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    Just how bad is airline service

    I have some friends that are trying to fly to Japan to see their son. They flew from Florida to Detroit. At Detroit they were told there was no pilot to fly the plane. They have been in Detroit for three days now. They get up every morning at 0400 and go to the terminal and wait and wait then go...
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    What do you always carry in your vehicle

    What I always have in all my rides are jumper cables, duck tape, qt of oil, flashlight, rags, gloves and Bandaids, tape and gauze.
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    What’s your New Years Resolution ?

    My New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier, cut down on the fried and greasy foods and to eat more veggies (excluding Brussels sprouts and turnips), lol. I don’t need to lose weight just improve my diet intake.
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    Worst Christmas gifts

    What would be the worst gift you received for Christmas ? My family stopped the gift giving 4 years ago but I can remember getting some useless things for Christmas. Like shirts that didn’t fit and I would never wear, Santa pajamas (I don’t wear pajamas, I cut them up for shop rags), can of...
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    Customer Service no longer exists

    What happened to good customer service, where did it go ? How come everybody I talk to at any company sounds like they are from Pakistan or Bangladesh. Today I had to call AT&T and got someone that sounded like Apu from the Simpsons. I couldn’t understand her and was of no help. I finally asked...
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    Decent battery charger

    I am shopping for a new battery charger. I have bought two in the last two years and both are absolute crap. Just need one for my cars and mower, only really need a 12V charger. Was wanting some suggestions on a good brand and or model. I have a Schumacher that lasted three months and I heaved...
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    Winter-Putting mower to bed

    Wondering what others do to put mower to bed for the winter. What I do is - change oil and filter, new air filter, clean or replace plugs, replace fuel filter if needed, grease chassis and deck, sharpen/balance blades, clean the underside of the deck, air up tires a little more than usual, fill...
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    Oil change intervals

    Im getting a new Tacoma and this will be my first vehicle that uses full synthetic oil. They will change the oil every 10,000 miles for three years. But it’s hard to imagine going 10,000 miles on oil even though it’s synthetic. I’m old school and my thinking is I could change it at 5,000 and...
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    First time using battery trimmer/blower equipment

    A friend gave me a brand new battery blower and trimmer. I was skeptical but tried both out. The blower was actually pretty useful for around the circle driveway and blowing out my shop and the patios and had more power than I expected. The trimmer was about as useless as nipples on a bull...
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    Buying a new truck ? Times have changed.

    I am currently shopping for a new Tacoma. Haven’t purchased a new car in 20 years. Geez, times have changed. No trucks to look at on the lot. You can’t sit in one and kick the tires, only look at pictures of them on-line. I talked to a salesman and told him what I wanted. He told they have an...
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    Best handheld gas blower ?

    I am shopping for a handheld gas blower, I’ve been looking at the Echo PB2620 and the Stihl BG86. I like Echo stuff a lot but was wanting opinions and or advice on a good handheld gas blower. I am not a fan of Husky products cause their customer service sucks big time so I haven’t considered one...
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    Getting ripped off at the pump

    I went to a station and got two 5 qt jugs of diesel which comes to 2.5 gallons. I paid and left but then realized I had paid way more than the sign said which was $4.79 per gallon. I paid $18.89 for 2.5 gallons. Divide 2.5 into $18.89 = $7.55 per gallon. I called the state weights and measures...
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    Echo Trimmer carburetor

    I have a 12 year old SRM 230 Echo trimmer which has served me very well. Last year the carb got damaged after falling off the tailgate of my truck and I decided to get a cheap aftermarket carb off Amazon. It was like $22.00. I thought, wow what a deal. It starts up okay but I lost at least 1/3...
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    Americans that also walk the walk

    NASCAR’s Richard Childress who is involved in Ammo Incorporated is donating 1 million rounds of 7.62’s to Ukraine. Also, a very wealthy Russian American is offering a 1 million dollar reward for the arrest of Putin. Gott love it when citizens walk the walk when Washington just talks the talk.
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    Putting mower to bed for the winter

    Maybe I go a little over board tucking my mower in for the winter. change oil an filter replace both foam and paper air filter, old foam filter was shot new plugs - old ones were 2 years old grease all zerts on chassis and deck clean all debris from deck inspect deck and drive belts sharpen and...
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    JD X300 Deck Height

    I am curious, my JD X300 deck height adjusting knob recommends the deck height be set to 2.75 for this particular mower. Why this particular setting for this mower ? I have mine set at 2.5. Just wondering why JD recommends that height for this mower.
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    455 Rancher not oiling properly

    I have Husky 455 Rancher and have always have issues with chain oil lubrication. From day one it did not oil the chain correctly. I keep the area where it is supposed to dispense oil free of chips and saw dust but still the lubrication is poor. I have heard there is a fix for this problem. Any...
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    Trimmer harness

    I want to get a harness for my trimmer. It gets a little heavy after a couple of hours plus I’m not 20 anymore. Also, I’m left handed so I was hoping I could get some recommendations on a comfortable harness to attach to my Echo trimmer. Any input would be appreciate.
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    Conventional or synthetic oil

    I was just wondering if using synthetic motor oil in my JD riding mower would be of any benefit. Either now or long term. Currently using Valvoline 10/30 conventional which I change every winter.
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    X300 Blade Spindles

    I have an JD X300 and my blade spindles sound like they got gravel in them. So it’s time to replace them. The first set went out at 300 hours, now at almost 600 hours they went bad again. Is this par for the course, I grease them with two shots after about every third or fourth mowing. Is this...
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    X 300 transmission oil change

    I just changed the oil on my X 300 K46 transmission. My last oil change was 75 hours ago and decided to do it again, that is the average for the year is about 75-80 hours per season. The oil looked very clean and the magnet was also clean. The transmission works just fine. I think maybe changing...
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    X300 Steering issues

    I have a 2010 X300 with about 550 hours on it and had real bad problems with the steering, it would not hardly turn very far to the left and took a lot of force to straighten the front wheels back up. Turned out the large half-moon sector gear was knarled up and the steering wheel shaft bushings...
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    Lubricating Blade Spindles

    I have an X300 and was wondering how often people are greasing the blade spindles. I mow about 60 hours per season and mow about 3 1/2 hours each time I mow. I have been greasing the spindles after every third mow, is that too much or not enough. I have already had to replace the two blade...
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    X300 Transmission oil change

    I pulled my K46 transmission today, the oil was black but did not smell burnt. I will let it drain for a full day and then put Gastrol 5-50W synthetic back in it. This is the second oil change for this mower. First one was at approx. 300 hours (probably should have done it before then ), now has...
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    Mowing X300 idle problems

    I have an X 300 that now won't idle correctly, it just revs up and down up an down and won't idle at a constant rpm, on full throttle it still does not keep a constant rpm but it is not real noticeable but at idle it is real bad. If I try to drive it at idle it just lunges then creeps then...
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    Mowing X 300 John Deere

    I have a 2010 X300 that I bought new, I changed the oil after the first 25 hours and then every year with 10-30 Valvoline. It now has 480 hours on it and I have noticed that in between mows, which is about 10 days, when I start the mower it smokes for about 5 minutes then quits. The oil level is...
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    X300 Starter

    I am having issues with my X300 starting. When I try to start it, It just clicks a few times and then barely turns over, thankfully my mower runs well and will start if it turns over even a little. I replaced the battery with no improvement, checked all my connections. I believe it is my...
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    JD X300 Starter problems

    I have a 2010 JD X 300 with Kawasaki engine, I am having to try several times to get the starter to engage, when I turn the ignition I get nothing not even a click but if I try several times it will start. I have taken off the starter and lubed the spiral gear on the solenoid and I know the...
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    X300 oil change.

    I have an X300 with a 17H Kawasaki and am getting ready to put my mower to bed for the winter. I was wondering if anyone has tried full synthetic motor oil in their mower. Currently using Valvoline 10-30W conventional but was just curious about switching to a synthetic motor oil. JD dealer...
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    Mowing JD X300 transmission problems

    I thought I would vent my anger with JD. I have an X300 that I bought new in 2010, it has 378 hours on it and I have taken excellent care of it, serviced it, kept in out of the weather and all around treated like a new born. The transmission is shot and I am disappointed. The cost of replacement...