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    Johne deere 430

    Water in the transmission is frozen. Drain and refill with the correct oil.
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    Trailer new to me, what is the pictured dip in the frame for?

    It looks like it is extra support for the outside edge of the trailer. Probably for something that rode there in a previous life.
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    Learning how to drive with a trailer..

    The problem wasn't correcting the trailer, it was seeing it. By the time it was in the mirrors, it was out of alignment. A 90 degree back was not a problem as you could see it then.
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    Learning how to drive with a trailer..

    I used to back a 7x12 trailer with a school bus. People couldn't believe it. I wonder what they would do watching this fellow back a double trailer.
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    Farmtrac 60 running wide open

    Take the cover off of the pump and free up the sliding "Rack". Sounds like it is stuck at high throttle.
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    Horse drawn wagon

    Check to see if the left side axle nut is left hand thread. Many of them were so the forward motion of the wheel would keep the nut tight.
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    Timing magneto on Fiat 25 C dozer

    Bring cylinder #1 up to "just before Top Dead Center" on a compression stroke. Set the mag just before TDC on #1. As you pull the crank through the impulse coupler should trip just as the timing mark passes TDC. With the engine running the spark will be advanced because the impulse will not...
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    OK to use 85W140 rather than 80W90 gear oil in a Super C parade tractor?

    It should work OK as you won't be subjected to "Low" temps in the summer.
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    A glow plug can be "Bad" and still show continuity on a meter. Try a high wattage test light (a spot light or head light). Some times there is enough continuity to light a small bulb, but will be an open circuit under load.
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    Homemade tractor

    If your fabrication IQ is low, but you have a friend that knows how to pull wrenches, buy an "Old" tractor. They can be fixed up and used. However, if your fabrication skills are high, build what you want/need. The backhoe attachment cost me about $4K, 25 years ago. The tractor I built to...
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    Ignition leads cautionary tale

    Ignition wires for boilers are copper wire and well insulated. Unfortunately, they come on a rather large spool. If you have a friend, or can reach somebody, that does boilers they may be able to get you some. The ends (boots) may still be a problem.
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    Homemade tractor

    I built a tractor to mount a backhoe attachment. I started with a VW Rabbit engine mounted North/South instead of East/west, a GM 4 speed transmission, a '54 truck front end and a Detroit Locker full floating rear axle. The frame was channel iron. Used it for 20 years with the Diesel engine...
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    Home Made Creosote?

    If you have ever used a cough suppressant with the word tussin in the name you have taken an expectorant called "Guaifenesin". Guaifenesin is made from creosote. It is used in most of the cough meds because it works. Stuckmotor's father wasn't blowing smoke when he made his "Meds". It might...
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    California may not be "Shooting the horses" but they want to kill trucks by 2035. I haven't seen a thing about their increasing their power generating capacity. I have seen rolling blackouts and shutting down nuke plants. If they think they will get power from nearby states, they have about...
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    Sharpening drill bits

    I've been sharpening drills since I was about 14. I started tool room training and was told, "A machinist that can't sharpen a drill is like a secretary that can't sharpen a pencil." I'm right handed, but hold the drill left handed. I could see the cutting edge easier that way. Now, sixty...
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    What gave 60's Greyhounds their distinctive smell

    I've got two "Drip-Troits", a 6-71 in a 4104 GMC, and a 6V92 in a White cab-over. Both have the "Sound" and the "smell". They still work and I plan on keeping it that way.
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    Shooting range

    In the line of fire, how far is your nearest neighbor? There doesn't seem to be any trees or hills down range. Not that you can't hit your target, but all it takes is one "flyer" to ruin your day.
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    Trailer loading plan..

    Be very aware of your tongue loading. Without sufficient tongue weight the trailer can become your worst enemy. The bush-hog doesn't weigh as much as the back end of the tractor, so your heaveier weight could be behind the center line of the axles.
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    Help with 12v conversion on JD 3020 Diesel

    Start at the starter solenoid, energize it with a "Hot" wire from the (+) battery. If the starter turns over, move to the second solenoid (on the sheet metal). Energize it with the "Hot" wire. If the starter turns over you at least know that part of your setup works. Then trace with a test...
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    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    That's what happens when lawyers get into the design of the machine.
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    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    I used to work with a man that had more patents to his name than I thought possible. He had two Masters Degrees, but no Doctorate. I asked him why he never went for the degree. His answer was one of the best I had ever heard. "Going for a Doctorate means that you will know more and more...
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    Extension cord question

    If you left the 100' coiled up, with just what you needed unwound, that could be the problem. You have just formed an inductor. I've seen coiled extension cords catch fire from the heat generated in the coils.
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    Hose burst on tractor loader, do I need to bleed?

    The only "Bleeding" is the cost of refilling the oil.
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    Would you buy a 30 year old truck with 51 miles on it?

    I went to an auction to look at some old trucks they had. There was a '76 White Road Commander up for bid. It was dirty, with dust from storage. It had been kept in a warehouse and started only enough to move it around in different parts of the building. The owner had died, he was in the...
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    Grooving Industrial Tires

    I have used a panel cutter in an air hammer to re-groove tires. To make it cut better I replaced the cutting part with a piece of 1/4" tool bit stock. No burning rubber smell, nothing gets burned and the air does the work.
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    Can NOT get trailer lights to work

    Being color crippled everything is done with a test light. I don't care what color the wires are. Many times I think the manufacturers use what ever color they have handy. If the wires are live when the appropriate light is turned on it is marked with numbered tape. The usual problem with...
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    Will it fit in YOUR garage?

    Yes it does fit. The garage is 24x40.
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    BX glow plugs - current draw favor

    I always checked glow plugs individually with a test light made from an old head light. A broken element can sometimes make contact giving a false reading on a meter. The headlight draws enough current to break that false contact reading.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    The longest "Tow" was bringing a GMC 4104 bus (Think Grey Hound) in for repairs. The only thing we had with enough power was another bus. Ran an air line to the second bus for brakes and a heavy duty tow bar, the trip was mostly uneventful. The strange looks from some folks trying to pass 80'...
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    Bobcat excavator 430 no start

    Don't you just love computer controlled machines? At this point, I think I'd be looking for a way around the computer.
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    Bobcat excavator 430 no start

    Check to see if the preheat (Glow Plugs) are working. I'm not that up on Bobcats, but that is about the only thing I can think of that would make you have to wait.
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    Move B hazard lights to inside ROPS

    Yes, swap sides (right light to left inside etc.) the wires run down the rops legs and plug in to the harness. It is a simple job that takes about a half hour. It will go much quicker if you pull a thin rope through the rops when you pull the wires. You can then use it to pull the other wire...
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    15-Year old pistol champion

    They can still see the target.
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    Mirage Trailers

    I would hope they don't live up to their name.
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    Oil and a little diesel fuel for trailer deck wood.

    I have a hemlock decks on my trailers. I use oil drained from the two Detroits I have. Some of the oil is around 10 years old. With 7 and 8 gallon sumps I doubt I'll run out of oil soon. The oil is "Black" with soot and the decks look painted. One is about 12 years old and still looks good.
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    I suck: Mice!

    I use the bait blocks too. It keeps the rodents out of the garage and the vehicles. When the bait stops disappearing, the rodents are gone. It disappears in a hurry when it is first put out.
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    Anybody know about International Pay Loaders?

    A fellow at a local sawmill had brake problems like yours. He mounted a disc brake on the drive line (3/4 ton pickup disc) and used a standard hydraulic master cylinder. That gave him a gear reduction on the braking. It does what he wants, so there are other ways to "Skin the Cat".
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    Diesel Running Backwards

    Detroit Diesels were noted for that. New drivers trying to start on a hill would have it happen. If it had an oil bath air cleaner there would be oil all over the ground.
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    Reverser for snowblower

    By moving the left idler pulley up the belt wrap can be increased, I suppose I should have completely redrawn the diagram. If he wants to eliminate slippage completely roller chain would do the job.
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    Reverser for snowblower

    Your routing of the belts will work. However, it puts double the torque on the right side idler and it's bearings. If I can get a diagram to attach you will see that the tension side of the belt goes directly from the drive pulley to the driven pulley. All the idlers do is take up the slack.
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    Twine bunching up on my knotters

    Make sure the billhook is smooth. A bit of rust can make it erratic by wearing on the twine.
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    What's an oven? I don't cook in mine. i keep my welding rod in it. The pilot light keeps everything dry. When ever I tried to cook in it the smoke alarm went off.
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    I don't think the vaccine made me "Cranky" trying to get an appointment did. I tried to get an appointment on line at the .gov site. There was a place to click on to “Make an Appointment”, so I clicked on it. That sent me to a place that sold programs to “Make Appointments”. I'm not a...
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    Sayings quoted incorrectly

    I think it is a mix of knowing what side your bread is buttered on and you made your bed now sleep in it.
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    Sayings quoted incorrectly

    How about: don't put it before a horse of a different color, or you buttered your bread now sleep in it.
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    Did the Covid shot make you cranky?

    The folks in charge do not make it easy to get the shots. I’m past the three score and ten mark so I qualified. Here is what I went through to get the shot. I tried to get an appointment on line at the .gov site. There was a place to click on to “Make an Appointment”, so I clicked on it. That...
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    Make 4.5 Acre Swamp suitable for livestock pastures

    Two things for you to check out. How much land is RR owned. They may object to your messing with their right of way. The second thing to check is federally protected wet lands. There are rules about what you can and can't do with the land.
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    Hub repair help

    Is it just the key-way or is the hole wallowed out to the point the shaft is a sloppy fit? If the shaft is still a tight fit then Mike in Tenn. has the answer. If the shaft is loose then you may be able to bore out the part and sleeve it. You can then key the sleeve and the shaft.
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    Ski/Tubing Tow Rope

    I remember a tow powered by a truck with one of the rear tires removed. There was a light rope across the top of the lift so if someone went too far it would kill the ignition. It took three of these lifts to get to the top of the hill. There was also a lift grip, that you attached to your...
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    New member from central NY

    Welcome. Central NY covers a lot of territory. Can you narrow it down a bit?