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    Tractor News Any rumors of Kubota coming out with a new L series tractor?

    I am seriously thinking of trading my L4200 GST which I purchased in 1997 for a new L5060 GST. I am planning on getting quotes from a few dealers in my area next month. However, I wouldn't want to go through with the purchase now if Kubota was coming out with a new L series in the near future...
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    Last L/Grand L series NOT Tier4?

    I presently have a L4200 GST and am looking for a 50-55HP Grand L tractor. I am looking for a little larger Kubota Grand L series tractor. Prefer not equipped with a Regen. system. What was the latest Grand L series produced by Kubota without a Regen. system? By the way, my L4200 which...
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    New Signature Series X700 Coupon for $500 Off from Deere Corp.

    For anyone contemplating purchasing a new X700 Signature Series GT. Got this tip from a forum member on another site...