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  1. JCoastie

    dump & equipment trailer hurricane prep ?

    I have a 6x12' tandem 10k dump trailer with 24 inch sides, and an 18' tandem 14k tilt/equipment trailer, both weigh about 3k. I live in the hurricane prone gulf coast. Both trailers are under a carport and the wheels remain chocked, but do they need to be strapped to the ground, or just have the...
  2. JCoastie

    Flux Core Amps vs thickness

    I have never welded, but tired of bugging the neighbors, so I have pretty much decided on a 115v Flux Core welder just to fix little things that break. How is it that something like a Century FC90 with 90 amps is advertised up to 1/4 inch and something more powerful like the Yeswelder 135 with...
  3. JCoastie

    Hawke Trailers - Customer Service - Experience

    Figured I’d write this since I found very little online regarding Hawke Trailers. I recently purchased a 6x12 10k Hawke dump trailer, it is a 2022 but used from a 3rd party. It was about 2 hours from my home and I had a few questions before I went and picked it up, so I called Hawke customer...
  4. JCoastie


    LS SAYS A REGEN EVERY 2 HOURS IS NORMAL Here's my regen history, the best I have record of it. I'm sure I missed a few early on before I recognized there was a real problem and started keeping track. I have been having excessive regens almost since the tractor was purchased. Dealership has...
  5. JCoastie

    USA Tool Manufacturers, Help ID

    And idea who the manufacturer of this old hammer might be? There are no other markings left on the hammer. Hoping the logo helps.
  6. JCoastie

    Did I bust something on the loader hydraulics?

    I was carrying a 16' log in my grapple and I clipped a standing tree on the left side. It wasn't crazy hard, i.e. the tires didn't come off the ground, but the left side of the tractor dove a bit. After it was over the loader was no longer level side to side, the left side was down about an inch...
  7. JCoastie

    Need a waterproof clock for dash on open station

    I'm looking for a clock for the dash on my open station tractor. I checked out amazon, and other than the little quarter size stick on clocks I'm not finding much. I'd go with those if they were a little bigger so I could read them. Ideally it strikes a balance of thin enough not to look...
  8. JCoastie

    12k Trailer Jack Drill Adapter

    I recently purchased a new trailer and the 12k jack has such a low gear ratio, I found myself cranking it 60 times to get it on/off my truck, so I wanted to create a drill adapter. In the 12 years I have had a trailer, I have never had a reason to unhitch it with something still on the trailer...
  9. JCoastie

    Tractor Splitting

    I'll be sure to ask the dealer when I pick it up, but LS had to split my MT240 to replace the HST drive unit. I am coming up on 300hrs (48hrs away) which calls for replacing both hydraulic filters along with engine oil and filter. I can't imagine splitting would affect the engine oil, but would...
  10. JCoastie

    securing attachment/implement

    To begin, on rare occasion I move non-commercial <5000# tractor over the road 10 or 15 miles, so my understanding is DOT rules don't necessarily apply. I live in Alabama and have been told by multiple people that I only need to use 2 chains for the load, they recommend 1 chain side to side...
  11. JCoastie

    Finger Lakes NY Owner?

    Thought I saw someone listed here from Lake Cayuga or there about. Anyone here in the NY Finger Lakes region?
  12. JCoastie

    Clutch Slip Confirmation

    I have an old rotary mower, I haven't used it in a while, and I have owned it 10 years, I am not the original owner, I do not know the age of the mower. In the 10 years I've owned it, it has lived outside in the rain and sun, and I had never slipped the clutch for maintenance. Visually it...
  13. JCoastie

    RZT 50 manufactured/welded replacement deck option?

    I have a 2010 RZT50 and the factory stamped deck needs to be replaced. Upon purchase 11 years ago we didn't understand it would be used more like a bush hog than a golf course mower. I've kept things running by replacing parts, but the deck metal is on its last legs. I have searched...
  14. JCoastie

    120v submersible pump for a 2" well casing

    I am on city water, but live rural USA in hurricane country and like to be prepared with alternatives. When my house was being built, the previous owners had an RV on site and they had a well installed, everything was cut off when they left. It is only a 2 inch well casing, and I do not plan on...
  15. JCoastie

    FEL Curl, weak or normal?

    I've noticed when dumping my bucket, it will just flop for a few seconds before it slams as expected against the stops. It isn't too bad in this video, sometimes it it s bit worse, maybe a 2 second flop at most, and it is worse with a load in the bucket. Is this a mild case of floppy bucket...
  16. JCoastie

    Non standard dash switch mounting holes

    I have a MT240 and it has 5 blanks of the dash for toggle switches. The problem is that the cut outs are not the standard 21mmx37mm, they are taller so standard switches do not lock into place, as there is a small gap top to bottom. Side to side is OK. Has anyone found a rocker switch that fits...
  17. JCoastie

    WG-24 Stump Grinder - technique to torque teeth?

    What is your technique to torque all the cutting teeth? Initially it was a pain in the butt, and I feel like I should check them again after a few hours use. With the grinder mounted to the tractor, I basically set the flywheel down on a 2x4, and wrenched it over to the side and torqued all the...
  18. JCoastie

    GUI comments from the peanut gallery

    I appreciate having recently become addicted to TBN, I check in morning, noon and night on different devices. The desktop experience is great, new post indicators are clear and bright. i.e. I choose not to use specific separate mobile apps for viewing web pages/forums, I just use the native...
  19. JCoastie

    where to position tractor on trailer?

    I have a 16' tandem dovetail trailer that at some point will be loading my LS240 on it for a short back road trip to the dealership to add a rear remote kit. I did a dry run the other day just to see how it fit, just drove on, not secured down. This tractor is longer than my last one, and...
  20. JCoastie

    MT240 or similar rear remote hose connections

    Does LS use ball or valve type connections for the OEM rear remotes? Ball Valve
  21. JCoastie

    Bucket Weight 66" ?

    Anyone know the weight of the LS 66" bucket (MT240HE w/LL3302) Left 2 rows of numbers are for LL3301 and right 2 rows are for LL3302 Judging by the manual, the bucket should be either 4 pounds or 235 pounds depending on how you interpret the data lol and whether you include the mounting frame...
  22. JCoastie

    do you drain water from the fuel filter before the dash warning lights?

    I live in AL and sit above 90% humidity for much of the year. I went out the other morning and the entire tractor (under cover) was sweating and soaked. Even the tools in my toolbox in the garage were soaking wet. I worry about condensation in the fuel tank. I have a MT240 with a dash...
  23. JCoastie

    trail brush maintenance - Samurai Cutter - Sicklebar or similar option?

    We live on a wooded lot of just over 6 acres. We have paths cut along the fence line for maintenance. We've mostly kept them up with just a battery operated hedge trimmer and a pair of manual loppers, but as time goes on, it gets harder and harder for us to maintain, and it usually takes a...
  24. JCoastie

    Overthinking oil of course

    I live in the south, temps reach freezing and not much below 32f only a single handful of times each year. I have no reason to use the tractor when it's that cold. I have a 2020 LS MT240 which does have a turbo. I just recently did the 50hr service and changed all filters and engine oil. I put...
  25. JCoastie

    Woodmaxx vs Betstco vs Nova vs other?

    I am a homeowner of 6 acres, nothing fancy, just a wooded lot that we try to maintain. We live in the south, the wood is mostly pine with a few oaks sprinkled about, we keep the shrub brush areas between the trees cut down. Around the house is clear and maintained with a zero turn, the rest of...
  26. JCoastie

    Rear Remotes, one set or 2 ?

    I have a MT240HE, and am thinking about having the rear remote valve installed. My purpose is for a hydraulic top link. Dealer quoted me the below which seems fair Trying to decide on single or dual remotes. Other than a backhoe which I do not plan to purchase, what other implements might I use...
  27. JCoastie

    Ram packing Bucket + Boom MT240HE / LL3302

    I have a MT240HE / LL3302, and there is a loose packing on all 4 cylinders. I'm wondering if this is a problem that the dealer needs to correct, or are these left over shipping packing the dealer forgot to remove prior to delivery, and I should just cut them off?
  28. JCoastie

    MT240HE 50hr service - Hydraulic & HST filter change - how to?

    I will complete the 50hr service fairly soon, and was wondering what to expect when I remove the hydraulic and HST filters? How much fluid should I expect to drain out? Will it just be what's in the filter with no pumps running, or will gravity make all the fluid try to drain out, and I should...
  29. JCoastie

    LS240 3.9hrs F11 1221 error

    It cleared after a restart, but dealer says they can't diagnose without putting it on a scanner.