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    5410 shift lever removal

    I have done just that on a few occasions. On problem machines that freeze up over and over, I have drilled a small hole in the bottom of that cover to keep it dry. Better than thawing it out with heat gun every time it freezes. It seems that condensation collects in there even when boots are...
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    6410 reverser/starting issue

    I suspect the reverser lever assembly is bad. TInside the lever assembly are 4 switches. Forward switch, Reverse switch. Neutral switch and a not-neutral switch. codes are indicating problems with the neutral switch and not neutral switch in lever. Since you had to jump neutral switch in valve...
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    New 4052m Hydraulic temp light.

    I see from your photo that there is no loader mounting frames on it. WHen did the loader get removed? Was it before you originally took delivery? If so, my guess would be that the dealer didn't connect hydraulic lines properly or maybe didn't remove an internal pipe plug when loader valve and...
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    New 4052m Hydraulic temp light.

    General rule of thumb for normal operating temp of tractor hydraulic systems is 100 degrees farenheit above ambient temperature. I don't like seeing over 200f in the most extreme conditions. You mentioned a 6 foot bush hog. WHat is the weight of the mower? Does tractor lift it with ease or does...
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    JD 990 power beyond no longer available

    Here is a listing of individual parts for power beyond. Hope it helps.
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    John Deere DTAC 62233 - noisy steering

    Are you sure of the dtac solution number? I did a search and that number doesn’t seem to exist. It is possible Deere removed it if they thought it was no longer a good solution. Have you checked steering and hydraulic pressures? Also look at all hydraulic lines to see if there are any lines...
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    Tractor stops after a couple seconds

    PTR 524234.04 is for transmission enable pressure sensor voltage low. PTR 3509.04 is all transmission sensor voltage low. This is the same for CCU 3509.04. PTR 191.17 is for transmission top shaft speed is too low. PTR 522456.31 is for shifting without clutch, I wouldn’t worry with that code...
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    JD 5520 "Clutch Groan"

    Check to be sure brakes aren’t dragging. Does it coast easily in neutral on slight incline? Problem will not be dry clutch mounted in flywheel. On power reverser, that clutch is for pto only. Does it make noise in forward and reverse?
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    Little 6310

    The lower left coupler appears to be missing some of the balls that hold the hose tip in. Suggest not using that left set of couplers. Open the dust covers on the other couplers and inspect for dirt or other problems. Hoses should just push in and lock in place. The knobs on top of valves adjust...
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    Anyone has the technical manual for 1999 John deere 5510 ?

    If the problem is with the mower control valve, the tractor manual won’t help. If you can provide mower make and model, as well as what problem you are having, maybe someone can help.
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    John Deere 4600 and 5520 Fuel Gauge Problems This is a great place to have almost anything ag related electronic devices repaired.
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    2120 Engine Rebuild Questions

    That is an improved design seal. If you buy from John Deere, it is the only choice available. Other suppliers may be able to furnish original style seal if you can’t obtain the proper tool to install it. On your earlier question about timing, when crankshaft is at TDC, there is a hole in...
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    Conversion of loader from SSQA to JDQA

    Most 5 series loaders come from the factory with the JDQA brackets. They are removed to install SSQA brackets. They are attached with a couple of pins. There are probably some stock JDQA brackets laying around that could be bought cheap at dealers or on farms. Depending on how old of model the...
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    JD 2440 Leaking from Cover of Old Style Dual Remote SCV

    Can you also provide close up photo of the valve housing surface where the cover bolts on? R49187 is the correct seal number
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    What is this coupler used for? - JD 3038E

    That is intended for diagnostic testing only. You can measure system relief pressure there. There is no function of it mentioned in owners manual.
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    John Deere 2040 Hydraulic squeal fixed or not?

    First, the check valve missing will cause no problem other than oil draining back and possibly causing hesitation of hydraulic function on start up. I have seen many missing ones over the years. It is easy to have one fallout when splitting the tractor and it falls out of the line. Second, it...
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    JD 6150R hydraulic hose blows out and return blows out

    Yes, replace couplers only. I would go ahead and change all of them. The new replacements are now different and causes problems if at least a pair is changed at once. The new ones are now improved and have eliminated the drain hoses closest to valve block.
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    955 - no power/no lights

    Everything you have said screams that a battery cable or connection is bad. A perfectly good looking cable can be bad. You mentioned bypassing the negative cable with a jumper cable. Try doing the same thing with at the positive cable . Connect one end to the positive battery terminal and the...
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    95 JD6400 4WD stuck

    You need to check the wires to the solenoid under the tractor. The switch sends 12 volts to the solenoid when in 2wd. The solenoid opens and lets transmission pressure into the mows clutch to disengage it. If there is 12 volts to the solenoid when in 2wd, then you need to check pressure on the...
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    John Deere 2120 Clutch Problems

    Yes it can be split that way. I am afraid you will not be successful pulling the crank from the bottom. I don’t think the timing cover can be removed without separating the front support from the engine block. When you already have to split it to remove flywheel and flywheel housing, engine will...
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    John Deere 7610 won't move: code RCU 57

    I would test the red #672 wire. It is the same wire that starts at fuse F6 or F12 depending on your serial number and it feeds the enable pressure switch, enable relay, not neutral relay, park switch and rcu. There are splices in the harness that could possibly get corrosion or lose contact. If...
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    Tx Jim need your expertise

    This kit should be all you need to connect the lever and cable to the existing valve spool on your tractor. It also includes the 2 hoses, couplers and coupler bracket. Here are the instructions.
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    JD 1020 spraying Hydraulic fluid

    I agree that the T17882 packing is blown out, as well as mounting gasket T21641. You can try looking in the fill hole with hitch up and down both, although since the T17882 is blown, it is probably spraying inside also which will make it difficult to tell if spraying oil is coming from blown...
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    I need some help in identifying this John Deere tractor, thanks

    I agree with AR. Curious about the dark line on the block above the spark plug and extending back. Is that a crack?
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    6410 powerquad lost clutch

    Hot oil can be caused by defective air pump inside of the transmission pump. There is a plunger, piston, spring, ball and guide that builds air pressure in the front cover area to keep oil pushed back in transmission. If oil level gets too high in that front housing, the oil churns too much and...
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    sub compact 755 john deere help

    Is the lever next to your right leg in gear? It is a high low range lever, but there is a neutral in the middle of high and low. If that is in a gear, then my next guess would be you may have a broken bolt on the hydro drive gear. Hydro needs to be removed to repair, but a fairly simple fix...
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    4210 eHydro

    The later tractors used a signal from the alternator to operate the tachometer. Dark green wire #325 goes from alternator to tach.
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    Pto problem...

    Sounds like either low pressure or a worn out clutch. You can check the pressure with a 300 psi gauge and a 1/8" male pipe adapter. Pressure should be around 218 psi. If low, you can check orings on solenoid, or possibly defective solenoid. If solenoid and orings are good, then cliutch needs to...
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    5575e with 520m loader problems

    Check your hydraulic couplers. One is probably not seated properly.
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    John Deere 5425 won’t start as if the battery were dead but the lights work quite well

    No one has mentioned fuses. Have you looked at them? Do gauges or warning lights on instrument panel come on when key is turned on? If fuse is blown, you may have the cold start sensor shorted out.
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    Main Bearing

    Standard sizes are still available from Deere. Undersizes are not.
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    PTO will not start on 2025R

    I assume it is the relay module. It is a little brain box of sorts. It gives a couple of seconds of delay if you bounce off the seat before pto shuts off, also controls the RIO circuit and allows rear pto operation without being in seat as long as operator satisfies all requirements to engage...
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    JD 5100e engine problem. Dealer doesn't know what it is.

    Hard to believe an injector at 1800 hours but anything is possible. I assume he has done all the basics such as checking all rubber fuel lines for dry rot cracks that can cause air to be drawn in system? Also check that they aren't pinched or kinked anywhere. If tank screen is clean and filters...
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    John deere 5500 wont go in park

    Gear lever is park lever.
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    JD 820 switch

    There should be 4 wires to terminal 15. One should be a black wire that goes to the switch for thermostart. One should be a black wire going to ground the alternator light and air filter indicator light. One should be a black wire to start safety switch. Other one should be a black wire going to...
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    private messages

    I would like to apologize to everyone that has sent me private messages in the past. I never saw that I had any messages until this update and now I see I missed quite a few. I will try to do better going forward.
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    Repairing sheared impeller shaft - JD 47 snowblower attachment

    Parts breakdown shows the shaft is a separate part but is no longer supplied as a separate part. It substitutes to a complete gearbox. It appears if you remove the bearings, there is a snap ring behind one of the bearings holding the gear on. Shaft has a woodruff keyway cut into it to drive the...
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    Problems with new, used 5085m

    Some models would display error codes in display. What lights are coming on? DOes anything seem to be malfunctioning when lights are lit? I am attaching a pic of dash. Area "D" is where codes may be displayed if it is equipped that way. If not equipped, then only way to read codes is for dealer...
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    John Deere 2020 hydraulic problems

    Ohio, Just wanted to add a couple of things. First, at cranking speed you won't see a gallon or gallon and a half flow from filter housing. Should be close to that at 1000 rpm running. Second, have you looked at the filter relief valve? That is behind the 1 1/4" plug just above the filter cup...
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    510C hydraulic noise

    If everything is functioning normally, I would suspect a bad pump coupler. Item 2 is a rubber coupler between drive discs that can wear out. Can also have loose splines in driveshaft #4.
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    John Deere SyncroVantage Power Reverser - Reverser won't work

    Sounds like you have some binding linkage or a cable. I would start by disconnecting linkage from the reverser valve assembly under front of transmission. With linkage unhooked, see if lever on valve moves freely by hand. If so, then move back to rear of that linkage. It connects to a lever /...
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    John Deere 5320

    My first guess would be possible engine oil cooler leak. Could be a head gasket or cylinder liner also. Is there any sign of coolant in the oil? I would recommend removing the oil cooler and having it pressure tested.
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    John Deere/Frontier finish mower Model number

    I think your serial number may actually be M00261X556096. That would make it a model 261. Tat serial number would make it a 1987 model year. Does it look like this one?
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    JD2020 power steering leak

    You need to replace seal #8. To to this, you need to remove cover #1 from the right side of the clutch housing. Then remove bolt and retainer #15 and 6. That will allow pin #4 to pulled out of steering shaft #7. Then wind the steering wheel full right to disengage the steering valve link from...
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    Another JD 2155 Hydro Thread

    The hose you loosened is a low pressure line. It carries fluid from the transmission pump to the main pump. If you have pressure in that line, you should have sufficient oil being supplied to the main pump to function. If the small reservoir above the pump is full, the transmission pump is...
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    grinding noise while turning

    Since you mention the differential lock valve is hard to push, I suspect maybe something inside the valve is not assembled properly or the linkage going to brake pedals may be binding.
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    John Deere 2020 Hydraulic Questions

    I don't want to get between you two bantering back and forth, BUT, I think this is the valve buickanddeere was referring to. It is the pressure control valve for the hi-lo adn independent pto. And yes the pump does have to build between 140 and 160 psi to supply engagement pressure for these...
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    245 loader qustions

    The plug I was referring to is #2 in this diagram. The one TxJim mentioned will work as well, but it may be more difficult to access with cab. Plug #2 is also the plug to remove to access the parking brake adjustment. If you choose that one, you might want to adjust the park brake while the plug...
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    JD 3130 PTO brake

    The pressure is adjusted with shims #34. Have you checked pressure on clutch while it is turned off? Does it go to zero?
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    5k series headlight diagram / issue

    Check the red 122 wire on back of light switch for power. THat is where it gets power from fuse. When the turn signals are on, power can backfeed through turn signal switch to lights switch on wire 102.