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    what on earth does electricity cost near you?

    Long as you are un-jabbed.;)
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    what on earth does electricity cost near you?

    Nope. Never had hail like that.
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    what on earth does electricity cost near you?

    My current credit is $321.
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    Where I was when the TBN lights went out, Feb 26 2021 tried it again...and it does show the text. Lag time ?
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    Where I was when the TBN lights went out, Feb 26 2021

    But I tried to edit the post to say "yes it works", and all I see is the photo, not the original text above the photo.
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    Where I was when the TBN lights went out, Feb 26 2021

    Can't see what I wrote to edit.....only the photo to edit, have to make a new post ?
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    Where I was when the TBN lights went out, Feb 26 2021

    Well let's find out. New layer of compost in hoop house.
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    Quarterly flipping of the compost

    I built 3 compost bins while back, 10'x10'x4' high in the back on a concrete base and keep two of them filled with a mix of horse manure, sawdust, chicken manure, cow barn cleanout, wood chips, wood ashes, leaves, etc and flip one into an empty bin and flip the other into just emptied bin. I...
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    Personal weather station

    Just put some new AAA's in it, and haven't reset time/date, but the readings are from right now (9am Sat morning). You GOT to love a wood stove !
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    Round bale feeder

    Years back, I got tired of replacing those thin wall pipe feeders....seems between me moving them with the tractor and the cows shoving on them, they would last me a few years, then end up in the scrap metal pile. So I set out to build "The Last Dang Round Bale Feeder". Worked good for 10...
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    Makin Bacon

    So Tuesday last week, killed one of the pigs. Got everything cut/wrapped and in the freezers. Put the bellies and hams in crocks of brine to cure on Friday. Pulled the cured bacon out Wed, and put whole slabs in freezer because it's easier for me to slice if partially frozen. Pulled them out...
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    IF you own a freezer......

    You might want to be aware of an inexpensive fix if it quits running. Freezers are an integral part of our food storage setup, we have 6 smaller (7-9cuft) chest models. Our way of using them is fill, use (keep a good inventory on top the lid) and condense them down as we eat out of them. Idea...
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    Boy, how they grow

    We've gotten Duroc feeder pigs the last couple years, and they seem to out grow about any about any breed we've ever had before. Here they are the first week of May....couple of 30lb weaned piglets. Our Border Collie is around 50lbs by comparison.....and trying to herd them. Killed the...
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    Update/maintain shop building.

    Original shop built 1983. 24x36. 8' ceiling downstairs, storage loft overhead. By 1995, had outgrown it, so tore most of it down, added 50' to the slab floor and built new building. 14' ceiling in the main part with 1/2 the original loft of the old building left in the back end with couple...
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    Ever had a battery just flat die on you ?

    Battery in my tractor died today. Been starting just fine, no hint of being low voltage, nothing. Turned tractor off a minute, went to start and heard one little "pop" sound, and then nothing.....nothing electrical on the tractor would work. I thought "Huh?". Got a test light, check the...
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    Saw Haul Overhaul

    Ok....I bought one of the Saw Haul chainsaw carrier and mounted it to the left side FEL post about 8-10 months back. Well, it became useless today. It depends on the scabbard to hold it in position, and the scabbard PLUS the plastic insert that holds the scabbard in the metal frame are made of...
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    Scafold safety

    Neighbor of mine is getting his new house bricked. I stopped by the other day and got to laughing at the masons scafold setup. They put three sections on top what the photos show. If I'd done something like this, OSHA would have problem parachuted in with fine book in hand.....ahahhaaaaaaa.
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    Amazon Prime at 40 bucks off for active military, retired, veterans

    Nov6-Nov11th. Seems to work about 1/2 the time, I'm having to email to try get it. YMMV.
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    Hoop house 5 Nov 2019

    Put my wife a tractor bucket of compost in the hoop house yesterday and she worked on spreading it around the beds today. I took a few pics of what she has growing now, and the sweet potatoes she harvested today. She has onions, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, green beans....we...
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    How do you carry your chainsaw ?

    Click on 3rd icon from the right in the top row above. A box will open "Insert Image". From there, you have two ways. 1. From Computer: Click on that one and select "Browse" to go thru photos on your computer, select the one you want to up load and it will put a thumbnail of your photo(s)...
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    2011 LX410 front hub bearing failure.

    2011 LX410 with 1850hrs Went to use the tractor Monday and noticed a puddle of lube on the floor, had run down the right side tire inside. Removed wheel/tire and checked to make sure the ring of bolts was tight around the plate that hold the hub....hoping maybe they had come loose enough to...
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    Home butchering

    Fall came bit early this year. Our pigs got way big way quick, normally figure on about November, but they were over 400lb by mid August. First time I've raised Duroc's and seemed like they just jumped up there ! Finished both of them last week. Nice grilling chops and a couple of loin end...
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    How many gates on your place ?

    When I can't sleep, I count gates instead of sheep. Main drive: 2 Cattle pasture: 8 Cattle barn/corral: 7 + head lock Hog pasture: 3 Chicken house/lot: 4 2 Garden areas: 10 34 total....most drive thru size, 8 of them walk-thru.
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    Mini-split heat pump died

    I installed a Mitsubishi 18,000 BTU mini split about 20 years ago....mounted the indoor & outdoor units, ran the piping & wiring....fairly easy job. Paid a HVAC guy to come out, vacuum down the lines and turn the gas loose from the pre-charged compressor end. Worked fine all those years...
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    Educate me on battery acid

    I guess here as good a place as any to post this. About 12-15 years back, I bought a battery from a local place for my previous tractor. They got them in dry, and added the acid to them there. I asked about buying one dry with acid separate, guy said sure, I'll sell it that way. So I bought...
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    Yanmar loader won't lift ???

    OK.....I'm stumped. 2011 Yanmar with Yanmar loader that hasn't had a problem since new (other than the curl has slowly tilted forward for several years.....I can live with it), and worked fine yesterday. This morning I get on it, the loader will only lift about 12" and seems to hit a dead...
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    Redneck Crane

    Neighbor I sold 33ac to is building his house. I helped him set the floor trusses the other day using my mini-excavator. Didn't have near enough reach, so we took the bucket off, strapped/chained a 16' 6x6 to the stick, and it worked like a charm. Yeah.....I know....not OSHA approved....don't...
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    Steering wheel turns beyond actual wheel turn limit.

    Asking for a buddy....he has an LS tractor, and noticed the steering wheel will keep on turning left or right beyond the limits the wheels will actually turn, and wonders if there is something wrong with the steering if it does this ? I asked "did it steer correctly when he turns the...
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    Woodmaxx 8m Chipper

    Been studying on how to turn clay to good garden soil, and one way seems to be using wood chips for mulch....just keep adding them year after year. Went to a presentation at the MEN fair couple months ago. Guy passed around a jar of his original dirt, then another after a year of wood chips...
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    Trelliss to espalier pear trees

    Espalier is the ancient horticultural art of pruning and training a tree or shrub to grow flat against a support. I have a 7' high retainer wall below my driveway doing nothing, so last year I set out 4 pear trees at the base of it, spaced about 20' apart. Couple days ago, I got started on the...
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    Finished up my firewood for 2020-21

    Takes me 2-3 weeks to get a shed's worth down and out of the woods, then cut/split/stacked in one shed working at it now and days it's not raining/snowing/too cold. Each shed holds right at 4 cords. Wood dries in them for around 2 years, then we move a shed's worth to the...
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    Anyone with a FEL quick attach snow plow ?

    I'm considering building a snow plow for the FEL of my tractor, using a quick attach plate. This will be just for my driveway (paved) and maybe a neighbor or two.....nothing heavy duty or commercial. Worst snows we have here run 4-12". I can get a used plow that went on a pickup truck for...
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    So much for 'treated' lumber

    Re-built my deck 10 year ago....pressure treated lumber structure with 'plastic' decking board top. Most of it is just fine, but one place that does get a lot of water runoff, the treated lumber has completely fallen apart. 6x6 post rotted out, joists connected to it rotted out. "Wolmanized"...
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    Another dadgum thing to fix on my LX410

    Plastic back of the seat popped off the other day. Was filling the tank, noticed the seat cover edges were exposed....what ? Looked down behind the seat and found the back cover, normally held to the seat and covering the seat cover edges, had popped all 4 screws thru the plastic and fallen...
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    Potato storing screens

    We had been storing our potatoes for years in milk crates, baskets, etc, and couple years ago, I came up with these homebuilt screens that work a whole lot better. Allows air circulation around all the potatoes, if one goes bad, it doesn't take out those around it like putting in a box, and it...
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    135 Gasoline model gas problems

    Trying to help a neighbor of mine with an older MF135 with gas engine. It only ran enough for him to get it over to my shop with the choke pulled all the way out....push it in even a little, and it would die. He bought the tractor from a guy that almost never used it....only 600hrs on the...
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    Well, finally fixed (I hope) my LX410 fuel issue

    For the 3rd or 4th time over the years I've owned my 2012 LX410, something has gotten in the tank and block the fuel flow out of the tiny 1/4" fitting in the bottom of the tank. Last time was a week ago....couldn't run it more than 10 minutes without it shutting down from fuel starvation. You...
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    New specialty license plate in Tennessee

    Picked mine up yesterday.
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    Bad Boy 72v electric UTV

    I'm looking at a Recoil w/o the rear independent suspension (can't see 3 grand more for that the way we'll use it), 4x4, 72v electric. Anybody got one or experience with one ?
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    LX410 Shuttle shift WON'T shift.

    Went to do something with the tractor, put the shuttle lever in reverse, and it wouldn't come out....finally managed to get it into neutral....was scared to shut it off in reverse thinking it wouldn't start again. Pulled the panel off under the steering wheel to look at the linkage, couldn't...
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    Craig's List: Is reading a lost art ?

    List something on Craig's List. (Short version)-> State the condition of the machine (ATV), why I'm selling (my age), contact me by CL email, I'll send you my phone number, I don't text. 1st responder: Text me at blah, blah, blah 2nd responder: Any issues? Why u selling ? Is reading...
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    If you store potatoes, do you.......

    rub the sprouts off at any point in storage ? We grow/store a whole lot of our own food, and I built a root cellar years ago for things like potatoes. Store them on some screens I built after finding they needed better air circulation to keep them from going soft or rotting storing in old milk...
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    Hit the predator nocturnal trifecta last nite

    They've been prowling around my chicken coop for the last week or two, hitting the feeder 'breakfast bar'. Chickens are securely locked in coop with automatic door that closes at dusk, opens at dawn, so no losses there, but I was tired of feeding the neighborhood. Put a game camera out to see...
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    No license plate/registration for farm vehicles in your State ?

    Working with my State representative on the recent Native Timber act has gotten me inspired to look at other things that can be done to get the govt out of our lives and wallets. For example, I know...
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    New Law in Tennessee:Native timber/lumber

    After 2 years of working with my legislator (Mathew Hill), there is now a new law in Tennessee regarding the use of lumber cut from native timber. Signed into law by the governor 05/20/2016, effective 05/23/2016. This law allows any commercial sawmill operator to certify (requirements below)...
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    Way to go local dealer has called it quits.

    Local Ford, New Holland, Case dealer that has been around at least 3 generations, was carrying Yanmar where I bought my 410LX. I had previously bought my 1925 model New Holland (in 1998) there. Great dealer to work with. As of 1st of January, they are no longer a Yanmar dealer. This is the...
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    Considering a pick-your-own operation.

    I bought some property adjacent to ours, and cleared 3 acres of scrub brush, small trees, etc off it just before Christmas. Right now, it's bare ground, still needs roots/rocks/etc picked up (to wet to get on right now), and I was going to do that as soon a the ground can be gotten on, then...
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    Wireless TV signal

    I'd love to get rid of Dish, but still get the local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX channels. We live down in a valley, and back when TV was analog, and before DISH, we had a roof antennae with a rotor, and could get about 2 1/2 channels via it. Now they've all gone digital, but I figure a roof antennae...
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    LX410 4 years and 875hrs later

    Fan belt broke the other day. Something the dealer didn't stock....3 days to get one. In the mean time, I went to local auto parts store with the old one and they cross referenced it with two other brands. Bought one there. Seems sorta early for a belt to last tractor had...
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    Thumb in the table saw. Warning - pictures

    Hit the end of mine almost in the exact same location on a table saw about 15 years ago. (photo below. Other hand from 30 years ago, also table saw.....turns out, table saws are quite dangerous....ahahahaaa) Cut from the underside almost into the thumbnail. Left thumb is about 1/2" shorter...