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    Kubota RTV1120 2 meter ham radio install

    Just for fun I installed a Motorola Radius 200 2 meter ham radio in my RTV 1120. I got the radio super cheap and had the antenna. It’s a 4 channel radio with 3 local repeaters and 146.520 in it. Any other ham operators out there? 73 WA9SWW Steve
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    Security & Theft Kohler M8T engine kickback when starting

    I have a mint Troy Bilt 8HP horse tiller that I bought new in 1992. Last year it started to kick back when I used the recoil to start. It would pull the handle out of your hand. It finally broke the recoil so now I wrap the rope and start the old fashioned way. I have installed a new plug...
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    Grading Hardsurfacing on bucket cutting edge

    I recently came into a couple of boxes of hardsurfacing electrodes. My question is: does anyone hardsurface their cutting edges on loader buckets? My 3830 bucket is pristine but I like to weld and I wondered if it was worth it. I would do 45 degree beads on the bottom. And watch for heat...
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    M8T Kohler question

    I have a Troy Bilt Horse tiller I bought new in 1992. It has the Kohler M8T recoil start engine. Last year it started kicking back when cranking. It would pull the handle out of your hand or pull the rope out of the handle. This issue got worse this year and messed the recoil spool up. I...
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    Troy Bilt Horse Kohler Engine Issue

    I have a 1992 Horse Troy Bilt that I purchased new. It has the 8HP M8T Kohler engine. It has recently developed an issue of kickback when starting ( recoil start). It has broken the rope and pulled the rope out of the handle. It starts ok with no issues at times and runs well, but this is an...
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    Kubota RTV-X1120D Question

    Does anyone know what this plug, wrapped in the blue tape, is for on the back of a 1120? It’s hot when key is on, I was hoping it was for a back up alarm so I could use it for a back up light
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    Winches RTV X1120D Winch Install

    I recently purchased a new 1120D and wanted to install a Superwinch Terra45 like I had on my RTV500 I had traded in. The 1120 has winch Mount bolts already predrilled but the it was unclear by fit charts what would work. The factory winch kit from Kubota is a Superwinch rated at 4000 lbs. Just...