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    Real cheap Chainsaw to leave in Tractor

    I have been searching for something really cheap in the 40cc range to leave on the tractor for occasional use, my E-Bay search turned up the $119.00 Sears Earthquakes being sold "as is" for $40-50 delivered so I figured why not, I know they are cheap China saws but I would never leave one of my...
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    Calling all inventors

    I buy a lot of Lisle specialty tools due to their quality and made in USA majority. All of us at one time or another have modified or made tools for a project, I figured I would share a chance for you guys to possibly make a buck or two off your idea. Try and check out their award...
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    4510 400 hour service

    With the summers projects winding down I am hoping to get to my 400hr service this weekend but I cannot for the life of me find my service book, I think the front axle takes gear oil but others take hydraulic oil...anyone set me straight?
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    Need hydro shaft

    I have a good friend who has a 3910 with a 766 loader and the shaft that couples the pump to the front of the motor has broke and I cannot seem to find it anywhere,...I really need to get his machine up and running as he runs his small business with it. I will personally pay too much for one if...
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    Introducing Myself

    Greetings, long time reader here...thought I would finally sign up. I have been in the repair/ restoration business for several years and own a fair amount of equipment, I look forward to a good exchange of ideas and information.