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    Cleaning lawn of branches

    I have a mile-long driveway through a forest and a yard bordered by forest on three sides. For the abundant big stuff I use the (relatively) inexpensive Brush Crusher grapple and take it to a burn pile. For smaller stuff, I use grandchildren.
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    Fixing up an old Howse Finish Mower

    I bought an old Howse C360 Finish Mower for about junk value a few years ago. It had been sitting under a tree for about 15 years I think. But it didn't look rusty. I greased it up, changed the oil in the gearbox, replaced a few tires that had dry-rotted, and actually used it for a full...
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    Subaru Automobiles

    Had a 2015 Outback for years - loved it - but it was t-boned by a careless driver and totalled. I switched to a 2021 Forester Touring. We generally loved Subaru because of the snow performance and ground clearance - we live at the end of a mile-long gravel drive through a forest. We went with...
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    Life on the farm

    I was blessed to grow up on a family farm, land my family had farmed since the early 1800s. My father had a moderate-sized Herford brood herd operation - with a small flock of sheep (to clean up pastures after the cattle) and a few hogs (for garbage disposal and to take advantage of a large...
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    Any bourbon aficionados here?

    You are too far away for a visit, but the new Virginia Distillery (Virginia Distillery Co.: Home) has several outstanding bourbons. They aren't cheap, but they are some of the best I've had in years. Good deep, rich flavor. I have liked Wild Turkey 101 for years, and they are still pretty...
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    Rant on shipping

    Ordered a Bluetti power station and got a delivery date through FedEx. That date came and went. When I ran the tracking it said the shipment had reached the local distribution center but was held up for weather conditions. It was an overcast but dry and calm day. No cold or ice or anything...
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    Replacing the Knee

    Been warned I'll need a knee replacements within a few years. So I'm exercising and prepping a bit already. My wife prepared before having both knees done at the same time and she bounced back quickly - following PT & doctor's orders. She played softball a year later. Unfortunately her...
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    Wheel spacers

    JD 3038e with 2.5 inch Bora aluminum spacers. Very pleased with the results. The reduction in the pucker factor on slopes is palatable. After years of operating classic old JD utility tractors, moving to a CUT was a real learning experience. There is a substantial difference in stability...
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    How many of your friends do NOT have tractors?

    Lots of neighbors have farms and tractors. But friends...? I'm long-time retired and most of my friends are as well. Can't think of one that has a tractor.
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    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    Two folks I know went in for a study and were not prescribed a CPAP machine. Both had sleep problems unrelated to apnea. There are other sleep issues for many. I don't see the CPAP machines as any part of a scam or racket. Apnea is a measurable and provable condition that does have several...
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    John Deere 3038e Rear Axle Outer Seal Loose

    Good suggestions. I'll play with it this weekend. I even thought of deliberately winding a wire around it to force it in, but decided not.
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    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    I've used a CPAP and BIPAP for 20 years. It made a huge difference when I started and made me feel more rested and energetic than I had for 30 years. I am a steady user and have actually been unable to sleep for any length of time without it. A Medicare screw-up forced me to get a new sleep...
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    John Deere 3038e Rear Axle Outer Seal Loose

    My 2012 3038e appears to have a solid flat disk as the outermost seal on the rear axle. It has loosened and seems to expose an inner seal. There is no leaking of hydraulic fluid or anything. The part appears to be a single flat washer-like piece with no threads anywhere and, I guess, should...
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    Yellow Jacket Nests While Bush hogging, whats your plan?

    Love all the suggestions of a cab as a bee preventative. I work my tractor in fields and forest. Trees would take off any cab within hours. Cabs are simply not practical for many folks - and they are an added expense. I have hit bees while cutting... So far I've never been stung since I was...
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    Something I don't understand about applications of below 40hp tractors

    I have a compact 38 hp JD. Tires are filled and equipped with FEL & BB. I am clearing an overgrown field for a driveway - giant shrubs and trees to 6+ in diameter. The job would take a pro with heavy equipment a half day to a day. I have worked it for a few hours most days for a week or so...
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    Best way to clear small trees from pasture

    There is a almost free tool that is helpful for pulling trees a bit too large to push over - an old truck tire rim. I push over smaller trees with a toothbar - sometimes after cutting their roots with the toothbar. But I can do pretty well pulling up slightly larger trees with a chain over a...
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    Comparison The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten

    I bought a new JD tractor because quality there is important - and because I have an excellent dealer close by. But my implements may be different. I have a decent rotary cutter and box blade - although bought used - because I use them a lot. My finish mower, blade, grapple, etc. were bought...
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    what on earth does electricity cost near you?

    Very fond of my electric cooperative. My total rate - energy, distribution, taxes, etc. - varies from 10 cents to 13.5 cents per kwh over the year. My home is all-electric, a large ranch with a geothermal heat pump and lots of windows - and an annualized bill below $150 a month. Given the...
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    If You Were To Get A New 6 Ft Finish Mower - What Would You get?

    I hate spending money but wanted to get a finishing mower for the 4+ acres along and beside the beginning of my long driveway - former pasture. A rotary cutter works, but the area looks rough and I wanted a better look. Finally found an old Howse 5 foot finish mower for $300. It had flat...
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    Pat's Easy Change trouble

    I have always had real trouble hooking up the 3 pt. The Pat's has helped but only a little. The real issue is that I am blind in one eye and have limited peripheral vision. I simply cannot see to back up aligning the two lift points. Pat's helps, but I still have problems. There is really...
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    Got a Stihl Farm Boss in the shop, but use a small EGO battery saw for abundant small jobs. Have a mile long driveway through a forest and big limbs are a constant issue. The little battery power handles them perfectly. Got it as a return from Amazon two years ago and it works perfectly -...
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    Lights out at Dawn!

    My cooperative has an outstanding reliability record. I am out for an hour or so every few years - but no big deal. I have a small generator I use around the farm that I use to power some lights and appliances - and a wood stove for heat. (I do have the required switch to allow the generator...
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    The BEST HVAC system for your home, hands down

    I am no HVAC expert, never have been. But when I needed HVAC for my new house, I went to my local utility energy conservation experts, the experts at the local electric cooperative, and some folks with HVAC maintenance experience. I talked to different dealers and researched the heck out of...
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    Members in their 70s?

    Now 78 and aging in place. I still can do almost everything I could at 60, just slower. And I sometimes now look at a project and decide the effort is not worth the time. I love to overhaul equipment, but find my patience is now limited, so I don't look at things that will take a lot of time...
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    How Do You Get Driveway Gravel Out of Grassy Areas?

    These kinds of questions always draw a wide range of answers - that are arguably all quite good. However, conditions and location are far more of a factor and really dictate response. I live in the mountains of Virginia where we do get snow, but only a couple of feet in a typical year, and the...
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie. - Mark Twain God is not a symbol of goodness: goodness is a symbol of God. - G. K. Chesterton
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    Do you take it to the dealer for maintenance or do it yourself.

    I have a pretty good dealer, but hauling the tractor there and back was just too much work or too expensive. I've done all the maintenance myself. I've had no repair issues with the tractor I bought in 2012, but did have a few with the older and bigger won I had previously - a 1978 65 HP JD...
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    what on earth does electricity cost near you?

    Got a big ranch house, a geothermal heat pump and an electric bill of about $150 a month on the annual budget plan. The heat pump cost to put in but has paid for itself. And we keep the house at 72 in the winter and about the same in the summer. Electric rate was about 12 cents per kwh I think...
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    Ratchet Rake pull-behind

    I've had a ratchet rake on my FEL most of the time for years. I have about 90 acres of brushy woodland and the RR is perfect for pushing out brush and piling it up. That's why I bought it. But I then discovered that it was perfect for minor maintenance of my mile-long gravel driveway. It...
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    Used pickup questions

    Not the first time this sort of thing has happened. I bought a Nissan F10 sporty car in 1980 when I came into some month and sold it two years later for $4,000 more than I paid for it - I needed cash for a house down payment. Inflation can be very targeted, but rarely lasts all that long. I...
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    New truck #@$%@#&

    I tend to go used for my work truck. It's going to be in the woods, on the farm and really used. Dents are common and I don't like that first dent in a new truck. I've done well buying used pickups from utility company auctions. Used to be they were bare bones, high mileage but well...
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    Rural Internet & Cell Phones

    Struggled with weak cell coverage for years, and had to use DSL at speeds of under 5 mbps. Email was about it. When Verizon three up some new towers 5 miles away - but over a big hill - upgraded to good cell and put in a Mofi to pull down the Internet - the speed jumped to 10 mbps but the cost...
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    I have been a member of Prime for years and have found it very useful. Living in the country near a very small city affords me little access to parts and items not available at TSC or a hardware store. (I ordered a weird part for a 1998 Cub Cadet drive shaft and got it in 3 days.) It's also...
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    You already know this, but….

    1999 F-150. Dented farm truck but runs well. I'll be passing it to my heirs.
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    I found after using my chainsaw i needed a good AXe try finding a good one at a fair

    I do less ax work in my late 70s, but I always picked up axes at auctions. You could find some golden old double-bit axes and some fine splitting and general axes and hatchets for very little. They frequently came without handles, but I've had were of the old school and have given years of...
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    Saving Money as Prices Increase

    Bear in mind that while a resistive electric heater is 100 percent efficient (actually between 95 and 99 percent in the real world), a heat pump produces up to three times the energy it consumes because it transfers rather than creates heat. You may use a small heater to warm up a specific...
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    Pat's Easy Hitch

    Also have a pair. I did change out the top link. But it is easier to hitch things up for someone blind in one eye. I have little peripheral vision and these things help. I did not get the bar because I can use wood pieces to distance the hooks, but rarely bother.
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    No 90 Weight Gear Oil

    Was looking for gear oil today. Tractor Supply had none of any weight range. But the local farmers co-op had it - as I expected - and I bought a few extra against whatever shortage is pending.
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    Ubifi Rural Internet

    I live in a hilly part of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley a full mile off the highway. I have wired phone and tried DSL for several years 15 or more years ago. Never got more than minimal service - a few mbps down. Problem was the connections. A long wire from the highway, underground, had five...
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    Always Set Parking Brake!

    I learned early. Just a few days after getting my new JD 3 series I was working a dirt pile in the woods on a shallow slope. I turned it off to move some limbs and, a few minutes later, stood to realize it was moving backward and gaining speed - even on a really slight incline. Fortunately it...
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    Prospective purchase for the mountains.

    I have 120 acres in the mountains of Virginia, and a driveway that curls a full mile through that property. I know slopes. A lot of the advise you are getting is good - but all of it must be tempered by what you actually need to do and how much you have to spend. I started in 2000 with a 65 hp...
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    Filled Tires or Ballast Box?

    I had my CUT tires filled when I bought it, and have never been sorry. It adds some useful weight for any operation. I have ag tires, but little work on lawns, so they are perfect. I carry a box blade on the back all the time because it is invaluable for smoothing my mile long gravel drive...
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    How many tractors in your neighborhood?

    I'm out in a rural area. My 3038e is the smallest tractor around - but find for an old retired guy. Several neighbors have tractors in the 40 to 60 hp range with two farmers having 3 to 5 tractors each - up to 120 hp. I have a deal with one that I'll plow my driveway if snow is under 18...
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    Best firearm for home protection? I realize a lot is personal choice involved?

    I have an old 16 gauge shotgun for when I have time to grab it, and a 9mm semi otherwise. Police chief friend of my told me a shotgun is best for home defense because it is easy to aim and it makes such a huge noise that it stuns your target even if you miss the first shot. He said he's worked...
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    Tell me about a better router.

    Many of you don't know how lucky you are to have speeds like 50 mbps and up. Many of us out in the boondocks have no alternative to wireless - and speeds of 25 on a good day... Or DSL speeds of 5 to 10. I'm a mile off the road so cable is no option. Wireless from ATT or Verizon gives me from...
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    LED light install... BUT look mom, no holes!

    I need the lights for my 3038e only occasionally - usually for plowing snow at night. I have to get ahead of a heavy snow because my CUT with bucket and blade can't easily do more than 6 inches at a time... Long gravel drive - one full mile through a forest. So I mounted lights on a board and...
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    Cub Cadet 3185 w/ broken driveshaft.... Anyone fixed such

    My 1998 Cub Cadet 3185 had made a lot of racket with the primary drive shaft earlier, but it finally broke apparently as I was heading to the shop. I'm going to try to repair. I know I have to pull the engine out - but the tractor is in such good shape it'd be a crime not to repair it. Anyone...
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    Front Wheel Issue - Husky YTH20K46

    My Husqvarna YTH20K46 riding lawn tractor has a pretty basic front wheel structure. The spindle simply runs through the tire rim with a clip on the end of the spindle. My problem is that something is worn badly so that the wheel wobbles a lot on the spindle and the tractor can't be steered...
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    Picked up a Cub Cadet HDS 3185 - Needs Work

    A neighbor just gave me a 1998 or 99 Cub Cadet HDS 3185 to get it out of his storage building. It's got about 400 hours on it and has been sitting in his enclosed shed for about 3 years. He said it stopped running and a CC mechanic told him it needed some part attached to the transmission. I...
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    Icon Links Across Top Frequently Don't Work

    For no discernible reason, the icon links across the top of the TractorByNet pages (HOMEPAGE, TODAY'S POSTS, etc.) frequently fail to work in my MS Explorer 11 browser. When I'm in forum pages, those icon links are not even recognized as links by my browser. All other links on the page - and...