on the 3pt it makes a noise/feeling that something isn't right. It's not real lout, but kind of a...
  33. dnw64

    Leaking spool - fixable?

    Turns out it wasn't the quick-connect coupler o-rings on my GC2300 that were leaking after all, it's the "curl" spool (left side in pic below). Strange thing is that it's not used on this tractor and doesn't seem to even be set up to actually even work on this valve. Notice the short cap - you...
  34. dnw64

    Color Coding on GC Loader Valve

    I had a small leak in my valve so I took out the fittings and replaces the O-Rings, and forgot to note which one went where... Of course it doesn't really matter which one goes where, but if the color coding from the zip ties is going to be helpful, it does make a difference. Someone have a...
  35. dnw64

    60" mid mount mower

    One of my strategies for the new property I've recently bought is a MMM for my GC2300. They (as expected) seem to be a bit rare on the aftermarket, but I thought if I knew the model number it may help me nail one down. This would be for a GC2300 model, 2006 if it makes a difference. Please...
  36. dnw64

    Matching attachment size to tractor

    Is there a post or page anyone could suggest that has basic HP requirements for different types/sizes of attachments?
  37. dnw64

    Is there any market for a bare GC2300/2400?

    I misinterpreted my potential use of a tractor when I bought my GC2300 with cab and snowblower. I was buying it strictly as a snow removal tool. After owning it for less than a year I am realizing how flexible its capabilities are. I would now like an FEL and mower*, but finding a used FEL is...
  38. dnw64

    Snowblowing in High Range

    I tried it out today and love it. While I don't go any faster going forward while blowing, it's awesome to back up at max speed, as well as going forward faster during repositioning. I never felt short on power - is there any reason to not do this?
  39. dnw64

    Caution, Repairs Ahead!

    I replaced the cutting edge on my 2360 snowblower yesterday and found some major rust! Thankfully I have a plasma cutter and both MIG and TIG welders at my disposal. But I will probably wait until Summer to make sure I have time between use so I can take the auger and impeller out, and in...
  40. dnw64

    Moving a GC2300 without power

    Is is possible? How? I have coolant leak and want to just push it into the garage but can't get it to move.
  41. dnw64

    2360 Snowblower gearbox lubrication

    On my 2300's front mount snowblower there is a gearbox to slow the pto speed for the horizontal auger. There is what appears to be a grease/Zerk fitting in the top, but it is unusable - looks like it's been ground down a bit. However, when I removed it, it doesn't really look like grease in...
  42. dnw64

    Refreshing my Curtis Cab

    I recently bought a tractor that had a soft-sided Curtis Cab installed. Most of the adhesive backed velcro (hook side) on the cab frame is missing or falling off. I have two questions related to such: What is the best way to remove the 10+ year old adhesive? I tried Goo-Gone and it's...
  43. dnw64

    How much grease??

    I recently received my tiller from Agrisupply. Apparently it comes without grease in the outboard bearing and the instructions say to add grease. I've dealt a bit with bearings and grease, and it's been my general experience that when you have enough in there either A) it starts coming out...
  44. dnw64

    How rusty should a new PTO shaft be?

    Got my new tiller from Agri Supply. Looks great. But I was rather disappointed in the PTO shaft. It was in a cardboard box that had been shrink-wrapped, but obviously far from water tight. There is no obvious functional issues, but I am concerned that water has gotten into the joints and...
  45. dnw64

    3pt Backhoe on a GC series?

    I have one project in mind I could use a backhoe for. It's digging outside a foundation to redo waterproofing and drainage. The footing is only about 3' below the surface so I don't need any great reach. As you can see from my signature, I have a GC2300. The way I see it I have a few options to...
  46. dnw64

    Newbie woes

    Just laughing at myself a bit here. I've never really worked on/with Ag equipment before. I did work at a country club throughout HS but all we used the tractor for was pulling mowers. And that was 35+ years ago... Anyways, I wanted to use my 3 pt mounted drawbar today, to pull a small trailer...
  47. dnw64

    How do I remove my 2360 snow blower PTO?

    I bought this tractor with the snowblower already attached. I've done some searching but can't figure out how to get it off. I do know that you have to remove the front shaft first, because the clevis pin can't be released with the shaft in the way. It feels like there might be a pin/button on...
  48. dnw64

    GC2300 Directional Light Operation

    When I turn the Left turn signal on, it blinks, and the Right one comes on steady. When I turn the Right turn signal on, it blinks, and the Left one comes on steady. Is this normal operation, or do I have a wiring problem?
  49. dnw64

    GC2400/2600 and GC1705/1715

    From all I can see, the only difference is power output. Anyone figured out what changes they made to generate the additional 2.5HP and try it? I'm guessing injectors and/or pump pressure. Seems like it should be relatively easy to add over 10% if the basic mechanicals are the same.
  50. dnw64

    UHMW recommendations

    Planning to line my chute with it, as well as make the chute rotation holddowns out of it. McMaster does sell a "Ultra Weather Resistance" variation, but the thinnest it comes in is 1/4" which I just is too thick for the chute lining(I was thinking 1/8", which is available with an adhesive...