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    Thanks for your explanation, DieselBound. I had heard of "right to repair" with respect to JD, but it seems like the issue is everywhere. Given that I plan to keep my next tractor purchase for 20 to 30 years, I may need to look at mechanical injection tractors, only. I am too cheap to have a...
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    How does one diagnose engine problems with Kioti tractors? If the check engine light comes on with my RAM truck, I can use my phone and a $20 code reader to get the error codes. Is this possible with Kioti without spending thousands of dollars on diagnostic software and hardware? Is the...
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    Does the DK4710SE have a turbo

    Does the DK4710SE have a turbo? I see two engines in the DK10SE line. TE DK4210SE has the 3H-TH4D and the DK4710SE, and up, have the 3H-TH4C engine. Is the only mechanical difference between the two engines a turbo?
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    Please delete

    Admins, please delete. Posted in wrong forum