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    2 Kioti questions

    I own a Kioti cab tractor - not a big one, but a CK. I do field work only, but have some trees. My land is not lush and I have to mow regularly, so dust and airborne mulch is a big issue. Just for operator comfort, I would never own an open station tractor. That's my two cents worth.
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    I rejected Kubota from my shortlist very early because of the pedal arrangement. Of the rest, Kioti won out in the end and I am very happy.
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    Buying Advice Replacement Glass Door for 3510 Cab

    If the doors are anything like those on my CK4220, they are quite a specific design, with curved glass, holes for hinges and handles, and dust proof seals. Personally, I'd want the OEM item.
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    Operating the backhoe

    Put a bag of bricks on the seat [emoji23] Seriously though, I have a CK4220 here is Australia, and mine doesn’t turn off like that. I'd talk to your dealer.
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    Anyway to adjust bucket level indicator?

    I use tape too to mark different positions that I value.
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    Box blade

    I have a CK4220 (Australian model) and use a 1.8m (6 foot) box blade. It is pretty tough going when all six tines are in the ground, so take that into account.
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    Bobcat 2540 vs NH Boomer 50 Cab

    I was looking at similar machines when I was buying for our 25 acre lot here in Australia, but substitute a in a 42HP Kioti (who currently makes the Bobcat). Both were good candidates, but the NH is definately a larger machine. To put it in JD terms, the Bobcat/Kioti is 3 Series size, where as...
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    “Buy the dealer, not the machine” is outdated

    I didn’t construe the advice as meaning buy from the nearest or local dealer, but to buy from a dealer that gave you good advice and good service - that dealer may or may not sell the brand or model of tractor that you started looking for, and they may or may not be close to you.
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    Hesitant about the brand

    Sounds like Rolex watches.
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    Hesitant about the brand

    I think you should go with what you know and what you are comfortable with. I’m surprised you will get back what you paid for a used machine on selling after having added 1000 hours to it, but if that is what is important to you, it sounds like the die has already been cast. Not everyone is cut...
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    Building the Veggie Patch

    Five beds down, one to go.
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    Comparison Extrordinary JD3045 Cab Price Difference - Justified?

    I'm in Australia and have been looking at a compact tractor package for some months now, that includes a cab, front end loader and backhoe, plus the options that might even up the offerings. Based purely on which companies could provide what I was after, I narrowed my shortlist down to a John...
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    NX 4510 New switch on Right Rear Fender

    A long shot by a complete amateur, but could these be blanks for a hitch assist option like they have on the John Deere 4R series tractors?
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    Comparison Kioti CK4220 (no, that's not a misprint)

    So, in Australia this is designated a CK4220. Based on the specifications, what do you think would be the most similar model in the USA?
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    New member from the Monaro in Australia

    Hi All. Have been trawling through these forums looking for information and advice in preparation for the purchase of a compact tractor with a cab to use to maintain our 25 acre lifestyle block and complete the landscaping around our new home. It’s a great resource you have here, and I think I...