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    Kubota Oil Separator Filter

    Just completed my 400 hr service on L4701.I’ve been pretty impressed with accessibility when servicing machine engineers did nice job.In some heavy equipment excavators,dozers and FEL I’ve seen some real pain in the ass to service machine.My question is when I pulled owners manual out to make...
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    On road diesel vs off road NO 2 red

    Growing up on blue berry farm and working on fairly large cranberry farm 20+yrs off road was standard for price and was allowed for farmers !! Now retired in Western NC off road not real easy to find but I did find some near me.I have a L4701 when I first purchased I put road diesel in tractor...
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    Bush Hog FSP spreader clogging up

    Has any one changed agitator on spreader ??? Been using 10-10-10 and the agitation when I turn fertilizer flow off agitation stays and it makes like a ring in bottom off spreader that痴 hard from heat friction. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    Ballast box quick hitch compatible

    Have a Kubota 4701 2019 purchased with a back hoe that痴 around 2100 lbs with 2ft tooth bucket well took back hoe off bought quick qh15 put 6ft box blade land pride works awesome love the quick hitch. Went to dealer to buy a land pride Ballast box and it痴 not Quick hitch compatible from Land...