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    My Brothers Estate

    If it's a relatively inexpensive gun safe I have heard that they can sometimes be opened with a rare earth magnet. You can probably find videos on Youtube that show how.
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    Dog pics

    Pic 1 is my new pup Bentley, who I got on August 20th. Pic 2 is the very last pic taken of the best dog who ever lived, my boy Luke (Ookie) 6-7-2007 to 8-12 2022. RIP Ookster!!
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    What Do You Do For Exercise?

    Crossfit 5 times a week in the summer and six times a week in the winter. We're usually at the camper on Saturdays during the summer.
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    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    1975 Ford Maverick
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    Comparison Sa424

    I think it would pull a 5' disk easily enough. A 5' tiller might be a bit much, depending on soil type and depth. If I ever get one for mine I'll probably get a 54" - just enough to cover the tire tracks
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    Comparison Sa424

    I run a 5' on mine. Handles it like a breeze, but I'm usually just cutting grass not brush so much. Field was about 18"-24" tall when I mowed the other day.
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    Summit rear remotes on SA424

    Got the new unit from Summit. It works now!
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    Summit rear remotes on SA424

    I got with Summit's tech support and did that. The outer spool will work but no matter what I plug in to the center spool it doesn't work. They think it's the solenoids so are sending new ones out.
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    Summit rear remotes on SA424

    Well, my new top link came in and the rocker switch works fine but the joystick buttons don't work. It sounds like I have pressure on three of the buttons, but the cylinder will only extend on one outlet and not retract. I switched the plugs around but no success.
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    Summit rear remotes on SA424

    That sounds about right. I didn't have to add any from just the remotes, but those cylinders hold a fair amount. I already got a gallon of hydraulic oil from the dealer to have on hand for that
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    Summit rear remotes on SA424

    I haven't yet. I just ordered a hydraulic top link today, so will get to try it out soon though
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    Summit rear remotes on SA424

    I can take a look. I don't think I can get wire colors because they are sheathed, but I might be able to tell you which pins are powered in the socket.
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    Summit rear remotes on SA424

    Installed the Summit rear remote setup on my 424. No room on my rops due to the toolbox so I had to make a 2 x 2 cross bar and bolt it to that. These little tractors get full of stuff on the back pretty quick!
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    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    I just got the bill from Mayo Clinic for an influenza test back in January. I had cold/flu symptoms and went in for a covid test, and she asked if I wanted to do a flu test at the same time. I said sure, go ahead not thinking about there being a charge for the flu test. So anyway, the charge for...
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    Would a 12' trailer haul a Bobcat CT2035/Kioti CK3510 with loader?

    Here is a picture of my Yanmar 424 on a 12' trailer. I have to take the bucket off and run the loader arms into the bucket to make it fit, so I highly doubt you could put a bigger tractor on a 12' trailer unless you overhang somewhere. A CK3510 shows the tractor itself at around 10' long, while...
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    Loan a Yanmar

    It's possible he put a hole in the oil pan or something. It does say it's a long story!
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    I have trouble sleeping also. I take two 3mg melatonin pills and one 25mg delta 8 gummy every night. I also have a weighted blanket, and keep the heat register shut in my room so it gets nice and cool. I read an article recently that said wearing socks to bed helps also, so I started doing that...
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    Loan a Yanmar

    A friend of mine had an acquaintance in the small town we lived in ask to borrow his new at the time John Deere 4400. He said they could borrow it, as long as their 12-ish year old son did not operate it. He happened to drive by their house after he loaned it to them, and of course their son was...
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    Show off your Yanmars! (Picture Thread)

    I made the wheel weights. I used brake drums from a low profile semi trailer that I filled with concrete. They're around 150 lbs each.
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    Does tongue weight increase trailer load capacity?

    My camper has two 3500lb axles, and is rated for 7680 lbs - 7000 lbs on the axles and 680 lbs tongue weight. My car trailer also has two 3500 lb axles, but the tag is too old to read. Car and equipment trailers always seem to be rated at the capacity of the axles, so it's unclear if you can add...
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    They make a guard for the whole underside of the tractor, including the transmission filter and the hydraulic couplers for the loader. That's what costs $400.00 plus.
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    SA424 with skid steer quick attach

    My 424 transmission is pretty quiet. Don't know why mine is different than most everyone else's but I'm glad it is!!
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    Yanmar SA Mods

    I actually made the wheel weights. At work we have a few low profile step deck trailers that have drums small enough to fit inside the rims on a 424. I filled them with concrete and they are fairly heavy - I'd say 150-180 lbs. The toolbox I got off of Amazon - here is the link for that...
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    Yanmar SA Mods

    Wheel weights and toolbox I put on mine. I also have LED lights, a Piranha tooth bar, and bucket hooks but no pictures of them.
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    BXpanded wait times

    I ordered a Piranha tooth bar on February 25th and it shipped on April 8th, so it was right at 6 weeks on that one. I don't know if they keep certain common sizes in stock that ship quicker than others or not.
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    Opinions on will this cause harm

    Run it. All you're doing is lowering the cold temperature viscosity of your oil.
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    Looking in Op Manual Min Ballast Weight

    Per the loader manual on page 5-2 it's 551 lbs for R4 tires and 772 lbs for R3 tires. Not sure why the turf tires call for so much more, but that's what it says.
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    Looking in Op Manual Min Ballast Weight

    I think it's in the manual for the loader. If I remember right it was between 500 and 600 lbs or so, but don't quote me on that.
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    Need Help on Price!

    That sounds pretty reasonable. I gave $15,800.00 last fall for my 2020 424 with a FEL no mower deck, and that was a demo model with 20 hours. What's the cost of the mower deck, aren't they around $2500.00?
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    3020 three point speed adjustment

    Perfect, thank you!
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    3020 three point speed adjustment

    I think it's a 1967. Don't know too much about it. it's just something the owner's dad uses to grade the parking lot with. I know just enough about tractors to be dangerous, so adjusted the carb and timing to get it running good.
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    3020 three point speed adjustment

    Is there any way to adjust the drop speed on a 3020 three point? We have one at our shop and it drops really fast. I know many tractors have a little valve that you can adjust the speed, but I can't find one.
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    Show off your Yanmars! (Picture Thread)

    Tractor weighs about 2200 lbs, trailer weighs 525 lbs so total weight is 2725 lbs on a trailer rated for 2990 with a 3500lb axle. Pulls beautifully with no sway.
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    Show off your Yanmars! (Picture Thread)

    Loaded up and heading to my camping land. Note to tiedown police - picture was taken before I strapped it down!!