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  1. xcgreene

    Water pump bearings failing after 700 hours, DK45se

    I'm feeling some play on the water pump when checking my belt during an oil change. Mechanical seal not leaking yet. Anyone else have a premature water pump failure?
  2. xcgreene

    Tractor Toolbox EDC

    Toolbox dump. Mine: *Specific 2 wrenches for cutter slip clutch and blower shear pins. *utility knife *Extra pins *Zip ties *Electrical tape *Wire jumper *Needle nose Pliers *Lutz 6 in 1 screwdriver *No name Adj wrench with Hammer top *8"Bahco wide jaw Adj Wrench *10" Knipex Pliers wrench...
  3. xcgreene

    New Rotary Cutter, Stump Jumper, Blade Pan out of alignment, Thoughts?

    I wanted to see what folks thought about this new stump jumper. Seems too far out of wack to me. As the photos show, run out difference is about 1/4". When mounted to the mower, one blade hangs exactly at the bottom of the cutter walls, and the other is about 1.5" higher. I have a video of...
  4. xcgreene

    TN75DA AC blower motor resistor? Only one blower speed working.

    Hello all, Could anyone guide me to the location of the AC blower motor resistor in a TN75DA? Only one speed works, and I'm suspicious of the blower motor resistor. The 3 speed switch in the cab ceiling is good. AC works fine, blows cold. I just only have one speed.
  5. xcgreene

    Oil & Fuel Oil Analysis of Traveller Premium Universal Hyd/Trans fluid

    At my dk45se 50 hr service, I used Traveller Premium Universal Tractor Trans/Hydraulic Fluid. Lots of opinions on oils out there, so I thought I could add to the conversation my oil sample analysis from my 400hr service. Oil filters used during this time: * Kioti T5710-38031 hydraulic oil...
  6. xcgreene

    DK45se hydraulic filter magnet installed

    I'll start by saying this surely isn't necessary, but I enjoy the tinkering. I stumbled over this hydraulic filter magnet while looking through a manual for the DKse tractor's twin from Australia, the EX. In the exploded parts view of the filter housing there was part #T4260-38841 "magnet...
  7. xcgreene

    Kioti HST filter vs Donaldson HST filter, Opened both.

    So, the Kioti T4125-38021 HST filter, the higher pressure, thick shell, $100 one from the dealer was the only option. No cross references. But, in the past couple years a few options started popping up. A while back I noted in the cross reference thread of installing a $40 Donaldson 573481...
  8. xcgreene

    Napa, Wix filters vs OEM, Messicks Video

    I really like the Messick videos, but after seeing this one about napa/wix oil filter Napa Filters VS Kubota Filters - Do you need OEM filters? - YouTube I wanted to set the record straight a bit. They have a pretty unusual napa gold/wix filter there with a small filter cartridge inside. This...
  9. xcgreene

    Lower radiator hose heater analysis, DK45se

    I've installed a lower radiator hose heater in one of my DK45se tractors. Radiator hose size: 44mm OD, 34mm ID Kats 16600, a 600Watt 1.5" in line heater, Slighly larger than what is needed, but its the best fit, and fits fine. ($37) Plugged in over night, from about 8pm to 8am. Ambient temp...
  10. xcgreene

    Winches Igland 3501 or 4501, which winch to get?

    So I have a Kioti DK45se HST, I'd like to get a logging winch for firewood, as well as wood for timber framing, which can often be timber of 2 1/2ft in diameter. which winch would you recommend putting behind this tractor, the Igland 3501 or 4501? I'm one for leaning a bit on the larger side...
  11. xcgreene

    Does your tractor have a transmission oil filter magnet?

    Within the parts manual of the EX50, which is very similar to my DK45SEH, I found a "Magnet Assembly" Part# T4260-38841 which screws into Filter Bracket Part# T4620-38041 for the hydraulic system of the EX series. Looking into my own parts manual for the DK, I found no Magnet Assembly. It is...
  12. xcgreene

    Contacted MIE about a Workshop Manual PDF

    My email to them: "Hello, I'm looking for a Workshop Manual in PDF format for a 2014 DK45SEH do you offer this? many thanks" Response: "Good mornning, KIOTI Tractor does not have Workshop Manuals in PDF Format. Since these manuals are Copyright Protected, we do not have "copies" of the...