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  1. dalroo

    Roundup Mix(up)

    Novice question - I should've asked in advance. Bought a sprayer and did some herbicide over the weekend. I read the mixing instructions over several times, and was pretty confusing. I ended up with roughly 0.5 oz per 1 gallon of Roundup Pro Max on coastal and mixed weeds mostly less than 6 - 8"...
  2. dalroo

    Lesson learned today with bucket hook

    I've been pulling a cross fence a little bit at a time between other projects. The fence is mostly t-posts, but there was a single cedar post and was on a section I was removing this morning. I already had my t-post puller and a chain with me, so hooked up to the cedar post and tried to pull it...
  3. dalroo

    Went to first ranch auction - surprised

    I'm not sure if this is the proper section, but kind of related to pricing, so will start here. I am somewhat new to this ownership thing, and yesterday attended my first ranch auction. There were several items I was interested in, for the right price. The process was entertaining, and I...
  4. dalroo

    Cabelas Close Outs

    I know that the Cabela's close out of new tractors has been discussed in other threads, but I thought I would post a specific. Happened by Cabelas in Fort Worth today at lunchtime to take another look to see if there were any implement deals, or accessories worth considering. Also took a look...
  5. dalroo

    Mesquite Growing on Dam - other places

    Hello TBN, earlier this year we purchased a property in central Texas. We really enjoy it and have made a number of improvements so far including building a barn, installing septic, adding power, water, and a drive in from gate. As I said in another post, probably the most challenging work I've...