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    But everyone says the Kukje is a Cummins!
  2. mred2

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    At most lumber places here, if you have a larger order delivered, the will take back the bad/unused.
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    Side by Side or 4x4

    I have a 590 gator. It goes places you would never try a truck. between trees that my tractor can't go. My tractor is too heavy for the yard, so it is the wheel barrel for dirt for the yard. Also use it to fix fence and spray apple trees, get mail and haul trash to the road. It is cheap on...
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    Seller Beware

    We had a service center at another branch. Customer wanted repair done under warranty on used parts he provided. Said we put them on and should warranty them. We told him no, we would warranty the labor, as that is all we were provided. After repair, bill for the new parts, and the unpaid...
  5. mred2

    Finally Need My Warranty and LS Is Not There! BEWARE!

    I may be wrong about my dealer. My XR4150 has an S173 with F03 code. Bad temp sensor. I called my dealer, I thought that he could send his tech out with parts. I was told a visit would be $300. I called today and was told that they thought I wanted someone to pickup my tractor for repair...
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    John Deere Concedes to RIGHT TO REPAIR !

    As a person with some knowledge of Deere dealership. They pay a lot for the training to use the software, pay for tools to connect laptop to tractor, all kinds of special tools to install seals, etc., And a dealer is not allowed to reprogram an ECU. It is done by Deere and downloaded to the...
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    Ford Superduty 6.2 questions?

    I had a F250 2014 crew cab, 6.2. Great truck, saved my life in head on with a drugee. It had 143,000 and still running great. Just purchased a 2019 F250, 6.2, 6 speed, 125,000 miles. Love it. Enough power for me. I agree on the shift points. I got used, due to saving $35,000 over new.
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    XR4150 CODES S173 F03 AND S173 F13

    Thanks, I think this will help.
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    XR4150 CODES S173 F03 AND S173 F13

    I am sure you are right and it is F31. The DTF HAS 3 temp sensors. I will start by checking connections. I looked for mice, none found. THANKS
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    XR4150 CODES S173 F03 AND S173 F13

    I am getting these two codes. I think temp sensors, but which one. I think it has 3. Runs fine, but will not regen. I hate to haul it 60 miles to dealer.
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    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Last year purchased a new utv. Only one that was in my range within 100 miles. This year my friend had problem finding one, got used. My tractor dealer has LS, Branson, TYM, Bobcat and maybe others on the lot. He seems to be moving a lot, but not sure when you compare what's on the lot.
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    Considering New Tractor

    It is not licensed as a cummins or inspected by them. Great engine. Maybe better than the small cummins. Like calling all mowers a Bushhog.
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    Considering New Tractor

    It is not a cummins, great engine, built in same factory, by same people, with some of the same ideas. But it is not a cummins generator engine. But most likely better.
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    Second Cutting?

    Looks good.
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    Second Cutting?

    My hay guy is done for the year here in Alabama. He has some really good hay this year. Very dry here right now. Friend in Arkansas wanted another cutting but no rain. They are done with the year with not as much hay.
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    Should a new tractor come with a full tank of gas?

    My LS came with about 1/2 a tank of fuel, tires filled, free labor to install the 3rd function, 3rd function kit at cost and one cap.
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    Why no Ecoboost in the F250?

    As was said, 'What about the 7.3?" If ford thought the echo boast was the answer to today's towing, why come out with the 7.3 gas? Old school engine, said to put out as much power as some diesels. No over head cams, no turbos. I have read better mileage than the 6.2. Said to be one of the best...
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    Newb looking for advice and info on a new compact tractor and attachments

    With the backhoe on, I could not shut the rear doors.
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    Why no Ecoboost in the F250?

    I don't recall anyone saying anything on the F250 with the 7.3 gas burner.
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    Newb looking for advice and info on a new compact tractor and attachments

    I have an LS XR4150, open station, 2 remotes with 3rd function. LOVE IT! I have the 2100 backhoe. You must have one detent remote for the backhoe. You only want one. The 3rd function can be added later, but it is a must have for a grapple. I have a hyd top link. Easy to take on and off for...
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    Joining LS Club

    Hopefully they have the BH dumping the fluid directly into the rear end and not thru the spools. It helps to not heat the fluid up.
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    Thoughts on this guy’s experiences

    I have the XR4150 with the backhoe. Love it. But only use it for what it is designed for. I dig small stumps and dig dirt. Know the limits of all equipment. Had a friend run a mower over a lot of stumps, way fast, bent stuff, lost pens, broke stuff on tractor. Mower was fine. You can...
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    JD 1025r canopy

    They now have a new tractor. 3 hours. Had a friend cut the ROPS and lowered it 12 inches,
  24. mred2

    Backhoe Vs. 12000 LB Mini EX

    A backhoe still can move dirt a short distance. A small mini ex is great for water lines. Not as much for stumps. As far as hauling, you can over load a 3/4 ton real fast. I had a 3/4 with a 14k trailer. Could only pull about 12,500 legal.
  25. mred2

    Considering New Tractor

    They shut down the schools at a hint of snow or heavy winds! have a LS XR4150. I love it.
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    I knew of a dozer that was 25 years old, but low hours. Always kept inside. He wanted new price, but was sold for a lot less. The major problems where all the seals started to leak from drying out. If it had been used more, it might have been in better shape. I also have a dozer and make...
  27. mred2

    Loading hay = round bales

    I would love to borrow that trailer two days a year. I did find a 24 ft. BB with 5000 lb axles for $5,000. Says it was only pulled one time. It does have a dove tail, but I am thinking I might get 8 on the bottom and 3 or 6 on the top. A lot better than 4 at a time.
  28. mred2

    Loading hay = round bales

    On the current trailer, we load end to end. 4 in the load. trailer has sides. On a new trailer, I hope to haul 2 wide and one on top of each 2. maybe 12 to 14 at a time. But if it has fenders sticking up, I can't get 2 wide between them. With a deck over, it is easy. I was wondering the best...
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    Loading hay = round bales

    I am thinking about buying a new trailer. I use a 16 BP now. It has rails on the sides. I get 4 rolls at a time. I hope to get a newer 3/4 ton PU this fall. I am thinking about a 20 or 24 foot equipment trailer. I would love to have a deck over but the prices are high. If I get a 24 ft BB...
  30. mred2

    Feed hay prices

    What's it going to cost in fuel to haul it? I am paying about $50 for a 800-1000 lb roll. The this year is ok.
  31. mred2

    Getting rid of a bumpy 4 acre yard

    Where I purchase sand, they will mix sand and topsoil together before you get it.
  32. mred2

    JD 1025r canopy

    I did find picture on-line and friend said it was the right one. It is Deere.
  33. mred2

    JD 1025r canopy

    I have not seen it. But JD does show a canopy in their build on-line. The say the have ordered her a new tractor. She is talking about having someone cutting the ROPS BACK to lower it. I told her, she should not, safety.
  34. mred2

    JD 1025r canopy

    I have a friend that purchased a new 1025r with belly mower, loader and canopy. In stock, took 3 weeks to deliver it. When they got, it has 32,6 hours on it. Not happy! And the canopy is so tall it will not go into their shed. Can anyone tell me how tall the tractor is with canopy? She...
  35. mred2

    New MT335

    First regen may have been from the tractor being started at the dealership and transporting it. A lot of starts, short runs, and stops. No time to heat up. No way to know how many customers wanted to start it.
  36. mred2

    How many brands does your dealer sale?

    I know that Deere dealers only sale Deere. When I purchased my LS 3 years ago, they only sold LS. It was a small dealer. They have grown. They now sale 5 brands of tractors, moved into bigger shop and sales. They also sale mini exs, trailers, mowers, attachments, etc. They still support LS...
  37. mred2

    Warning About Dealers And Their Pricing

    Not sure about my LS dealer, he starting selling Branson also. He moved to a larger location. Selling small excavators and skid steers. OK. Now he has starting selling another compact tractor line, Solectrac.(electric tractor, made in Cal.) It would be interesting to see what LS thinks of...
  38. mred2

    New Purchase

    If you are going to handle roll hay, you have to be able to lift and stack them. So the loader lift height and weight is needed. List the attachments that you will need and then match them with the tractor hp and size. Most small tractors will do most work, but the ability to stack hay is...
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    Columbian in Alabama has a MT357 on the lot, open station. They have just moved to a new location and short on people. Some newer sales people. New inventory systems, etc.
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    City kids do not leave keys in vehicles. . . It’s different out here...

    I take keys out of tractors and toys so kids don't turn them on and run the battery down. Even if they don't take them, still damage. I had one guy that I let use my tractor. It was an old one that you had to warm up the glow plugs by turning the switch to the left. He used and returned it...
  41. mred2

    JD 450C Dozer?

    I work for a JD construction deal and the salesman told me he was about to trade. So I got it about the trade in value. Great deal. The service manager had it hauled in to the shop and checked everything out for me at no charge. Any repairs I do myself and parts have a discount. I just need...
  42. mred2

    JD 450C Dozer?

    I paid about $27,000 six years ago for my JD450J. It only had 2200 hours on it. I have been offered over $35,000 for it. It is just a great size machine. Deere is great on having parts, but high.
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    Flail Mowers

    I have a 6' ditch bank flail. It is the only thing I have to cut my ditches with or some of the banks. I also use it to mow under some of my trees with low limbs.(my wife does not want cut) I still have my 5' RC and use it most of the time. I find the flail mows slower. That may be to what...
  44. mred2

    Ideas for Leveling Dirt and Seeding for Grass with Tractor

    I like to use my cultipacker before and after I seed. Makes and good seed bed and pushes the seed into the ground. But a seed drill is the best, but too much money for me to own one.
  45. mred2

    City kids do not leave keys in vehicles. . . It’s different out here...

    My parents did not even have a lock on the front door of the house until 1970.
  46. mred2

    What tractor or piece of equipment for this hilly pasture?

    If you can find someone that has stock and wants to rent it, let it be their problem to keep mowed and fenced. Problem would be solved for now.
  47. mred2

    Buying Advice Tractor Purchase

    Most people here will want to know what tasks you plan to do with your equipment. How much land, pasture and trees, slope, etc. And how much time. The bigger the tractor, the faster it will get done. Pick tasks to do, attachments, and dealer support.
  48. mred2

    Newbie looking to buy

    List your tasks, List your attachments needed and their size. Than look at tractors in your area that can power those attachments. I went with the LS 50hp, due to size, power and speed. Good dealer within range. It has been a good match for me. Too big and it has trouble with trails, too...
  49. mred2

    Ditching job

    I would not doubt the corps of engineers would get involved. If water runs in it, they want to control it. I had a friend that purchase 14 acres to build a house and pond on. The ditch has water in it in the spring. A neighbor turned him into the county to get a permit for the pond. He...
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    High fuel cost and wood

    It has not been that long ago that I put gas in my car, $5 at a time. And still see a few people at country store coming in and buying $3 to $10 in gas at a time. Even see people paying in coins. And you may first want to help, but you notice that they are smoking $5 a pack cigarettes.